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>movie starts
>20 minutes of credits before actual storyline starts

Who thought this was a good idea?
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you're a board off, retard >>>/tv/
This is tRv not tv.

Panting Man's Wounded Shoulder Films

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How long can someone last off of $10,000 backpacking Europe?
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Make a budget and find out for yourself.
I gues it would depend on where you are backpacking, I think it will last way longer in eastern europe than in other parts.
2 weeks. Don't go to Europe.

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Is it hard to illegal cros the sea? And how? Im NEET
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the sea of trolls you mean? we are all stuck on the shores.
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As the virgin Mary said to the Lord God, "Come again?"
Crossing the sea is legal. Leaving the sea and entering a new country has legal requirements, depending on the country you exited and the one you want to enter.


Boat, plane, swim I guess...

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Going to Poland (Gdansk) later this month, any tips on where to go and what/where to eat/drink? Are there any specific customs I should be aware of, or do I manage with Common Sense 2017?
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shameless self-bump
FFS, poland may be poor related to germany but it's still civilised europe.
Sorry to ruin it for you - you won't see anything abnormal. google the dishes and that's it
Poland is fine, especially places like Gdanks and Krakow. Honestly, it felt more civilised and safe than your average Western European city.

So, I'm planning to go on my first solo backpacking trip as soon as i finished my master's degree (beginning of april).

My plan is to fly to lima and return from la paz or the other way round.
I have like 4-5 weeks, and want to do the standard tourist checklist (machu picchu, sacred valley, colca canyon, lake titicaca).

Now, is lima or la paz a better starting point? I feel travelling from lima might be better for getting accustomed to the altitude (lima->ica->cusco->arequipa->puno->la paz).
However, if I'm near the end of my route and have still several days left, I'm not sure if la paz or lima are better suited to spend the rest of the time.

Any idea if I'm able to fit some (touristy) rain forest experience into my travels? Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado seem interesting, but I'm afraid they are too far off my route thus costing too much time and money.
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This would be my planned route.
If I have still like a week left in La Paz I'd probably book a tour to las salinas to uyuni.
Puerto Maldonado is out of the way for your route, especially if you're pressed for time.

There are plenty of tours down to the rainforest that start from Cuzco though. They don't spend as much time in the lowlands, obviously, but you do get to see how it changes as you drop in elevation, and the scenery on the way down is spectacular.
ah, so should I plan a major part of my itinerary around cusco? (Like over 10 days)
Then I can make daytrips to machu picchu, sacred valley and the rain forest from there?

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Supposedly it was declared safe over a decade ago, and I'm wondering what loops I'll have to jump through to visit it

>uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland
>used by Brits to test anthrax bombs in WW2 and the possibility of using them on Germany
>some terror group called Operations Dark Harvest dumped contaminated dirt in front of government offices, claiming they were concerned scientists
>island finally decontaminated and the locals feel fine about it

I haven't been able to find any tours there, and I'm unsure if it's legal to visit at all
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I believe it is privately owned. You can stand on the mainland and see it, which is probably as good as going to it, as the only thing to see there now is a lack of anthrax.
If it's privately owned land in Scotland, there's automatically public access unless it's posted as no trespassing.
It's probably a beautiful place.
If it would be possible to find out who owns it I could contact them and ask. Although I'm guessing it's government property

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Going to Louisiana alone for a month. already have a place to stay in downtown Baton Rouge. I'm from Utah and have never been to Louisiana. What's good down there.
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Not from the US, but I heard Mardi-Gras is a fucking blast there.
There may be some beaches to look at along the coast, but I don't think they're that pretty.

In Baton Rouge, just spend time at museums and pretty places and money at redtaurants and shopping malls
If you go to New Orleans the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium and all that are pretty cool. Also some of the historic areas are nice, might as well see the French Quarter.

Bourbon Street is trash though. Mardi Gras is trash (but it's over anyway). Avoid vagrants/panhandlers/etc. Avoid shot girls and other assorted bullshit.

As far as beaches, they are trash, the Mississippi river is huge and all the sediments and shit mean brown water and muddy beaches (even without all the horrific pollution, though the marshes and such aren't a bad thing they're much more alive than a generic beach but not picturesque). If you want nice beaches head to Alabama or better yet Florida.

Check out the swamps though, they're cool as fuck. The Atchafalaya river basin is fucking enormous.

Other than that I dunno do normal city shit or outdoors shit or whatever.
Wish I had some suggestions for you, op. I'm from Louisiana and there's not a ton to do here. You're about an hour from New Orleans, where there's more stuff to do like French Quarter, I guess.

Mardi Gras was last week

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I'm anxious about an upcoming trip to Ukraine with fellow students. Not because le cibil war xD but because I have to keep them entertained and facilitate friendship.

What are some road trip games to play during a bus ride?
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20 questions
mutual handjobs
say the same thing
> how to survive a bus trip

Don't be on a buss that crashes.

Don't have a heart attack or other severe illness

Don't get murdered

Don't an hero..

It's not that hard.

Just a fucking movie or tv series, don't over do it or the trip will be harder and tirer

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How should I spell my middle name on my passport application?
I went to get my birth certificate and they misspelled my middle name as micahel instead of Michael. When I went to get my license the misspelled version carried on to my license. Only my social security card has the correct spelling. Which version should I use on passport application and can my application get rejected for this error?
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Unless you want to get your birth certificate and license fixed first; I would suggest just going with the misspelled name for your passport.
Sorry, but if your birth certificate says Micahel, then that's your middle name.
If it's a one time occurrence, why don't you ask for a new birth certificate with the correct spelling?

If they made the mistake when you were born, depending on your country, you can make them fix it.

For example, if you're in the US, go to the Social Security Administration. show them your birth certificate and any state or federal ID. Then go to the health department for a new birth certificate, or join a copy of the document correcting your current certificate with your passport application.

If you're in UK, make a deed poll.

If you're in, let's say, France or Germany, you're fucked. It'll take months or years, will have to be approved by the relevant ministry, and will only be approved if the misspelling is humiliating or stunting for your current life.

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I'll be spending a long weekend in Cologne this Easter. Aside from seeing the cathedral and avoiding ISIS, wtf should I do?
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The largest brothel in the world is in Cologne.
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well then...
Take a train to Düsseldorf if you want good beer.

Hey there /trv/,

I'm planning on traveling to Houston for a four day weekend and tickets seem to be unreasonably expensive! Do some of the season travelers here have any pro trips for me? I've already googled ways to lower the price, but the tickets are still in the $400 dollar range, how can I possibly lower it.

Note I don't care about comfort and traveling with my girl. We are traveling light and have basically nothing except some backpacks with us.
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You didn't write when and where do you want to fly from. 400 bucks for two return tickets is a pretty decent price from L.A. or NY, for example. You can rarely find a better deal, but it usually requires you to be time-flexible.

Read the sticky. Use fare search engines like momondo.com or kiwi.com to search for cheapest flights. Just do yourself a favor and buy the tickets via airline directly, don't buy them through the resellers unless the tickets are much more cheaper than on airline web.

Try searching for separate flights and not a return ticket, it's usually slightly cheaper. Same goes for separate tickets for each traveller. Also, it's usually much cheaper to buy the tickets way ahead of time.
I am guessing your exact datesvare a holiday, which increase demand, or you are flying from a regional airport. consider traveling the day before, or flying the day of, the holiday. Or driving to the nearest major airport within 3 to 5 hours of you.
>. Just do yourself a favor and buy the tickets via airline directly, don't buy them through the resellers unless the tickets are much more cheaper than on airline web.

This dude knows whats up. When you buy from an airline they own the booking, when you buy through an online site, they own the booking, and good luck dealing with them.

I work internal support for a us carrier, so basically I clean up reservations and IROP shit all day long. I cant tell you how poorly trained their and incompetent the expedia, priceline, ETC people are. Some of them barely even speak english.

Find the fare and the flight, and go to the airline's website directly.

Also, Houston has 2 airports try both IAH and HOU.

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hi guys,

me and some friends are planning a trip in the middle of april over 6 days. starting in vienna, going to budapest and then ending in zagreb, stopping off and visiting the towns and stuff we find a long the way

a few questions
- is it a good time of year for this weather and business wise?
- can you recommend any places along the route? atm we are planning on gyor, siofok and koprivnica
- do you guys know of any mountains or similar along this route? there are people in the group who want like hiking
- we only speak english, will this be ok?

picture is not related
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Only 6 days? Why not just choose one city and enjoy it.

I meet so many travellers who are eager to tour towns in a matter of hours and never truly experience the culture of the place their visiting.
its 6 days because its over the easter weekend with a couple extra

its true thats probably a bit quick, we could cut out croatia and just focus on hungary, will take that into consideration

did you have any answers for the questions posed?

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Best places in Bahrain for hookers.

Tried: Rockies and Match Point -- both ok but nothing special.

Any other suggestions?
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It's been a few years, but I used to work with the working girls in Bahrain. Coincidentally most worked in Rockies, and Match Point. In those places pretty much all the girls work for big mamasans. You will find plenty in other places but they are freelancers, or it might be a small group of girls with a single mamasan. The other clubs don't filter who can come in. In Rockies if you don't work for one of the mamasans, girls have to pay a cover to enter, unless they are already with a customer. At Match Point no girls who don't work for the mamasan can work there. I will list other places you can go in my following posts.

You can find them on FB by searching "Cavallo Club"

Also here is a website:

Prices are always higher online. The same girl who is advertised for 100BD online can be pulled out of a club for 30 or 40. 25 on a slow night close to closing or before the curfew if their main customers are from the base
Pars International has Chinese whores on the first floor. And a Thai Club on of the upper floors. The Thai Club is where all the Thai chicks go to actually party, it used to be called Z Club, but I think the name has changed. Primetime for this club is typically between 12 when all the clubs empty of the military dudes, and 2, when the after hours clubs open. Though they are here for fun, you can still pull women in here. Maybe even for free.

Across from Pars is Davy Crocketts. They have a live band, kind of like Rocky's.


Many will approach you if they are hookers, though.

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How old is too old to be cool (i.e. travel)? My life is ruined until I'm ~30 and I'll be sitting in this American shithole but I've always thought the day I turn 30 is the last day of my life. Redpill me.
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The person with the best stories in a hostel will always be the cool, non-creepy, grandpa who has seen everything.
I see Asian travelers that are over 65 years old. You're never too old to travel.

Hell, don't even be intimidated by youth-centric locations. I went to Disneyland by myself in my late 20s and I had a great time.

You've worked your ass off, you deserve a break.
You're never too old to travel.

I think once people reach a certain age or stage in life, their habits tend to travel. I, for one, wouldn't want to be staying in a hostel when I'm 45 or 50. That's not because I'm afraid of being the token "creepy old man," but because I think I'm eventually going to want a bit more luxury. When I'm raking in a decent salary, I'd prefer to treat myself. I've never gotten the opportunity to stay in a nice hotel downtown before.

At any rate, you don't stop being "cool" in hostels once you reach a certain age. One of the most interesting guys I ever met was in a hostel in Tbilisi. He was an Australian engineer in his mid-forties who quit his job and made a challenge for himself to hitchhike from Melbourne to Lisbon. He boat-hopped through Indonesia, cut across Afghanistan, and did a bunch of other stuff.

You're only weird if you're actively trying to "partaaaaay" and hook up with girls half your own age (although I remember the Australian guy did that, but he wasn't a fucking weirdo about it - plus, the girl was clearly craving the D).

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Has anyone been on a free birthright Israel trip?

If so, how was it? What was your experience like? What is the best trip organizer to go with?

Also I am assuming that after I make the deposit, I will be interviewed by someone to determine if I am eligible. What is that interview like?

I am not religious at all, but technically I am a jew because my mom is a jew. Do you think this will be enough to let me go on the trip?

I am deciding whether or not I should put in the deposit.

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Not me but a Jewish friend from Canada went. He said it was insanely propaganda filled to "encourage" Jews to move there etc. he said it was ok for a free trip, had to do a. It or volunteer work. If he said it was was "OK"
Yeah that's what I read online.

I think I can withstand brainwashing for 10 days but godamn that sounds annoying

Went with them in Spring 2015. It was nice, but VERY jewish. Down to Torah readings, and only kosher food all the time. No alcohol either, of course. They made us sit through a 3+ hour documentary and discussion about how awful palestine is (not defending them, but kinda heavy on the indoctrination)

The tour was super well organized and the people were pretty nice all things considered. I wish we had stayed in Jerusalem more rather than going to a shitty Red Sea resort. But hey, free's free.

The interview is basically a non-issue. I told them the truth - my mother is Jewish, but I only went to synagogue once, for a cousin's barmitzfah, and they seemed happy enough about that.

Definitely worth doing it though. It's a free vacation more or less, even though expect to pay a bunch for falafel, shopping and whatnot. Oh, and don't expect to see ANYTHING muslim or Christian when you're in Jerusalem.

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