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Name a more cancerous fan base than this
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One Piece

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Manga by Korie Riko will get anime

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>Korie Riko art

Picked up
NBR or legit?

>Anime where the whole point is to attempt an experimental style
>Hire Deen to do it
Was Stan being cheap, or would everyone else just force in their own style?
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Another DEEN masterpiece.
>mixed line thickness

I like it

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Does /a/ miss noses?

I miss them
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Which decade has best noses for you? I like the slightly nose of 90's.
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80s all the way

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this list is completely random
Does not makes much sense
>Asuka super genius
O boi am I laffin

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Find a flaw.
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Stop baiting. I liked GT, but it had huge flaws, even if not compared to DBZ.
It still has the Super Saiyan 4, which is the best design and a redeeming quality.
No Pan SSJ
No Pan beach episode

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Haruhi is shit!
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Are these threads an attempt at reverse psychology?
No since everything relates to the series is bad. I'm glad that no one recommends this trash anymore.
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(You) a shit

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Marry kill fuck.
In that order
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Why are they dressing like sluts?
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Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on
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You have a sickness
Why would you walk around the house if you could just bend her over everything that's on your desk?
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Re Zero was a mistake.

No amount of waifus in the world could overcome that shit MC, horrendous melodrama, plot holes, clunky mess of a story.
/a/, tell me no one defends this shit?
Also, the best waifu was the trap
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I just really like the way Betelgeuse says his name. The sound is so smooth.
Man I loved this son of a bitch
It was pretty good in the first 7-8 episodes

How does that make you feel?
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but that is not real. just ones and zeros.
>the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and you existed at the same time as
>a shit movie pandering to literal retards
pretty bad
>look at the rocks
fucking scientists. Yeah they also think yeast is my brother. FUCKING yeast is my brother and I used to be a flat fish from Nunavut.

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C G EYE.webm
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This CGI shit is one hell of a immersion breaker.
I'd rather have them show me an empty street instead of these awkward puppets.
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>the state of anime
>in the year two thousand and seventeen
Breathtaking animation.
cause nips are fucking retarded
that would be a lot better if it was rendered in 60fps
Just have a fucking look at this

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Post puppets. Any new on S2? Chances of best girl's resurrection?
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pls stop bullying the Mei
Since only one girl is actually able to be resurrected chances are good that she will.
A respectable choice as well, but I feel that if she were to return, it would be in the form of a "One-eyed Impaler" subplot with Ken. I feel that Edgeless Blade's powerlevel was revealed to be too high in the finale for her to be of relevance.

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Would you watch a Lucky Channel anime?
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I thought I already did.
Will you save her from Misoji Misaki?


I am not talking about the segments from Lucky Star, I am talking about a full on spinoff dedicated to Lucky Channel.
Haven't you listened to their Radio Bangumis or are you an EOP?

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