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We all have those woods we would play in when we were growing up, right?

Did the same thing happen to yours? Did they cut all the trees down and build houses over it?

When I was a kid I'd steal equipment keys and gas cans over night to slow down the construction. Where else would the deer go? Neighborhood on one side, highway on the other, what other woods did they have?

And what about all of the neighbor kids, where would we play?
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I would play in the woods when I visited my grandmother, who lived in a small town steadily being drained of both people and economic vitality. The future of the woods was never at risk.
Damn. I thought I was the only 12yo eco-terrorist.
i helped plant more trees there and its looking better then ever since it has gotten more public funding and interest due to popularity of mountain biking and joggin swell as generally more appreciating outdoors

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Time to post pictures, stories and questions about skiing.

How has your season been so far?
The conditions here in Norway have been abysmal so far, but I've still managed to get /out/ almost every week.
Still have some hopes for late season back country, there's been some snowfall the last days.
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Skied up to this cabin, an easy three hour trip to get to this beautiful secluded cabin wthout electricity and running water, where we got drunk by candlelight before skiing back down the next day.
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This was on a day hike from another mountain cabin, between Bergen and Oslo.

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What pocket knife does /out/ carry?
I used to have a RAT-1 but I lost it somewhere on campus so I just bought a Kershaw Cryo
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When I think pocket knife I think random 20$ folding knife honestly. I went into the army navy store and bought a folding K-Bar with serrations for 20 bucks after asking the guy for a rando utility folder.

I think when you're looking for an every day carry pocket knife it's really not worth spending much. It'll do the job.
>I think when you're looking for an every day carry pocket knife it's really not worth spending much. It'll do the job.

Yeah I definitely agree man. That's what I liked about the RAT and the Cryo. I got them on Amazon for like..20 bucks. The steel gets razor sharp, and holds the edge for a fair amount of time. I don't see why people spend over 100 dollars on "nice" benchmade and spyderco knives unless they're just into metallurgy and like collecting knives. I don't see the use for anything any more expensive than 30 dollars for a utility knife.
I carry around my ~$100 benchmade most days. Its nice having something that doesnt get loose over time and that was exactly what I was looking for - assisted open tanto half-serrated with a secondary lock. If I could find something of similar quality for cheaper I would jump on it.

I really like some CRKT knives, but none of them stood out as much and I've had a history of them getting loose over time.

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So you guys like weird little house on wheels I built one ask me stuff pic related
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lets talk about..pants!

do you like modern high-tech or classics?
what kind of pants do you wear?
which material do you prefeer?
are cargos THIS useful?
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i wear Snickers

unparalleled comfort
unparalleled storage space
stretchy bits are real good
srsly if youve never had knee pads, try it
Depends on the season and conditions. Light weight nylon for 40-45F and above. Wool for 40 F and below. Also synthetic long john bottoms paired with either material depending on temps.
Bespoke selvedge outdoorsman's jeans.

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>Never really been /out/ before
>Read Bear Bear Grylls's book
>He climbed mount Everest at 21, I've just turned 27 and done nothing
>Decide I will "climb" mount Snowdon
>Parents start panicking saying I need tons of equipment and training to take a jaunty walk up a gradual slope for 3 hours. And how I've never done any serious walking in my life.

Are they just being fucking retarded. If old people and children do it then I'm sure I can.

And when I google pictures of snowdon I don't see people with tons of specialise equipment they're just wearing shirts and trainers.
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Ok so what's the point of this thread
Do they have a point or not?

Are you too pussy for Ben Nevis via CMD Arete or something?

I know many here look down on this style of out but lets be honest, everyone does it.
Out west its pretty easy to sneak out into the mountains into utter seclusion for a few days .
Lets see you rigs and how you set up camp.
Tarp tips would be helpful as well as cooking from a cooler.
This weekend was still a bit cool but next weekend I am hitting the road.
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Tarp IG.jpg
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>look down on this style of out
as long as the point is to enjoy the outdoors, there is no wrong way to camp
I done some shit, and I don't look down on car camping at all
>essential for getting to some trail heads
>great for acclimatizing people to high altitudes before backpacking
>legitimate way to travel all over the US
>often free
>still sleeping outside
>bushcraftingfags can destroy all they want, because it's already destroyed
Only downside is that there can be other people, but I don't sperg out on it

What are the best countries to own land in?
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I'm just talking from my ass here but somehow I feel like that Germany must have good property ownership rights. Those fuckers used to have great privacy laws to but I know that went down the shitter though.

Then maybe Austria or Switzerland, scandis would be a nice option but they have freedom to roam and such which is nice if you don't have land, but I would not like to have people on my property.

In southern Europe there's "tons" of land for dirty cheap and it ain't too bad if you don't mind bureaucracy.
I think this is also a problem in Austria/Switzerland/Germany when owning Land, you're not even allowed to just build a cabin to store random stuff in without getting a license.
>I think this is also a problem in Austria/Switzerland/Germany
Yeah probably but there's northern Europe bureaucracy and southern Europe bureaucracy.

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Where the hell are you supposed to get hiking backpacks that don't require a bank loan to be able to buy? Is it a bad idea to just buy something off Aliexpress until I can afford some proper stuff?
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Bought my Kelty at REI for <$200

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Hi, /out/! I'm thinking about starting urbexing. What should I know about it? What gear should I bring with?
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Homeless drug addicts
A camera. Take pics, post here
Getting arrested for trespassing

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At exactly 12:00 PM, every anon that has posted on 4chan in the last three months receives a warning in a deep, unnatural voice, it says

> "You have two hours to prepare."

Before disappearing. You innately sense that you will be teleported to another world, much like earth, with an ecosystem reminiscent of prehistoric earth, and a great many abandoned, and empty ruins that haven't been occupied for at least a century.

You will be able to take 200 pounds of anything you can carry, or one person you know personally and 100 pounds of anything you can carry, with you.

When the anons are teleported, each board will receive 250 miles of untamed wilderness, with a moderately sized ruined city, containing the bare minimum needed to kickstart a medieval level civilization, to themselves.

/k/ gets its own land, /pol/ gets its own, etc. Each anon will be teleported to the territory of the board they browse and post most frequently in, if they're divided in their posting, they go to the board they favor most.

> What, or who, do you take with you, and what is your plan to survive and start civilization?
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12pm where? Zulu time?

Let's say Eastern Pacific.
How many dragon dildoes are 350 pounds?

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What's the best national park in America (besides Alaska) to visit. I like mountains and trees, so don't recommend any parks in deserts. Currently I think The Grand Teton Park is where I'm going.
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Alaska is a state, not a national park.
It might as well be.
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Glacier for sure for mountains and trees

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the sheep look up.jpg
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>The ecology of the earth is collapsing

>Species are going extinct every day

>All beautiful traditional cultures of the world are being erased by Corporate "Strip mall culture" that turns human into porn consuming designer jeans wearing mouths with a wallet attached

>Technlogy that was supposed to make life better has ruined our earth and alienated our citizens

>The water is unfit to drink

>The air is unfit to breathe

>Even going /out/ is not an option because civilization will eventually find you

Honestly considering suicide right now bros. Any good /out/ reasons not to
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You could start sabotaging stuff you don't like or something.

Life will find a way, except yours hopefully

I was spraypainting STOP! YOU'RE KILLING ME on industrial sites for a long time and etchng it into equipment with Acid but unfortunately not enough people have read The Sheep Look Up for that to pan out

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Hey /out/, /k/ here. I just got a research gig that necessitates being in the VA woods all summer. What does /out/ recommend for woodland boots that can stand up to creeks, mud, and the like? Pic related, got some belleville goretex and some low end bates already, but don't know if they'll suffice.
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Careful. It's really easy to accidentally trigger those old vets. Best to just not wear boots at all.
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>Not wearing sabatons
I listen to sabatons instead

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Anyone on this board have to deal with any medical problems when /out/?

Me and my gf have a 3 month road trip planned around the US, camping at a bunch of different spots and now I find out that i'm Late onset type 1 diabetic.

Now have a lot of new shit to deal with having to test my blood and inject insulin and shit and honestly feeling pretty down about it, I keep wondering if i'll be able to handle this or what would happen if I need a hospital but i'm in the middle of the woods somewhere.

Anyone have to deal with diabetes or something that involves a lot of medical care but you still make it /out/, tell me your stories give me confidence please.
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Its not as bad as you think man. Read up on it, manage your food intake and make sure not to skip testing and you will be just fine.
i have a 16 year old /in/ cousin who's insulin dependent, and my brothers and i take him /out/ backpacking in the sierra every summer.

your key is going to be a) learning to recognize when your sugar is low, and b) being with someone who will recognize when your sugar's low and make you test no matter how big an asshole you're being about it when you miss it
sorry guy, getting old aint no joke.

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