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Post the most beautiful places you have ever been.

Pic related, It's the Palawan Islands in the Philippines.
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New Zealan'd Fjordland in the winter.
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So me and a friend are going to Thailand in February.

Do you guys have any experience over there?

Any advice you could give me?
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sometimes the girls aren't girls.

Sup guys,

My friends mom died so I had to fly to Toronto to make the funeral. She needs a distraction so I was thinking of kidnapping her for a couple of days (with or without a bunch of friends).

Any ideas? I was originally thinking that collingwood spa thing but I'm definitely open to ideas. It would be so much easier if it were the summer time.
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take her to a leafs game and show her what real greif and despair looks like
Her mom just died OP, kidnapping her won't make her feel any better.
Lmao well played (your joke, not a leafs game)

She's doing alright. More suffocated by family, more than anything else

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I'm considering a move to Colorado. Where's the ghetto? I need cheap rent and a drug problem.
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Most patches of grass in downtown Denver have homeless white people sleeping on cardboard. Finding a flophouse shouldn't be that difficult, but since nearly all of the homeless are white you're going to need to like opiates and/or meth. If you want cheap tract housing you'll be looking up and down I-25 but if you want to get high by yourself under the stars then look near the Utah border. There's a 100+ mile stretch of I-70 with no gas stations where you can grow mushrooms and ingest research chemicals in survivalist peace.
Fuck off we're full.
shit, dude.. you should see WA.

I like this answer. I like this answer a lot.

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With a new year approaching, what are your travel plans and aspirations for 2016?


>Lithuania for 10 days in January
>Morocco for 7 days in April

Also 2 Weeks in Russia over summer hopefully if i can sort out a visa.
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>New York for easter week
>Prague to Istanbul by train for a few weeks in the summer

This is a /trv/ thread for discussing all things airline related,

Subjects may include, but are not limited to:

>Horror stories
>Glory stories
>seat space
>Airports/layovers in them
>airlines one should completely avoid
>Deals to be had, websites to use

My favorite sites for flights are Momondo and Skyscanner

Found a non-stop flight from Bangkok to Osaka for 300$ but its on AirAsia Airlines and they do not review well at all. Any /trv/ bros flew them before? Cheers!
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c'mon lads, threads been up for 24 hours. You're telling me not one of you has been on air asia?
I'll give you a Southern China Airlines story

>returning to Australia from Germany
>have a 24 hour stopover in Guangzhao in China
>no visa, so i'm stuck in the airport. I ask if they can't get me on an earlier flight
>they can get me on the red eye flight which leaves in 1.5 hours, but can't guarantee that they can find my luggage and load it onto the earlier flight
>they manage to sort out my luggage without any hassles
>manage to get onto the plane at final call, literally the last man on
>realise I forgot to ask for an exit row or extra leg room, i'm 6'6 so this is essential
>walk past the extra leg room row which is filled 5' asian grandmothers whose feet can barely touch the floor
>I squeeze between an Asian business man and a fat, probably autistic asian
>my knees are digging into the seat in front of me, my shoulders are above the head rest
>6 hours of uncomfortableness with captain autismo next to me having night terrors

really pissed of the woman in front of me when she couldn't relax her chair. didn't stop the bitch from trying though. Fucking Asians.

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New year's eve in Baltics. I'll be probably spending new years in Lithuania. Any suggestions? Basically anywhere in Baltics or nearby (Poland?) is OK. Non standard ideas are awaited. It'll be 3 mixed gender friends.
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P.s. Just some foto from phone in Lithuania.
Depends on where you come from and what you're expecting.

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Are there any travel vlogs that you guys get comfy and watch?
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ehm? bump?
Something similar, but with boats:
The whole show is a big joke but that can be fun as well

Also the booze traveller is quite funny even though it is quite superficial as well.

Maybe my taste in travel shows is a bit weird since I strongly prefer shallow travel shows but like to visit cultural and historical landmarks most and am not interested in partying that much.

A trip with the Dubai Metro, green line

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I was thinking of moving there for work. Does anyone know the present job market and the cost of living, I read that allmost everyone speaks english there. Is it enough?
Rent is high and continues to increase
The job situation depends on your profession, in which field do you work ?
There is still a lot of construcion work ongoing..

The overall situation depends on the price of oil which is realy low right now, so less money is made there. English is everywhere, some words of arabic will be helpfull

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In a couple days I will be traveling to Seville, Spain for a week.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on places to visit while there.

We will be staying within the city and are relying on walking/public transportation.

Any recommendations on restaurants, bars, points of interest or anything like that? I also heard that gypsies are a small problem, maybe any areas to avoid?

También, yo puedo hablar en español. Es no perfecto, pero, pienso que yo pueda comunicarse con los locales. Ojalá con pequeño problema.
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oh shit my friend lived there for 2 weeks, He said it was the most beautiful place ever. From my memory: Dont eat the fruits from trees that grow in the streets, Theyre just for looks. Weed is basicly legal there and very cheap and good. The nightclubs are OK. and nearby there should be a big bull fighting arena, one of the biggest.
Just enjoy your stay there. :)

Hey /trv/ I'm Chilean and I'm going to New York today (pretty long trip), I'm going to see the Ball Drop there. But the thing is that I have a little bit more than $500 bucks to spend in whatever I want. What would be a good idea to spend it in? Also, What places should I visit?
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>Empire state building
>Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller center
>Reflecting Pools at the World Trade center + the 9/11 museum is decent from what I hear
>Wall Street (various financial museums here but I just enjoy soaking up some of the architecture there)
>Transit Museum
>Bronx Zoo
>Central Park
>Walk/ bike across Brooklyn bridge
>Staten Island ferry
>Just spend some time walking around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, just be careful if you go past 95th st and into the Bronx and Harlem there are some pretty shit neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens like Jamaica, etc.
There is a shit ton more to do, I'm not a native New Yorker but those are a few of the things that come to mind.
It depends on what you're into. There are lots of museums,theaters, landmarks, etc.
Watch the ball drop in Times Square is crowded,noisy and uncomfortable. You can't go to the bathroom and can't bring bags. Go to a bar and watch on TV.

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Can anyone interpret these photographs published by a Malaysian public transport website?

They've really surpassed themselves in being dangerously uninformative this time.

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it this KLCC ?

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What do you guys do with your apartments while extended traveling? I feel like the only reason I don't travel for more than a month is that I have an apartment and lease. My roommates would not want me subletting and that sound like a pain in the ass anyway. I don't want to give up my apartment because I really like it though.
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One of the major aspects of long term travel is losing your attachments to places and possessions. I travel when my lease is up, after coming back I stay with the parents and find a new place to live in.

If you want to travel long term you better get used to giving up your apartment unless you're wealthy enough to pay for it and travel.
good point, but you can also go native though.

This is a good way to get to know European countries by living there for a couple of years and using it as a base for traveling around.

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Thinking about Erasmus exchange next year, what are aprox costs of living for a student and what should i expect
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also what is like to get a part time job?
The living costs for a student are estimated here:

Finding a part time job might be difficult, depending on what languages you speak... What are you studying?
I speak English and Italian, I'm studying economy thank you very much for your help !

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I'm trying to get all 50 states and I've got a free day so I thought I'd drive to Rhode Island for the day. It's about a four hour drive one way, is there anything worth seeing for about six hours? Or should I just wait and plan a New England trip later to see it wth Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine?
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You could spend a few of those hours visiting the mansions at Newport. See how the rich lived at the end of the 19th century/ beginning of the 20th century.
Unless you count an Amtrak ride, it's surprisingly hard to get to RI. The faster NYC-Boston routes bypass the state. Since it's so tiny, the only destinations are Providence, Newport and any waterfront community where you can attend a clambake/barbecue. I lived in NYC for 5 years and go to grad school in New England so I've managed to miss it for 9-10 year at this point; I even planned a dedicated trip but it was thwarted by the shittiness of US rail. New Hampshire and Maine were surprisingly cool so a non-Boston trip to New England is recommended but, presently, I don't feel like I've missed out on much for lack of RI.


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