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Anyone tried volunteering through these types of websites?

How was your experience?

Did you end up making some money on the side to help you continue travelling?
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Used helpx in Jordan and it was an awesome way to travel and live with locals. I had a free place to stay and free food for 2 weeks. Some hosts mention they will pay but these sites are typically exchange only. Look at references and don't work too hard in exchange for shit. Some hosts take advantage.

He's (>>1064821 ) right, I worked in a hostel once for a couple years and got shit in exchange; Bed & breakfast for 20h/week, I turned out to be a shitty breakfast of bread and butter and a bed with bed bugs for 3 nightshifts of 9 hours and one normal shift of 8 or 6.. can't remember now
however the experience was really nice, I'd recommend you
anyone else have ever tried ?

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Heading to Curacao in a few weeks, anyone have any information I should know before heading out?

I'm only there for four days so it's a quick trip, I'm also in my mid twenties.

thanks m8s
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It is small island and the people are friendly. Walked around and shopped with the wife and never felt threatened or nervous.

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I just booked some last minute flights to Helsinki. Anybody got any suggestions for stuff to do there? Don't have time to really research so would love the input of people who live there or have been before. I'm happy to do anything, stuff unique to Finland/Helsinki would be preferable. Is there anything cool to do whilst the snow is down?
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Winter sucks but there is stuff to do in cities. Go to Kallio for cheaper drinks and nightlife, have walks in southern neighboirhoods for beautiful architecture. Stay inside.

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The Owners of Chateau De Noisy have applied for it´s demolition, which it Shouldn´t!

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I know that´s the Chateau De Veves, but De Noisy should´t be Demolished!

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Hello! This post/thread is about american behaviour/cultural differences.

This is what I, as a german, noticed about americans while I was in the US:

-Americans are kind but very loud.
-Americans are very touchy feely.
-Americans don't get self harming humour (when you make jokes about yourself).
They always tried to cheer me up when I made these kind of jokes or sarcastic comments, it was weird but also kind of cute. Here most people would have joined by making a similliar joke about themselfs.
-Americans are more spontaneous.
Most Germans do not like surprises. Sudden changes in business transactions for example, even if they may improve the outcome, are unwelcome so this was really...weird for me sometimes when things suddenly were changed even though there were no need to.
-Americans talk about all kinds of stuff at work.
Work and personal lives are rigidly divided here so I was suprised when a colleague was talking about his weekend plans on the phone at work
-Americans still praise you for your work even if you failed or did not do the work as good as expected.
I can very well remember the following: "You did your best! You still did a good job."
-Americans make a big deal about everything.
-Flags everywhere.
-Why do you always have to mention your freedom?
I think this is very funny. Are you scared to lose it?
-"sociability" (Americans are more open and sociable with strangers than Germans).
Germans have rather high outer walls, but once you made it, you graduate quickly to friend status, and surprisingly often it’s friend for life.

Americans have low outer walls, making many acquaintances, but have a high second wall for true friendships.

Do some of you agree with this? What did you experience?
Does an american agree or disagree?
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We talk about our personal lives at work because Americans spend quite a lot of their time at work. We are the only developed country in the world that doesn't require paid vacation, it's up to the employer. Since we spend a lot of time at work we try to personalize it more by simply making it a more intricate part of your life, and if you don't you end up becoming very lonely and depressed. Your co-workers are normally your best friends for us outside our families.
How easy is it for an American to bang German chicks?
I see. Thats makes sense.
Thank you for responding!

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Hey guys, I'm going to Istanbul for the first time next month for 8 days. Any tips you recommend? How is it over there?
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bump for interest
>don't buy a simcard at the airport, buy it in the town
>there's a BUS service that takes you from the airport to taksim for about 11 lira
>get a istanbulkart and load it with some money to use the public transport valid for metro, buses, trams and boats
>restaurants around the taksim are mostly shit tier same is trough for Sultanahmet. tripadvisor is your friend.
>you can't buy alcohol in stores after 22:00
>if stores don't have price tags it's haggling

How practical is it to visit northern China and Mongolia on a trip to Southeast Asia? I'm in the rough stages of planning my destinations for a trip to Asia and I'm trying to figure out how practical this would be

>Budget $5000
>3 months from early May to early August

>Fly to Beijing from the USA
>Great Wall, Forbidden City, all the normal tourist stuff
>Trans-Siberian train up to Ulaanbaatar
>Spend a day in the city
>See the Gobi Desert, see the Steppes, go hiking somewhere
>Train back to Beijing
>Work my way south towards Thailand/Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam
>Might fly directly from Beijing, might stop somewhere along the way if it's worth visiting
>Spend the bulk of my time in SEA
>Head to Malaysia, Singapore
>Fly to USA from Singapore

Is it just too far away from SEA to go to China and there? I'm interested in pretty much everything - history, nature, beaches, foreign culture, food, nightlife, meeting other backpackers - so I want to go to where I can get the most diverse and interesting experience while I'm abroad.
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Try the catelog first: >>1060743

It's not really about China specifically or SEA specifically though, that's why I felt it would be out of place in either thread.

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I live in dreary, cold New hampshire and want Sunshine.. I checked out cabo and there are tons of options.

I think I could live with a cheaper in town hotel IF there are beaches or open coastline where I can go and hang out that aren't private property owned by resorts..

Anybody familiar enough to say if this is easily found? I just want to flop out on a sunny beach till I've had my fill, do some swimming maybe snorkel and come back to the misery a little refreshed.

This place has adequate reviews and cheapish rates. With RT airfare I could do a week for around $1,500 all in
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oops forgot the link

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Most beaches in cabo are not swim able

Keep this is mind when you book a place
consider La Paz as well, not to short of a drive from Cabo.

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I am looking to go to USA for a 5-6 week holiday around March/April.
I have always wanted to go to New Orleans because from what I've been told it used to be an awesome place to go drinking and party. I've been told that you could hire a marching band to follow you around as you drank down Bourbon street.

The only problem is it's out of the way from most of the other places I want to go.

I just want to know if it's still a worthwhile destination if you want to experience the nightlife, or whether it is still recovering from Katrina. Google isn't really helping me, it just links to news stories
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New Orleans will be recovering from Katrina forever, it's ingrained in there culture now.

But the stuff you'll want to see/do as a visitor has recovered fully.
New Orleans has some interesting history, but I would only spend 3-4 days there at most. If you can rent a car and go upriver some, there are cool historic plantations you can tour. Otherwise, spend a night on Bourbon St, tour St Louis Cemetery #1, take a river boat ride, hear some excellent music both on the street and in the bars, and eat all the good food. People are pleasant for the most part, and extremely proud of their dirty little city.
It's absolutely worth it to go. Katrina irreversibly changed the city and some parts are still recovering, but I love New Orleans.

Go to the WWII museum if that interests you at all. You can spend an entire day in there easily if you're into history. At night, Bourbon street is fun to do for exactly one day. Any more than that and you've seen it all. I'd recommend a night or two out on Frenchman street as well. Probably 3-ish days and nights and you've spent plenty in New Orleans.

Where else are you planning to go in the US? I'm pretty well-traveled within the US and could give some other recommendations

Dubai Gold Souq

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>Want to buy a watch? Rolex, Omega?

Every. Fucking. Step. Nearly a hundred Indians asked me that question in the 20 minutes I was there.
Yes, that is fu**ing stupid and make a sense of un-security...
I did like that most of them asked, right up front, "Want to buy a fake Rolex?"

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Ok /trv/ help me out. Here's the story first. A couple years ago I met a German girl who was visiting some friends here in America. She speaks very good english and we stayed in touch. She came back again this summer. She's invited me to visit her in Germany a couple of times and I accepted, so I'll be going this summer. I'll be staying at her apartment so no cost there. She's even offered to book the flight in Germany to save money. I don't know why it would be cheaper than me booking it here in the states but sure. She has planned things to do and see in her city and also in other parts of Germany. Some lake in the mountains, hiking, castles and whatnot. So I'm all set in that area.
Here's where I need your help. She's offered me one other country to visit.
The options are:
Czech Republic

Not sure why Sweden since the other countries border Germany and Sweden seems out of the way.
Which of these country's would be the best to visit? I love nature and all of those seem to be wonderful places to visit. This may seem like a simple decision for some of you but I've never been to Europe so I'm having a hard time making up my mind. Austria and Switzerland have the alps, I've heard Prague is a beautiful city and Sweden has been on my list of countries I've wanted to see. Help me decide or at least narrow the list, /trv/.
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Where in Germany are you gonna stay /visit?
Personally always thought Sweden to be rather boring if you're not into nature vacation, e.g. camping etc.
Czech Republic is very cheap compares to the others and has one or two more things to offer than just Prague.
Austria and Switzerland are extremely beautiful with the backdrop of the Alps. Between the two I'd suggest Austria as it's cheaper (Switzerland is eytremely expensive), you don't have to exchange money (both Germany and Austria have Euro), and cities such as Salzburg and Vienna are incredible. Especially Vienna has a lot to offer.

Apart from that one more tip: travel within Europe are incredibly cheap, so consider going even further. There's flights from Berlin to London for 10€ and the flight only takes 1 1/2h so you can easily go on a daytrip. Recently saw flights from Dortmund to Romania for 8€ if you wanna go a bit off-beat.
For 20€ you can go to Spain, Portgual, Italy, you name it.
OP something sounds off about all of this.
>ask multiple times to visit
>hey come stay at my place
>oh and I'll even book your flight

Please be careful this. It sounds shady.

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Hi /trv/
I live in Antwerp (although I'm not from here, or from Europe) and I have from monday night to sunday free.
I'm desperate for a little of peace of mind and to get away from a few things for a while, but i'm drawing a blank as to where to go in that time.
Can you give me suggestions of calm, relaxed places to visit? I can spend 200eur in transport, I'd rather pick a train or a bus than a plane. The places doesn't need to be desolate, but no metropolis like Paris, Amsterdan or London. It can be more than one place, like a few small towns that I can move around or great landscape for some sightseeing.
Please /trv/, I know requests like that are annoying, but I can assure I really tried to find a place by myself but I just can't...
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Just get a B&B with proximity to the ocean (or a lake). Walk on the beach or along the shore dawn and sunset. You'll be rejuvenated in no time. Our brains really need to look at water, part of some survival instinct to stay hydrated, rofl, or something. Park a camping folding chair right there and open a book, immerse, ignore your technology for the weekend.
That's a good idea. Any suggestions?

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What do the locals do in Amsterdam? I'm going to be there for a week, and it will be my second time visiting there. I just want to do a bunch of non-touristy stuff. Any good recommendations on brothels that are not in the RLD?
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>What do the locals do in Amsterdam?

They move out of Amsterdam. The city may as well be called "Islamsterdam" at this point.
People from Amsterdam go out and see the rest of the country, so should you
>I just want to do a bunch of non-touristy stuff.

Go to a supermarket, buy instant noodles and browse 4chan all day.

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What are some good places to shoot some guns? At first i was thinking 'murica cause you guys apparently shoot each other all day. But when i look up places like http://www.battlefieldvegas.com/ that shit is all expensive as fuck. As long as its reasonably safe and i can just shoot some shit without any license etc. im fine. Any good reviews? Doesnt really matter where in the world.
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How is $159.99 for a 100 rounds (4 weapons) expensive? Plus the terrain and vehicle pick up/drop off service they provide. It's a decent deal.
Huh didnt read that last part, i just always thought bullets were much cheaper?

Hi /trv/, I'm going to be moving to Hamburg Germany soon, and staying for 4 years to complete my BA.

I need tips and advice on how to go about getting a job, any medical advice (especially related to adult ADD/ADHD and how that's handled there, since the info regarding that is surprisingly sparse) along with anything else that might be important (like: areas to avoid)
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what will you be completing your BA in and where did you start?

how did it come about that you'll be finishing it in Hamburg?
I have no uni, just a high school degree.

I've chosen Hamburg for many reasons, one being the Liberal Arts degree that's entirely in English (as well as the cost of the tuition. Very cheap compared to here), and two, due to wanting to leave my country, home, and gain a new perspective.

Basically I'm not in a good situation here and I need to leave.

I am open to suggestions though, if there are other uni's in Germany that have English classes. I do know some German, but not enough to take classes in it.
So you got accepted by the university and have your student visa approved by the german embassy?

Else this thread make no sense.

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