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Posting because this is getting translated weekly now, and some stuff with the Americans is going down.
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What went wrong /a/? This manga was great, but after the AIR arc, it started to rush to the finale. Then, those charming fuckers at Toei had to go and fuck up the anime, when the guys responsible for the 2009 special would have done so much better.
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>This manga was great
at the end of the day the best part about this manga was the fights and the art, which in my opinion never really waned in quality. the story meant fuck all.
I firmly believe it started dying that time the author spent like 3 chapters introducing all the pointless ass chefs for the chef contest. How could the editor possibly think that was a good idea?

Had some decent moments after that but all the rushed parts lacked any sort of weight.

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Why aren't you reading the best new manga on the block?
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I am, fuck off. Ori is a cute.
I am reading it everyday my friend, but that really is some heavy shit he just casually dropped.
>no backgrounds
>boring identical panels
>generic artstyle
this is tomo-chan tier and tomo-chan is absolute garbage

why do people think biscuit hammer is a lot better than spirit circle? im on chapter 26 and its just so fucking boring now that every knight has been shown. i was really liking the manga for the first like 15 chapters but then idk it just became a drag to read. i liked spirit circle from the start all the way until the end.
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babby's first mizukami
he only has three stories worth reading
i'm also reading through this manga after already having read spirit circle, and while i agree it's not as good (especially when all the knights get introduced at once and it takes like 10 chapters just to get everyone down again), i still think it's pretty solid. once all of the new knights are established they develop nicely, i think.

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ITT: girls that carried their own series alone
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Satania a best
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Is Kodomo no Jikan the most well written loli manga?
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Then what is?
the school principal arc was so retarded.
Sasuga /tv/

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So why did Kiki begin to lose her powers again?
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Because growing up sucks
For lusting after the cock
Because she got a job

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If Hestia was a meme, she would be memestia.
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How old is this picture?


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No virgins allowed
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Stella a slut and a shit.
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ITT things that make you say
>oh yeah this exists
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I would totally fuck dans boipucci
You don't get to fuck royal boipussy. Don't you know Dain is the true heir to the Belt of Deltora?

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Post yfw she loses
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I'm not sad nor surprised. It always happens.
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>wanting best girl to win
When she loses, (You) still have a chance.

Though to be fair, it's debatable to what extent Ami was really in the Ryuujibowl to begin with.
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Explain this shit, weeaboos
>i-i-i-i-i--i-i-i-i--i-i-i-i-i-i--i-i-i-i-it's just an a-a-a-a--a-a-a-a-a--animation style!!!
Best girl losing every time to stupid whitu piggus. Yes, Orihime was shit.

What is it with the Japanese and high school?
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They take school seriously there so it's more of a part of their lives, doubly so when the target audience is still in or near school age.
The only meaningful days of their bleak existence before their souls are sucked out by their corporate overlords and their wallets emptied by overpriced cartoons reminding them of how much better things used to be before they entered this 9-5 hell in which they will spend the rest of their days alone before one little fuck up gets them fired and they kill themselves
It's all downhill after highschool for the average jap

Am I the only who likes Noblesse? I always felt like I was in a small group of people who actually enjoyed it, hell I enjoy it more than I do some mainstream stuff. I really find it entertaining.
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It's fine for fights but that's it
Eh, I do think it has a lot of unnecessary dialogue but I enjoy the artwork, battles, story, and characters.

Actually Frankenstein is my favorite character, always love when he fights.
Still better than anything Japan makes.

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Best SHAFT girl.
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Suck me Kyouko.
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