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Sheriff Evans' Lies thread.
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From thou?
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From Rosa.
What a coincidence. Just discovered this today. Pretty good gag manga.

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>He didn't watch Endoresu Eito all the way through and enjoy each one

Are you a faggot?
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I'm an autist with a very low memory retention so I didn't even realize I was watching the same episodes with only minor differences until I read some posts on /a/ about it being the same episodes with the minor differences. Got a problem with that?
No, are you?
Why do you even watch anime?

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This show was pretty bad, why does /a/ like talking about it so much? About the only good thing about the show is the OP by Ami Wajima; such a shame Wajima went on hiatus, which is something I'm quite upset about considering the OP was really good.
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Because it's fun to talk about retarded characters in a retarded show. Don't know why people were expecting a super edgy mystery adventure when they sing a song about a fucking hippo within the first ten minutes of the first episode.
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It was fun to follow the threads when it aired.
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The threads man.

The comfiest anime ever, season 3 when?
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it's fine.

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Still better than bleachs' ending.
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>they saved the world from two strongest possible enemies
>implying a fucking quest gets them "fired up" after that
Did Lucy ever do anything?
glad i dropped this, they always ALWAYS cried or gave a shitty friendship speech, same formula for every arc fucking mad because i expected a lot of potential and we still got very few doujinshis that piss me off more

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Leave Universe 7 to me
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Stop right there mods.
inb4 404
last 2 threads dereted why?

Is there a deeper anime in existence?
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Kureha is best woto.
I want a S2.

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What did he mean by this?
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Who is he gonna fight again.
Looks like a boss battle on Kingdom Hearts
Hotblooded Thai guy.

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das not cook man

"not cool" rather

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Why did this piece of shit whore ruin D-Frag?
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You're just mad because you will never receive a twintailsjob
Tama-chan-senpai was second best girl though.
Removing her twintails made her best girl

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"I won't let you sleep tonight!"
Kazuma rejects her and she leaves
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>volume 12
Just realized I completely forgot to keep reading this round volume 8 or so.
Right call. Why would you not let a nigga get some shut eye?
but Darkness is a clumsy fool forgot she is cuffed with Kazuma and trips over. Kazuma laughs at her, she glares back and asks him to stand up, Kazuma was expecting punishment from Darkness as she cracks her knuckles, Kazuma braces himself and closes his eyes, but instead of a punch soft fingers touches his cheek and as he opens his eyes his tongue and intertwined with Darkness.
Kazuma's first kiss. As Megumin and Aqua enters the room because of the racket they made earlier Kazuma screams Darkness is gonna rape him

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>let's literally make the same fucking series again lol
>let's make the main character as unoriginal as possible lol
>let's not try anything new at all lol
>let's make it really really boring lol
>let's shit the bed lol
They could've at least given us a more original protag. Making Naruto's successor be a literal shadow clone of himself was a mistake. Even something as simple as making Boruto a girl instead of a boy would've been more interesting. If I wanted to watch literal Naruto again, I'd watch fucking Naruto.
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You're not the target audience.
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And who is? People with Alzheimer's who forgot Naruto already exists?
Watching him trying to become an edgy antihero would be interesting though, but yeah, until now he seems to be the same "Cheerful retard kid 2.0", even if he says his role model is Sasuke.

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Reminder next month. Manga.
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Reminder that this is an omni-harem series.
What's so otome villainous about FeMC? She just seems like the quirky female friend. Except she's the harem lead.

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>Kaworu Watashiya
>daki in pic related is supposed to be a reward for kickstarter backers
>make Rin's feet look like shit
>make Rin's ass look all flabby and fat

Where was the quality control on this one?
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It was just a typical pre-order-only dakimakura run. Are they re-purposing it for some kickstarter thing?
Backerfag here. No pics of the dakis yet. Only shit we've seen is the merch and shishkis.
>being a footfag
>being an Irish potato lover
That's 2 strikes, dude. Kill yourself.

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I made a bigger one this time. Judge me,
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Harem V 3.png
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