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Route of best girl when?
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If Shirou were the protagonist, maybe.
he's 2edgy4me
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Sure, her route when?

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Manhandle her, you say? She's around level 60. You can be sure that her STR stat is leagues above a base human's and she would manhandle you given the occasion.
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But I would like that.
>implying power level wouldnt carryover
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Doesn't she just put everything into explosion magic? It doesn't sound like in the anime and light novel that explosion gains damage from both magic and strength. Unless you're talking about games where all your stats automatically increase a bit with each level. Because if not Megumin is literally the mc from Dungeon Seeker with max evasion, except she put all her points in magic.
She probably didn't even add points to her mana or stamina which explains why she collapses every time she uses it. I think they mentioned that in the light novel.

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>TTGL has good animation
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Yep episode 4 is pretty bad OP
>post still pictures
I fucking hated the style of that episode.
I'm on episode 13 and I really hope watching all of this is worth it, I hope it gets better as everyone considers this one of the best anime of all time. Sometimes I even feel I'm "watching it wrong" or something.

They should have just made Shinji a girl if they were gonna pull this shit.
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It would make very little sense for the other females characters to throw their pussy at him if he was a girl.
Why didnt they make kaworu a woman? They just wanted someone to tell Shinji "i love you" for the first time and always be nice to him unselfishly.

Why not make him a woman?
It makes very little sense anyways, he looks like a girl even in boy form

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Homura had a hard life.

Currently watching Madoka Magica for the 11th time. I literally cry every time at episodes 3 and 10. Please help cheer me up /a/. I need some happy Homura or magical girls in general.
Hold me.
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Being Homuru is suffering. Ain't no happiness there. Sorry buddy
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If it makes you feel better, no movies or extra material came out to retroactively remove any happiness.

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Have you ever paid someone to draw porn of an anime character?
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Is it wrong to draw porn of you're own waifu?
No, waiting on ruru doujins though
i would rather someone draw something he likes for himself

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So this is just japanese Cat in the Hat, right?
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U wot m8
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Why did the father hunt his son in a nazi uniform again?

Same characters, but with a different setting.

Like an alternative reality. But with gundams also.

I guess no other anime will be able to make such perfect waifus.
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Love Live Xenoglossia?
>What is Macross?

Normal girls are the best kind of girls.

Prove me wrong.
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There is a tendency of them to be the best for waifuing.
if they don't have a mental illness or are retarded i guess they are okay
What a normal thing to say.

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was this the best opening of bleach or what? it always gets me so emotional, and the production quality is incredible (for bleach)
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they should bring it back this is missed anime by so many around the world
The first one was my favorite, maybe it's nostalgia but it reminds me of a time when I used to enjoy Bleach.
Op 13 is better

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I watch anime for the plot.
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That gif bring me memories.
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Love a nice well rounded plot.
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The most underrated show this year

It had everything

>Amazing Waifus
>Great OST
>Fun plot
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>Amazing Waifus
Yes I love all those waifus too.
So many of them.
Move on grandpa. New season is out = new waifus.
Yeah those were some top-tier waifus.

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Fucking Midoriya good god.
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What's happening here
That's what I wanna know lol.
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He just finished up with Mei

pic related, 9 months later

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Is there anything more autistic than watching anime for the story?
Protip: You are not as intelligent as you think you are when you complain about "plot holes"
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So, what's your deal? You like TV shows because moving pictures amuse you? That's quite funny.
>watching shows for the story is bad
Then what's the point
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