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Would you choke you're waifu?
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a thread died for this one
I mean, unless she was into that sort of stuff, definitely not.
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Yes. My waifu knows that love and pain are the two sides of the same coin.

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It's the best time of the week. Ayano is besto and belongs with Toshino
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Waiting for BDs.webm
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>BDs ship in 2 days
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Good for you. In my country it won't be out until October.
It sucked BDs can't fix that
I've keep myself pure.

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Please stop acting like Jotaro invented the "hair fusing into hat" trend of banchos.

It's not a fucking Jojo reference.
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Whoever said this is the reason JoJo fans are a huge source of cancer. Even Araki said it was just a way to make it more smooth looking.
Oh wait it's bait ?
It's not bait. Jojo fans literally think it's a Jojo reference. Pic related, many retards thought she was a fem Jotaro because of her stereotypical bancho look.
Is this a JoJo reference?

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it's that time again
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Fuck off.
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What's better than an onee-san, a christmas cake, a sensei, a dominant woman or a woman in a suit?
A woman who's all of those things at the same time!
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cecilia is the biggest shit followed by laura
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She really is great.

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5cm per second was better
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I haven't seen this yet, but 5cm was trash style over substance
5cm was the beta test for Your Name.
>liking ntr shit

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Did you like Inu x Boku SS? Season 2 when?
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Yes and never.
No, I didn't like it and probably never since the mangaka is dead.

Isekai is a highly respectable and rich genre. In the right hands. Post good Isekai.
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Good isekai goes on >>>/lit/.
There's been great isekai anime in the past. If there was ever a time for a revival, it'd be now.
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That one's more time-travel than isekai isn't it?

Anyway pic related

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Is this what you perverts want?
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Beato did nothing wrong

I hope for a happy ending for her
I want to stick it in
What I really want is for her to find a cute girlfriend who will accept her as she is.

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When will she knock on my door?
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Sorry, but she knocked on my door first and I have knocked her up already knocking on her personal door.
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Anon, I have some bad news...
Its dark but actually true,
You need to move on by yourself
There is a little chance random someone would come and hug you

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>Implying I liked this show.
I did. I liked it a lot. Episode 27 was pretty much perfect in my eyes.
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Ep 8 (for Kamina's death)
& Ep 27 (for satisfying conclusion)

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Why is he not pushing Botan down and fucking her on the spot?
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Don't lewd best girl.
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Best girl.
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Would you climb the stairway to adulthood with her?

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Who's next?
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Your Summer Jungle pussy
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muggi xo.png
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try me
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Bring it, Fake Mori-Summer

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Cute siblings shenanigans. May contain incest.
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