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/b/ sent me here.
I didn't find any general for Argentina nor South America.
Hello Argentinos, I'm going to Argentina on January 8th with a friend of mine, I'd like to know if there is any place in Buenos Aires for some foreigners to party and get girlus to an expensive hotel. My friend doesn't speak much spanish but I do have a pretty decent one.
I'd like to know about the names of the places so I can google them. We are staying on Buenos Aires for only 3 days as we want to arrive to Montevideo on Monday for some weedy business.
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chilean bro here. Educated youngsters will probably speak english just fine. Palermo soho is a place with good nightlife, puerto madero maybe
Thank you for the info, also, do you have any idea about the blue dollar? Is it still working?
Argentinian here

The blue dolar doesn't exist anymore. 1dolar=13.5 pesos argentinos

If you want to party look for "boliches" in Palermo, Puerto Madero or near by those places. Look for the names then google them on facebook and check what kind of people go there and if you like the place in general.
Kika, Rose Bar, Esperanto, Asia de Cuba are some popular places but that doesn't matter much

Hey homos got a question(s) on my mind --> is Austin Texas good?
I'm aware that's so general but do any of yall live there? What's the city like? How does it compare to NYC or Pittsburgh? I might be living there for a couple years (might be going to ut Austin) and not sure if its gonna suck or not
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It's one of the most fun cities in America. Youthful, progressive, open-minded (in a tumbl kind of way, avoid not being white anywhere in Texas), and fun. Good weather, good beer. The major downsides is that it's real damn hot in the summer, and there's not much short travel options, you have to fly at least 1.5 hours to go anywhere worthwhile (except San Antonio of course).

Highly recommended. Enjoy UTAustin bud.
Its a cool hip young city, partially ruined by shitty Californians. One of the few places you can get a nice professional job and still not being in a shitty bloated city like Houston or LA or something. Best of all you get that sweet Texas low cost of living (shootouts to HEB) and no state income tax.

It's only 100+ degrees for a couples weeks at most. I personally don't think it's that bad. The winters are so tame that it more than makes up for it

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Items that make your travel life a lot easier. I like this large wallet thing to pack together all my tickets, passport, wallet, items, earbuds etc. It's just nice to be able to have a central thing to throw everything into and be able to find later.
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Where can I get one?
>pack together all my tickets, passport, wallet, items, earbuds etc
If you lose it your travel is literally over

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I have nothing right now; no money, no skills, no education and the third shot job I've been sick of this year. In a week I'll get paid a few hundred bucks. Should I hit the road again or stay in one spot and try to plan for my future? Look for a steady decent paycheck/benefits or say fuck it and walk south for the winter? USA btw
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Walk south until you hit Guatemala or El Salvador. Then stay there.
What are you going to do when your hundred bucks runs out (which will happen very fast)?

If you think you can just wander around the globe doing odd jobs making ends meet... sorry it doesn't work like that.

To travel you either need savings or you can go the ESL route (that usually still requires a 1 year contract).
I have been doing pretty much exactly that for the past few years but only in the US if you don't mind roughing it and traveling primarily by foot and hitching it's really not that difficult. How would I go about doing an esl program? Better to get certed on my own time and then look for jobs or to do an actual program? Where do you recommend for the latter?

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>mfw I just cancelled my flight after my overbearing and manipulative family pushed me not to go

Think I'm gonna explode and travel the world soon, there's no end in sight
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Why did you cave?
They somehow did it, anon, they made me think the worst even though I know it's irrational, I was going on my own and they twisted it into if I get killed etc no one would know.



What a fucking pussy

Need some ideas of places to take my gf on holiday (We're britfags for reference). Preferably with some amazing scenery or culture, and fewer tourists?

She's got relatives out in New Zealand and I've got some out in Canada so, bonus points for cool places in either of those (Yes I know they're big)
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i reccomend interlaken, swizterland
Iceland, Switzerland

NZ is a good choice too but plane tickets are going to be rather spendy
Not OP but I'm interested too.

We went to Denmark almost exactly one year ago. The snow made it beautiful. Amazing culture, good food, beautiful cities. Would recommend.

Is Iceland in winter worth it? I know that summer is a must but I want to see some northern lights.

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I know you people at least know someone who does this. I want to work for 6 months and travel for the other 6. What sort of jobs (other than being ridiculously wealthy already) allow folks to do this?

I'm willing to slave 7 days a week for those 6 working months as long as I could leave for a long time and then come back to work again.
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Construction work in Australia has really good pay and hours
I pretty much do this. Contract web developer. Can also do it during travels if you get remote work.

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Hello /trv/
I recently learned that my (now ex) girlfriend has been cheating on me. We've been living together, and I just today cancelled our apartment.

I really feel like getting away from everything for a while. I've been wanting to go to Japan for many years now, and I think the time has come. I'm thinking about 2 months at first.

Do you guys have any recommendations for a trail for me? I will be going in January, and I would like to experience the culture while there. Tokyo, Kyoto, of course, but village life would also be interesting. Maybe stop a week at some good surfing spot.
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I don't know but I need to do the same thing. My ex/gf or whatever u want to call it did the same thing. I was thinking of doing that teaching thing there where u speak to the students in English.

How can I visit North Korea?

Do you guys know anything about the KFA delegation?
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google koryo tours
>not googling young pioneer tours

>KFA delegation

In joining the KFA you are literally joining a group representing what most of the world considers a rogue state. You're also serving as a propaganda mouthpiece and helping them morally. It would be similar to joining the rebels in Indonesia, the IRA, or to the Zapatistas or some shit. Take a tour you mong.

Just bought some flights to Tenerife for February. Never went there because its touristic reputation. Now it was the only destination that fit the timeslot+budget, and the surf is apparently real good so.

Any tips where to go and where not to go (the touristic cities I guess). Looking for surf, cool little villages, maybe to climb that volcano?
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Bumped for interest
Def avoid the tourist cities. Laguna is a world heritage site. The volcano is the shiznit. Orotava valley looks pretty. Rent a car.
there is a small hostel you can stay at near the summit of the volcano but you can only stay 1 night


you can be a lazy bastard and take a cable car there, or hike up but i'm not sure where you could start from, maybe vilaflor

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> 28m
> self employed
> currently make $150k a year online, passive income
> no obligations in life
> never traveled alone before
> socially inept and awkward
> low self esteem

How retarted am I for not just packing my bags and go live like a king in SEA? Did anyone here fix their social issues by traveling?
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Wouldn't say they can 'fix' anything, but traveling alone is a decent way to figure out if you are a lost cause or not. If you have a decent time and maybe even have a conversation with a person versus curl up in fetal position and cry what ever inevitable issues arise from traveling.
How do you make money?

No, travelling won't fix you.
I'd suggest booking a small tour with people your age or students if you're looking to meet people travelling and get some confidence. Experienced travelers often hate on them because they're often overpriced and fairly generic but it's hard not to get to know people on them. If you do a couple of those and don't make any friends or get to know people on them then you've probably got bigger issues.

Don't overthink it though, I've met some really reserved people abroad who ended up being heaps of fun. There was a German engineer in kinda the same situation as you, quit his job to go travelling around Canada, think he was 28 too. Fairly shy (like me honestly) but super interesting.

Also having done a bit of travel gives you way more to talk about when getting to know people, which is half the battle imo.

If you're srsly making $150k a year passively is there really anything to lose? Even if you don't talk to a single person the whole time there's a fair chance you'll still have a good time. Just walking around towns and cities solo can be nice.

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Where is this ?
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Anyone here traveled to Georgia/Armenia before?

I'm American and would like to go see some of the sites there, the ancient stuff.

Does anyone have any advice regarding things to go see or maybe any precautions?

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If you go to Armenia you cant get into Azerbaijan because they block people with Armenian passport stamps, however your able to do the reverse (from Azerbaijan to Armenia).

Also a war between the two countries potentially broke out yesterday, so Armenia mightn't be a great option right now, though i doubt much would happen as Azerbaijan cant stand up to Armenia+Russia.
Sure about these stamps? I know Azerbaijan used to deny entrance for people who had stamps from Nagorno Karabakh but not Armenian.

The recent skirmishes come in very bad moment. Russia and US will support Armenia while Turkey will probably help Azerbaijan. That means widening the conflict between Russia and Turkey.
Thanks, I wasn't really aware about that conflict. I wonder if Armenia is amping up the conflict with some urging from Moscow to spite Turkey?

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I can't resist it anymore, I have to visit this country. I would like to make a trip through all the states, starting in Maine.

I don't know yet whether I will do it alone or with friends. I know I want to see America in it's purest form, not just the touristic attractions.

Currently I'm in my last year of a journalism Master's degree so I probably could make money writing articles about it. As I'm a white belgian male I should have no problems going through the conservative areas like the deep south or midwest.

I'm asking for your advice ameribro's, howlong would this journey take? What's the best way to plan this and how much would it cost?
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American who's visited all 50 states here

1. It will take an absolute FUCKLOAD of time to visit all 48 continental states. The United States is as big as continental Europe, and there's a lot of states that are not necessary to visit at all.

2. It will also cost quite a bit. Hostels aren't common in the US so you'd have to find an alternative place to sleep. The cheapest way to do it is probably AirBNB or couchsurfing, although I've never used either.

3. In my opinion, the best parts of the US are the national parks/nature in the West and the cities in the East. Those represent two different trips to the United States. One trip is on the eastern seaboard from South Carolina to Maine (at the most) and the other trip is kind of a C shape, where the top of the C is Chicago and the bottom is New Orleans (at the most), and hitting some of the major national parks between. The bulk of the midwest and the deep south are completely skippable - not because they're super conservative or because they hate Europeans, but because there's just not anything interesting to do. Keep in mind that the trip from Chicago-Seattle-LA-New Orleans is over 70 hours of driving.

I mean, I get that there's this romanticized idea of what middle America is, but I don't see the appeal of paying $1000 in airfare to come see a small American town. All people really do fro fun in middle America is drink, so maybe stop at some bars in small towns when you're traveling between interesting cities.
Doing a roadtrip through all 50 states would be very difficult to do in 3 months if you plan to stop and enjoy some cities/national parks from more than a day. I would, and I'm sure everyone else here would recommend you do the U.S. in parts. For first time Euro travelers we recommend the Northeast because people are more educated/less xenophobic and public trans is decent (for American standards anyways, euros may find it embarrassing though).
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>The bulk of the midwest and the deep south are completely skippable ... because there's just not anything interesting to do.

A very strange thing for a traveler to post.

Of course, what you like to do and what interests you may not be what anybody else likes to do or what interests them, but the idea that in roughly half odf the continental US there is nothing interesting is laughable.

I'm laughing right now.

Pic related, laughing a lot like that.

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My girlfriend recently moved to California for her job for a little while and we're doing the LDR thing for a bit. I'll be flying to visit her next week and we'll be spending New Years together.
He lives in the Bay Area and I want to do some stuff with her during that time but neither of us know anything about the area or things to do.
Any Norcalfags have some good places and things to do?
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Tons of hiking/mountain biking in the bay area. Look into marin county. Alot of good trails.
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bay area's pretty vague op. where? how far are you willing to drive? day trip, or overnight? city or outdoors?

>mfw op never gives enough fucking information

Golden gate park has some nice museums. Cal academy of science is my favorite, nice place for a date.

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