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My friend is getting married in Las Vegas and he's reserved room at the Vdara Hotel and Spa. has any anon stayed there? can any one tell me more about it? ive never been to Las Vegas before and i know know next to nothing about the hotels and how they work.
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>no casino
>new fancy pants hotel
>shopping mall full of high end retailers i can't afford

It was brand new last time i was out there.
>how Las Vegas hotels work

Well, they have "rooms" that they rent to you for a nightly fee. The rooms include one or two beds, a TV, wifi, some chairs, and a bathroom. Some rooms are, in fact, multiple rooms. These are called suites. You call ahead or use the internet to reserve a room for the amount of time you want to stay there. Upon arrival you fill out some paperwork at the front desk and they give you a key to the room.

Glad to be of service.

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So guys im in Malaga and im only finding soapbar hash, anyone have any tips or maybe even a hookup? Ive been looking thru the parks today but maybe i was out a bit early?
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take the 50 dollar ferry to tangiers...
All cannabis clubs in Malaga were shut down last year. So that means people must be carrying from other cities. You obviously don't know the right people.
you won't find weed in the South of Spain man all there is is hash brought in Morrocan's ass

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So I'm thinking to go to a trip to Japan, Im looking for advise, people there speak english? Should I learn japanese? how much cost living there? Where should i stay, there are cheap hostels? what places should I visit, I'm specially interested on technology fairs.

Thank you in advance.
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>So I'm thinking to go to a trip to Japan
Why do you want to go to Japan?
>people there speak english
Most people will not speak English very well, obvious places will (like hotels and airports), but normal people won't
>Should I learn japanese
To just visit? I'd say enough to get directions, but otherwise Japanese is only useful in Japan or if you watch anime. actually learning Japanese is fair to hard to be any use. For your own personal use a better 2nd language to learn is Spanish, but that's just general advice
>how much cost living there
More than you can probably afford, and you won't be able to get citizenship, i would not reccomend living in a country you will never be able to intergrate in
>Where should i stay
somewhere close to where you actually want to go, since you're probably a weeb i'd say a place close to Akiba, or close to a train station that leads to Akiba
>there are cheap hostels
most places aren't like Europe, there isn't a huge network for hostels
>what places should I visit, I'm specially interested on technology fairs
Akiba is cool even if you're not a weeb, temples are cool but if you don't have any appreciation for history they all just blend together, Japan's tech isn't as advanced as it was memed to be a generation ago
If you're interested in technology fairs apaprently the World's Fair is gonna be in Kazakhstan this year
>want technology? go to kazakhstan instead of japan
for the world's fair
not for any other time

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I want to ride on Horseback through Europe.
Would this be physically possible to do if I had the resources? Has it ever been done before in modern times?
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depends on the route and how much time you'd be willing to spend
There is so much to consider before committing to something this big. Horses are expensive and require a lot of knowledge and care taking. Lodging and feeding a horse is often difficult for most places to accommodate today, and will cost you a lot of money. Additionally, the horse needs to be trained to be calm in cities and towns, around traffic, and around any animals you may meet. Finally, you'll want a horse you've ridden for a while. A loyal and trusting horse will serve you much better than a horse you just decide to start riding one day. Anybody with a knowledge of horses will tell you that this is possible, but difficult and costly, and would likely take years of preparation.

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Hey so in july I'm going to Philippines with my Filipina girlfriend and her mother for a whole month.

We're spending 21 days in the city, Manila and I barely know of any cool things to do or visit there. 21 days is a long time and I want to use up all of it for cool shit.

I'm from Malta so there isn't much to do here, and even a huge mall in Philippines is a tourist attraction to me.

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BGC (Bonifacio Global City) would be a nice place at manila. There are lots of malls, parks, bookstores, art galleries, and some nice place to eat with your girlfriend.
I'm considering moving to Manila after I finish getting a Bachelor's Degree. I've heard business and finance are both growing in Manila, as they are in many other cities in SEA, and I want to be in on it.

I don't have much of a social life or plans for spring break

So I'm thinking about doing an 8 hour drive to my state capital, Austin Texas, where ive never been which is a completely different world than where I am

I've never traveled often, much less such a long trip alone. There's a possibility I'll be moving there in the fall too

Are there any general guidelines for traveling alone? How do I not feel alienated/weirded out once I'm there? How can I immerse myself in the culture?

I'll be taking my reliable 150k mile car, never taken it on such a long trip before though, I don't know what I'd do if I broke down in the middle of nowhere

I don't have a ton of money, I'd like to be as frugal as possible, I've got about a grand but I don't wanna spend it all there , maybe half at max
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OP here, actually I may consider grayhound
<8 hour drive to Austin

Damn, do you live in the pan handle?
West Texas more like it

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Hi /trv/, I'm thinking in doing a 1-month trip through Mediterranean islands, but I have no idea how could I made it. Right now I'm dividing it in sectors, and the results are:
I -
Eastern Mediterranean - 15 days
Western Mediterranean - 15 days
II -
Cyprus and Greek Islands - 10 days
Malta and Italian Islands - 10 days
Corsica and Spanish Islands - 10 days

How feasible is this?
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Everything's as feasible as you make it to be, but remember that if you're thiking of mostly traveling by ferry you'll either waste nearly full days on board or end up absolutely exhausted if you choose to travel at night (and you're lucky with boarding times).
Second one sounds more doable but you'll need to plan your stopovers carefully to avoid spending crazy money
Probably the least geographically crazy route would be something like Cyprus from East coast to West coast- Crete - Aegean Islands - Athens - Corfu and its surrounding islands - Bari - Malta - East Sicily - sailing back from Palermo - Livorno - Corsica - Sardinia - Maiorca/Minorca
It's still a crazy speedrun where you'll be able to see very little outside the most touristic places and be fucking dead at the end
Not enough time IMO, and you should be prepared to spend a shitload of money. I would recommend doing this in late may or early september, for the best rate of good weather/crowdedness.
Hello, Cypriot here. Ask me anything

Has anyone spent a month in the summer here?

Is it possible to make it a good trip without being from money, not knowing anyone, and going alone lol?

I'm white if that helps.
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>wanting to visit the hamptons
>not having money
>not knowing anyone
>going alone

sorry bro, some places weren't meant for you, unless you bring a supermodel, you will have an okay time, plus most of the people are assholes and will 100% look down on you for not being rich

would not recommend wasting your time on this place
Plus, to be honest, the Hamptons aren't even really that nice.

They were a summer destination for the rich before air travel was practical and only stayed that way because Old Money hates change.
It'll really be that bad?

usually when I travel alone I just read a book on the beach. I figured at least there might be interesting people around

Any other opinions? I don't want to cancel the trip just yet : S

Heading to Philly in just over two weeks. I'll be there over St. Patrick's Day, from the 15th-19th.

What should I see and do with limited time? Mainly interested in bars and food, with a little focus on sightseeing and such.
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Don't let anyone convince you otherwise, regional foods are regional foods because the region does it best. Theres more to just the simple recipes you see on the internet.

Joe's is best cheesesteak in the city. Jim's is 2nd best. Pat's and Geno's are rip offs.
What he said. A good grab is jimmy G's too if youre on north broad but, you really shouldnt go to north broad for too many reasons.

The area around the art museum is pretty cash especially if you like running and statues, they're all over the place. south broad is good for shows and performances, lot of really good food stops/businesses up girard into fishtown/northern liberties. Ortliebs is a pretty cool bar with live music also in the area, silk city if you want a more old school theme. VisitPhilly.com will actually have a lot of what youre looking for. don't try saying 'jawn' we'll know you're not from here. but have fun anon
Be sure that check out Woody's. Great hangout.

You've spent months saving, planning and organizing for this trip.
You've got only a few weeks to go, but for some reason you suddenly start to feel like you dont want to go anymore.

Has this happened to you? What did you do?
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I go anyway, because I always end up enjoying my trips
It happens every time.

I go anyway. I'm used to my depression trying to trick me into not doing anything; jokes on my shitty brain, I've figured out it's game by now.
Usually doesn't hit me until a few hours into the trip when I realize that I'm going to spend the better part of a week trapped in a car with my family

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Why do people keep coming here? What do they see in this place? Half the city is like one big tourist trap, the other half is devoid of tourists anyway and glad to be so. Restaurants catering to tourists are terrible and overpriced 99% of times, tourist attractions are a ripoff, the beaches are utter shit, it's not even a very walkable city for european standards, it's noisy, smelly, dirty and full of fat drunk englishment and stinking hipsters. What's the fucking deal with all these tourists? I'm not even angry, I just don't fucking get it. Can anyone enlighten me?

Also I live here, AMA.
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If you live in a post-apocalyptic american sprawl nightmare maybe. For euro standards it's quite meh. We have some of the worst traffic and pollution in all of europe, sidewalks are tiny and plagued with motorbikes parking illegally (but cops don't do shit because motorbikes are above the law), those same motorbikes go around fucking up everyone's hearing, and now people have started riding bikes and they can't even be arsed to have a bare minimum of respect towards pedestrians. To top it all off I can't even find a place to have some eggs benedict that isn't an overpriced tourist trap or hipster shithole. What's supposed to be so nice about this place? PLEASE TELL ME
what are the best places to visit in spain then?
I don't know that many places I could recommend. Haven't seen that much of Spain. CadaquƩs is a classic, untouched by massified tourism and a retreat for wealthy Barcelonians, although last time I went there were a lot of frenchies around and it was more crowded than I'd ever seen it. A shopkeeper told me it was apparently because of recent terrorist attacks.
Also I love the Pyrenees mountains, just a few weeks ago I took a day trip up the rack railway to Vall de Nuria. Really nice.

But most places I've visited ended up being pretty shit. They're either tourist traps, or just tacky, badly maintained and impractical to visit. Best case scenario usually is that it's a sleepy little village that neither has delusions of grandure nor lots of tourists. Such was the case of pic related. There's an old church, some cute old streets, the square you see which has a nice view (that gets ruined by a highway viaduct), and next to it there's the village bar where you can have a beer. Took me like 3 hours to get there from Barcelona.

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Aside from 9/11, what are the reasons for travel getting so shitty in the last 20 years?
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*AIR travel
What was better about it before?
Fat fucks can't afford 2 seats anymore, so I'm stuck with their fatty ooze they call their body flowing into my seat.

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I'm flying to Korea. Pic related is the return flight option.

Does this mean I leave Seoul on the Monday at 10:35am or on the Sunday? Because of time difference you would fly with the time as it were, right?.

in b4 OP is retarded, I double check anything before I buy.
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On Monday. The date is when your flight takes of.
Call your airline

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> Best locales of the Midwest?
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, its probably worse than you imagine it is.

However, we have some nice countryside towns that are devoid of hicks AND negros. Total bliss!

Share your midwest stories :)
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Kansas City, pic not related.
> countryside towns
> devoid of hicks

I'm not sure you understand what a hick is.
When i was college aged i hated Milwaukee because i never explored beyond the ghetto i lived in. I moved away for years, but i've since moved back. Milwaukee is great.

Bay View, Washington Heights, and parts of the East Side are some of the best city neighborhoods you can find in the midwest. Extremely low cost of living, easy access lake michigan, burgeoning restaurant scene (in bay view), super segregated so almost all white people. I'm convinced anyone who dislikes Milwaukee has been too lazy to explore it or travel to other cities.

The best landscapes in the world
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Looks like Chile
I agree
New Zealand has way better landscapes, you uneducated asshat

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