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Does anyone here scuba? I am getting my certification now, and had a few questions. To start, has anyone heard of SDI? I was told to either get my certification through NAUI or PADI, with NAUI being better- but the course I'm in is SDI and I can't find much info on them.
I uses ti scuba. Just do padi if you want to look at coral. Padi is international and teqches you everyrhing you need t o know.
Im not, Im on my way up through technical cave diving. This means either NAUI or SDI. With SDI, you earn your tech certs through TDI, and NAUI is the same org the whole way through.
Well your insane but i don't know which one teaches insanity better.

You do know there's alot of pretty fishes at about 20m deep?
I cave above ground throughout WV and Va. Ive spend literal days at a time underground. Ive belly crawled through a stream with my helmet rubbing on a roof- for 3000 feet to get to a room in Friars Hole.

I want to explore caves underwater too.
>I cave above ground

ok that is a tricky phrase, but you know what I mean.
I've always wanted to Scuba
What are jobs you can do as a scuba diver?
Since I am socially awkward, a job where I can just go deep into the ocean with all the amazing creatures away from people would be great for me
I'm a neet so it would be good to have a job for the first time
Can you study sea creatures and deep sea creatures as scuba diver if you are a high school dropout? (Dropped out of school because of bullying)
I could learn all the science needed from books, so I wouldn't need to finish school and do uni
> my dad
> night before scuba exam he clebrates
> gets shitfaced with his cousin whos also taking it
> cousin is basically shitfaced squared
> midway thru the exam cousin pukes underwater
> fucking fish come out of everywhere and gobble up ever single part of vomit
> both fucking passed
> he raised a son who just bikes around
> still wears helmet at 19
>mfw Im 20 and have done caving, rockclimbing, skydiving, and am currently learning scuba
>mfw my dad is a cuck that never does anything outdoorsy
>mfw the most dangerous thing he does is drink and drive
>mfw no fatherly bonding in a national forest
You can be a Scuba instructor if you get the highest possible scuba certification, but scuba diving is an expensive hobby, so I don't know if you are willing to put the initial money forward.

I've never heard of SDI, I got my certification through NAUI last year and have around 20 dives logged. I live in Florida and I think it would be hard to live anywhere else and be a Scuba diver, since there just aren't a lot of places to dive and Florida is number one in America.

If I could give you any advice it would be that this is an expensive sport but the best thing you can do for yourself is buy your own equipment (minus the tank). Your life depends on this equipment, remember that.

Diving is only dangerous if you are a dumbass. There are old divers and there are bold divers, but never both.
Figure out where you're going to dive most often. (be realistic.) 99% of your dives will be with tanks filled at your home dive center. Can you get air fills there with SDI? If yes, you're fine. I have certifications with PADI, NAUI, SSI, CMAS... I've had good trainers and shit trainers; the industry is piss poor at regulating itself. Steer clear of any instructor who seems macho is the only and best advice.

Financially, steer clear of instructors who push gear on you. They should provide gear for training (apart from mask/fins/snorkel); after that, buy decent used gear. There is NO reason someone should be dropping $600 on a BCD, for example.
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The instructor did list several packages of gear we could buy, can I get your opinion? I am thinking about the University System and upgrading to a 3mm suit for an extra $20. He also is giving us $75 of it towards the certification dives so its only actually $200 + the $20 for the upgrade.

He says everything except the mesh bag are cressi, but didnt mention what models.
As for airfills, yes. I live in 3 different states depending on the time of year, and there is an SDI affiliated shop near each location. However eventually, (several years) when I have the technical certs I am after, it will require traveling to Fl, TX, and several other locations to cave. If I cant find an SDI shop in those particular towns, would a PADI or NAUI shop fill tanks for me?
So you can't get jobs being a scuba diver?
other than being an instructer?
OP i think you mean SSI. yes they are fine. they ar one of the first for profit scuba cert providers and their certification is accepted all over the world. they offer the basic open water and elective classes after that, advanced open water, stuff like that. basic open water will let you dive to about 70 ft max, advanced open water will let you dive to 120 or so depending on the operator.
No, SDI, Scuba Diving International. Its the rec division of TDI.
I suppose you could pull bodies out of rivers, but you probably have to have a degree for that
On dirty jobs once I saw a guy that goes around diving in ponds at golf courses and sells the golf balls he finds. You could always do that?
I hate people with shaved legs (men) looking down on me because I look dirty and not showered compared to them whenever I pass by a group of divers when hiking around coasts.
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Never heard of SDI, went through SSI for openwater, PADI for advanced with specialisations.

Been on a lot of dives, thought of going for my rescue + DM but never really was that grabbed by scuba compared to spearing.

If you like caving, I say find somewhere that does wreck penetration courses, I'm not sure if any civilian operators still do it.
clearance diving for your country's navy is always an option.
Underwater welding, demolition and rescue/retrieving work usually requires some education to do, on account of it being hard to do or dangerous (or even both).
Coincidentally, they also pay pretty well. See about getting back to school or talking to some people who do it to figure out if it is for you.
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