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So I have a sleeping bag that's intended to be used inside a tent in summer. Probably not even rated to freezing.

I was wondering if something like pic related would make it a little warmer so I can take it out in the fall when I'm on a fishing trip. Might also want to use it for backpacking.

Would it work, or should I wait for a better sleeping bag to go on sale?

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OP again. I should probably add that the sleeping bag I have has plenty of insulation, but doesn't have any measures to keep out water or wind.
is that a waterproof tarp ?
if so chances are its going to act like a vapor barrier. the sweat from sleeping will condense on the cold inside layer. and once wet it will start to lose heat faster. but might be fine so best to test it beforehand. to get an idea over 8 hour a normal person sweats around 200-400 ml. if its hot then ofc more. many commercial bivi bag are quite expensive for that reason as they are grotex or whatever.
Thanks for the info. Yeah, it's a tarp.

I guess I'll give it a shot. If nothing else, I'll have something to keep my sleeping bag from getting wet if it rains and the tent's leaking.

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Pls explain
Let it slide

I'm looking for a new daypack, preferably with an arched, trampoline back, between 20-30l.

Is this Berghaus a good buy for £35 ($44) ? Is Berghaus stuff still good quality, or it's just for fashion now?

Asking you guys, since there are no serious shops here to try bags out in person, unfortunately.
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Bumping for OP
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Marmot Kompressor Plus is same price and I own 2. Lightweight, fits hydration bladder and can be rolled up really small. I own the black version.

/out/ I'm going to be purchasing a popup camper next week, a used 2002 starcraft. I've never owned a popup before. Any tips maintenance tips? Things I should bring with me when I use it?
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Opinions are mixed. Unless you have young children, people will tell you to just get a tent or refurbish an airstream. On the one hand they're okay, but on the other they're shit and don't come with a toilet which the the only good part of a camper.
Friend of mine ripped off a corner jack first trip /out/.

A Coleman, its really nice, deluxe actually.

But a 12 man canvas pyramid tent is far more portable and far cheaper.

It's all up to what you want, there is no bad way /out/, unlike the elitist fags will tell you.
Make sure you bring a spare winder (The thing you use to wind it up/down) in your car as well as your trailer. At very least find some tools eg spanners that fit the slot so if you lose yours you can still wind it up/down. Ridiculous to mention, probably, but trust me losing it half way through a road trip with no spare is a horrible experience, had to make some amalgamation of tire iron and spanner

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Anybody down to be my gf for tonight?
At least just for the night?

I can smoke you out with weed or if you want I can buy you some wine or a nice dinner

Or I can borrow my friends kitchen and make you dinner, whatever you want, as long as you tell me what ingredients to use so I know what you are or are not allergic to.

We can have a good comfy time, play vidya, talk, chill on a big comfy couch with blankets, watch twitch streams on a big screen TV of other people playing vidya, like your favorite pro gamers, watch a spoopy movie, listen to chill vibe music or metal or whatever kind of music you are down for, I know some legit playlists that are comfy af as well

Anybody down?

Legit tonight I can make this all happen lmao I'm 100% dead serious

Guy here btw
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OP here

Must be:
>in or near LA or Pomona area
>or trans woman
>or cute trap waifu like this video
>tight body
>or thicc body with big tits
>down for a good time
>down for some good pipe/benis
This sounds like me, but I'm thicc with small tits. Pretty big ass though. Oh well.

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F. 18
Insta: plsgoaway.thx
DM me
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Looks fake, but I'll try.
don't bother

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Cock threads are boring. How about cock + face? I'll start
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7" long, 5 1/4 - 5 3/4 around
They used to be a regular thing with their own special OP pic, but they died out for some reason.
Bump for broanon!

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I'm a 22 year old brown dude, I've recently gone through some life stuff and lost all my friends in this city haha. If you have nerdy hobbies, we'll totally get along. I also like non nerdy stuff like drinking and I've traveled a lot of North America too. Basically, just need some new friends so I don't sit around surfing the web. If you're in the same boat, hit me up with contact info and I'll reply with mine. See yaasss
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"hi. I'm intentionally breaking this boards rules just so I can feed my need for attention. Please love me. My mum won't let me back in her bed. "

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New rate thread. I'm 18 almost 19 btw :|
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Hard to rate. Bad lighting. You are back lit. The light should be in front of you. Take a better picture.
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You look like an anti-ISIS Kurdish soldier, 6/10

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Here you can try and get to know other sugar daddies or sugar babies, Leave your kik or skype and some information about yourself
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> on 4chan
> has money
Pick one.
true :(

general thread for Chicago people
fit heads
gear heads
just post ya info and what youre looking for
be nice....ish
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I would love to have Chicago friends who aren't memes unlike how they usually are in these threads
Northern subs (basically Wisconsin) 21 white male. I'm more laid back, so I'm cool with a lot of different things. But my interests include snowboarding (terrible winter this year), video games, TV, drugs, whatever.

Just putting some info out for fun, I dont really expect much to come of it. Hopefully this thread takes off.
Yeah, Chicago and Illinois threads usually don't gather much interest. Usually young women from downstate and single guys from Chicago itself.

Rate body of my gf
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0 / timestamp
9/10 show ass please

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Is anyone up to getting wasted in some tinychat room? If you know any good rooms, suggest it! pic: My caricature
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I'm in tincychat /soc atm

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UK KIK Thread? A/S/L

Straight M/ 25/ Newcastle/
Women only please!

- Erxy11
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23 male Glasgow Bi

Happy to talk to anyone as long as you can carry a conversation.

Kik: obedientapple

Bisexual, both women or men, bottom for men, switch with women. As long as clean and disease free, up to have fun, fetishes, kinks.

any age up to 40 though.

anyone want to jack off on skype
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User name?
ye! give me your user
justmydick1 my id

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