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Evening /trv/
I come enquiring if any of you fine travellers have spent time in Madrid

Considering getting my girlfriend and I flights and hotel for a long weekend in Madrid at the start of March. Flights are £49 return from Dublin, and the hotel is working out about £189 for the 3 nights.

Whats the general consensus on Madrid?
Some of the attractions look beautiful, but im conscious its not as "desirable" as say the likes of Barcelona.

To date, in the last 2yrs, we have visited, Rome, Barcelona, London, Prague. We arent interested in Paris or Amsterdam, so im not too sure where else in Europe might be worthwhile going for the weekend.
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For long weekends:
Florence, berlin, venice, verona, pomei etc.

I went to madrid last year and enjoied it. Prices are low (respect to Italy) food great good museum people outside until very late even in weekdays
Madrid is nice and you can go on a day trip to Segovia or Toledo if you want something more scenic.

As an alternative I'd recommend Stockholm if you can postpone it until April, when cherry blossom trees bloom and the weather is a bit nicer. The prices however are a bit higher.
Madrid is plenty fun, although I'm more familiar with Toledo. I spent six weeks there last summer and I can say it's definitely worth a day trip at least. Incredible history. One of the only cities in the world with an extensive blend of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish culture. The art and architecture are among the best in Spain.

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Hey, anons!

I would like to talk about some interesting element of our countries: pace of life.

You know how in some small town you feel that life barely goes by but in big cities like Tokyo or New York life flies figuratively by you.

Let's make a roll call of our countries and tell us about the pace of life in your city.

For example

generally, beyond Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok the pace is very slow. You earn very little, you spend almost all of your income and that's why you carefully have to ration everything, which pretty much takes up all your free time.
Holy cow is it fast! Seriously, this city is huge, it has a lot of opportunities even more people in it and all these elements make it look like a giant... Ant hive. That's how we Russians call it - "humant hive".

Your turn, anons.
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>Jacksonville, Florida

Before leaving for worm every morning, I verify I have life insurance and proof read my will.
Holy shit, really? Is it that fast and scary? Do you want to tone it down for a little bit?

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>tfw I spend most of my time just reading while on vacation in a foreign country
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What country was it? How much money you lost on this trip?
Germany. Not much, tbqh, especially considering I'm here for 5 weeks.
Is it really boring in there? My bro told me that it's one of the most boring countries ever.

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I'm going to be traveling to Ohio for christmas on a greyhound bus tomorrow night and I'm really anxious about it.
Is there anyone who can walk me through everything I need to do? Do I need to get my luggage checked somewhere first?

I already bought and printed my tickets out so I dont need to worry about that atleast.
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You don't need to do anything besides pack, there is no security on buses generally, the only exception to this is buses entering the northeast and central infrastructure regions of the U.S. Ideally every bus journey would be searched, but there are so many that only the ones going to critical parts of the country like Washington and New York are searched
So I just hand them my ticket and get on?

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Fisheye The Tramp - Eastern European "tramp" that travels across Russia and tries to survive without money or cellphone.

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God that guy was typical hippie trash. Cool video though
except he has been rich before.

I'm going to visit paris soon and want to visit the catacombs. Now you have this tourist attraction but you'll only access part of the catacombs. Anyone know of any guided tours that go into other area's of the catacombs?
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>Now you have this tourist attraction but you'll only access part of the catacombs. Anyone know of any guided tours that go into other area's of the catacombs?
Heard they are illegal access, so you likely won't find it advertised (if it exists).
One of my mates visited some of the no-access areas but it was while he was spending a year there for uni and he did it with a group of friends he met in the uni's outdoors club - I doubt there's any easy way of doing it as a tourist.

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Sup /trv/
I'm pretty sick of teaching English jobs at this point.

What's a career I can travel around with? Pref part time or something I can do from home

I'm thinking coding of some type, but I have no idea where to begin

Pic unrelated.
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Why, consulting of course.
Enlighten me if you will

I am a student from Austria. A week ago, two girls from Portugal visited our school ans talked about how there is a program which allows you to work in another European countey for a year. It seems really cool and they give you a bit of money for financial support.
I am kind of interested in doing a gap year in France as I know some French. I have no idea what I will major in - maybe Translation or something like that. Should I go on a gap year?
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Fok yeah. Get some decent food and best women. Just remember that France has everything from alps to surf beaches, so think where you want to go.
>Should I go on a gap year?
maybe not

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Has anyone delt with pocket wifi in Japan? Any recommendations on what brand to use?
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My general advice for foreign data is have an unlocked smart phone and a good mobile data plan. Use your phone to tether/WiFi Hotspot when necessary.
I researched a whole bunch and I ended up closing between eConnect and Global Advanced. Depending on the speeds you want and how much you use though? Any estimates on how much you'd be using?

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salar de atacama.jpg
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I'm going on a trip and I want a small, portable, cheap camera for attaching somewhere, like on a car, to record stuff while I travel. Has to auto-focus etc.

My main thing is I am renting a truck and driving through the Atacama desert, including Salar de Atacama (pic related). I want to put the camera there to record my shit while I drive.

I was thinking of a gopro. Is there a better option?
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Nikon coolpix A
If you have more money ricoh grv
As the owner of a gopro 4 black, they are wonderful cameras, but they lack in battery life and are far more suited as an action cam.
As the owner of a gopro 4 black, they are wonderful cameras, but they lack in battery life and are far more suited as an action cam.

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I have the opertunity to go work on a farm in southern Iceland for a few months. Everything about the location and farm seems perfect, I've just never done a work stay program before and wanted to know if anybody who has done something similar can tell me about there experience. I dont want to be in over my head because I thought the work would be easy but can things that sound too good to be true, be real?
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Suppose I should note the work is with cows,sheep,horses. Just light farm work and stable cleaning it said.
Shoveling shit is not as easy for those not used to it as it might seem to a farmer who does it all the time.

Still, it won't kill you. And if it does, at least you got to go to Iceland.

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Hey. Im just a german dude travelling to Stockholm for new years eve.
If you have any tips in terms of what i should see or something like that please share.
Also kinda nervous because im travelling alone
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What sort of things interest you?

I could write up all the best examples of church architecture for you, but won't waste the time unless you are into that.

In the unlikely chance that you do not want to spend your time looking at churches, maybe somebody here knows about just wast you are looking for, if you give them a few hints about your interests.
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I've heard Aifur is supposed to be a nice restaurant

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OK, so I just booked a trip to thailand recently and I'll be going in less than a week, but I initially checked the government site and it said I'd only need yellow fever vaccination from a country that is prone to it but now I'm afraid I've read it incorrectly, can someone help me out?

Do you need vaccinations before you go to thailand?
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Chill OP. You don't need yellow fever if you're sticking to Thailand. Go to the hospital for tropical disease when you get to Bangkok, it's just off from Monument square. They're a modern professional hospital and do cheap vaccines (it's recommended to get hep a and b as well as update your tetanus/diphtheria if you haven't already. Japanese encephalitis is something they'll offer too, it's nasty but really rare unless you plan to sit in a rice paddy for 6 months. Only issue is hep a and b take 3 shots spread out over a month. I'm at the end of a 6 month trip here including Cambodia Vietnam laos etc and haven't had any vaccines at all. Just make sure the street food you eat is well cooked and made in front of you. Don't drink the the tap water (brushing teeth etc is fine, especially in resorts.)
No, but if you have the time get all the shots you think you'l ever need in Bangkok. I did at some hospital attached to a snake farm.

p.s. I had my vaccination book stolen since then, including my yellow fever which I had done some time before, but I have pictures of it all. Fucking sucks.
...BTW the reason I went was to get typhoid booster, which is really the important one if you have your Hep shots which you probably already do.

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I'm heading over to Vanuatu in a couple of weeks, never seen anyone talk about that place here before, anyone been there? And if so, I'm especially curious about budget and more tribal oriented traveling instead of a more touristic approach to the place. I keep reading about the amazing diving opportunities and similar stuff which I'll never be able to afford.
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Can't really help with budget stuff sorry, but from memory it's not too expensive? Internal flights are where most of your money will go

Head to pentecost for the tribal stuff, and make sure you climb that volcano on tanna. There's some decent off-the-beach snorkelling on tanna and ok stuff on that tiny island in Port villa. Probs nothing like the diving though I guess

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Hey /trv/.

A friend of mine is staying at Liverpool for a few weeks. I was thinking of going as well for a week or so. My friend told me to not pay for a room and stay with him in the hotel he stays. It is a single room. Will there be issues if i sleepover?

Also, any good things to do/visit around liverpool?
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Take a ferry across the mersey

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