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Case Main.jpg
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I just want the poke dot pattern and I want to know how to make them in gimp maybe. I though people here would know more
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wrong board m80
where then?
Don't open up the board list and look. That'd be too easy

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So I made this lowpoly thingy.

When I add a toonline to the gun, it makes something very ugly. I'm just looking for an outline of the gun. How would I go about doing that?
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here is the gun with the toonline
The gun is complicated ND the lines have no weight variation. There are options to make the outline thicker than any in lines and to make them taper at the ends.

You can also use a texture to control line weight.
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welp, that made the end product a ;lot nicer. Thank you!

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I'm not sure if this is against the rules. If it is, please don't ban me, just delete the thread and warn me and I"ll never make another thread like it.

I want to view some models in blender but I have them in the .max format. If anybody could just export them to .obj or .fbx I would greatly appreciate it.

If you can only do two Edna and Sorey would be appreciated. If just one Sorey please.

I normally would not ask a request but it's just opening and exporting the files.

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I had already looked and found this, and the problem is it doesn't work unless I initially open it in max.
The link doesn't do anything except bring me to my cloud drive. Nothing listed.

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So I'm trying to create basic objects for a game making tutorial in C4D (left), and import it into Unity (Right), but I can't find any way to get Unity to understand the tiling that I want.

I tried to export an FBX from C4D to Unity, but the tiling just won't do the shit it's supposed to in Unity.

I don't want to have to UV map an object like this either, because I want precision, and from my experience with Bodypaint so far, it's a wibbly wobbly trainwreck that's only acceptable for more organic models.
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Alright, so I did get it to import properly by exporting a .dae instead.

Any downsides to using different 3D files?
collada was designed to transfer a whole scene's worth of data. If it looks fine on the other end of the import then I wouldn't worry about it.
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It worked for a while, but now it does this.

I don't know why this of all things has to be so fucking hard to do.

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1MB, 1920x1080px
wee, did this shit for 3d class with blender and i wanted to share it with you guys ^^

uh, i know isn't perfect, but meh, not bad i guess

:v if you guys have any opinion or questions, ask !
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Not bad. The arm looks weird though as if the subject is very skinny and the undersuit doesn't fit, or the suit arm legnth is too long. Rinkles too much.
Very cool, I love the design!
Wtf is up with blender viewport?

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>tfw I realize most 3D software uses realistic pig disgusting lightning where the light travel a rect line
>tfw I realize for NPR and animu it would be better if we could control the lightning path as if it were a bezier line
>tfw mindblow
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what chu talkin bout faget
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I mean this.
its time to put the bong down son.

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I'm getting comfortable with normal-map baking in Maya. I've made a high-poly cube (background) and it's low-poly, normal-mapped equivalent.

There are three problems with the map: distortion (the obvious lines that appear on the map) and blurriness, both of which I know how to fix, but one thing I don't quite know what to do with is the edges of the model that appear to be either extremely highlighted or shadowed depending on the lighting. The effect bleeds over a little bit too far for my liking; the high-poly cube has this effect, but it is not as prominent as it is on the low-poly model.

Do you guys know how I can reduce this without sharpening the edge?
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1. Make sure your "Fill Seams" value is high enough for your given texture resolution.

2. If you have any hard edges on your surface normals, you need to put a UV split there, or else you'll get that edge-shading issue.

These are general rules for any 3D package.

Watch this video:
They were already split, but the "Fill Seams" value fixed it.
Open the map in paint and touch up using (128,128,255)

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2MB, 1500x882px

bump count
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proud of u all

keep up the hard work!!!
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So I blocked out a scene from some sketch I found on pinterest. Looking to do relatively low poly / hand painted environment. I mainly do animation but I wanted to give this a shot since I've been told by a few people that i'm good at texturing so I want to give this little environment a shot.

What do you guys think?
How could I improve what I have so far?

ps. im a shit modeler pls dont shit on me too hard.

obv you're not gonna take advantage of any bump maps. You have to be the best texturer in the world if you dont want that to look shit

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Hey there, I´m new arround here and would like to ask you for help.
Does any of you know a good free CAD programm and where to find it?
I was having one when I was in college, but dont have that license any more...
If I´m totally wrong here sorry for bothering you
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go to autodesk.com lookup free student license. every software is free when you setup an account. make up a school name put that you are either a student, teacher or a mentor and you get a free 3 year license
It depends what you want from CAD. You could try nanocad (nanocad.com).
Hey, thanks a lot guys, I'm gonna check out your

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Can any of you actually explain why Cycles is bad?
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Can you explain why it's good ?
the images it produces don't look good.
Not many people use Blender or Cycles professionally so you're mostly stuck with shit looking renders. But it can produce very nice results


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>3DS Max/Maya costs $4000
>per YEAR

How does Autodesk expect independent artists and hobbyists to even afford this shit?
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Where exactly did you get that price from?
It's $1,249 a year for full Maya right now. It's $185 a month if you only pay monthly though.

Maya LT is even cheaper and has everything you need if you're just making content for games. It's $30 a month or $240 a year ($204 right now on sale)
Says 1600 euro for a yearly subscription. The 4000 figure you drop is for the perpetual licenses they're about to discontinue.

Still though the market is plenty ripe for a 'purchase once' alternative to Autodesks bullshit schemes.
Them acquiring maya and softimage was the cancer of our time, where's anti monopoly legislation when you need it?

Rhetorical question of course, it's in neverland riding Peter Pan's fictional schlong while pretending like it actually exists.
Anti-monopoly only comes in when there is almost no competitors in the marketplace. 3D has dozens of competitors for DCC apps, so you can buy up one of them without issue and not have it be anti-competitive.

Tbh, if you're buying a perpetual license, you're kind of stupid, because the rate at which 3D tools are advancing means your workflows are going to become outdated within 2 or so years usually. It's much better to be paying a much cheaper subscription each year to keep your tools up to date, than to pay $4000 for a perpetual license every 2-3 years just to have the newest features.

If I want to sell a 3D object at Turbosquid how should I export it? .blend or .obj?

And another question: I created a house and made a new seperate group for each floor. Should I leave it like that (pic related) or does it have to be one connected object?
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Why not all the above? Include an FBX too.

There is nothing wrong with submeshes. Leave it disconnected, but organized sensibly. Call the outer walls "outer walls" and the first floor "first floor."
Okay, thanks a lot!

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Hey /3/, I've been using Google SketchUp literally for a day for modeling a few buildings and it seems really good and fun. What are your thoughts on it? Is it ideal for 3D modeling especially for importing into game engines like unreal engine 4 or unity for game development? pic related a quick building I made
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No. Sketchup is for quick architecture-visualization work for the most part. It create garbage geometry and UV mapping that isn't really usable for games. There's a reason it's so easy to use, it's not good for anything but creating things that work for archviz.
> 2016
> google sketchup
jesus christ
Anybody have any tutorials for unreal engine? Some of my professors like 3D animations of our projects (architecture student). they just want a walk-around but I really don't want to use sketchup+vray+ lumion, they look like a shitty sims houses and the project honestly doesn't come to life.
A couple of my classmates starting using lumion and I felt bad for them, good designs went to shit just by using shit software, it was funny though, they also added shit house music to their video presentations. Pretty cringe inducing.

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I am working on a sci-fi project, and we want to obtain a certain effect.
Having a character levitate some kind of hologram above a desk, hologram in the shape of a box, like a cubic screen.
And inside this cubic hologram display, zooming on certains parts of a 3D model.
while the cubic hologram remain at the same size on the desk.

The thing is, the concept seems like basics sci-fi stuff, but we have absolutely no idea how to obtain this effect in 3D.

We thought of Bolean meshes, but the bolean way of "cutting" objects is not dynamic.
Or to fake the effect using a DepthofField map, but it would only help us haide background object, and not frontground.

The ideal would be to have a "render box", a box in the scene where everything inside is rendered, and everything outside is not.
The hard part is also to have the meshes "sliced" and not just hide and unhide.

Would by any chance any of you know a way or if it's plainly impossible?

At this point we are using Maya and Octane Render, but we're open to switch to any software or render that would make it work.
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I got some succesfull attempt with using the "cut face tool", and parenting their gyzmo to locators on the side of the "renderbox", but I still have issue with animated objects.

the "cut" act as if the animated object was still at the same spot as he was at frame 1
Despite the fact that he had moved.
This sounds like a job for MEL at which I'll sell the script for $79.99
I don't think there's any easy default way to do what you want there, this sounds like MEL scripting.

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Joining armature roots and having an amature with multiple children seems to be common practice with skeletons.
But segmented Bbones don't seem to respond well to this: They curve weirdly at branches, and will not curve between roots.
What do?
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Weight paint
I can't see how that'll solve either issue.
Disconnect the offending bones while maintaining the parent/child relationships, or set ease in/out to zero (your bones won't flex though only twist).

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