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>post area codes
>preferred age
>what you're looking for

last thread died fairly quickly

651/22/M and pref. age is 30's and up to 50. looking for a hookup
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Around mine or older
Hook ups or chats
>under 30
>mostly talking
218, Moorhead.
company, maybe catch a drink i don't fucking know.

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Having a 30th birthday party tonight. Its gonna be wild, Im tryna have one of the biggest parties in the state. Heres the address:
6 Spring Lake Ct, Sewell, NJ 08080
Come after 6pm
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sounds legit

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Since everyone was such a bitch about my post yesterday. Here's a new one. Rate me. Am I fuckable?
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you don't do yourself any favours with this pic but, yes, you're fuckable. Now show us something to prove that I'm right.
That face isn't fuckable. I wouldn't even piss on it
what the fuck are you doing with your face? why would you ever think that's a good way to take a picture.

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Looking to make a nude trading group. Pic related. Add me on kik traderchan927 if you want in!
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1 (5).png
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Add me, people. Still have some slots left. Pic related.
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actually i lied, this is last bump
couplesgodtier new group look for threadv

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Lactation / pregnancy thread

>females only
>no contactfagging
>timestamp if you're new

from: >>25069338
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there must be some lactating moms here

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Colorado Hookup Thread

For people in Colorado who want to be FWB or want a one night stand, or are just feeling horny right now.

>sex & gender
>sexual orientation
>are you a virgin?
>anything more about you.
>contact info (kik or snapchat)
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>sex & gender
male, cis
Fort Collins
>sexual orientation
Mostly straight (gynesexual).
>are you a virgin?
>anything more about you.
Looking for a girl in Fort Collins who wants to be fwb.
Average build.
I've been told I'm cute.
I'm pretty shy and will probably be kinda quiet before I get to know you but that doesn't mean I don't like you. :)
>contact info (kik or snapchat)
Kik: pirateconstant
>sex & gender
Colorado Springs
>sexual orientation
>are you a virgin?
>anything more about you.
As height goes I am a bit small, I have short hair and blue eyes
I am bi so anyone is welcome to contact me! Just be in the springs area pls
>contact info (kik or snapchat)
My kik and snap is jakethewhitey
i'll bump for the co homies

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Kik trading attractive people only pls
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Pictured is me BTW op Kik is sidewinder762 I'll trade to anyone for pictures of girls or if you're a trap or femboy I like ;D
Go to bed kid, you look underage af
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>attractive people only
Leave your mom's basement

Anyone of you guys want me to send pictures of my 8" cock to your wife/gf, mother, sister or someone you know on kik? Just post their name here or EVEN BETTER send it to me in private to avoid them getting spammed/whiteknighted. My kik is justoneguy511
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I'm doing the same service also on kik.
Not only pics, can also try to find out if the girl/woman/wife is loyal.
My kik is liquidginsforyou
spanish slut kik: erikazgomez

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Really horny so I'm dropping this here:
19/m/UK sissy
Love taking pic for people and dirty talking- maybe videos if you're nice xx
Trading pics would be nice but not necessary x

Email: [email protected]
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You should really get discord or something, I always see you posting your email but I don't want to go through the hassle of making a throwaway that I have check regularly. You are very sexy, but it would help a lot if it was easier to add you.

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Roast thread anything goes it aint mean if its the truth lets go.
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OP is a faggot
How any abortions have you had, cunt? Fuck I'd love to sell your pics to losers so they can cum onto them and on valentines day you get hundreds of cum crusted pics of yourself instead of a box of chocolates and roses like you deserve
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