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Did you see/ear/feel something
strange when sleep /out/ alone?
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i was sharing a tent with a friend once and i woke up int he middle of the night with my dick out. i don't know if he did it or if i did it.
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I once heared a hobo moan in the woods. Turned out as I was looking from where the sound came from he was jerking off to traps on one of those iPads on steroids from Apple.
I packed my gear again and left the faggot habitat.

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How many knots do you know off the top of your head?
My two goals for 2017 are to learn spanish and to learn enough knots to get me through the next 20 years of fishing and camping.

What are the easiest ways to learn knot tying ?
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take up sailing
>learning to tie knots

Get a rope and a boy scout handguide.
Or google that shit anon
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>family of 8s
>clove hitch
>munter hitch
>overhand on a bight
>fisherman/double fisherman
maybe a couple more that i can't recall because i'm shitfaced. and i literally put my life in the hands of my knots; pic semi-related.

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Ok going to be camping for a week with the girlfriend.

In Oregon wilderness.

Plan on hiking 50-80 miles, more if we feel like it.

Bringing tent, tarp, 3 blankets(same size as 2 sleeping bags), muh innawoods knife, 100 feet of paracord, rainjackets, plus extra set of warm layers and multiple extra socks, some water bottles and we have a water source figured out as we'll be near a river.

And a deck of cards and some lighters for fire.

So far for food were thinking, a 2-3lbs of trail mix, 10 cans of beans, baggie of multivitamins, 2lb tub of peanut butter, granola bars and pop tarts.

Obviously most of this food has the same nutritional value so we'll be dosing multivitamins and drinking extra water.

Any advice? Please be sensible.
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Side note: Enjoy shitting your life away from a shitty meal while /out/. Get something healthy.
Like what? So far this is the plan.

Roughly 10,000 calories for 5-6 days.
3 pounds of peanut butter/peanuts
5-6 cans of beans.
1 pound of dates.
1 box of pop tarts.
10 multi vitamins.

This is for each of us.

What do you suggest we do? A week's worth of food is a lot to bring. Peanuts and beans can't be too unhealthy with multivitamins.
Thats fine. I was homeless for a year and lived innawoods and all i ate was bean dip tortilla chips peanut butter honey and multivites. Unless you both really love poptarts you may be better off taking granola bars instead of them

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How to become full /out/ist for begginer?
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Step 1, have to make it further up the trail than 500 yards away from where 100 cars are parked
What do you want to do? Hike, mountaineer, paddle, fish, bushcraft, bike tour, rock climb, hunt, garden?
Lurk mora and don't start threads like this

How do i convince a girl who never goes out to come camping with me?
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start with full service glamping and gradually wean her off luxuries until she's going on multiday backpacking trips with you.

This. If she is not into camping like you are, you slowly got to break her in.
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Just show her how all the other girls are posting outdoor content. Its practically all the rage now.

Instagram and pinterest are your friend.

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Just started getting into archery again now that the weather is nice, so lets talk bows. Do you prefer traditional, recurve, compound, or crossbow for target shooting? What about for hunting?

I just got a takedown recurve, really pleased with it so far. How do I improve my accuracy? I can get a pretty tight cluster around the target, but actually hitting it is another story.
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Traditional all the way, use to have one that I got made from a Native around my place (actually respectable and great work). Ended up abusing it and broke it, 500 dollars down the drain.
When weapons are discussed with an emphasis on outdoor recreation, they fall under the scope of /out/, without regard to /pol/ affiliations. Archery is an activity, not a weapon.

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I'm sure a lot of you guys were scouts when younger and went to camps. This thread's for all those stories creepy, gross, funny and in between that happened at scout camp. I've worked as a camp counselor for years and have a fair share of counselor stories, so camp counselors please contribute as well.
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>bigass scout camp that covers several thousand acres
>have general subcamps and outpost areas for miscellaneous activities
>one of the most popular is the BMX course
>middle of the summer a group of scouts goes there
>one kid wipes out and flies off his bike
>happens all the time, staff running the course shrugs it off
>kid gets up and there's a huge rip down his jeans
>staff tells the kid to go innawoods and make sure he didn't bruise because youth protection
>kid comes back pale saying he needs to go to the hospital
>turns out the handlebar ripped through his pants
>down his leg
>ripped his scrotum open
>kid has to cup his balls to keep the junk from coming out as he's taken to health and then the hospital
>ends up getting 60 stitches
>never screamed or cried, probably because he was in pure shock

It was 2010, chances are he was wanting to get a sex change sooner or later. Handle bar was just starting a job he wanted done.
What is it with bikes and accidents at Scout camps?
>Camp my troop went to every summer would rent mountain bikes
>Couldn't adjust the seats, so there was a height requirement
>Annoying (probably autistic) kid too short for a bike sneaks into the group getting bikes one evening
>Everyone tears off down the trail without him
>He's whining and trying to catch up
>Has to stand on the pedals because he can't reach them from the seat
>Come to first downhill stretch and go around first curve
>Hear the distant whine of annoying kid trying to catch up
>Everyone stops as if on cue
Later find out that all of us were wondering if he'd be able to handle the curve
>Glorious view of him screaming down the hill and crashing into the trees
He thought the brakes were in the pedals like on little kid bikes, had no idea what the brake handles were for
>Everyone grudgingly goes over to see if he's dead or not
>He's moving, guess he's alive
>Holy shit, his ear is hanging by a flap of skin
This camp is something like a 2.5 hour drive from the nearest hospital
>He just sits and screams at us instead of coming back to the campsite
>We have to go get our scoutmaster and a couple of the other dads
>Takes all three of them to carry him back, he keeps trying to punch and kick them
>One dad is an orthopedic surgeon
>Has us tie the kid down while he boils a fishing hook and some thread
>Scoutmaster and other dad hold the kid's head down while surgeon dad stitches his ear back into place and bandages it up
>Annoying kid taken home in the morning, never comes back to troop
I've since realized that since all the guys were going biking the dads had probably been hitting my scoutmaster's secret whiskey stash that he tended to bring on campouts.

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Acceptable or a dick move for scaring away the wildlife?
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>Be hiking the Northwest Circuit of Stewart Island on my own
>It's a 10 day trek
>Lucky to see another soul on the track for half of the days
>Had only the solace of listening to my thoughts, the rustling of the leaves and distant waves from the ocean to hear
>Be 3 hrs into trecking on the 5th day
>Could swear I was hearing voices for about 1 hour over and over
>Literally thought I was going insane
>All of a sudden three Hunters singing traditional Maoi Songs emerge around the corner fully jovial like the fucking 7 dwarves
>They say hi to me and carry on

To this day I'm still not sure if they were a figment of my imagination or actually real.

Please don't sing in the woods.
ew, no
i sing creepy songs when deep in the woods in order to creep out anyone else near bye
like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N9LnkKQfuc

"First Time I've Ever Received More Than $5 Back" edition

last year we waited 'til the last minute to buy my wife a backpack and sleeping pad, so like a couple of chumps we paid full price in store, and now i'm getting $36 back. in conjunction with the 20% off coupon my kahtoola microspikes will only be $27.

pic related: what 90% of rei's client base thinks is /out/
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I spent over 900 on clearance merchandise, which of course was not able to go towards the dividend. There was a couple other things I almost bought but didn't because it was clearance.

I did get $10 back from my Camelback which got me a new tube for my bike and an adapter so I could fill said tube, Which I actually needed to go by anyways.
I have received more than $5 back from REI many times
I never thought it was worthy of starting a thread
>being so new you don't understand editions
>thinking your opinion is relevant
lurk moar, faggot

2 Friends and I (they are real I swear!) are going innawoods tomorrow and taking some of the below freeze dried meals with us. We will be rating them from 1 to 10 and i will report the results here in a day or two.

(B - B****)(D - D****)(N - N****) names redacted
Scale: (1 licking Satan’s taint)(10 Seven Vagánias)

BP Louisiana Red Beans & Rice -
BP Huevos Rancheros -
BP Sante Fe Style Rice w/ Chicken -
BP Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Chicken -
MH Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon -
MH Granola w/ Milk & Blueberries -
MH Beef Stew -
MH Macaroni & Cheese -
MH New York Style Cheesecake Bites -
MH Neapolitan Ice Cream -
WS Pasta Alfredo w/ Chicken -
WS Creamy Pasta w/ Chicken -
WS Apple Cinnamon Cereal -
WS Strawberry Granola Crunch -
WS Noodles w/ Beef in Mushroom Sauce -
WS Chili Mac w/ Beef -
WS Teriyaki Chicken & Rice -
Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream -
Polar Bear Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich -
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>no mountain house sweet and sour pork
How do you expect to have a top flavor higher than 6?

Also, with the MH flavors, try mixing them. Breakfast blend mixed with biscuits and gravy. Rice and chicken mixed with teriyaki chicken, etc.

BP Louisiana red beans and rice is my favorite BP flavor.

Haven't tried any wise company food, but reviews are pretty poor of their flavors.

Have fun. And try to be objective as possible.
>eating food while camping that you don't normally eat while not camping

Sounds like a fun way to spray local plants with diarrhea.
Mountain house is great. Make sure you get the water right though. Too much makes it runny, too little makes it crunchy.

My favorite from them is the stroganoff, chicken and rice, and the breakfast one with eggs, bacon, and peppers. Pretty good tasting to be completely honest and this is coming from a guy who doesn't usually eat typical trail food.

Easy to prepare too. Just add a little hot water, shake, close for about 10 minutes, then eet Dat sheeit. I heated the water in a shitty steel cup from walmart over a folding esbit stove (the one with the fuel cubes)

Pretty quick and good.

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How does /out/ feel about Primitive Technology?
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/out/ loves PT

except for that one guy who screams "shill" and throws a fit
I'm interested in trying to learn the techniques once the snow melts.
I think it's cool that he's keeping these techniques alive, but I'm not interested enough to watch it (or any YouTube channel) with any regularity.

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Do /out/ists like bluegrass music?
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Why not?
Yes. Lucky to have wamu bluegrass country in DC.

Also enjoy newgrass (trampled, stringdusters etc) old crows nice too

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What do you autists carry for defence innawoods? Let's face it, you're all alone out there, you need to have something that's capable of killing pretty much anything that may fuck with you.

I chose a big enough utility knife. I'm way too lazy/poorfag to buy a gun (Canada) and a Ka-Bar short is more than enough to put me on level footing with a black bear. Of course I have a small thing of mace, too.
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>What do you autists carry for defence innawoods?
Common sense and prep work
And what about when a bear charges at you?

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Any vets here?
Turns out we get free entry to most parks.
I had no idea.
Going to get my free parks pass on monday.
Also canada is giving americans free park passes for 2017.
I am going to camp all damn summer.
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REI also gives substantial discounts
You still need to make and pay for camping reservations you dumb fucking cunt. All parks at or over capacity will turn you around too. Please get educated.
I thought people in the us just camped wherever they wanted

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Sup /out/ As I type this, I am sitting in Hiker Hostel at the trailhead for the Appalachian Trail. Tomorrow I set out on my first thru-hike and will post periodically along my way. Anyone else thru-hiked NoBo before?

I'm going the ultra-lite route, measuring everything I take down to the individual ounce.
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what a cute pack! Post nudes
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It weighs in at a total of 13.8lbs, hiking poles not included. The pack is made out of Cuben Fiber, same material competitive sailing has been using to construct sails for the last decade or so. Tent is made out of the same thing, it's ridiculously light.

Also, no nudes.
From here on /out/ this thread is just going to be people shitposting so I'm just gonna get in early and say good luck and have fun. All my friends that did the AT loved it.

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