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Hey /trv/, I'm visiting Poland soon. I'm going alone (This is the first time I've ever traveled solo) and I was wondering if any of you could recommend something decent to do or see in either Wroclaw or Warsaw?
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I recommend you start with Wikitravel if you haven't already.

There will be plenty of ideas there, and you won't have to wait for replies.

Not giving you the cold shoulder (I've never been to Poland), just directing you toward a helpful resource.

Have fun! Let us know how it goes. I'm interested in getting there someday.
Thanks anon. I wasn't aware of Wikitravel actually, I'll look into it.

I'll be sure to post the occasional update when I'm there.
I went to wascraw, heard warsaw was packed with drunk ourists

lots of uni kinds in wascraw, a few churches and museums; not sure I saw much else

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Hey, I'm an Oregonian heading to New Zealand in February. I'm gonna be on the north island, spending time in the cities and the country. I have a couple questions:

How easy/hard is it for a foreigner to get laid in NZ? Will women flock to my boring ass accent? Do ya'll have tindr?

I wear a black levi's denim jacket a lot. I'm planning on taking it but read something somewhere (I think a lonely planet page) that there's gangs in NZ that use black jackets as their uniform. Should I leave my favorite jacket at home?

Lastly, are there Keas on the north island?
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Pic related for typical gang member. If it doesnt resemble that, youre fine.

Yes we have Tinder. Should be easy enough to get laid with a noticeable accent.

Keas are restricted to Alpine areas mostly in the South Island. If you want to see them, Go to the Homer Tunnel in Fiordland National Park and watch them rip apart cars.
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Not OP
Im going in a few day to Auckland and I can't find a bus (intercity?) that drives to Cape Reinga. Only Oneway! I searched on their website (http://www.intercity.co.nz/travel-info/timetable/) but dont know the name of the station. Its not Cape Reinga. Or the nearest.
Can a kiwi help me?
I live in auck. stay in your own country. we already have more foreigners than white people. if you do come you'll think you've just stepped into Indian nigger city or gook town. stay out of the white areas. we don't want you

Hello, fellow /trv/alers.
I am going to Istanbul for five days in two weeks. What should I do there? I'm into culture and history mostly, although I also like to meet locals and go to bars.
I also enjoy good food. The thing is, I don't have alot of money to spend. Tell me about some cool places to go to, without becoming absolutely broke. Also, how is public transport between Ataturk airport and Sultanahmet?
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public transport is fine (not brilliant. but tolerable). the metro will take you most of the way, then change for a tram (get a smart card and top it up before you get on the metro)
Great time to go. 1 USD euals 3.92 Lira (TRY) stay in a hostel cheap. To get to Sultanahmet from the ataturk airport: - go to the metro stop in the basement of the airport - ride the only subway there (the red m1 line) get off at Zeytinburnu the 6th stop. walk to the blue t1 tram line and get on . take tram T1 toward Eminonu. Get off at Sultanahmet (the 16th stop). 1 or 2 day do all the touristy shit. sulanahmanet (hiya sofia, blue mosque, basillica systern, topkapi palace), check out grand bazar(i believe cloased sunday). check out galata bridge and walk accross. New mosque and spice bazar is right there too, super cool. walk up to galata tower. night lift go to Taksim. its a stop on the m2 green metro line. walk from taksim down the main street called istiklal. cant miss it. it is nuts. sketchy old/hip guys will be trying to get you to go into thier clubs. DONT Go IN. they will overchage you for a drink and wont let you leave. Go to bars on istiklal, not the clubs. If your tryin to turn up more tho, great clubs include beat, Nayah, Ritim, Eski Beyrut, indigo... college aged crowd. Def take a ferry accross to the asian side one day and go to Kadikoy. You can catch this ferry right next to galata bridge at the Karakoy ferry stop. Shoots you right accorss the water. Gorgeuos. Oh and be sure to pick up a metro card. Load it up with like 15 lira and it sould get you all around. You can buy one in the basement of the airport rightaway at the subway stop from a vending machine type thing initially. You can use ur metro card for these ferries as well. Go to princes islands one day for a day trip. take a ferry to get there. Honestly just ride the green metro line north and get off at any old stop and wonder around too. Not gayrettepe tho its like a moden mall. no culture. anyways ask me more questions please!! have fun.
it should only cost you like 4 lira to ride the metro 1 line and transfer to Tram 1 line to sluthanamet. Eat tuvuk durum, chicken wraps... sooo fire omg. yum. there like 6 to 8 lira. You can eat like a king, like 4 meals a day for like 30 lira. $7.7 usd a day. try the aryan dairy drink. google best tukish meals they are the real ones. meet fellow travels are ur hostel orw whever ur stayin.

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I'm visiting this meme in a few months... what should I check out??

Canadafag, btw
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is the dream alive, pdx?
Sure. You'll get to leave and won't be trying to pay rent by being cooler, underground and skilled at making coffee than everyone else.
Food: Pine State Biscuits
Giant biscuit sandwiches filled with fried chicken and other things.

Museums: Oregon Rail Heritage Center
Home to a couple huge steam locomotives, some of which still run. One of them is the Southern Pacific 4449, one of the prettiest surviving locomotives in the US from the end of the steam era.

If I were visiting this town, these are some places I would go.

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Hey, /trv/. I'm a 26 year old American guy. I have a 4 year university degree, no university debt and about $20,000 in savings. Recently I've been interested in looking into doing some further studies in Europe. I don't have a set plan but am leaning toward a Master's in something Social Science-y. I am also open to to doing like a technical/trade qualification, though I don't know how viable and transferable the credential would be going back to the US when I finish?

I am most interested in going to: The UK, Nordic Countries/Scandinavia, Germany, The Baltics, Czech Republic, Switzerland or Netherlands.. BUT I am open minded and willing to go ANYWHERE based on important factors like:

>It has to be a program taught in English
>How generous and open the rules are about part time work to support yourself
>cost of living
>ability to get a job in the country after studying

I've heard that many programs in Europe are free? Is this true even in the case of US Nationals, or is it just for EU citizens/Schengen people?

Does anyone know which countries definitely offer programs that are free of charge or otherwise very cheap for US Nationals?

Any recommendations for a country/school/program, etc? I realize my plan is vague right now, I'm just trying to widdle down my options as much as possible so I eventually can get more focused.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it. What would you say qualifies as "shit tier degree?"

As I said, I am interested in doing something in Social Sciences/Law/Public Policy/International Relations. Would you consider these shit tier? Or else a technical/trade thing if it's viable.

Or are you talking about like... fine arts or women's studies or something?

I am flexible about the location, but I am most interested in Northern Europe, particularly Norway or Sweden. I think they are beautiful peaceful countries with interesting history and very nice women. (I'm getting closer to 30 and will admit I would be looking for someone to settle down with).

But I think they are expensive too. Espepcially Norway. A big question I have is what is the likelihood of me having to take out a loan to cover expenses even if I can secure part time work?

Night, Anon. Thanks again.
Thanks again. Social work and special ed. Are those two year programs? I've did ESL teaching in Asia to pay off my loans so I have some teaching experience, at least in some capacity.

What country are you from?
OP, do your research on the universities and countries they're based in. Some countries in Europe have free education for all students but this is mostly for bachelor's degree. I think only Germany has free master's degree education for foreigners. In Sweden for example it's free for EU nationals but those outside have to pay. Now the prices are still much lower than what you'd pay in the US. The programs I looked at around 15-25k and the programs last 1 year only so if compared to the $50-100k masters degrees in the US, it's cheap and you'll have an extra year of working to pay it off.

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I'm visiting family in Indianapolis for 2-3 weeks. I've never been. What is there to do?
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There's aa cool park there with some water. You can meet a girl there, get her number and push her in the water.
INfag here, it depends on what you want to do.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is actually pretty great, typically has some excellent exhibits.

The zoo is pretty nice, if you're with kids the Children's Museum is fun.

You can go to Mass Ave, Broadripple or Fountain Square if youre into more "hip" areas with cool clothing/record stores, bars, restaurants, etc.

If you have specific interests tell me and I'll see if I can recommend anything more narrowly tailored.

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I'm going to Turkey for a minor cosmetic procedure and I'll pay more for business class so that there's less chance of another passenger accidentally bumping into me.

Anyway is there any reason to choose one airline over the other? Turkish Airlines is slightly cheaper. I'm aware their safety record historically isn't great.

Also, any tips for Istanbul? I'll have 2 days to sightsee.
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Go see
>Haghia Sophia
>Blue Mosque
>Topkapi Palace
Those three are all near each other, and can be seen easily in one day. On a main street south of these you can a place where you can go down to a cistern that was used by the Greeks/Romans to hold water. Turks don't use it cause Islam says non-running water is unclean. There's an Archaeological History Museum nearby I think, but I'm not sure

Other stuff is less prominent and not quite as close together
>Suleymane Mosque (nearish a university of some sort)
>Military History Museum (nearish Taksim Square)
>Greek Monasteries: All over the place.

Spice market is neat and touristy, but watch your valuables, and don't buy stupid pointless shit. Just wander around and buy tasty snacks. Pic related is cheap, only 1 lira. A cup of tea is almost always 1 lira as well, which when I went was about 40 cents.
Turkish delight is pretty great.
I took a turkist airlines flight from istanbul to CDG economy class, can't say it was anything special

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I'm visiting Germany and I'm just wondering if I can buy a lighter. Is 17 old enough, because in UK it's 16.
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Seeing as the age of consent is 14 and beer/wine is 16, you can buy a lighter.
you can buy a lighter 100%

source have been 17 in germany for a whole year once.
>go to a euroladen
>buy a lighter

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You only get to visit ONE country in Europe, what would you choose?

A friend and I are going and we're both choosing one country to visit but I'm having trouble choosing!
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It depends where you're coming from. I would say something like Spain, but it's because I don't live in a country that's warm and has palm trees. If you're coming from somewhere like Mexico, then it might not be as cool as seeing something else. Generally if you're coming from outside of Europe and already paying for the expensive plane ticket then it's dumb to just stay in one European country, moving around in the EU is cheap and easy.
>It depends where you're coming from.

And, by coming from, everyone means what are you used to? what do you like to do? where else have you been? do you want famous things or emptiness? are you a music or history fan? literary? do you like city life or nature from vacations?

Safetywise, I'd recommend iceland, norway, ireland if you want to rent a car and drive around, and if a woman and relying on public transport, Austria, cause I haven't been since the flood of immigrants much in those affected areas, but there are all great places to start. One of the best popular places I'd suggest for a bit of everything, but needs a budget is a 3-country tour, like Prague-Vienna-Budapest, ohh, about 11 days.

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My gf travel Sarajevo in few weeks for like 3-4 days. So is there anything she should be aware and be on attention,? Also i should be worry?
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That you'll put on 10 kg in a week. Food is way too good.
Well im totally ok with this, also what about thiefs, scams etc? Are those common in there?
Been there. Feels more safe than Germany.

Hey /trv/,

I'm planning to go on a trip to Mexico City in march. Where do I get cheap flights from Germany? Is Air Iberia to be recommended? Any tips for picking a hotel? What should I avoid at all costs? Oh, and what should I definitly visit when I'm there? General tips are appreciated
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Anyone have any suggestions for things people can do in Mexico City from 9 pm to 6 am ?

Huge ass layover there.
>What should I avoid at all costs?
Hail a taxi on the street, calling for a taxi, and using any public transportation. At. All. Use your hotel and the more expensive drivers and cars they have vetted. A local guide for the day to go around town would be a great idea if you are alone and the tall light skinned person.

Everything in a basic guidebook is indeed all the highlights. Where you want to stay depends on your restaurant desires, i'd say. The park has terrific museums, they're not overrated, nor is the zoo or the castle.

The best restaurant for really good indigenous food is Fonda de Refugio (while you're in the zona rosa). There are probably a good 2 dozen world class chefs with hot and amazing restaurants right now there. Get a several course meal with wine for like USD$20-30 and eat all night for nothing. If you want to do the famous San Angel Inn (and you should for historical reasons), there's a great Frida museum right next to it now.
>Local guide
I'm visiting a friend, I think I got that covered.
Why no public transportation?

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I've booked a return to Italy for £50.

The hand luggage dimensions are reasonable from my previous experiences and they're always cheap and decent when flying short distances.

Is Ryanair hate just a big meme?
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they're only the really really bad in europe, would be perfectly fine for a domestic south sudan flight.
not every airline has to be good.
if you didn't have bad experiences with them, good for you, keep going.
i just had enough of the 6-8 hr delays and waiting in a tent to be carried with a bus to the aircraft to meet the clueless stewards sort of deal.
Yeah it's just a meme/people enjoying drama on the internet. If you give me a 3 hour flight for less than the cost of the airport transfer, you can treat me like shit if you want to. It beats walking.
If you play by their rules there's no problem... Their customer service has a terrible rep but I've never had to deal with it so I couldn't give a fuck

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So, I'll be moving to Qatar in about a month because of my job. What can I expect? I hear it's pretty fucking awesome.
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say hi to clock boy for me
I kek'd. I will if I see him.
>I hear it's pretty fucking awesome

You definitely heard wrong. Qatar is pretty boring, m8.

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hey /trv/ im just looking for an article on a social issue in Thailand. I am going travelling there and would like to be given a bit of context of where i am travelling to. any help?
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- why so many women, so few children
- why so nice ( i was at zero touristy areas and they are super nice)
- why so succesful/developed

that's what i saw, when i was there
I'll dig up some articles for you. The developed part, if you let the Thais tell it, is because they are the only Asian country that was never colonized.

Thailand has a birthrate issue, but so do many developed societies these days. The women do outnumber the men, though, and abortions are not common. Most will have the kid if they get knocked up. The niceness has a lot to do with the whole Buddhist thing and also their cultural concept of "sanuk"
Not sure why I am googling this for yu when you can do it yourself. Also do note that a lot of the women you see are far younger than than look. Like most Asians Thais don't hit the wall until their 60s/70s. And look very young until then. My girlfriend is 30 and looks 15.


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I'm visiting Bangkok next week on business and fancy having fun with bar boys to get some no strings relief.

Any tips for the best bars and guys to meet?
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That is so gay.

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