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Me and my friend planning to go to Sweden this summer.Also we want to go to Iceland.Thinking about getting a boat from Norway or somewhere else.My question is how long that boat will take and how much it costs.Also we are open for other suggestions about scandinavia must-see places.
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>Me and my friend planning to go to Sweden this summer.Also we want to go to Iceland.Thinking about getting a boat from Norway or somewhere else.My question is how long that boat will take and how much it costs.Also we are open for other suggestions about scandinavia must-see places.

Why not check icelandair website on the way over the pond and use them for the layover. Their flights are priced lower than other airlines in order to entice you to visit.

As far as boats go, I think the ferry service is from Denmark and UK (mostly concerned about serving the Faroes so you can see both as a benefit).

Not sure this is your most economical way to travel because people moving their cars are willing to pay a premium, but should be simply fun. I'm just saying to check airfares too.

Hongkongfag here. I went to an international school and I am pretty sure all locals here know about the existence of international schools. I get the impression that most Americans don't know what international schools are though. A while ago, I did some part-time work at an American company. My American coworkers said that my English is good and asked me how I learned to talk with an American accent. I told them I went to an international school yet they didn't seem to know what international schools are. I also mentioned international schools on other boards of 4chan yet the users seemed a bit clueless.
Are international schools well-known in America or is it just here in Hong Kong?
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No they aren't. Even foreigners that live in the USA just go to the regular schools. The only ones who would be aware are those that have lived abroad. IME, International Schools pretty much mean "Western education in a non-Western country" and all typically follow US/Can/UK/Aus curriculum. So no need for an international school here.
There are some around. Google and see.
"International schools" are just really good private schools. Every private and expensive school will give you the same education.

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I'm taking a trip this summer with my friend, and this is the path we've decided to take, and will take and add to the list as we see fit. We're big hikers and fishers, so we've got some of the big spots on the list.

So, a few questions to any residents/frequent visitors of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico
>Any good local dives/restaurants to check out?
>Any good ghost towns in northern New Mexico/Arizona?
>Any general suggestions of things to check out/do?
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Bump because come on guys
What site is that you're using?

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Hi, I'm planningto make a trip (2 or 3 weeks) to South Korea (I'm from Europe).

What's the best period of the year? Besides visiting Seoul what can one do there (DMZ etc.)? Are 2 weeks enough or should I stay for 3 weeks?

How about hotels/money etc? Other suggestions? I am a bit of a lazy person so I plan to visit some places, but nothing too "active"...

Also SK-general thread I guess
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I do want to know this too
Maybe people don't like south korea

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I want to travel the world but I only got $300. How can I do this?
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Maybe try backpacking or going with a friend.
Get a job on a ship. One with loose cargo, so it takes a while to unload will give you more time in port. My friend who actually had skills they needed got one week to travel in country for every three weeks of work.
Suck a lot of dicks for $5.

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I want to teach English/find work in a bar or something in France. Which cities should I consider moving to? I'm currently in Paris, but I'm seriously thinking about moving elsewhere for a variety of reasons. One of which is that there's already too much English being spoken here. Things that are important to me: literature, cinema, walking/hiking, good food, mountainous/hilly geography, maybe close to the sea? Someplace cheaper would be better too. I'm an educated white EU citizen, in case that matters.
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Yeah, I'm going to pass on Marseille, thanks. Really didn't care for it when I was visiting. Probably one of the few cities in Europe where I generally felt unsafe walking around at night. Didn't really seem like there was much to do there either, even though it's the second largest city in the country.
3h from the sea
Surrounded by moutains

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Taking my wife and two young children to Quebec City in late February. What do I have to do and see while I'm there (besides freeze my ass off)? Any great food that isn't hideously expensive?
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Why would anyone travel to Quebec in the middle of fucking winter? It's going to be terrible.
He obviously hates his family and wants them to suffer.
Going for work, and my wife has always wanted to go. We're not really bothered by cold.

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I'm planning an Eastcoast trip this summer but i only have a few days. I'm visiting NYC first but not sure if I should go to Boston or Phily/D.C. Any thoughts?
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>but i only have a few days.

Spend a day or two in NYC, a day or two in the Lehigh Valley and a day or two in Philly.

NYC has countless things to do at any time.
The Lehigh Valley has amazing and cheap shopping (And Dorney Park if you like theme parks) and Philly has all sorts of stuff to do as well.

This way, you won't be killing your whole trip traveling. It's only about 1 or 2 hours from any of those places to the other
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forgot pic
I'm stuck in NYC for a music festival, I'm planning on doing some site seeing during the day. So you don't recommend Boston?

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So I'm going on holiday to Amsterdam for my 21st in may. I've never been out of my country on a holiday so I'm a bit confused

If anyone has been reticently could give me a idea of what kind of prices things are beer food the likes

I'm there for five days hotel and travel is payed for i just need spending money
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Dutch here. Beer is somewhere between 2 and 5 euros depending on venue. With classic backwater café going as low as 1,50.
Food?, if u cook it yourself u can have meat and veggies for less then 5. Restaurants will cozt 10-20 for a disappointing meal. Dutch people only eat out occasionally instead of several times a week /day like for example Asians and South Americans. This makes the prices quite high even for Dutch that earn quite good
Where do you live anon? Food is cheap if you buy in the supermarket.
awesome thanks should help me work out what I need wont be cooking so that will be the only expensive part i for see

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Hey guys my question is only partly related to traveling but I guess I'll shoot away anyways.

Feel free to ignore and/or call me a homosexual.

To keep it brief if all goes according to plan I will start studying in the US this fall.
I'd get an I-20 document and through that F-1 or J-1 Visa.

Now my question is the following: I was thinking about staying at my girlfriends place in the US for a few weeks/months prior to university and maybe to some light traveling through the US too.
Would I be able to figure the student-visa stuff out while being in the US (on some tourist visa?) or do I need to get that stuff in order while physically being in Germany?

Picture not awfully related, spent time in the US before for pokemon tournaments.
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You need to get your student visa in line while physically in Germany. It requires an interview at an embassy or consulate, neither of which we have stateside. Before you even apply for it you have to have been accepted to your school of choice. But you could visit your girlfriend and some schools on the Visa Waiver Program, go back, and apply for the visa, obviously.
Oh, and also,
You Sir, are a Gentleman and a scholar.
I deeply want to thank you for your input and hope that you have a nice day.

Do you know by any chance the length of the process to get a visa after you've received your I-20?
Also how soon - before the start of the semester would I be able to enter the us on the students visa?

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I lived in France when I was a kid. I learnt the language but sadly forgot it as I got older and moved back to Sweden. Tired of High School I became an Exchange Student in USA, where I'm currently residing. I'm 18 years old and will graduate from my swedish High School when I'm 20. This information might provide you with nothing. My question is (this type of question is probably very frequent, so I'm specifying it): is pic related any good? This is of corse after I've graduated. Have you tried it? In the sense of a gap year, are there better alternatives, for free living and learning the language? I wanna go to France and learn the language again. Forgive my incoherent rambling. Is it hard to be accepted to the program?
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not OP, but bumping for WWOOF-ing experience / stories
not op but bumping for the other posters
Meet a guy in Japan doing it... For about a month. It's basically like slave labor for farmers or getting an "internship" where they have you doing menial work for the companies benefit only under the guise that you are learning or getting experience or "traveling to an exciting place to meet real locals"

It's cheaper and more fun to backpack and stay in hostels and couch surf.
If you want to learn farming. You need to know someone where you want to go. Network your ass off once you get there. Not through wwoof.

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Hey /trv/, me and some friends are planning a road trip trough europe. Are there some places you recommend in eastern europe?
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actually, no. unless you want to fight with ukraina against russia. or with any other country, against russia. have you already visited the "good" parts of europe? like italy, spain and france for example?? only place in eat europe you could visit, if you saw the western part already, is croatia and of course greece.
This isn't really EASTERN Europe, but Slovenia is a really good option OP. Very small country but really diverse. The area by the ocean resembles other Agean cities but with a distinct Austro-Italian feel. The Alpine regions are absolutely gorgeous with snow capped mountains of Mt. Triglav. Lake Bled is a world famous summer retreat for many Europeans, and has a really cool castle on an Island in the center. The Karstic region has the most sophisticated network of caverns in the world, so you coild walk for kilometers on end and aee subterranean waterfalls and all sorts of shit. Ljubljana the capital, is very pretty, modern and unique, worth the stop. All of the country can be traversed in a few hours, and the country itself is a crossroads between central Europe and Eastern/Balkan Europe. Go there for s bit.
shit m8, there are about 8 threads on the first 5 pages on the wild east. I suggest reading them first and coming back with some more specific questions.

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Hi /trv/,
I used to love Skycanner for it's innovative map feature. Especially the the function where you could set your destination and then see from where it was the cheapest to go there.
Just as an example, I'm from Europe and wanna go to let's say Singapore.
I'd put Singapore into the map and then see from where in Europe it was the cheapest to fly to. Then I'd sepereately book a 5€ or so bus ticket to there and connect to Singapore for super cheap.

The feature seems gone. I can't find it on the app and the map feature on the website seems heavily simplified and can not be used this way anymore. Now I'm looking for an alternative that let's me search this way. Anyone got a clue?
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Bump for interest
Try google flights, they have that feature now. You select a starting airport or city and it gives you the prices to all the connections.

How trustworthy is it to get a tour/travel package from Groupon?
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Don't get a tour. Get a flight to/from Tokyo, reserve hostels, get a rail pass. You'll have a much more interesting experience.
At those prices, it must be the most budget airline available. Room's might be cheap but you knew that going in.

More likely, meals are not included and you'll be paying a lot of extra fees and things where there's no reasonable alternative.

Expect them to make it up in the margins.

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Travelling through SE Asia from Australia, leaving March and coming back September, I have a rough idea of what I wanna do, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips of cities or things to visit along the way aside from the obvious.

Rough itinerary:

Bali > Java > Singapore > Malaysia > Thailand > Laos > Cambodia > Vietnam > Hong Kong > Taiwan > Home
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Also considering buying a motorbike from Malaysia and trekking through most of it that way.
I haven't been yet but my research on the region has me thinking of doing the same route in a few years. Except I would also go to Myanmar.

Regarding a bike, read up on other peoples experiences. It might be hard getting it across some borders. While it would be awesome to do that there are some negative sides like for example meeting and traveling with people. Most of them will be backpackers and will not want to team up with someone on a motorbike.

As a useful suggestion, read up on weather patterns. It's possible to go to Indonesia during the dry season and then up north during their dry season. Indonesia and anything north of Malaysia has their wet seasons at different times of the year.

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