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Name 1 (one) girl who is better than Ai.
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Shiho Miyano
Sera is an overrated smelly boy.

Too old

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What if magical girls didn't have magical powers but magically strong physical power instead?
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tiny fist of the north star
There's a whole bunch of series that kind of do that, though. PreCure, PPP, Mai Otome, Symphogear, etc.
Also Punie.

If Fuuka were animated, which voice actor would you like for her? I would love to ear Marina Inoue as Fuuka.
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Tomokazu Sugita
It could work.
Shintani Ryouko was the first one that came to my mind (thanks to Rihoko). Her natural voice is actually pretty low so I think she would fit her pretty well.

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This shit right here is why the Japanese are going extinct.
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Why are you reading it or giving it attention if you hate it so much?
Wow they perfectly managed to capture my mindset

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love instead of hate
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Made me pick up the series years ago, only to discover it's nothing like this clip.
great show nevertheless.

Ririchiyou is one of the most beautiful girls ever to appear in anime.
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It's over, Japan has spoken.

Convince me ma boi guts isn't the manliest guy in all of manga.
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But he is though

I think after the ten commandments appeared i think manga turned into a complete asspull
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I see you have a refined taste
Sure did my friend

why live?

Also discuss Joker Game
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Best spy.

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The Wind Rises: underrated
Poppy Hill: does anybody actually rate this?
Howls: overrated
Spirited Away: appropriately rated
Mononoke: overrated
Whispers of the Heart: underrated
Flying pig: appropriately rated
Kikis: overrated
Totora: overrated
La Puta: overrated
Nausica: overrated
Lupin: overrated (insult to the entire series outside of its visuals)
Lupin III TV: underrated
Future Boy Conan: criminally underrated

So, can we conclude that he is indeed a hack? Most of his movies have one thing, and one thing only: visuals finesse. Outside of that they very often lack memorable audio design (outside of Nausicaa), an endearing plot-line or characters that are more than just replaceable cardboard cutouts.
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One thing I hate about Miyazaki movies are his mary sue washy washy heroines
>Poppy Hill
>Whisper of the Heart
not miyazaki's
He was involved enough, though.

Cute with autism
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Ririko is my wife!

I love her!
No lie, but I would cuck you.
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Cute without autism

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Why do I keep seeing this in the board? Who are these rubber men, and why is it getting everyone riled up?
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HxH, a manga which has an autistically stubborn fanbase that prides itself in consuming media with no asspulls, had their mangaka messiah introduce one of the biggest asspulls in recent shonen history, making "O My Rubber Nen" almost a synonym with "Asspull"
It's Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Only watched the Anime and I don't know the context of this picture, but apparently it is a giant asspull or something. I was planning on reading the manga after finishing the manga, but the art is so bad I just couldn't.
>o, my rubber MEN


I can't believe Kanaka's fucking dead.
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loved her voice
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I just want a second season of this.

Chisaki Hiraidara. Was she the worst anime girl of 2013?
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Yes. She deserved to die die die die die die die DIE DIE DIE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DIE CHISAKI DIE
Main whore from Yahari Oregairu.
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I know who was best girl.

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Its Akari's birthday today /a/! Wish her a Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday second best girl

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Where are my ahos?

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Classrep looks like that girl from the lolidom manga.

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