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Straddling the line between /trv/ and actually moving there, but I got offered a job in Montgomery, Alabama. I'm a major city kid who has traveled a lot and moved around often, so I'm both extremely curious and interested in the opportunity but it's also a place I never really thought I would visit. The job itself isn't long term, maybe a couple of years so I wouldn't be moving there to make a full life.

Would it be worth it? What is even in Montgomery? All my google searches tell me its a shit town and I should move to Auburn instead, but then I keep reading about the 'revival' of Montgomery, so I'm assuming its being gentrified or something?
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I wouldn't believe anything about revival. I'm not sure how old you are or what you look for in a city, and there is a chance Montgomery might have a little spot for you, but it's probably the most stereotypically southern city in Alabama so if you aren't up for that you are going to hate life. Auburn is close enough to offer some night life and dating, it might even be possible to live there with a long commute.

The people there are really really friendly though.

I'm from AL btw so if you have any more questions just ask me.
Major civil rights city. Dexter Avenue church. Rosa Parks. Probably some Civil war stuff.
Sorry for the late reply. I'm in my mid-20s and am largely a homebody. I enjoy comfy shit like cosy restaurants and coffee shops, prefer to buy from local shops and farms if possible, I'm pretty 'hipster' I guess desu.

The area I kept seeing was great to move to if I moved to Montgomery was Old Cloverdale? I guess since it's near the university its a bit more lively/youth oriented. I have a car so I don't mind a commute but I don't think I could do like, a lone farmhouse or a super small town outside of the city.

It's actually a civil rights job, lel.

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Let's see em.
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Me and my wife
File: img1478190227540.jpg (398KB, 686x994px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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was still a cadet hence lack of facial hair.
NSA pls go

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anyone have travel advice for spain
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Beautiful country to Visit!
Watch out for falling donkeys.
Be more specific..Spain is a diverse country.

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Where was your best virtual travel experience?

For me, it would be exploring the island of Vvardenfell for the first time
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Is this a video game thread
Known Space. Wanna rishathra with some Ringworld hominids.

fuck off

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So I´m going to Victoria on summer and I´m staying there for a month.
Any advice on what things should I visit and do while I´m there?
Also, looking for talking to someone from there just for fun :)
So if you are interested: guillex411 -skype
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are you going to be 19 before you go? not much all ages nightlife, maybe get a fake id while you're still in mexico

this has some good info
Forgot about that hahaha
18 is considered an adult in Mexico
In canada is 19/21...?
Anyways thanks for the link (:

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Oi cuckfags, why is it almost impossible to plan train trips inside the EU? God damn fag shit, the websites aint fucking working at all, we are here and we want our damned fucking train tickets and its just shite.

Please send help. :3
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Just pick one of the countries you want to travel in and follow the instructions

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Does any of you have experience in this part of the world? I am going there for 2 months and am planning to stay with locals. Any tips?
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Smells like an Ebola and AIDS kind of trip
I'm going to Senegal next month; very excited. Not going to Gambia because of the cost of the visa. No offense to Gambians, but no fucking way am I paying >$100 for the privilege of seeing a river and a beach.
How are you arranging staying with locals? Are you going with some sort of program?
I'll be camping most of the time; does anyone have wild camping tips for senegal?
First month I am going to teach in a local school, I home that in this period I will be able to get propper intel where to stay and all the other stuff. I heard that people are friendly and are willing to take you in for the night, but you have to give them something (I stumbled on t shirts for a few times)

For the next month I am also planning on camping. I hope that my experience from 3 weeks in the army before studying law pay off.

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Hello guys,

I'm visiting Austria for March, I will stay for about 9 days there, 1 day I will spend in Vienna, rest of the time I want to head to the federal capitals of Austria.

Planing to see some waterfalls and lakes too, since I want to record everything and do a video about the trip.

Traveling by car and hope to get some accommodations by couchsurfing to save money.

Any tips, guides or advices, which cities and spots are a must to visit or to avoid?
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Slovene here. Neighbour of Austria. From my experience Eagle's nest is a thing to see. If you just take a drive on the mountain roads you will not regret it. If you have a car Fakker See is nice. I wouldn't spend too much time in vienna. From my point of view you can see everytnihg in a day ot twoo.
Austrian here. The Krimmler waterfalls in western Salzburg are nice (pic related). There are no places to avoid, you're safe everywhere. But 9 days for all 9 cities plus lakes and waterfalls will not be enough.
OP here again.



Open continuously from
Mid-April to late October. " is written down on the homepage. So I cant visit the waterfalls on March cause it's closed, or does it mean, that there is no duty for tourist things like shops/restaurants and similar?

>are no places to avoid, you're safe everywhere.

I was meant in a context more like boring or expensive.

Thanks Buddy, looks nice!

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So there's that thread asking how and why solo travellers travel alone, but I'm more interested as to how people find other people to travel with them.

Do people have friends who'd be willing to go backpacking with them? Because I certainly don't; I guess most people are too scared to leave their comfort zone.
How do you do it /trv/?

Also, doesn't it get annoying? The only time I've travelled with someone else we ended up arguing about pretty much everything.
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I always liked traveling with my buddies. Some times its nice to have someone around to talk to. Also, when hiking/camping, it's nice to have someone to share the load with.

Haven't done much since my early twenties, but basically I used to travel with my best friends that I grew up with. Guess maybe I just got lucky enough to have one friend that loved to backpack and camp, one that preferred more conventional travel, and one that was a giant pussy, but I could still convince to go new places.

It never got annoying for me, but that's probably because I was traveling with dudes I had known for 10+ years of my life. We knew how to deal with each other, when to give each other space, when to shut up, etc. I find it strange that people don't understand that traveling with someone doesn't mean you have to be with them 24 hours a day.
I hate it. I'm supposed to go to Europe next week with my friend who decided to tag along once he heard that I was going and now I have to act as a tour guide.

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I'm headed to the Philippines from the US.

Do I need to show a proof of a return flight ticket out of the country when I land? Or do they just stamp your passport and let you in?
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I just got back in Jan. I am not hundred per cent sure it always go like this, but I had to buy a return ticket to get there. I couldn't purchase one way from United and was told it was required.
Leaf here, they asked for my ticket out of the country.
Yes, you currently need to have proof of a return flight.

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Hey /trv/,

I got a job offer in Omaha and have a week to decide whether or not I want to take it. I'll be relocating as a masters graduate from LSU. I've never been to Omaha, let alone Nebraska. Is it worth it?
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Omaha is pretty much like every middle American city. Not awesome, but not terrible. Fun can be had if you know where to look.

Nice art museum, too.
Omahafag here. I would say nope.

It's not a bad place, the city is clean, affordable, and safe. 4 seasons. But those of us with ambitions beyond drinking for 5 years followed by having children and raising them for the next 20 try to get out.

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Work and travel thread.
share your thoughts and experiences with us.
Where did you go?
How was it?
Would you recommend it?
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been to NZ on a work and travel visa for about 9 months. It was my first time doing this. I think it's only worth to work if you stay for a very long time and can't save up enough to live on savings. If you are from a first world country like me(Germany) you would often make more money at home, so your time is spent more efficiently.
But it can be an interesting experience to work abroad.

Pic is NZ, which I can only recommend
I'm from germany as well and want to go to australia for a year or two after my abitur in a year.
Why did you only stay for 9 months?
Also i won't work to earn money to spend it at home but to be able to keep traveling. I will work until i'm 85 (Riester rente), might as well work for n appel und n ei in order to have the time of my life

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Who is making the trip to the line of totality on August 21st?

I've been reading about weather prospects and the western states have the best chance of clear skies, there's a festival in Madras, Oregon. But personally I'm going with Missouri, there is a nig viewing event in St Josephs, MO and one at the football stadium at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Bit worried though because I'm flying in from the UK and don't drive so I'm kind of screwed if the weather is unfavourable.

Going to take a greyhound/amtrak trip around the midwest for a couple of weeks afterwards, I am aiming to have all 50 states visited by 2020 (I am on 31 currently)
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>Going to take a greyhound/amtrak trip around the midwest for a couple of weeks afterwards
If you can, get a rental car and drive through the sand hills in Nebraska. There's an official scenic route and everything, from Grand Island to Alliance. It'll spit you out in southwest South Dakota, and from there, you can see the Black Hills and maybe go to Mt. Rushmore, if you'd like. Heading back east is the Badlands National Park, not far from Rapid City.

What states haven't you been to? Are you interested in seeing nature, historical sites, cities, or checking out rural America? I can give you more recommendations from there.

t. Midwesterner who's traveled my home region fairly extensively.

P.S. St. Jo kinda sucks, so don't get your expectations too high. It's got a weird ass boot store, though.
File: 31states.jpg (100KB, 612x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 612x386px

I've been to Badlands and Rushmore. Badlands was gorgeous, watched the sunrise there in total solitude.

>What states haven't you been to? Are you interested in seeing nature, historical sites, cities, or checking out rural America?

Attached my map. This is a bit of a non-answer but I really like a bit of everything. Zion NP was probably my favourite national park, I loved Glacier NP, Yosemite and Yellowstone go without saying, but I had fun in small towns like Bozeman, MT, and Telluride, CO was very comfy. I liked San Fran, Austin, Key West, Chicago, New Orleans etc. LA was the only major city I wouldn't bother visiting again.

I'll probably do the 6 central states on this trip, and possibly fly home from detroit. I'll do Boston and the new england states next year, The rest I don't know but I'll save Hawaii for last.

>P.S. St. Jo kinda sucks,

Well I'm not that worried about that, I'm there for the eclipse primarily so as I'm fine as long I have a place to sleep eat and shit. I will be in either Columbia, St Jo or Jefferson City, or if the weather looks bad I'll have a contingency to head to the south of St Louis or north of Kansas City. I will be frothing with rage if Missouri is overcast when I could have gone to Idaho or Oregon, but at least there's another one in 2024.....

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Pedernales Falls.jpg
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Driving from Houston to the festivities. Taking I-10.
Any tips on what too see on the road there? We're big into parks, sights, and beer.
Also, what signature spots to see in NOLA?
We've been to the parades before but felt we missed out on what the city had to offer. A quick rundown of the city/any cool places you like would be appreciated.
If you're a local with good taste in beer, I could show up with Illinois, Wisconsin, and Houston beers to share with your favorite crafts. Looking into stopping at Arnaudville for a few cervesas.

Thanks travel anons.
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There's a restaurant south of St. Charles called Atchafalaya. It's fucking bomb. They have killer cocktails and food. I got a duck fat Sazerac when I was there, and shrimp & grits.
Buy a bottle of Tolousie Red absinthe, they make it there in NOLA
If you see people who are pulled over and looking into the water, they might be crabbing. You can just tie little bits of chicken to a string, and when the crabs grab it you pull them out. Boil and eat. Or just throw em back. Crabbing is fun.

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I'm taking a flight that's transferring in China, then going to the final destination (Thailand).

Will I have to go through China's shitty immigration and get my passport stamped/fingerprints scanned while there? Or do I just transfer immediately?
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Depends. If you're planning to ask what it depends on, then answer is "on God knows what". Sometimes I had my luggage go all the way through to the final destination, sometimes I had to spend four hours in immigration queues. Even on return flights. Welcome to China, the land of the bureaucratic unknown.
you need to pass through immigration and get your passport stamped, yes. and then you will need to go through a security checkpoint again.

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