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Just bought a ticket on WOW Airlines to go to Iceland for 5 days in 2 weeks. Round trip airfare was only $400 US!

Anyone who is from, or has been, to Iceland please tell all.

Experiences, tips/recommendations and general musings all welcome!
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What stuff are you planning while there?
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cows head iceland.jpg
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One bump in case OP comes back. Been to Iceland, don;t need to type it all out if he's no longer around.
Not OP but I've just recently heard about WOW air's cheap rates to Iceland and it has me considering a trip in late April mainly due to the cheap airfare and I do enjoy photography.
What all did you enjoy doing there? Would you recommend it to a friend?

have you ever visited Sicily?
if so what do you lads think its a nice place for holiday?
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Is this self-blowing logo official?
Piggyback question. If I like Sardinia and Corsica, would I like Sicily?
yes. sicily has less french influence for obvious reasons

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Can we get a thread where we find people to chill with while traveling, especially for those of us going somewhere solo?

I'll be in Vegas from 3/25 - 3/30 and im pretty much alone the whole time but looking for someone who will also be doing the same thing... I dont wanna go to the clubs alone, (I probably will hit encore beach club at least once), I have about $1k to blow, and I'm also planning on doing some exploring around the area especially for photography....
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Polish,23,m here. I am looking for some companion to hitchhike with, the sex irrelevant.
I am interested in biology, psychology and strange experiences.
I travel the cheapest way possible - no hostles, no restaurants, no panicking and sleeping in the night bus.
I did over 50000km, know english fluently and russian good enough. Mostly I would preffer going to Asia (Middle East/ Mongolia/ Japan)
Brazil, 23, m. I'll make a 3 month~ trip soon.

Your interests broght my attention. Just yesterday I was talking about behavioral biology. (biology + psychology?)

I've done some travelling to the US and Europe, now wanna go somewhere else, probably Asia . I want to learn about the world and it's things AKA become wiser.


Let's couchsurf and cook some meals, polish bro!
sounds ok to me. I am not sure when exactly will I have time to do this (there are a couple of things I'm obliged to do no matter what), but I sure as hell would look forward to meet you. And especially if you did it before the summer.

Let's talk via mail about the details, shall we?
Here's my throwaway
[email protected]

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I just went to San Ysidro for shopping yesterday. Im from Tijuana, Mexico and is not the first time i cross the border just to go shopping for a couple of hours and come back home.

I have a legal Visa and everything and in the last few years i have been crossing all border agents seemed, serious but fine agents. Now they were mean and also removed 5 guys Visas cause of BS (according to them, they were going on job hunting but according to the guys they were just going to retrieve something they ordered on a local walmart and had the reciept with wich was dated 2 days old). What they did to the guys terrified me; they made them sign a paper, didnt explain what it was, and then removed their visas or else they would be thrown to Jail. After that i heard that the same thing has been happening to a lot of random tourist on their way of crossing to go shop or anything.

I crossed without much problem. The agent was mean and rude to me and pretty much insulted me on my face. Didnt thought of saying anything cause i was afraid he might remove my Visa, so i let it pass.

Went to a local K Mart just to look around (sometimes they have pretty low prices and wanted to see if something catched my eye). Grabbed a shopping cart and was surprised the store was pretty much alone and a guy started to bump on me on purpose. And i dont mean as it was accidental, cause it happened countless of times. This guy was about 40, white and bald and had his shopping cart and was continously bumping into mine and didnt matter how away i moved from the guy he would just continue to do it again and again until finally i left my cart and he started to bump now against me until i left the place.

After that i went a local burger king just to get lunch and this old lady comes in, just to ask for a coffe, the girl at the counter gives it to her but suddenly came the manager, grabbed the coffe from the old lady and threw it away saying that she was mexican and drinking her own coffe. Wtf happened?
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also the lady thought of saying something but the manager just said: mexicans should be drinking her own coffe not american coffe, now ill ask you to leave one last time or i will call the police.

The old lady just left and when i was going to order i simply decided to leave the place and went to a local 7 eleven to get a coffe and some donuts instead.

I have some good memories here on the USA and i want to have more on the future, but all this attitude is making me think that all people around san yisidro (area where i shop most of the time) are becoming more and more racist against Mexican tourists.

What is going on here guys?
Well as near as i can tell its just random.
The only thing the boarder agents have in common with the burger king manager and the cart bumper is that they are making america great again.
There's a growing racist acts on the back of Trump. Nor that he created, or caused them. They have always been there but quiet. His outspoken nature just has made all the racist feel they can say or do whatever they want. When before it was restricted to online like /pol/ or stormfront

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Hi guys,

Let's say in theory I could get a stable source of income of $750 per month(government handout).

Would I be able to live on that in Laos or Cambodia in reasonable conditions ?

I guess Thailand is too expensive for this?
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No, stop this meme. Travel these places and experience the costs for yourself let alone doing this off tax dollars.
Thailand is way more expensive than those two and you could do this https://migrationology.com/cost-of-living-in-bangkok-thailand/
so yeah

yeah probably and you would be looked down upon as a parasite by people like me that actually have money

fucking plebeian

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OP on pic. Cheak my plan, from bed teen life (think how bad neet will live in shitty war country) i gonna go through ukraunt to the black sea and then swim to the sahara. I will have 5$ in my pocket and 2 knifes plus rope (want killmyself with it before) and android table, will post pics and coolstories from my trv while charging in cafe, while not die.
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Cool looking arent it? Also i can drop my story if you think i do dangerous shit.
Hey? Anyone want post something?

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Hey /trv/, question about passports.

Is the 6 month rule of validity for passports strictly enforced in Colombia and Ecuador? Or do they not care?

My friends are planning a trip to Colombia next month and Ecuador in June on short notice. I had a passport when I was a kid but that was before I was 16 so I would have to get a totally new passport.
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OP here,

So my mother is a frequent traveler to Colombia and she said I can go to the embassy and they can waiver the 6 month wait. Is this true?
Just get a new passport anyway lad.
Get a new expedited passport, be fine for years. Why take a chance?

But to find out if the embassy (presume you mean Colombian and Ecuadoran embassies in the US) can/will waive anything, you need to contact them, not 4chan.

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got a job offer to work ESL in Vietnam
the offered pay is 1300$ monthly after tax plus free housing (a room in a shared house, idk what quality is like yet) on a 1 year contract
in Bac Giang city

for anyone who works TEFL in Vietnam or Asia ca you tell me if this sounds like a good deal?
I'm worried about accepting but all my other offers have been similar or less than this.

I have a degree and TEFL cert but no experience and I'm applying online
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depends on what you want, buddy

I am going to Vietnam in 2 months (have fixed small income), just gonna chill there

can you handle having no friends?
do you like noodles?
do you have yellow fever?

I surely do yes yes yes
the act of going do Vietnam isn't the issue
more the pay
I'm wary about accepting a 1 year contract for something like this
but idk if I'm just being greedy
pay is pretty good imo
>saving 800$+ a month

what happens if you break the contract?

I think you should evaluate the quality of your life during this year... more than the pay

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My trip is for Labour day weekend, from Buffalo to Atlanta. I'm told three things:
1. either buy my tickets 3 months out
2. or a few weeks from the date and chance it
3. but March Break is also a good sale tiem

The pic has shows the price fluctuating from $290 dipping to $250 every now and then (Buf to Atl, direct, round).

So, /trv/lers, I seek your advice. Wut do?
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If I understand you right, you are looking at a maximum savings of 40 bucks, maybe, if you time it just right.

For that, I'd go ahead and buy early as possible and get a good seat. Unless poverty is a huge issue.
Oh, I 'could' buy a ticket right now for 250, but as stated in points 1-2-3, prices should dip further.
Ah, I think I misread. Does it give you some historical "How cheap it might get" data? How much might you save?

Three months out is probably fine, but again, for me, waiting too late on routes that fill up is a mistake, I hate crappy seats.

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So I have a summer off and want to go abroad instead of wasting my time dicking around on the computer. Money is a concern though so I would need a way to break even on the trip. What are some ways that I could make some money over a two or three month stay? Ideally I'd love to get a short-term TEFL job but I don't know if that's possible.

Btw I'm not picky regarding location; I'm fine with basically anywhere.
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Same position you're in.
Help exchange is a possibility, you won't get paid, but it takes the cost of food/living away for a few hours work every day.

You're not going to get a short-term TEFL position without either a degree or any sort of certification. That's especially true if you're only looking to teach for a single summer.

Really, do you think it'd be worth it even if you did? You'd completely lack the skills and qualifications necessary to teach English. Moreover, you would almost certainly be working under-the-table and illegally. There'd be a chance that you could be extorted, deported, or taken advantage of by your own employer.

If there were an easy way to travel for free, everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately, there isn't - you either need time and qualifications or in-demand skills and a business plan.

I'm a student as well as a freelance writer. One of my contracts pays about $1,000 per month, and then I usually make another $1,000 or more on top of that with individual assignments. However, I'm still saving for a series of trips this summer by working part-time and putting what I earn into the bank along with my writing income. Just "breaking even" is hard to do, especially if you haven't traveled before and don't know how challenging being broke far away from home can really be.

I would encourage you to work to save money. If you go somewhere like Thailand or India, you can probably get by on between $400 and $600 per month, if you're fine with just having an experience and not getting to do very much. If you can write or code or do anything which you might be able to monetize, then I would also suggest that you look for remote work in the next few months.

Just stay realistic - getting away from the computer is good, but don't expect English fluency alone to open any doors for you when you don't have the paper to prove your qualifications.

Until you build up whatever you're good at, think about getting a part-time job and saving from that. Traveling isn't as expensive as you think it is, provided you don't have lots of outstanding financial obligations.

For what it's worth, I do have the requisite skills (I'm a linguist and have taken language education courses). But yeah I see what you mean, the certificate is important. Unfortunately It's not really feasible for me to get the cert considering I'll be busy starting in fall and I'm not planning on teaching long term. I guess I'll look more in the freelance direction for writing, programming, etc. Thanks for your input, it's helpful.

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Hey, /trv/ bros

My gf and I both work at the airport and often encounter people that fly in and out to Iceland. We're always pleased to meet them because they're always nice, and tend to talk about their experience here compared to back home.

My question, is there anyone in here that has been to Iceland? Because we might want to go sometime, and besides knowing that it's cold as shit, we don't know much else. Any ideas, tips, or experiences that you have had?

Sorry if I have bad english. Not my first language. I'll be on here for a bit today. :)
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Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world. I started going semi-regularly in 2009 or so, about once a year. Much has changed since then. When I first started going people would be surprised and ask "Where is that" or "Why the heck are you going there?". Now if I tell someone I've been there, they'll have their own story.

Key pros:
- Fantastic nature, absolutely pristine and unspoiled
- Unique geological features (geysir, countless beautiful glacial waterfalls, etc)
- Unique landscape, like a cold version of hawaii, martian moonscape with moss and lichen growing on volcanic rock
- Beautiful and friendly people for the most part
- Excellent domestically produced beer and spirits
- A growing high cuisine scene showcasing amazing seafood
- Countless tiny little charming cafes with excellent coffee/food/beer/waitresses
- Shameless rebellion against most fast food and shitty culture in general
- Fantastic music scene
- Cheap airfare from EU/US east coast

Key cons:
- Somewhat expensive if you're not from the Nordics or major cities elsewhere
- Locals becoming somewhat jaded
- Island inundated with tourists in recent years
- Reykjavik is a tiny city that crowds easily
- Local shops and restaurants being displaced by foreign high-volume chains on the main streets
- the ISK is rallying due to the foreign money

I'm sure that there will be another bust soon enough when the iceland craze ends. It's not somewhere I anticipate most people would want to go to as often as I do.
Pic related, random lava road I like to take every year.

Redpill me on Congo (DRC - Kinshasa) /trv/
I have to attend a wedding in Goma (North-Kivu) in August
I've read that over 7 million people died in this region since 1998. I've also read about reccurent attacks on villages by militias/sects/government forces/ONU soldiers...
Am I going into a hellhole? My host says it's safe and there is no reason to be afraid, but she's a politician and idk if I can trust her.
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Goma city might be OK and if you know people there you can trust and you are surrounded by locals it should be fine.
Congo was iffy even when Joseph Conrad wrote his book.

North Kivu is fucking dangerous, Goma is the safest part of it but that's not saying much.

Things have gotten much worse in 2017 because a few hundred M23 rebels crossed the border from Uganda into North Kivu in January.

It's not a total no-go area but you need to wear your hosts like a fucking glove, stay in the city, and keep a low profile.

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Decided to move to the west coast. Not exactly /trv/ but /relocate/. Still, can you describe the ins and outs of various cities and towns and recommend places?

My profession: programmer
My interests: hip hop, going out to drink and eat, jazz, art.
Basically, help a hipster out.
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Am I shadowbanned? :^)
I like cities btw
This is a slow board.

Also you're basic as fuck so any major west coast city will be fine.
Boise is the place for you.

/trv/ is a slow board, since you work in tech maybe ask /g/, they're a friendly helpful bunch.

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My family and I are taking a trip this June to Ireland to see the sights and reconnect with mother's family heritage. We'll be staying in Dublin for about a week or more.

Does /trv/ have some Must-See experiences in and around Dublin? What's the best pub/tavern/bar that welcomes tourists? Best castles? We really want to maximize the experience, so any ideas are welcome.
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Guiness museum and factory is very nice.
See if there's any rugby game when you'll be there.
Temple bar area and urniversity area are very friendly.
You must also go to the Viking museum.
>rugby game
Sadly I can't seem to find a game while I'm there. Looks like I'm right in the off-season or whatever the local equivalent is called.

Actually, what is the entertainment like in Dublin (sports, shows, etc)?
>We'll be staying in Dublin for about a week or more.
Well, that's the wrong thing to do.
You fly into Dublin, you fly out of Shannon. I suggest taking Delta to make that easy.
You spend 1.5-2.5 days in Dublin, tops. See the Book of Kells, go to the cathedral, dine and enjoy a night or two in pubs, whether for music or literary haunts. Then, leave the city.
Pick up your rental car, drive south, stop by the Powerscourt estate (or stay), spend a day in the Wicklow Mountains checking out St. Kevins. You bop around towns making your way through the Jameson Distillery in Midleton, maybe a tour of oh Waterford, if she wants, Kilkenny might be more than a single day, drive on until you do Dingle Peninsula, up and past Cliffs of Moher, and a music night in Doolin as well as a cruise to the Aran Islands, and then you're up to Galway, or just out through Shannon if your stay is only a week.

Rick Steves is the dude with the best Ireland guides. Fact.

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Hi /trv/!

I am considoring going to Ultra Festival in Miami. Right now im in Rio and ejoying my last days here after a crazy carnival. I will after Rio travel to Bogota and maybe Medellin if the time is there.
I come from Denmark, I'm a 23 yo life enjoyer who loves to party. My question is if anybody in here is from Miami and could host me for the festival and maybe some more days. If not I would ne happy if you showed this thread to your friend. Thx in advance!! :-)
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Please don't come

We hate ultra, if it werent for the massive income boost to the city we would ban it
Scrap your plans and stay the fuck in Brazil. Visit Sao Paulo and the rest of the country. Don't bother with Colombia unless you speak Spanish quite well, and certainly don't expect to get laid easily in Medellin, that's what every other gringo travels there for and the locals are tired of it.

But anyway, time spent partying in Colombia or Brazil will be dramatically better than a US music festival in Miami. There's just no comparison there. The culture, the women, the fun, the drugs, everything is vastly superior in Colombia and Brazil.
And to be clear, my experience was that there was more going on in terms of nightlife on a random Sunday in Sao Paulo than there was on NYE in Miami. Stay the fuck in Brazil.

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