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Unpopular /out/ tactics/opinions that you actually follow
>Vibram five finger shoes are great for innawoods

>Expensive gear is NOT better than Milsurp and spending any more money on gear than necessary to essentially be poor is stupid

>/out/ activities have flourished over the years because it is and has stayed a primarily white activity

>Batonning is a Youtube fad and needs to die. Just carry a damn axe

>Everyone should carry a firearm while /out/. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

>Minimalist /out/ing is a meme. Carry gear and learn to use it properly
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None of these are unpopular.

>environmentalism is good, but man made global warming is faker than 9/11
>Expensive gear is NOT better than Milsurp
Obviously wrong
>and spending any more money on gear than necessary to essentially be poor is stupid
Probably right

Everyone should carry a firearm while /out/. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it
Unless you're somewhere like IL where you are risking years in federal pound me in the ass prison.
Hi /x/

Hammock time.

Direct all hammock related questions here.

Post your set up.

Ask questions.

This isnt the place to say you think tents are better than hammocks. They both have their place, and everyone can use what they like. Remember, this is a happy hammock thread.
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I've only used a sleeping bag inside a hammock for insulation. Is it worth it to get an underquilt?
def get a mat. I use a self inflatable one and it works wonders. Always insulate your back!
If you're serious about hammocking, then yes.

They aren't cheap, but they're worth it. If you don't use a hammock often, a pad will work alright.

Regardless, for colder temps, under insulation is essential.

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Need a pic of a mixed race / latino, large uncut dick taken in this style preferably. Ty. Also general rate thread
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I'm a mestizo with an average sized cut dick.....
Has to look mixed and be uncut srry
Bumpppp someone find it for me and I'll give you my sc

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I am in search of a girl to be a slave of and serve 24/7. I accept the fact that my only purpose on this earth is to serve and entertain females. I am ready to be humiliated and used like a piece of worthless meat I am. I fully understand that this is NOT for my pleasure, but for yours, so i dont expect to enjoy my self or cum at all. Only when you feel like it would please you.

I have some experience in this lifestyle (online) but i would like to be further trained!!! I have snapchat and skype where we can talk if you'd like. I am hoping to do this online for a while and hopefully actually meet one day and then i could be your slave living in your house, for your use.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm hoping to hear back from you :)
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So basically you would like someone to treat you like your mom already does..
Only if you're into that too haha. Totally up to you : )
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Fine...you can worship my pussy
Kik: decrepitude

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Curious: Has anyone ever met up with/ dated someone they had met on 4chan?
I am about to meet my ld boif that I met on /soc/ in just under 2 weeks. Any stories?
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Pretty awesome girl I met up last year, texted almost every day. Hanged out for a while and had lots of fun with, even fucked for a few, but messed I up early this year so we barely even talk if at all.
How did you mess it up?
I briefly dated a girl I met on a different board who lives close to me. Super sweet girl, we still text sometimes.

>never been with or kissed a guy
>have social anxiety
>live in the ghetto
>dropped out of H.S
>got fire from my job (was a waitress)
>My dad left when I was 12..
>My mom drinks..alot
>I always look down at my feet when I walk
>Can't look anyone in the eyes
>I have really small hands and feet..ugh..
>always looking to escape this shit reality
>try everything to drown out the fuckin noise in my head
>whenever im walking and I notice someone walking towards me, I suddenly forget how to walk..its so fuckin weird like I idk...ughh I just over think everything...I overthink walking ffs im so fuckin done... :/

I just feel so fucking beat. So broken and battered. No matter how hard I try to be normal I always end up feeling so empty...so fake and useless...


I use steam because whenever I give out my skype it leads to sexual things..

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Any other way to talk to you apart from steam since I dont have it now? I was depressed from 16-24/25 and I had serious anxiety problems but i've gotten over it now.
i kinda have a feeling i've read this all before...not your first thread?

>imblying you're real.
so what's the goal of this thread? will you get naked? looking to socialze? just passing time?
Been making these threads on /b/ all day with the same pic. Fake unless a new timestamp happens

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1. write your city/municipality, kik, gender and sexuality.
2. contact eachother
3. see where it goes

I'll go first.
Oslo, gutt hetero
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OP her, husk å legge ved alder,

20 her
18/F lesbian, italian :)

30 m

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New rate thread
Since everything past 100 replies gets boring.
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you just look ordinary
Be humble!
Get /out/!

Anyone who wants to rate my butt butt butt? <3 Girls are welcome to, i guess..
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one more
would grope/10. can you do ass on soles pls?
Solid 10/10 in my personal preference, you really have a nicely shaped butt

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Male feet thread? Looking for bigger guys wearing socks, personally.
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US 14s good enough for ya? Maybe I'll take a picture of mine, lmao.
I would like that very much.
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Size 16 wide US I am 6'7 and a fat fuck.

2 girls looking for 1 daddy pref in EU too or willing to travel


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that's us silly
Rly? lmao

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New assumption thread
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Was a mall rat, grew up in a suburb of a midsized city, has a lot of fond memories of playing halo with your friends in high school.
You look like someone that gets joked on by airport security for your body mods.

You also look like someone who would say "PBR tastes good"
You look like someone who doesn't shut up about how it's fun to smoke weed.

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Can't find one, so clean snapchat thread?

My snap is ebonysenpai.
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M/20 skyblueplains
Looking for friends

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Rate me? Ill rate back
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Change your haircut
You have cool eyes
Smile man
6/10 you look cool to hangout with
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nice eyes
damnnnn sweet eye colour
nigger your eyes are cooler
trims those brows


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19 F, Sweden add me on snap guys!
snap: tonka.b
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21 M, Norway
Snap : tommykristoffer
cant find you add me boootyliquor
19 M USA
Add me girls clayote

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