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Sup /trv.

I am going to receive $800/month until March 2018.

My main goal in life is to become a wise man, understand how things work and how to help people in different areas. I do not strive to be the best in a

nything, just wanna improve myself.

I figure that one of the best ways of spending this money I'm getting is traveling.

I already know a good chunk of South America (live in Brazil), USA and Europe. I'd appreciate to hear tips on where to find smart (or simply interesting) people and communities, without forgetting that I'm on a somewhat tight budget (yes, 800$/month is shit, but I can make some more during the trip >g4p chaturbate )

My current skills are:
-fighting(purple belt bjj, striking, wrestling) and weightlifting
-I understand the basic concepts of nutrition and phisiology
-I know how to seduce young girls and transvestites
-working on my handstand and slackline stunts
-can cook gr8 soup and meats
-can play poker(texas hold'em) pretty well (srs), 2 years sole souce of income
I'll try to keep this entertaining in exchange for help !
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>-I know how to seduce young girls and transvestites
highly recommend the czech republic and budapest. Especially budapest
Can you explain why? I've been to Prague and Budapest, but I had only 4 days in each of those, doing the "hostel pub crawl" experience. For sure I might have missed a lot.

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Hey /trv/

what's your opinion on beer?
I am german and hated beer until I was like 20.
I still dont really like it, but getting drunk on it is a super good feeling. Better than any hard stuff.

Have you ever been to Germany and got drunk on a few dozen beers?
What is the general opinion on beer in the country you are from?
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I'm from Austria and of course I love beer. But not the regular lager you get here, but pale ales, IPAs, stouts and so on. I like the variations. And it's pretty hard to get wasted with beer for me. I'm used to it already. Need about 5 liters before I feel anything.

Everyone is different and can get drunk on different amounts. I'm from the UK and there's a huge thing for IPA and all that shit - but it's all try hard. I like a good coffee stout, but a pint of heiniken is still good.

Beer is a social drink, and shouldn't be used as a goal as getting drunk, it's more of an elephant in the room; you sip a few, have good laughs with people around you, and 6-8 or so in you admit you're pretty done.
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It gets pretty fast if I drink much.

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I'm currently searching for a travel destination with my gf for late july or august. We're based in Austria.

>want to travel ~2 weeks
>should optimally have a beach but also a city or nature as in national parks/jungles to explore
>shouldnt be raining the whole day
>flights shouldnt be extremely expensive and not take 20h+
>good transport as we don't have a drivers license

Originally our #1 destination was Canada, but then we found out that all the awesome national parks are in the West. A flight to vancouver is 1300€+ and that's just too much, especcially considering all the added of costs of train, bus travel etc and I think I heard Vancouver and that area has become very expensive recently.

#2 was Costa Rica. We found a 1050€ 2stop-flight at 19h which would be doable still. However I also just read that July and August are the worst months of the rain period and that it rains pretty much everyday from afternoon to night. That's unacceptable. Same for the caribbean in general, I think maybe it's really better suited for winter/spring?

And lastly we considered Vietnam but I already was in Asia the last two years and the flight is 900€, I'm just not sure if it's worth it. I read that weather in Nha Trang is supposed to be good in summer but are there jungles / any vietnam war stuff closeby?

I also thought Madeira looks cool, but I think there's no real rainforests or anything and we've already been to Algarve last year. I've also already been to Bali and she's already been to Thailand.

Please help
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2 mins of looking on Skyscanner, and I found
>Wien - Vancouver flights for €830
>Wien - Costa Rica flights for €900

Flights are generally cheaper in July, but for example Brazil (another potential destination?) is slightly cheaper in August. Anyway, you should probably check out a few fb pages like Ferienpiraten, they often have good deals to popular destinations. Consider the rest of South America as well. Mexico as well.
Urlaubspiraten that is, my apologies. Was thinking in four different languages at the same time somehow.
Which dates did you look for? I put 19.7.-2.8. for example and I got 1140€ as cheapest (but shitty thomas cook and 20h)

I don't have the money for a trip to SoCal like I wanted this summer. Was planning on going somewhere on the east coast instead, not south of South Carolina though.

I'm going by myself and have seen enough of the regular family beach resorts.

Is there any city where stuff's happening?
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Define "happening" . Asheville, NC maybe?
Myrtle Beach was great for Spring Break if you're looking for a touristy paradise. Although I don't know what'll be open in the summertime. Otherwise try a smaller coastal town.
Asheville's great. Live music and lots to eat, pleasant places to stroll and to hike

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Sup /trv/

I know the memes are strong with india being a country filled with shit, but i am planning to go there on a trip there anyway.

Does anyone know of places in india that are not overrun by tourists?

>going for 4 weeks
>don't want to spend too much money

Thanks trv
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Indian here... When are you planning to go? Peak months are different for different cities. And where are you from? Would suggest that you don't travel in high summer say between april-june

I lived in New Delhi for about two years and have been to India seven times.

There are very few places in India which will seem overrun by tourists. With the exception of Goa in the winter and small backpacker-oriented towns like Kasol and Pushkar, you always be a minority. Famous monuments will always be packed with people are from India, with the odd smattering of white faces lazing about the fringes.

You need to define a budget as well as preferences (what are you interested in?) and the time of year you're visiting.
>>1219730 i am planning to travel in september, i know it might be quite hot then, but i don't have much choice

I am from the netherlands, and when i travel i like to see culture stuff, and nature parks. I am mainly looking for cultural recommendations.

What are some monuments in india that you would recommend, that i may not know about? India is so huge, that i find it hard to orientate onnwhat to see here, and don't feel like just seeing the super wel known sights

Cheers trv!

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I'm traveling to Bangladesh in December. I will spend 30 days there before returning to the U.S. First vacation, so I'm really exited.

I will be spending my time getting messed up at the brothel 170km outside Dhaka, and sleeping at whatever room I can rent, which I think will be the perfect vacation.

I want to bring $4,500 cash. How do I go in doing this? Should I just bring the cash in my carry-on, then exchange it at an exchange in Dhaka?

How will I know which exchanges give better rates so I get more for my cash?

Any advice about Bangladesh I should know?

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Dont bother going to brothels, they are usually dirty as fuck with poor quality used up whores.

Go to the colleges and universities and pick up girls from there (it helps if you have contacts) almost all the girls are on the game.

Dont drink the tap water

Dont try the market foods/ curries

Beware of thieves and muggers. Dont go out too late and steer clear or isolated streets (I've never had any problems desu)

Avoid carrying large sums on you

Don't spend all your time in dhaka try and hit the countryside

Do visit a bullfight, they call it bisalimaar
poor quality used up whores are my style.

Strange place to go for a first vacation.

Are you going to pend your whole time at this brothel or are you going to go anywhere else? Some places in Bangladesh are pretty nice.

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Now long does it take to apply and be accepted for a Paypal Debit MasterCard on average.
Need to know because Im gonna need to rent a car.
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Good luck renting a car unless you're in the States, most places on the planet don't accept it.
Are you seriously too spaghetti autistic to just call them and ask? Because if so, end your life, low confidence beta male.

you cant rent on debit cards, they only accept credit cards

WHICH SEAT DO YOU PREFER IN FLIGHT ? - http://app.apeo.co/2f9epe0
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This more about the size and comfort of that airline on that equipment. Small commuter planes have more narrow cabins and as such a tall person the window can be a little curved from the fuselage and feel cramped on the shoulder as well as for footroom. An aisle on a long flight where you might want sleep gets your seat used as a handrail and touched or bumped by carts and people pacing the aisles for exercise. Otherwise I prefer aisles for crossing a leg and putting it out in an aisle and not asking anyone to get up. A window seat is nice for a nice view before landing. Bulkhead rows and emergency exit rows can be nicer. Jetblue has great seats as does American. Check the seatguru people if you wonder about roominess.
Why choose? Fly first class kek
economy fag here, I usually go isle seat when flying long distance due to my fucking anxiety and needing to poop a lot.
short distance I have no preference.

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Red pill me on El Salvador
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Do not venture out of the designated ""Turista"areas , have Lysol and rubbers always at hand
Then why is his mouth closed?

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Cool shit to do in greece?
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What are you looking for?
Whatever the answer is, it's not "work".

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I have a buddy across the border in Mexico that runs a store, and can get me an early copy of a video game coming out.

When returning to the US, do I have to declare the purchase?

Or is the value not high enough to matter?

I figure they wouldn't search my shit regardless, but if I can legally not say shit about it id rather do that. I dont mind paying the extra bit or whatever, but I've never crossed a border before, so I just want to be sure.

Figured you guys would know, I'm having a hard time finding info that isnt related to foods guns and drinks.
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You don't declare that.
i remember if it was less than $500 or some shit you didnt have to declare it while flying back into america
Yes, OP. It is in fact illegal to be in possession of bootlegged copyright infringed or intellectual property that is burned whatever that you didn't legally buy, because it's illegal in Mexico too to pirate. It appears as if you are trafficking it when you take it across borders.

Anyone been here?
Is it worth it? Going alone.
There's a pretty cheap flight going in Lanzarote. But something tells me Tenerife is the great attraction and for that it seems I need to take another flight from Lanzarote
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you can get a super cheap ferry though
The ferries in the Canaries are crazy expensive, like 50 euro for a 30 minute ride. It can actually be cheaper to fly Tenerife - Barcelona - Lanzarote with Ryanair.
>50 euro for a 30 minute ride
sounds like one of those dumb tourist traps

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Hey /trv/ my good for nothing roommate just lost her job and is cancelling her planned trip to Costa Rica where she would no doubt have stayed on the resort drunk for her entire stay. She just said she wants to go to Europe instead now to save money because she is unemployed... What is the worst advice I can give her that will make her 2 week 'frugal' eurotrip absolute hell?
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Always wear an US bag tag on your backpack.
You should actually be nice to her and give her proper frugal advice, or else she'll run out of money and have to come home early. The more money you can save her, the longer she will be away.

Or, if you really are an evil person, you should tell her
- go to Norway
- tell her that everything in Europe should be haggled and bargained over; the advertised price is just the starting point for negotiations and she shouldn't pay more than 75% of what's advertised.
>cancelled trip to Costa Rica
>Europe instead now to save money


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Guys, I'm an international student in Britain who's conducting a survey as on to what motivates people to go to rural regions and British National Parks.
Please help my cause and fill in my survey:


Ta very much, folks!
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Bumping this in the name of science
>>Bumping a thread in /trv/ in less than 10 minutes
How retarded can you be?
Fuck off furryfag!
This board is not even for that you idiot!
Saging this shit.
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Yo dude, I had no idea of the message speed on this exact board, so STFU, kk? Cool.

Pics are random shit from the intranetz.
Feck off. Go ahead and sage.

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I booked a trip online with glenny travel and I got an email with flight details and booking number.. so how do I get my tickets to board the plane? What do?
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Just go to checkin counter with ID. They'll take it from there.
Find the airline website. Let's say it is Lufthansa. Just google that company site. Click some button to create a login check in, or find a reservation. Your record locator is the same thing as a reservation. Take it from there where you add your personal info, add a checked bag, confirm a seat preference and whatever else you can do now. At some window of time before a flight you can officially check in completely and print a boarding pass, typically 48 hours before a flight. Do all that you can in advance so they can prescreen you and you don't end up with surprise last minute charges like on some thrift airlines that change to do it last minute.
This. Just go to the ticket agent with your ID and itinerary number (most of the time you don't even need the latter)

Have you never flown before, OP?

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