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Does anyone here scuba? I am getting my certification now, and had a few questions. To start, has anyone heard of SDI? I was told to either get my certification through NAUI or PADI, with NAUI being better- but the course I'm in is SDI and I can't find much info on them.
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I uses ti scuba. Just do padi if you want to look at coral. Padi is international and teqches you everyrhing you need t o know.
Im not, Im on my way up through technical cave diving. This means either NAUI or SDI. With SDI, you earn your tech certs through TDI, and NAUI is the same org the whole way through.
Well your insane but i don't know which one teaches insanity better.

You do know there's alot of pretty fishes at about 20m deep?

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Thoughts on eating shellfish in the wild? I personally do it all the time. Mussels, oyster, you name it.
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i don't live near the coast but i trek out there every spring to get my years supply of clams
>2 more weeks!
I cook up crawfish all the time, they're easy to find around camp streams and such.
I do it a lot. you can touch a piece of the meat to your lip and wait for 10 minutes if your wondering if its safe.

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apart from /ourguy/ ted, what are some other based /out/ heroes?
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Lenny Pepperbottom
Ted is probably more /pol/ than out. But the older i get the more agree with his manifesto. Not the bombing people part, but the technology stealing our humanity part.
Sorry i know im a noob but who is ted

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I know for hunting you have to find clothing that doesn't make a bunch of noise and a camo pattern similar to the environment, but is there anything else I should know about?
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Depends on the hunting, how much you need to move around. I wear swiss alpenflage in the winter because of all the pockets, its warmth, and the camo does a great job blending in everywhere, even snow
Alot of fags thinqk the camo has to match exactly, but the more you roll around in dirt and leaves, the more stains you get and the more it looks right. Well worn acu blends in to whatever because of all the white squares that stain.

In my opinion it is better to do your stalking before hunting season and set uwp a stand or blind where you predict the game will go. If you do that you can wear blue jeans and a tshirt if you want.
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Wool camo clothing is the best of the best of the best in comfort, noise reduction, and warmth.

What medical supplies do you take /out/ with you? I see a lot of anons dragging 'first aid kits' with them, but I rarely get descriptions of the contents.

Personally, if I were to take a kit, it would include only essentials like adrenaline, arterial tourniquets and OPAs: omitting non-essentials like plasters and creams.

That said, perhaps preparing for the common and trivial scenarios rather than the rare and critical would do more benefit when the numbers are considered.

How do you feel?
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I basically just bring some bandages, gauze and some antiseptic wipes personally
Where do you buy adrenaline?
>not king tube
do you even secure airway, faggot?

moving past the blatant troll op, i bring
>1" fabric tape

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Mora 749. A large knife or a small machete
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No tang, no buy.

Especially for something that huge.

Get a Terävä 140 if you want a good long-bladed scandi for cheap. Full tang.
The ultimate batoner
I'm pretty sure they're just about full tang but they're a stick tang.

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I've never climbed a mountain in my life. Is it possible for me as a student to get so experienced within a couple of months to eventually climb the Mont Blanc this August?
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Should be pretty ok to step over a pen
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I was referring to the French mountain of course, the highest peak in Europe
Unlikely and expensive. Mountaineering a rich guys sport. You could probably chuck a bunch of money at it and get taken up on a package holiday trekking dealy.

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what does /out/ think of southern Utah in general?
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It's awful and you should never go there
im thinking of moving to Utah.
whats the best place for a newcomer to land and have the easiest time with cost of living
and where its easy to get a job fast?
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Technically east central Utah, but Desolation Canyon is the shit. Heading there in a few weeks

lets talk a bit about multitools . i wanna acquire one , and i am not sure which one i should buy . in general . do /out/ use multitool ? or is it just a piece of trash ?
>btw does multitool in pic is good and the pricetag is fair ?
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That's an insane price for a wingman.

Here in Canada they're $45CAD.

If you are spending that much, just get a Wave, much more versatile.
>simultaneous multitool shill threads on /diy/ and /out/
Seems pretty shady if you ask me.
Nah, multitool shills are common on both boards. Plus the /diy/ thread's OP has different sentence structure, not to mention it was made 6 days before the /out/ thread.

I doubt they're related, but I appreciate your shitpost detector.

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What the fuck is that hellfeather
giant scale worm

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Anyone watch John Zahorian's youtube channel? Dude has inspired me big time. Check it out if youre interested in hiking any of the long trail, or in ultralight in general.

dude holds speed record for Colorado Trail. Anyone have opinion on FKT people? Some hate the idea, say only people with crazy egos do it . I think its cool, I want to FKT attempt the AZT next year.
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Kill yourself
>Anyone have opinion on FKT people?
if it makes you happy, do it. it has no affect on me. i don't know why anyone would get agitated over someone else enjoying being /out/ in a way they like. same as people hating ul. or hating people like me that like to max out at 10-11 miles a day and have a big meal every night. do your thing and have fun.
Yes, and I own his pack.

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I live in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe. Back in the day it was made up of a couple large cities (Toronto and Hamilton) and numerous smaller communities. However in the past couple decades these smaller communities have been absorbed by Toronto, turning them into disgusting concrete jungles. These changes also resulted in unaffordable housing, the destruction of historical landmarks, an increase in crime, and millions of foreigners pouring into southern Ontario. Urban sprawl must be stopped and metropolises need to shrink.
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Have to drive at least 2 hours out of my city to see anything undeveloped. Man, fuck suburbs. What a miserable life. All the shitty parts of living in the city meet all the shitty parts of living in the country.
too much freedom for you commie?
cities in the us are shrinking slightly in recent years i believe.
but that means less undeveloped countryside? :(

If you don't gave a packraft yet, fucking get one.
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On my list. Really want to do the wilderness portion of the Middle Fork of the Flathead.

I've been considering them, I always go fishing when I hike but being stranded to the shore by the campsite is less than ideal most of the time

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So, as some of you may know, In Russia you can just apply to win a free hectare of land in the far east frozen tundra and if you can develop it in 5 years the goverment lets you keep it forever. ( https://www.rt.com/business/345022-russia-far-east-free-land/ )

As far as I ahve been able to see, this offer is only valid for Russian Nationals. However I am still going to try to apply for it by pestering my local Russian Embassy and talking to some people there. I may be able to work something out ( Being Brazilian and part of the BRICS economic block may help me ) or even adquire a second nationality with them (Getting it only requires paying some taxes to russia every year apparently. Not that hard.)

How would the people of /out/ go about working to make that land in those 5 years to get to keep it? What sort of crops would you raise in that frozen tundra? How would you build your small house there? How would you deal with the though weather and land to make nature your bitch? What sort of hilarious hijinks would you go through?
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We have had threads like this one previously, my biggest doubt is in regards of the quality of the land that you are given to. It will probably be some shithole middle of bumfuck nowhere where your provisions have to be dropped by air or something like that.

That being said it's in fact interesting thing to look at with more detail. As far of growing stuff there you'll need some type of greenhouse to take the most advantage of it.

Anyway I kinda like Russia but desu I don't really trust many things there, from access to healthcare to them having your personal info so it's not for me. I'm an Euro and my government from time to time does similar shit like offering beneficies for people willing to go live in old villages and such, you being a Brazilian have nothing to lose anon.
>my biggest doubt is in regards of the quality of the land that you are given

Me too. I am looking at what the best plots of land they have to offer are. If I go through with this I will try to get something as far south as possible, just north of the Machuria. Idealy somewhere relatively close to a city (1km to 15km) so I can get internet and electricity without too much hassle.

>As far of growing stuff there you'll need some type of greenhouse to take the most advantage of it.

Also true. I was thinking of having most of the land open but with a 10mx10m greenhouse so I dont stop my crops fully for 7 months a year.

>you being a Brazilian have nothing to lose anon.

2true4me my dude. I have about 5000US$ in brazil money with me in total savins. I could probably get started there.
What's your profissional background, m8? Is your goal own land or just leave Brazil? Have you considered Europe?

I am looking at getting a woodgas stove off amazon.
This will be for car camping so weight is no problem.
Any suggestions?
Pic related is only 18 bucks but when the english is that bad I am not sure I trust the product.
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Get the Wild Woodgas stove. I have it and it rocks.
How well does it work with a stock pot or large cast iron skillet?
How long does it take to boil water for coffee?
Start to finish including starting the fire

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