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Hey /trv/ currently making travel plans for summer and could use a bit of help. Don't really have the money to travel overseas this year so I decided to stay in Europe. To make things even cheaper, I figured I'd like to try some long distance walking, for 2-3 weeks maybe 4 if I can stretch it at work. Ideally I'd go in July and/or August after my college exams.

I already had the G20 in Corsica in mind but when I realized that it's mostly just walking through mountainous regions, I kind of didn't like the idea that much. Another thing I was considering is at least parts of the Lycian Way in southern Turkey since that seems to be pretty nice especially walking close to the ocean with really nice, hot weather. Or maybe even go old school and do the Santiago?

Anybody ever done and long distance walking courses in Europe and could recommend some/share experiences/tips? Thanks!
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If you're already an experienced hiker you can go anywhere. Just saying this because when I started out travelling I had this long europe track planned out, but when it hit the fan, I couldn't stand to the hike with my overweight backpack.
Went hitchhiking after a week on foot. Now I go everywhere hitchhiking.
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Sounds like you've got an awesome summer planned.
The G20 is my dream; what's wrong with mountains? You want more culture, evenings in pubs, that sort of thing?
I guess I can't recommend anything specific. I've attempted several of the GR trails in southern Europe but they were all so badly marked, it made life hell. And a lot of it was just walking along farm roads and 4x4 tracks, which isn't always nice. Whoever's in charge of the GR trails needs to get their shit together.
The only exception was the GR11 which runs along the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, which I really enjoyed. I walked from near Girona to Andorra. The mountains will kick your ass if you're not experienced, but the trail also goes through a lot of towns. Catalonian villages are so goddamn cool, and Andorra is fun.
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>>1064529 (You)
Another pic from the GR11. Also, there are some great distance hikes in Scotland, but they won't take you more than 2 weeks. Maybe spend one week in Scotland (the West Highland Way takes about six days) then fly somewhere else for a 2 week hike.

As a final suggestion, Morocco is way better than Europe for distance hiking. There are no marked trails, but you can follow donkey paths between villages for weeks, and never have to worry about food or water. You don't even need to carry a tent in the summer; just stay in someone's house if the weather looks bad. Early summer is a good time to go.

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I've been many places, but now my feet are sore. I'd like to go some place and stay for a while. I hoping to get residency somewhere, and I'm hoping it helps that I have a PhD. It is from a fairly good school, but not in an area with high demand (psychology). I know generally the regular immigration laws of countries and which are easier, but would anyone know of countries where my PhD might help me get in?
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>but would anyone know of countries where my PhD might help me get in?
Most countries care more about where you are from now as your citizenship, more than anything else. As a well-traveled person, it's surprising to me you don't know that already.
Getting a tourist visa and getting permanent residency are not the same thing at all. I know Canada and the UK use a point based system and having a PhD gets you a lot of points.

But I'm finding it hard to search, so I was wondering if /trv/ knew of other countries where a PhD helped immigrate?
I think you're looking at it wrong. I think you need to find the reason to go to a country first, then go to that country. The reason is going to be that there was some sort of fellowship that you applied for from your hom e country. I live in Thailand and my doctor here has had fellowships in both Germany and the US.

Thus find fellowship and then follow your dreams.

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im planning to do a camping trip to northern/northwestern ukraine. My ancestors lived there, but sadly i have no living relatives there anymore
My question: How easy is it to get a simcard for a mobile phone ? I speak very limited russian and ukrainian, but i can read both alphabets. I know they are cheap as dirt there.
If there is something like a translator i could "rent" i would be happy to do so.
Another quick question: Is it hard to buy a train ticket ? I just need a short ride to my destination.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pic unrelated
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Can't help you with your question, OP, beri sori. But where is your pic from?
Simcards I *think* should be dead easy to get in loads of little shops or kiosks.

Train tickets? Not necessarily so easy if you don't speak (or read) the languages. Probably easier in small towns than in the bigger cities/stations (finding the right ticket window in Kyiv, even for someone who does speak the languages is time consuming itself)

Where are you based? realrussia.co.uk (yes I know...) are very good at getting and sending out train tickets for most of the post-soviet countries, albeit with a hefty mark-up.

Also, where to do you intend to travel to and from by train in Ukraine? I'll try and find a timetable
Google image search says Ksar Ouled Soltane, Tataouine, Tunisia.

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I am visitng South Lake Tahoe for snowboard in 3 weeks. As I am from Europe I have no idea how skipasses work there. My friend just got back from there saying that she had to pay 250$/day, that just sounds riddiculous! Whole process seems just way more complicated than in Europe.

Can anyone tell me how to do it efficiently?
Thanks for all your help!
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I live in nearby Reno, there is no doing it efficiently. Lift tickets are expensive here

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Annonas hi
Where should go to Russia
What place is there, the sights?
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Bumping thread.

I want to learn russian. Does anyone want to help me learn in exchange for help with english?
Russians is shite now theres no more communism
St P and Moscow are ok, but that's it. Lots of Russia is very dull, and hardly exciting stuff. If you're a Slav-boo I can recommend the Baltics and eastern Europe in general, but unless there's anything especially about Russia, I don't hugely endorse it.
t. been to russia twice

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for my final school project i need to have a survey with at least 1k answer so fill it up as more as u can !!!! (this is one time per flight and as much as u want per person)

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Some of your questions should allow for multiple responses but currently don't. This is going to massively mess-up your survey results.
the pb is that there is no way to use those informations with our hand made program if they are multiple responses ^^'


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Hi /trv/, I'm planning a trip to Paris and checked the major websites for tickets.

Does it really cost over $1000 dollars to go to Europe? Are there any cheaper alternatives?
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Best bet is, not to fly in to Paris, but actually fly in somewhere cheaper, maybe Portugal, Spain, Italy? Then take a train to Paris.
This completely. Fly into northern Spain or Portugal and then train it in. If you book in advance, the train can cost you next to nothing.

Could I take my motorcycle with me abroad?
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Nope. Never been done. Absolutely impossible.
Sure you can. You'd have to buy an extra seat for it, though. 2 if it's a big one. Absolutely no way they're going to put it in the cargo hold.
Yes, but only 125 cc or smaller.

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Going to be going soon, and am supremely unaware of the area
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Go to Malibu.
Go to the giant Mexican in Malibu.
Get the fish taco.
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Check out the courthouse, the mission, the botanic garden, the museum of natural history if you want. Check out some hiking trails if you're into it. Walk along the beach and the pier. Rent one of those bikes with four wheels and multiple seats and ride along the beach. Walk along state street and shop/ eat at restaurants. Eat at La Super Rica.

Basically just explore and walk around. Enjoy the beach and the mountains and the landmarks. Wine tasting exists but I don't know anything about it. Check out Freebirds if you're in Goleta.

You're welcome.
>Santa Barbara

I think you know what to do, Supreme Gentleman.

Hello I'm new to /trv/ I'm looking to go in spring break with my girl. Where should I go for 1000USD. Currently in Michigan
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Eastern Tennessee. Epic mountain scenery, plus tons of touristy stuff to do (Dollywood has grown in recent years and has several huge roller coasters now), and it's cheaper than other vacation destinations, so you'll live like kings.
To fully experience the unique atmosphere of Michigan City go for a walk through the city streets. After admiring the monuments and major historic sites, visit the famous museums of the city, and in the evening be sure to dine in one of the best restaurants.
Explore the city even closer professional guides will help you. They are happy to show you all the fun on an individual or group tours in Michigan City.
Do you want to visit not only the Michigan City and other US cities? Discover the fascinating tours of local guides and use the opportunity to make an unforgettable trip.

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Hey fellow travelers,

I'm going to Japan again for 12 days. From there, I'm in a situation - I want to go to either Austria or Switzerland for 10 days. From all the reviews and recommendations I have read, they are basically on par with each other - Switzerland being more expensive but beautiful, and Austria cheaper and friendlier to tourists.

Which nation would you recommend I try out (for a first time Europe visitor), and what do you recommend I do in said nation?
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Sorry - I should have mentioned that the dates I will go to one of the two will be 22 June 2016 until 02 July 2016.
Tbh they are both very interchangeable in many ways and since you don't need anything additional to visit both I suggest you pick the best parts overall.

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Hey guys, doing this trip in August, flying into LA and driving round. Planning on doing the usual touristy stuff (Hollywood, Universal Studios, gambling in Vegas, San Diego Zoo) but does anyone have any recommendations for anything that may be a bit less known?
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Personally, I'd skip San Diego & Palm Springs (although if you stick with Palm Springs you should visit Joshua Tree NP nearby). I'd use the extra time to go up to Lassen NP in northern California. If you go to Death Valley, be prepared for extreme, extreme heat -- carry plenty of water and make sure your car is in good shape.
>death valley and palm springs in august.

yosemite's gonna be hot as fuck, too, but not absolute death like those two. if you're planning on camping in yosemite expect to get your reservations in 6 months early, or be prepared to camp 40-60 minutes outside the park.
San Diego is comfy as fuck though. It's a good contrast to the dirty LA and the sleazy Vegas.

Check out Hearst Castle, Solvang, and Big Sur OP. Central coast is probably the most underrated part of California.

Is it possible to travel from Interlaken to Zermatt by car?

Google Maps is confusing me with that darn dashed line. What does it mean?
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Perhaps a car shuttle train?
You can't actually. Zermatt is a car free village. So basically you have to drive to Täsch and then take a shuttle that is 12min long, and there is one every 20 minutes. You can also take a cab from there. You won't be able to drive to Zermatt but that is not a problem

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>sleeping soundly in bed in small dorm
>two Chinese guys come in
>wu Ching Ching chinga long chong dong Wong shu sho
>turn on all the lights
>start crinkling plastic bags and taking out shit they bought at the market
>cracking peanuts
>one of them just went into the shower

Now I remember why I fucking hate staying in dorms. Pic not related
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Oh, now the other one went in. Despite the fact there is literally the same fucking shower in the hallway.

I fucking hate Asians, I'm never coming back to this shithole again. Fucking disrespectful bastards, I've been to so many third world countries and never been this consistently annoyed by a demographic
You could tell them to shut up if they bother you that much. Or invest in ear plugs.

That shit doesn't bother me too much actually. I realize it's bound to happen and I specifically go to hostels that look like they're not part oriented plus never go for dorm rooms bigger than 8 beds but usually try to stay in ones with 6 beds or fewer.

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Has any1 of you ever been to Latvia or is from Latvia? Thinking about going backpacking there, but don't really know what to excpect.

I speak neither latvian or russian, all the languages im fluent in will not help me there.
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Do you plan to go in winter?
I've been in Latvia for 10 days, Riga is very intersting, be sure to visit the outskirts to see not only the touristy parts. In clubs and bars most staff will speak English, young people will know English, although in Jurmala or Tukums I was lucky to know even a little bit of Russian to communicate. Especially scenic are the castles around Sigulda and Turaida, if you like to hike.

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