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So i somehow fucked up my view and everything is rotated. How can i restore it?
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hit 1 on your numkeypad.

also, fucking check some tutorials first. if you even can't control the viewport, you won't be able to do shit.
1 - front view
3 - side view
8 - up
2 - down
4&6 rotate to either sides

5 - orto & perspective view
7 is top view

Also use shfit to have their opposite side
1 is front and shift 1 is back
7 is top, shift 7 is bottom
3 is right, shift 3 is left

How do I get sharp shadows from an hdri dome light in Maya?
All tutorials I found are for max, and say to adjust the gamma.

But maya doesn't have a "gamma" option.

What do?
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-Using Vray BTW.
shadow sharpness has nothing to do with gamma. When you have IBL you have to place your sun manually as an ordinary maya directional light, or run a script but itll still be a dir light

read the sticky
But is it possible to just have the hdri do all the work/lighting/shadowing?

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How to bypass this?

I need an older version of blender (because the weight transfer tool has an issue on 2.76)

I tried the 'renaming the folder before installing' tip, with no luck...

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Ctrl F


Delete everything you find









Uninstall? Allways worked for me.

Or you could download the .zip file instead of the installer and run the blender app this way. You don't need to install blender to run it, you know? You can run it from an USB stick.
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Fucking hell. Why are they always breaking shit in this program?

I want to like Blender. I really do. But holy fuck, man.

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I have a few years experience 3ds max and am decent with Maya.

I now want to get into modding and experimenting with game engines but I don't know where to begin, any advice? What modding tools or engines would be friendly to someone who is used to 3ds max and maya? Do i need to dl tools specific to a game (say, the witcher 3)? Even pointing me towards a website or tutorial would be much appreciated, thanks
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mod fallout new vegas
download UE4 and watch tutorials

it's noob friendly as fuck
thanks for the tips. Hopefully a good mod toolkit gets released for the Witcher 3. I heard Skyrim had a great modding community for a while, I will have to try fallout

hey guys, what is the best way to boolean and cu shapes out without fucking the topology up.
i been experimenting to see what i can do after a boolean to clean up the topology the best i can to be used in turbo smooth so far best thing is to inset and bridge

got any tips?
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I create the shape as a seperate object usually as a plane, and then use it as a stencil by making it transparent and placing over the designated area. I cut that shape along using vertex snapping, delete the stencil, and then just extrude down, delete face, bridge borders, and cleanup from there.

the one on left is stencile the one on right is boolean. the same result. it seems fine with simple shapes but the other day i was trying to make a SNES controller and the shapes got all type of fucked up
in this particular case you can use inset
just avoid boolean alltogether and add in normal maps what is too small or impossible model

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Is it possible to do simulations of electricity and magnetism in Blender, whether with addons or not?
I've seen that I can give particles charges, and simulate magnetic fields, but can I simulate induced magnetic fields and induced voltage?
Was going through some of my dad's old sketches and thought that his railgun-like thing looked interesting to try and simulate.
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First and last bump
Might be easiest to just poly model the electricity and use modifiers or something to animate it, then add glow in post to make it look less solid.
This is for the purpose of simulation, not art.

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Blenderer here.

So my box is fucking glowing?
Why does he do that?
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You did something Mark didn't you?
Still tampering with the ales bade eh, changing the material box as you see fit?...
Tampering with the ales what?
Not sure I speak your language sir.

would be nice if you provided some more info. Like image of material set-up.

Ayy /3/ i'm new to Blender and 3D modeling stuff. I wanted to make something easy and learn basic things and so i made lightsaber. It's only my 2nd thing i made so it's not perfect. Everthing is fine but blade (light) isn't blurred around like on a normal lightsaber. I didn't find any tutorials or if i found they weren't what i need. So maybe /3/ can help me? Don't hate pls :D
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lightning seems to be alright, the rode should be little thicker with more emission, try to up the samples.
Thanks for feedback :) It's not original image because i sent it through Facebook and saved on my phone so it may look diffirent. Original one had 4K resolution which looked pretty damm good and has 500 samples. I will try 750 or 100 and melt my GPU for best results x)
Try this

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Tried doing a clean uninstall of Mudbox, well now when I open up start menu I can't find Mudbox, but when I use the installer, it says Mudbox is already installed.

What the fuck do I do now?
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dont use mudbox anymore
Try browsing to the program folder and open the program that way. Did you just start using a computer last week?
> i don't know how programs store data in other folders

Did you?

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It's a cheat method to model specific faces, but FaceGen was great for making recognisable models of celebs or real people. Now it's looking very out of date and I was wondering if any newer versions of the same method were around. I've been trying to find out myself and come up with nothing, but it seems like building models from photographs could be done much better now.
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Photographs are ambiguous information sources. You can't really perfect an algorithm to extract accurate information about shape from a single photo without building what amounts to a strong AI that understands what it is looking at.

If you have stereoscopic images the parallax should allow one to algorithmically extract a very good estimate of the shape tho. But I don't know the name of any such tool.
Faceshop :^)

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Hi im looking for someone who can help me making a game. It is a card game and already excist but i want one with a other theme. here you can see what game i mean:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtHz0bg-TsY [Embed]

can anybody with experience of making games like this help me with this one? There is a reward.
I want the game be online on a website and after that in app for ios and android.

contact me on:
[email protected]
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>There is a reward.
How much are you paying? Stop wasting everyone's time with this vague shit
post on freelancer.com
Inb4 he's offering 50% of the profits once he publishes

So I keep getting this blocky normals map when I'm using xnormals. Any reason why this is happening? I mapped out the UVs beforehand, too.
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It's just padding. How does it look on the mesh?
Like ass.
For reference, here's the high poly.

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I fell for the 'Maya is good at modeling now' meme. This shit doesn't even have basic tools such as separating vertices evenly or creating circular holes. Hell even Blender has those, why can't they just port the Loop Tools panel from 3Ds Max? And the TWO fucking scripts available online are fucking old and not 100% compatible with newer Maya versions.
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>or creating circular holes
i actually saw someone do that with maya, are you sure
but it is good at modeling. If you plan and don't fuck up your topology you can only maek gud.
>separating vertices evenly

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/3/ how would u project the mesh ?
i tried nearly everything, even dropping a plane with a mesh as a cloth to stick to the shape but nothing works quite right.
it can't be that hard ;_;
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Use shrinkwrap, although it's a bad way of doing things.
What's the best way? What's the proper way?

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