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What was her name again?
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Dirty knees.

>tfw no gamer gf

why live
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Show should have been him joining the club to learn about proper gaming.
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>tfw ps4 has no games irl
that's it
i'm so fucking done
>being so butthurt about a company console you shitpost on /a/

Go back to your shithole retard

Whats the difference between full metal alchemist and the brotherhood version? Which one should I watch?
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Watch the original then Brotherhood, of course.
Brotherhood is better but the endings for both are way different
Notable things

>Made up the story after a certain point pretty early on and it's not that great
>More focus on characters
>Filler (some people like it though)

>Skip the first episode it's just a filler intro type thing like they did with Gintama
>Much better story (one of the best all around in manga/anime)
>Less focus on specific characters
>The filler at the start isn't there so some people feel like the beginning is rushed

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/a/'s top 10 edition

A-1: Idolmaster
DEEN: Fate/stay night
Dogakobo: Touken Ranbu
Gainax: Gurren Lagann
KyoAni: K-On
Madhouse: Death Note
Shaft: Monogatari series
Trigger: Kill la Kill
Ufotable: Fate/Zero
Xebec: Love Hina
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/a/'s most beloved show: One Punch Man
>gurren lagann
Not Eva?
Also isn't DEEEEEEN's most succesful anime Higurashi or something?
From the 2000s and on.

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That looks like a really cute anime. Picked up!
I like how the opening basically tells the entire story in a cute way.
Where's the test tube rape?

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>game didn't even last one year

What went wrong?
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They're at least 5 years too late to the idol thing.
Given that Japan seems to like idols and the like no matter what, I'm kind of surprised this ended so quickly. Even the original Kemono Friends at least lasted over a year.
>game closing thread
>only two replies
Wow, this franchise is even less popular than I thought.

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damn kakashi looks like THAT!?
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where is he in super?
kakashi is best
what a noob

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What's the greatest love story ever told in anime?
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Goosh goosh
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What are those spooky people we saw in the trailer?
Still not as intellectually challenging as the Monogatari movies.

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Why did we forget?
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Why won't HS put up a batch or even the full series
Anyone doing CITY? It's good, though admittedly not easy to translate.
Would fuck Mio and Hakase.

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It's good? It's worth watching?
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Slightly different plot. The characters are even flatter than before, they basically became stereotypes of themselves. Just stick to the two movies.
It was alright. I remember Light's dad having a pretty good final scene. Worth watching if you have nothing else to do.
Japanese """""""actors"""""""".

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>there are people on /a/ with less than 200 days of watched anime
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>there are people on /a/ who save crops with lossy compression technology
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>not saving the cells
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Angels of Death / Satsuriku no Tenshi is finally getting an anime adaptation!
Are you hyped /a/?
Anyone reading the manga?
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Wew. Another Ao Oni or normal this time?
We got no further information yet, but I hope it will be a normal but detailed adaptation of the story (like the manga so far)
Is the manga any good?

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo is AMAZING. Beautiful characters, nice story, everythings nice!!!
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>telenovela bullshit

go back to your soap operas mom
I agree, but people generally don't like discussing stuff that's simply good. There's not much to be said about the show. Therefore, it's rare to see any threads around here.
If you are talking about the first season, yes.
The second season was still good but not amazing.

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Compared to Oreimo why this was such a letdown?
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Because Oreimo wasn't just a shit meme show
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I know where this is going
It was better.

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