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Hey everyone I'm looking for Vegas tips for spring break. What are some of the places I need to go to, and where should I stay. I'm going with a group of 5 friends for a few days and need help finding some of the best stuff to do around there. I'm trying to keep the hotel on the cheaper side but I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks so much any info helps!
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who the fuck goes to Vegas for spring break ?
You sound kind of naive and innocent, so Im gonna make it clear. Try to get a hotel as close as you can to the strip. Why? Because, this is Vegas, and let's be real here, you go there for one reason only. "good" girls turn into total sluts in Vegas.

With that being said, if you are in decent shape, head on over to Wet Republic, its pretty much the mecca for hot girls. Even though competition is fierce, if you can shrug off the intimidation from other dudes (there are some seriously buff, roided out good looking guys that will be there) you can get ass.

Rehab, Encore and XS Night Swim are also great pool places as well to meet sluts.

Night Clubs include OMNIA, XS, and Intrigue. There are also local meetups and such organized online.

Vegas is a great place to quickly Red Pill guys on the nature of women. 95% of women that head to Vegas, even when in a relationship will get fucked by the myriad of men there. These are all girls, girls from your neighborhood you go, you work with, they will go and blow their whole month's paycheck on a few nights of wild sex. Girls will go bonkers there, I've seen it, they will lust after the best Alpha male they can find. It takes them at most 24 hours before the atmosphere takes over.
Are you serious? Vegas is maybe second only to Florida for SB. Don't post on this board if you have no clue what you're talking about.

2 things OP - you should book SOON as the rates will not get any lower, that time period is slammed for hotels. If you're going in a group look at getting a suite. They are expensive but if you break it up 5 ways it can be less than $200/night and you can get some baller suites in the that range. Look at mid-strip props like Ballys, Paris, PH, they all have some great suites and you're right in the middle of the action there. All have decent pools. You can eat at cheaper places like Hash House a Go Go (Linq) and gamble at O'Sheas to keep costs down. If you're doing individual rooms check out NYNY. Great casino, lots of fun, and good room prices for nice smallish rooms.

Going to Denver on a business trip in May.

Not really heard anything about the place (I'm from the UK), what are some cool things to see and do in my free time? I'll have a weekend + 1 day to fuck around.
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There is some anon that gets triggered if you post the denver skyline.
Be careful
The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is pretty rad if you're into theater or classical music. The Denver art museum has a decent variety and isn't too expensive. Tattered Cover is a sizable bookstore worth checking out.

That's all I've got anon. I live south of Denver and don't spend too much time in the city.
They have a resturant where you can eat exotic animals like ostriches.

Visit the colorado state capitol building.

Are you 420 friendly? Cuz if so dude weed lol

File: ilieni-dinu-lazar.jpg (403KB, 940x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm looking to hop around like a madman over the month of March, as I have free time before I start a new job. Flying from Washington, D.C. Romania and Greece are cheap, but I know nothing about the locations beyond that they are affordable.

Any thoughts on which (Romania vs. Greece) might be better to go to for a trip? Anywhere else I should consider going? Money isn't a HUGE concern, but I'd prefer not blowing too much money. I'm a single guy, very athletic, just spent two weeks in Asia (Thailand/Korea/HK/China/Japan) and some other random locations (Iceland/Cuba), so I'm looking to do something a bit unusua. I'm definitely open to trying other places. I'd definitely like a place where I could meet cool people and see cool shit.
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File: P8164171.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4032x3024px
Can't comment on Greece, but Romania's not bad at all. Lots of nature and wildlife, lots of culture (check the Siebenbürgen) and certainly cheap. Bucarest or Cluj are party spots. Public transport is pretty functional as well, but it may be recommendable to book bus tickets in advance as busses fill up eventually - easily done online usually. Train tickets are cheaper the more in advance you book them. Excellent hiking trails with world class waymarking and lots of cabanas aka manned huts. Don't forget the country is quite big, so it takes some time to get around. Internal flights exist.

Random pic in the Făgăraș, Podragu to be precise.
What are you into? I've not been to Romania but Greece has it all.

Obviously it has incredible history if you're into that. Athens, Delphi, Sparta etc.

It has some of the best beaches in the world. Just pick an island really but Skiathos, Ios & Crete are my favourite.

Stunning scenery. Meteora and Santorini should be bucket list entries for everyone.

Amazing hikes. Samothrace, Valia Kalda, Vikos gorge, Zagorochoria, Hydra.

Great summer nightlife. Don't go to Mykonos though, stupidly overpriced.

Super friendly people. Don't be put off by recent events, people still want you to come and it's still got an amazing vibe. Just perhaps avoid the islands near Turkey.

I've lived in Greece for 7 years and seen a lot of it, please feel free to ask about any of it.
I would make Braşov a base for a few days if I were you. Nice mountains, chill clubs, good food, cheap af.
Fogaras also cool.

If you end up having extra time left, better drop by to Sarajevo and/or Mostar, rich history, some more nice mountains.
But I mean, Romania and Greece have enough to do for a lifetime.

Minimum amount of cash required (not including ticket) for Russian friend to obtain travel visa and entry to USA for 6 months? In other words, how much cash should she have to get past the Customs and Immigration interview (or whatever its called)?

Pic related only in an abstract antithetical sense
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File: IMG_0385.jpg (62KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I should mention:
I'll be sponsoring her
She'll be staying with me
Duration might be as long as 6 months

Everything else is good (no criminal convictions, lost passports, mysterious recent trips to Syria for "special training", etc.)

Just a sufficient cash amount, and any other tips, would be appreciated.

>no more immigration related pics so heres a picture of an innundated playground
As much money possible, under the 10,000 dollar cash limit.
Christ that's a lot of money for me even, not to mention a Russian.

Would $5,000 be sufficient if she's staying with me?

Since I'm probably going to pay for all the food, drink. I imagine that someone could stay 6 months for free if their sponsor was hosting them. Of course, I understand why ICE wants people not to arrive destitute (lest they start to think twice about returning home to poverty).

Need to stay somewhere at NYC for 2-3 nights, room for 2. But all the "hostels" I see on the internets are $100+ for night. I refuse to believe there's nothing cheaper given I really don't care about conditions and service.

Please advice me on cheap stay in NYC close to Manhattan. We don't give a damn about how bad it is, only price matters and it has to be close to all the touristic places or subway.
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For which dates are you looking?
If you don't book in advance, prices can be quite high.When I stayed in NYC, my hostel was $11 per night in Brooklyn.
If you check in tomorrow and stay for three nights, Jazz on the Park Youth Hostel is $85 for all three nights in a 6 bed mixed dormitory room.

How stupid are you?

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I'm looking to do some traveling this summer, but I also want to get an internship to make some extra cash and get work experience. I figured I might be able to find an internship somewhere abroad to kill two birds with one stone, however Google has found up very little info for me so far. Has anyone here ever done an internship abroad, or know where I could find information about one? I'm specifically looking for something in Canada (or maybe northern Europe) in the computer science field. Thanks for the help guys!
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If you're in University you can join and do it through AIESEC. I went to Taiwan last summer, I'm sure they have some things in Canada or at least in Denmark and Sweden.
AIESEC is the easiest way.

Second easiest is having a connection (or making a few) somewhere. But this can still be tough, unless you're an all star (4.0 GPA and great extracurricular/previous experience) because firms don't want to do all the visa paper work and fees just for an intern.

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I have a week off for spring break and I'm trying to decide what my best option is for travel back to Long Island. Where I'm at does not have good airfare options.

1) I can take a flight from Massena to Albany, to Boston then to Laguardia for about $250 for a 5 hour travel time.

2) About $150 for a two hour drive to platsburgh then amtrak it 8 hours down to NYC

3)Take a bus for a ten hour ride from town for about $100.

4) $391 and an hour and a half ride to Ottawa (I have my passport) for an hour and a half flight to LGA. I'd probaby have to get to the airport 2 hours prior since its international, so total travel time is about 5 hours, probably a little shorter than option 1.

I could also drive, but I'm not sure how I feel about that given the condition of my car. I could also deal with the long rides and study but I'm leaning toward options 1 or 4. Thoughts?
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Anyone think its worth it to cross into canada just to fly back into the us?
You can't hitch a ride? Just take the bus if you can't. Don't over complicate it.

>8 hours from plattsburgh to nyc.

Albany to NYC was under 3 hours. It should only be 8 if you were to go through the border to canada.
>Albany to NYC was under 3 hours. It should only be 8 if you were to go through the border to canada.

It would be 7:25, if Amtrak can keep to a schedule on tracks they don't own.

Any general protips for air travel to have a better overall or smooth experience?
I haven't flown since the 90s, so a lot must have changed.

(I'm actually making this thread to know how easy it is to get upgraded to first/business class, but fuck it, I'll appreciate any general protips.)
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Fly first or business class. But seriously, if you buy a cattle class ticket, there is a clear pecking order for upgrades in case the plane is overbooked. The frequent flyers with the highest status always get the upgrades. If you haven't flown in a long time, you have no status, and won't be considered.

Some airlines do let you bid for an upgrade. Give that a try if it's available.
You can reserve seats online 24 hours prior to departure. Combined with Seatguru website, you can reserve the best seats available. Emergency row is always good because you have more leg space. Do not reserve seats near the bathrooms.

Depending on how comfy you want to be, 100-200$ is worth to spend on class upgrades if you are flying more than 5-6 hours. If its more expensive than that, it's not really worth the money imo.

A pro-tip if you have long legs, take a blanket if they offer it, put it around your legs and sit on it. This way your legs will stay in place, better blood circulation and you'll feel more comfy.
Okay, I have been traveling a ton lately. I always sit in the cheapest seat I can get, so no help from upgrades.

It is often cold on planes and those crappy little blankets suck. always take a light jacket or sweatshirt, even if you are going from hot to hot.

Keep the stuff you might need during the flight, book, head phones, pen, reading glasses, etc. in easy to get to outer pocket of your carry on.

They are often charging for entertainment these days, bright your own movie via tablet, book, or whatever.

Pack any meds, even for like headache in an easy to get to place.

They have a new thing called global entry (US) that for a hundred bucks you get to go to an express like line for customs. I don't know how many years it is good for. I don't have one.

They still give a drink, but often you don't even get the peanuts or pretzels these days. If you think you are going to need to eat on the plane. Buy something after you have gone through security but before boarding...yes you have to pay high airport prices, but the stuff they sell on the plane is not great.

That is all I can think of right this minute.

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Hey I'm in Melbourne right now, anyone wanna meet up? I'm on my own been here for a week and starting to feel lonely
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>meetup in melbourne
>/fa/ starts to get uncomfortable
I'm in Melbourne too. Always willing to meet up with other travelers, so if anyone else here is in Melbourne and wants to meet up for anything hit me up. Please don't wear a fedora.

Since I already posted my contact in the travel pic thread, you can get in touch with me on Instagram, @midziu or give me your contact details.

I'm going out with some friends tomorrow as one of em is leaving Melbourne for a month. If you'd like you can join us. Otherwise I'm free this weekend to hang out.

My first time onr /trv/ and I'm sure this kind of thread is nthg new, So I'm queer fem living in an arabic muslim country, been stuck in a shity job and I've been searching for the last months for a graphic design job abroad, but I'm starting to loose hope, help with any advices pls
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Try to get a visa in a place like Canada ir somewhere with easy immigration.

Go to a place like Thailand and freelance

Vacation someplace and apply while on the ground
>Queer fem

Just use the word faggot. And believe me nobody wants another faggot Muslim in their country
I'm pretty sure a queer fem is a lesbian. Lesbians aren't typically addressed as faggots

What's the shortest and/or least bumpiest route from midwest US to Gothenburg? I want to go there this summer to see a friend, and I thought Icelandair avoided the worst weather, but I don't know and I worry they don't have the newest planes either. I've only flown from JFK to Oslo which was smooth over the ocean, but I'm afraid it won't turn out that way again and I'm terrified of turbulence/flying in general.
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Icelandair has very new planes.

Not only that, they are unique in that their planes are retrofitted with extreme weather mods that make them even safer. They are an airline of engineering employees, and lease their planes (with their crew and top notch maintenance) to other airlines, such as to silberia, in the coldest extreme conditions in the world. They're pretty comfy, and the water is delicious.
If you are smart, you'll look to layover for free at Keflavik and use the time to do a dip in the Blue Lagoon to cure your jet lag. Usually the savings that icelandair offers pays for the spa visit, so do it!
Thank you anon, I didn't know about the weather mods. Bad reviews led me to believe it wasn't like that.
Does anyone else know how it is for say, an 8 hour flight?

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I have two days coming up in Charleston. I hear it's a beautiful city. Anyone have some recommended things to do? Open to any suggestions.
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Charleston is South Carolina's only redeeming quality. Good choice. What are you interested in?
Fuck you Greenville is kickass.

Born and raised in Charleston so what I suggest may be different than what you're looking for. For atmosphere and local dives, the best bars are recreation room, royal American, big gun, and Moe's crosstown.

Avoid all restraints on upper king. They are overpriced and tourist shit. The food is good but all the food is good in Charleston.

Carmella's is better than kaminiski's.

Bertha's kitchen and Martha Lou's kitchen are the best fucking find in Charleston. They are both owned by sweet old ass black ladies who serve meat and three on paper plates. They are in shadier parts of town but they're only open in daylight so don't be a pussy.

Avoid all the slave market shit and historical crap. It's boring and no one ever cares. Also the horses who pull the carriages die regularly from carrying thirty obese people at a time in 50C+ weather so don't support that shit.

There's a comedy club that's not bad (forget the name), and plenty of walking. The best stuff is admittedly outside of Charleston so if you feel like getting directions to do a bit of driving, I'll help you out.

Park circle is in nearby North Charleston and is a much better scene..Plenty of good food and bars and much different crowd and feel. Also lots of urbex nearby at an abandoned naval shipyard if you're into that.
Right there in that picture.

How does this look for a month or so in Spain/Portugal? Those are places we (me and gf) want to go but the only thing set in stone is the Barcelona dates. We'll be interrailing for most of it. We like eating, drinking, nightlife, architecture, wildlife, beaches.

Too long/not enough in any of the places? Any towns/cities we're missing out?

13-15 May: Porto
15-20 May: Lisbon
21-24 May: Seville (plane)
25-26 May: Granada
27-29 May: Malaga
30-31 May: Cadiz
31 May - 4 June: Barcelona (plane)
5-8 June: Valencia
9-15 June: Madrid (w/ day trips to Segovia, Burgos, Toledo)
16-18 June: Bilbao
19 June: Pamplona
20-21 June: San Sebastian
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Looks great to me. I would switch Málaga for Córdoba and maybe drop Valencia to have some more time on Madrid or Barcelona (day trip to Montserrat, the coast or even Girona). Pamplona is nothing special either but it's fine for a day. 2 days could be a bit rushed for Granada but then again I fucking love Granada so.
seems like you're traveling for the sake of traveling a bit, can you specifically say what different things you're looking for in valencia, malaga and cadiz?

it's not that southern spain isn't nice, but the cities are kind of repetitive
>historic downtown
>suburbs of empty condos
>arabs selling stuff on the street
>beach resorts for northern europeans

with all that moving around cities I'd look to go to some smaller towns to relax for a few days

you're also getting pretty close to summer in spain where it gets really fucking hot and walking around with bags sucks, I'd do madrid as early as possible
You are spending to few time in Granada. Granada is awesome. Nice nightlife, nice mountains, nice city. I would sacrifice Malaga. Also it would be nice if you can get to the region of the Algarve south of Portugal. Close to Faro. It's a wonderful coast and beach.

I'm going to be buying single family homes in either Portland or Seattle suburbs.

I really preferred the amount of Asians, Indians , Arabs in fancy Seattle suburbs. They reminded me of super high appreciation areas in the bay area like San Jose Cupertino and Palo Alto.

I'm in Portland scouting it out, and it is ghetto as fuck. Instead of rich engineers there are black lives matter posters everywhere, shot loads of dykes, and nu white trash everywhere. Lots of scary black people, no Asian or Indian engineer males in sight.

I went over to southern Washington the towns built by financial advisors, and it was too cookie cutter. Instead of fob Chinese I saw a 3rd generation Chinese girl. I was talking to my dad and making fun of it for trying to be fancy, but so tiny and next to some super ugly industrial paper mill.

How could anyone possibly invest in this nu male, black empowerment city?

Is there a superior Indian Asian engineer suburb?
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>I'm in Portland scouting it out, and it is ghetto as fuck. Instead of rich engineers there are black lives matter posters everywhere, shot loads of dykes, and nu white trash everywhere. Lots of scary black people, no Asian or Indian engineer males in sight.

It`s literally a shithole because of faggots like you. Stay out and stop ruining my hometown. FUCK there`s not even a single native oregonian in the region anymore.
I feel like your bait would do better on /biz/ than /trv/, OP.
man... i live in seattle don't buy property here unless you're rich as fuck it's suuper overpriced right now and a lot of people think we're in a bubble

File: Japan 508.jpg (830KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Japan 508.jpg
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Hey /trv/ I'm planning a trip to Japan, and I'm planning on staying for at least two months.

I'm not looking to spend all my time in Tokyo but move around as much as I can.

Can you guys give me recommendations or personal experiences for places I should visit anywhere in Japan?
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There is a whole thread dedicated to discussing Japan, use the catalogue. You don;lt have to use that thread, but you'll get more answers there.

Also, if you give us some idea of what interests you, what you are already planning to see or do, etc. you'd get better answers.
I'll move my post there, thanks.

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