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>want to see the events in Russia
>this is the 100th year since the October Revolution

Is there any official event being held in Red Square? It should be November 7th, right? I'm not a commie but I'm a big history buff.

I'm thinking something should happen at Red Square. Based in the U.K. now, friend based in Finland, and the plan is to both go there for half a week and meme irl
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A think you have a false misconception of Moscow. lmao
I mean I know most people are normal and commies are pretty much gone, but November 7th will be 100 years since the Tzar was defeated and the Bolsheviks came to power, and that's Revolution Day. I know it's not an official holiday, but neither are a lot of interesting holidays that get huge attendance - like Freedom Day in Minsk, or Easter Rising in Belfast.

I just want to see something historic famalam

stay away from russia cyka or i bust your legs with crow bar

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Going to Montreal for Nuit Blanche this year. I'll be there with a friend from Thursday the 2nd until Monday the 6th. He and I were there (along with 6 other people) some years ago and had an amazing time. We get beds in the largest dorms at a hostel (which we already booked) along with a private room for REASONS. We flew by the seat of our pants last time, and will likely be doing something similar this time, but would like some advice from anyone who's got it on places we should definitely go/things we should see/things we should definitely stay away from. Plus, if any locals wanna meet up we'd be down for that too. Got anything, /trv/?
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Which hostel did you choose?
Did The M the first time. Great place, very clean, awesome bar in the basement, have (or used to) amazing Blues Nights on Fridays. This time we're staying at HI-Montreal
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Can I self bump on this board?

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Travel Photos Thread vol. 2

Previous Thread: >>1210846
Image limit reached

Starting off the thread with a nice sunset from above Iceland
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Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin
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Flea market in Berlin

I'm starting a new job in Eskişehir, Turkey, next year. Because I'm going to be pretty flat out once I start working, I'm keen to spend a month beforehand travelling around central Europe and Turkey before I start my job.

Whereabouts in Turkey should I go? Is anything in Eastern Anatolia worth seeing?
I speak functional Turkish and should learn more before the end of the year.
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Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus. From the top of my head. Just remember that Islam is a murderous idealogy, Mohammed is a false prophet and a pigfucker and President Erdohan is a flamboyant homosexual and you'll be fine.
The current environment is pretty tense in Turkey, I wouldn't recommend going anywhere in the east. You should definitely visit İstanbul and İzmir. Eskişehir is a nice city overall to live in, it's pretty cheap and is mostly secular.

My first in flight drink. Pretty comfy mate.
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>New zealand

Checks out
Koru hour is pretty good mate
Ever since I started flying as an adult, I've always been drinking on planes. Be it beer, wine, sake or whiskey, I would always have something alcoholic to drink with my meals (except breakfast; I'm uncouth, but I'm not a total bastard).

Reasons for doing so:
>to get the most bang out of my buck (I paid good money for those plane tickets, I'm not going to settle for water or juice)
>to try brands that are rare/unavailable in my country

Man, I'm one petty fuck.

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Anyone been there or living there? I'm currently living in Cambodia. Any questions about Cambodia be sure to ask me.
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This is of no help, but I'm thinking of going there for March.

I've heard it's more expensive than Thailand etc., but is it really that much more? How difficult/expensive is internal travel?
Don't know anything about Cambodia. Pro's and cons of going there? How is it compared to other SEA countries? How are the girls there?
been there this summer, its not really that expensive, you might pay a bit more for acommodation, which you cant expect to be the same level of hygiene etc as in cambodia

we had a daily budget (including everything from acommodation to food and entrance fees) of 35$ and it was really doable

plus the people are super friendly and not really used to tourists, even more if you stay off the beaten track (there where periods of days where we didnt see another tourist), so it kinda feels like a more "genuine" experience there than in, say, cambodia

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Previously I asked what you thought the worst states to travel to were, now I'd like to know, what's the most forgettable/boring state in your opinion

My top picks:
-New Mexico
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**Montana also
explain the
>all hail soviet motherland

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I'm from the United States and am planning a vacation to Europe. (Italy, Greece, Germany, England). I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T.

Do I purchase a new SIM card in each country and pop it into my existing phone, purchase one SIM card and use it throughout my trip, purchase a different phone entirely, or do something completely different?

General tips and advice on cellphones and keeping in touch back home.
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I dont know about American sims but the an EU law has just come into effect that prohibits international charges between EU countries. So if you do buy one in say, England, you wont be charged massive rates if you use it in Italy.

I don't really know alot about American sims.
Although make sure you check that they dont try to squees it out of you. I went to Berlin the other month and my provider tried to charge me international rates (fucking EE!)
Go by your providers store and ask, most will generally let you know if you need to add a plan on to avoid huge roaming fees and if your phone will work.

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Japan or Italy
I'm really indecisive about where to go for a week -10days for my summer brake by myself.
I like the idea of going to Japan and being by myself and just enjoying the views and food, climbing mt, fuji and getting laid with an asian hooker and losing my v-card, but I also like the idea of visiting Vatican, the last supper, Venice and making memories , this may be the last time i travel anywhere for a long time.
What do you guys suggest, personal experience welcome
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As an italian who visited japan twice, i would say:

Italy is better for museums, landscapes and drinking.
Japan better for efficiency, safety and shopping.
Food is excellent for both and depends on your taste.
I Second this
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wojak suicide.png
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>tfw you went to Milan but didn't bother to see the last supper

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I want to travel, but I feel bad because I've been NEET for almost 2 years (at my mum's expense) and I reckon my mum will flip her nut if I just go travelling.

Should I do it anyway?
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Well yeah, she'll definitely be angry that you're traveling on her money.
No, I would travel on *my* money; I'm saying that I've stayed at her house, on her expense, for the last two years

2bh I've been thinking of travelling all along, but I just feel massively guilty about it

So government hand outs, yeah you should feel guilty about it.

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What are the must sees when in Mexico and South America?
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I'm from and live in Cancun, Mexico.

lived here all my life, it's a beautiful city. but don't come here in the sprint break season. A lot of annoying white people thinking they can do whatever they want here.

fun fact. me and my brother-in-law run a small taco stand/bar on tiera luminada which is a huge spring break hot spot for tourist.

ever since 1999 we decided that spring break tourism is not worth the loud, obnoxious and nasty behavior we get from white people here in cancun.

so me and my brother-in-law every spring break season. we both spill mucus and boogers in the food we make. we also serve fruit punch that we make using toilet water and also spit in that.

we do good in spring break but americans are really annoying the way the behave.

still a really nice place to visit. just don't be a asshole
No mames cabron. Porque haces eso?
porque los pinche gavachos son bien culeros guey no te creas. la otra ves un pendejo y so pinche mierda de mujer me tratator de pasar un peso falso y todavia la descaridad de enjarse con migo. que se vallan a chingar a su pinche puta madre todos los gueritos de mierda.

y ora con ese perro de trump MAS les voy a desvir a todos los gringos los mocos y flemas.

viva mexico cabrones!!!

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Traveling alone for approximately 3~4 weeks.

Once the summer starts I’ll have about 3~4 weeks during the month of May to spend abroad. I’m 20 and this will be my first time outside of the United States, and even within the U.S. I have only a few times left the Midwest for the East coast.

I know I don’t have any experience but I still would like to backpack in the Turkey/Greece area (esp. Mount Athos) - it would be that or somewhere in SEA. I’m not 100% but I would need to sell the trip as safe to my benefactors. I am expecting to have a maximum budget of about $6,000 (can probably increase if exorbitant flight costs).

I am not trying to be a tourist, I want to experience the real culture of the city and plan on staying in hostels/AirBnB. My goal is to avoid the sterile tourist traps (more a reference to scams in relation to knickknacks and restaurants – I’d of course see the Hagia Sophia for example) and learn from the locals in that area, though I don’t really know how I should go about doing that.

I am a big history guy (Roman/Byzantine) too so I’d like to see quite a few important historical areas. I will not lie I am curious about clubbing/local intoxicants. I will definitely take the chance to actually frequent local bars too.

What I don’t understand is can I really get that much time in a single area? Can someone spend an entire week in Istanbul while learning/looking around for 12 hours a day every day?

Any advice or suggestions for locations would be appreciated.

TLDR: 20 year old going abroad for 3~4 weeks. Unsure on how to meet people or how to actually spend that much time doing things efficiently. Fan of history, interested in bars, women, sightseeing, region-specific pasttimes.
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I'm kind of envious that you're so confident in traveling alone by yourself for the first time, sadly I'm more shy and intimidated to do such a thing. Especially knowing you'll be alone, and there won't be anyone with you.
This is one of the greatest thing about travelling alone. You will meet so many people automatically, it's crazy.
All you have to do is go outside of your room and do what you did when you were a child, just talk to people. It's a bit weird the first, maybe even the second time, but it's not a problem after that.
If you go to a hostel, you wont even have to go outside of your room to meet new people. Just be friendly and i will promise you everyone will be friendly to you.
The reality is, every solo traveller is exactly like you, a little bit anxious and afraid.
People are way, WAY WAY more like you than you think.

Have fun with your new friends mate :)
Monitoring bread.

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I'm pretty sure the place 'm staying at has bed bugs. I thought they were mosquito bites or a spider in my bed, but this is a bed bug right?
What do I even do? I'm renting a place, this isn't just some hotel I can ditch.
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Hang all your shit or put it in the bathtub.
If you're sure something hasn't been contaminated, isolate it from the stuff that might have been.
You can do what you can to tear apart the bed and try to kill adults, but otherwise relax and try to enjoy your stay. They don't carry diseases, they don't even itch for most people.
Before going home, check fucking everything. Every seam, buckle, and buttonhole. I swear to god they are intelligent little fucks who know where to hide. When you find one it'll squirm and cower, like you've just discovered Anne Frank.
Throw everything in a hot dryer before taking it into your house.

Option 2 is to throw all your luggage into a plastic garbage bag when you get home, seal it up, and forget about it for a year or so.
Oh look, the other thread about this is still up.

>>1216885 (OP)
Google answered in seconds, this seems everything you need to know:


The wash-and-drier thing is probably a good idea just in general.

To which I'd only add, avoid staying in hell-holes that never wash the sheets if you can help it. Not all dives have bed nugs, and some nice places can get them, but you can work the odds in your favor.

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I'm planning on traveling to Japan in a few months and I'm looking up cheap places to stay. It's going to be me, my girlfriend and my brother. We were looking at hostels and found a really nice one.

My question is, is it possible for 2 people to share a bed without anyone caring? pictured is the bunk beds we'll be using. My girlfriend and I are used to sharing a double bed from college days, so that's not an issue.
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>skimping on a hostel bed
if you don't have the fund, don't travel.
no, like, we're fine with buying three beds, just that it's nice sleeping together, so why not just skip getting another bed.
Yes you can probably share without people in the dorm caring but you would still have to pay for three beds as it's per a person. Why not just get a private room at the hostel

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So basically my parents just told me as a graduation gift for college they'd pay for me to go to Japan, now I'm not going for probably AT LEAST 4-6 months or so because I need to do research and plan the trip. Now first off can ANYONE tell me a good company to use for like host families or international studies? My mother wants me to take at least ONE class while in Japan, and I know there are some companies that handle American students going over to Japan and what not.

My father would like me to stay with a host family, and frankly I can't speak hardly a lick of Japanese but I do know bits and pieces of the country in terms of like culture and history. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this, and if they'd be willing to help me out. I really would like a reputable company with some fair prices and what not. As for the purpose of my trip, I'd say it's mostly for leisure but it's kind of a learning experience as well. I don't know if there is a way I could take like ONE CLASS on Japanese business/culture or something at a university. I'm really excited but also nervous because of all the planning I have to do, so I figured I'd ask on here and see if someone could help me out. Like just if anyone has been to Japan before on a leisure trip, or like went over there to study and stayed for anywhere between 2-6 months or so, or if anyone has any experience staying with a host family and could tell me about it, and how it works.

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read the sticky and stop letting your parents have a say in the trip.
YOU are going there, and if YOU can't 100% decide what you want to do there, it's goping to be shit.
Stay in a hostel, fuck your dad. Who stays with a host family if they're over 20? kinda weird.
You have 4-6 months you should be able to do more than one class. There's plenty of resources online.
There's also a giant fucking sticky
totally this.
Do your own thing. Travelling is all about independence and freedom and exploring the world.
Being dependent, not free to do whatever the fuck you want and not being able to explore because you have to stay with a host family while going to classes every day is bullshit

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