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So this is a lengthy one, but any help would be great. I'm an illegal immigrant from Honduras living in Texas, brought here at the age of 4(21now) and lived illegally until I received DACA in 2012. All that means is that I'm not going to be deported and can work for a living. SO I look at my situation as a sort of limbo state where I am not a US citizen/Resident, and I am not prepared to live in Honduras because I have no paperwork or knowledge of the history and the entire country in general. I want to leave the US, but where can I go? How could a person in my situation get visas and the permits to live in another country? I know some places want you to have a college degree, which I don't yet. I'm just tired of living the consumer lifestyle.

TLDR: Where would it be easy for someone with no degree to move to and make a fresh start?
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The other 200k people on immigrant visas would love an answer too. I wanna go to Scotland and bang all the redhead qt3.14's already.
OP here, do you have DACA too?
Can you obtain a passport from Honduras? This should be possible in the embassy. Then apply for university in a European country where studying is free (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, etc.). With a student visa you can stay in said country for as long as you study and work too whilst you get a degree. With the degree it should be easier for you to go live places.

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Hi there, I'm not much of a traveler myself but I visit this board fairly often.

I'd like to ask if anyone uses software for planning their trips?

I'm a software developer with intrest in logistic algorithms, and I've been wondering would people be interested in software that would allow them to pick a bunch of towns and find an optimal route for several criteria(cost, least time spent enroute).

The thing is, also it sounds easy, but finding a good solution for a problem of covering a set of cities is difficult and optimal routes cannot be guaranteed for trips with more than 65 cities(and finding a optimal route for a route with say 15-60s cities will take up a bunch of time).

So would anyone use a free piece of software(haven't thought about the platform yet) that would allow to generate sub-optimal routes?

This is a project I'm consider doing in my free time
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I'd be very interested in that as a traveler and frankly there's probably some monetization potential if you could make that as an app and slap some ads on it.

I'm still a CS student so this might be impractical, but that sounds like something that a genetic algorithm would excel at for the larger problem sizes. Semi-randomly generate a first generation based on physical distance, give the user the option to choose between faster and more optimized pathing (fewer or more generations). I've never actually implemented a genetic algorithm but I've studied them in concept.
>soliciting quasi-solutions to the Traveling Salesman Problem on /trv/
You're in way over your head
This isn't the board for tackling Traveling Salesman Problem on. Talk to /g/.

But research more first, you clearly haven't thought about this enough to start asking for help.

Secondly, no one goes on 65 city holidays anyway. I've travelling to every major city in China and that's only 40. Where the fuck else would you be talking about? Every state capital in the USA is less than 65 and who does that kind of trip?

There are all sorts of heuristic simplifications that you could do to make the problem smaller but you're not even sure what you want to do, so you're not even ready to define the problem that you want to solve.

Rank your Top5 airports you've been

1. Venizelos
2. Charles de Gaulle
3. Ezeiza
4. Fiumicino
5. El Dorado
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CLT - Charlotte
ATL - Atlanta
AMS - Amsterdam
BAH - Bahrain
ABU (?) - Abu Dhabi

Fuck Frankfurt in the ass with a cactus
1. Singapore
2. Hong Kong
3. Zurich
4. Munich
5. Seoul-Incheon
1. Helsinki
2. Amsterdam
3. Detroit (no kidding)
4. Alicante
5. Orlando

absolute shit: JFK, CDG and Frankfurt

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Hello /trv/, I'm new to this board and I'm sure this topic appears a lot, but how does one go about traveling the world for free?
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You really don't.
Nothing in this world is free.
Better to ask about traveling cheaply.
>how does one go about traveling the world for free?
Hitchhiking, walking, train-hopping, dumpster-diving, and begging work for lots of scumbags, but you're almost certainly limited to your starting continent. I do not believe there is any realistic way to cross an ocean without paying for it.

Perhaps crewing on a yacht if you're in the right Point A and have skills that someone would desire en route to the right Point B, but I don't see that as a long-distance option--not a lot of private pleasure crafts crossing the Atlantic or Pacific. And you could theoretically get a tourism-related job (cruise ship, guidebook author, tour guide, etc), but they're not many and you would be working more than touring.

All that said, I've done a lot of "free" travel, at least in terms of flights and accommodation, by getting sent on a lot of business trips and keeping frequent flier miles and hotel points. But I still paid for food and fun, and someone else paid to get me the free stuff.
I've never traveled far by myself before.The logistics make me anxious. How do I know where to go to get checked in once I get in the airport? etc
It's confusing

Hi /trv/,
quite new to this board and have mostly been lurking around here on 4chan.
the travellers board seems more like the common man than any other board.
I have a question, or more likely a problem. anyways, any hints, tips, post experiences, faults, warnings etc. will be considered.
I'm 24 and have lived in a religious community for 2 years and a half. I'm from scandinavia and lived outside of my country of birth for most of my post teenage years.
Here's the drill, I don't like money, and I don't like routine, I like nature and mustycism, occult and artistic views on life. I am looking for somewhere to go, not in the summer, but soon, mid january or so. It should be in the Eu, and warm enough to get stranded in my sleeping bag(carinthia military) but I don't have money and don't intend to get any. Just to sum up, I didn't have money for 5 years.
I'm willing to woof or otherwise contribute to communal living, hand to mouth if you're familiar with the term.
>do you know any places to go, where guests are welcome? autonomous, religous, anarchistic, weird, occult, or just plain hippie style
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it could also be squatting opportunities
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I only know about two options for squats; I'm sure there are many.
On the farthest north tip of Sardinia there's a hippie colony. It's a bad option in the winter, though. I visited in June and there were only old people there, with no teeth and nowhere else to go. They told me "Come back in August. Naked girls, swimming, we bake pizza every day."
Pic related, the old hippies.

There's also the Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland, which is a year-round squat community of anti-nuclear protesters. Apparently in winter there's some competition for trailers to sleep in, so that might be a difficulty.
Try volunteering in southern europe through helpX, wwoofing, etc?

Why do people circlejerk about the food in other countries? Every single time I tell a fellow traveler about my plans to visit another country. I get bombarded with

>oh man the food there is AMAZING
>you HAVE to try the food there
>you're going to gain 10 kilos over there
>oh I love the food there

Every single country I've been in the local food tasted either like shit or just alright, or tasted like western food but with a weird twist. Yet every single country people rave about the local food.
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They are foodies
>very single country I've been in the local food tasted either like shit or just alright
I'm no gourmet foodie faggot, but sounds like the problem is with you.
>tasted like western food but with a weird twist.
That's because you're a total fucking pleb who sticks to what he knows.
>Yet every single country people rave about the local food.
Wow, people like food. What a shocker.

a) How much have you really travelled? Because it doesn't sound like a lot.

b) You're being incredibly vague about everything anyway.

Go fuck yourself.
I completely agree with OP. Non Western countries do not do food well. It's always good enough so that you can live on it cheaply but you're not going to enjoy it.

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So what petty crimes do the more opportunist of you do while travelling?

We all know how easy it is to do shit on camera or even in front of witnesses, and get away with it because we'll be out of town before long.
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**cough cough**

Stealing is bad. Mkay?
I admit to shoplifting from time to time, but you do realize if you are arrested you'll probably be deported and never allowed back into the country, right?

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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza

Also info on prostitution http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refrain to the old thread while it's still up: >>1057401
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Who the hell would go to Japan if they can't speak Japanese? ;)
uhhh, drink coffee/eat a snack? It is a cafe, dude.
I'm currently going through the sticky but i figured im just gonna drop the question anyway.

So a few buddies and I are planning on going to Japan.
Now, we are still orientating but the idea is to visit Tokyo and Kyoto for 7 - 10 days.
Imo 7 days is too short and we should 10 days. I'm getting a lot of different opinions about life in Japan and how expensive it is. (Hotels/food/nightlife)
I'm kinda looking for someone who knows more about the subject and can suggest a game plan for lets say a 10 day trip. It doesnt have to be super specific, some general guide lines would do.

Hope you can help me /trv/

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Hi /trv/ I don't lurk often here but Ive been having this idea stuck in my mind for a while and this seems like the right forum to discuss it.
I would like to start a trip to different countries in order to learn different martial arts from around the world, something like that show that used to air in History channel, I live in Mexico so I was thinking into going all the way to the south to Brazil, learn some bjj and then travel from Europe all the way to Japan doing the same, this seems like a wild dream for me but this seems to be the best era to travel/back packing/road tripping so any advice, tips, or recommendattions about this will be appreciated
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Thanks for the bamp amigo, one of my main concerns is getting money on the road, I have some little barber skills so I was thinking about getting my gear with me and cut hair on the streets I also have some musical training so I was also thinking into getting an ukulele with me to play in the streets, I also have some travel experience visiting Germany and hungary but I was traveling in plane and have a host there, again any advice is appreciated
Why don't you go to Thailand? It's cheap and Muay-thai is effective on a fight.
I spent 5 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand training Muay Thai. Lost 50lbs and fought twice (2-0 1 win by KO, other by points).

It's awesome. I had planned to go to Brazil this year to train BJJ for a couple months but got my fiancé pregnant so that's bring delayed.

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Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out whether im gonna visit London or not. I don't really have a good reason other than the fact that I haven't been there yet. If I go i'll probably only stay a few days there so i'm not really sure if its worth it.

London for 4 nights, mostly because I'm bored. yay or nay?
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And of course... What to do in London?
Firstly, where are you coming from?
Sweden, so it wont cost me too much to get there

I'm from the city that take the name of the forest.
"amazon" is where i live, if someone whishes to travel to brazil (more especifically the amazon forest) you guys can ask for advices here :)
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Going to Manaus soon. What places should I avoid and is it generally safe baring in mind I've never been outside Europe.
Sorry for taking this long, had forggoten about this aahahha, i'm from Manaus, you can hit me up when you get here, maybe i can tell you which places you should fo etc.
well... Brazil is not a safe country, Manaus is a great a beautiful city, but is not THAT safe. The thing is: walk with your thins always hidden, don't have your camera always showing, put your phone on your pocket, the money on your pocket as well, or your bag maybe, don't go around showing off, people can literally put a knife on your neck, ask for it and run away!
the places you should avoid are the obvious one, like empty streets at night (actually you should ALWAYS take care at night, at any place) or the most poor part of the city. you can send a msg here asking for something else, it's night here now, so i won't talk much now, but i would love to answer something for anyone
im from germany, never been to south america, always wanted to see the rainforrest. i thought manaus is perfect because its right in the forrest but still a big city with great architecture. since my gf works for an airline now, we are able to do the trip soon. what options do i have too see the forrest? of course i wouldnt want to go alone but dont want to go with group of 20 other tourrist as well. also how are the risks of getting hurt by animals? is there safe areas in manaus or do i take a high risk of getiing robbed/hurt just by going outside?

I'm going to be solo travelling for 10 days in the Rockies/mid-west during summer. My final destination is Boston where I am meeting a friend to continue travelling. Any recommendations on places to visit in the mid-west or the Rockies (if I have time) bearing in mind that I must end up in Boston? I'm interested in Chicago and Kansas city, but I don't know much about the region so I'm hoping to get some recommendations
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kc strip.jpg
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Kansas City:
Watch a Royals baseball game
see the World War I memorial
Go to the Jazz Museum
Great BBQ Tour (Do not go to KC Masterpiece, it sucks)
If you enjoy the outfoors, the UP of Michigan is lovely in the summer. I'm also a fan of Wisconsin. Check out some of the towns along the great lakes.
zChicago is de best. You wont be bored, and in the summer women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

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Where is a good destination to go if your girlfriend of 3 years just left you for some douchebag and you need to escape this hell for a month or two?
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Thailand in general. Pattaya is fine, A lot of people focus on the whores there, whether as a pro or con. But what they neglect to realize is their presence makes the normal chicks that much easier do to relativism.

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All right so I'm looking for cities with a very specific type of climate, and I'm looking with the intent of actually settling down and living there so keep that in mind.

Anyways, the climate I'm looking for is a climate where summers rarely go above 30C (86F) and winters rarely below 20C (68F), although some slight deviation from this would be acceptable. Ideally it should be coastal/by the sea, including islands. Lastly, it should be as dry as possible. The closer to 0mm precipitation per year the better, and the highest I will settle for is 150mm / year.

So in other words, some type of moderately warm coastal dry desert climate with relatively little yearly variation in temperature is what I'm looking for. The Canary Islands fit the bill almost perfectly in terms of temperature, and Antofagasta (Chile) is very much ideal in terms of precipitation, however I don't speak a fucking lick of spanish (Norwegianfag here) but I would be willing to learn it. If it's in the middle east / anywhere muslim don't bother, but beyond that I'm open to pretty much anything (again, I'll be wanting to settle down there, not get beheaded).

If anyone would bother to suggest some cities I would greatly appreciate it.
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Here's a pic containing climate data for Antofagasta, Chile. Close to ideal in terms of what I'm looking for although winters could be a bit warmer. Also, not trying to offend anyone, but I've heard Antofagasta is a somewhat gritty-looking city.
Southern California. San Diego, L.A. I think even San Francisco qualifies
I've thought about SoCal and the english-speaking bit is very tempting, in addition to temperature being close to perfect, but I feel like there would be just a little bit too much precipitation for me to accept with LA being at 300-400mm / year, SF at a whopping 600mm / year and San Diego at a more acceptable 250mm / year.

Let me put my situation into context: I grew up on the norwegian west coast, where there's about 3000 - 4000 mm of rain / year, in addition to horrible temperatures at around 0 - 15C year round. I hate the rain so god damn much it literally gives me severe depression and anxiety. The less the better.

That being said, I'm not completely against the idea of San Diego. Do you have any other, drier suggestions? If not, thanks for your reply anyways, really appreciate it.

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Any recommendations for visiting Russia/Ukraine? Ill probably take a contiki tour or similar. I plan on having sex with as many locals as possible and maybe doing one of those 'meet and greet' nights to find a wife. Im in good shape with a high 5 figure salary in electronics, so it shouldnt be an issue.

Im also considering the Philippines as another alternative.
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Not trolling, 100% srs.
This is a meme thread, isn't it.

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