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If you are a GAMER and like socialising aswell join the FUCK up faggots.

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Thanks Ham

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When's the last time we had a Texas thread? Any girls in San Antonio want to go get ice cream?
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254 area code
Looking to be a sugar daddy to someone
Kik - centxguy81

Help me out, maybe we can hookup
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Bryan/College Station, just looking for friendos

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Nude Roll Thread

Let's start a new one, the old one's expired. :)

From >>25089534
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From >> 25061760

Sorry for that :)
well, lets start rolling.. :)
lets keep it goin.. :) roll :)

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Note: We are looking to do this on Wednesday or Thursday night April 12th or 13th!

My gf wants to try a glory hole in the safety of our home. She would like to find 3 to 4 CLEAN gentlemen that could cum fairly quick. She would prefer if you were shaved smooth. At least 1 BBC would be a plus. Preferably no older than 35 and please be respectful.
Please send us your Kik if you're interested. We will require a verification photo during our conversation. We will send a few in return that will prove its her behind the wall. I will let you in, show you to the wall, walk away, and then its cum and go for you. No male on male contact. She will also be vocal enough to know she is a woman.
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send us your kik to verify.
where are you in washington?
north of seattle/south of everett

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Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to the official /soc/ Florida thread. All Florida residents are welcome.

Please post your age, sex, location, and contact information. A brief bio and/or picture is optional but recommended.

Thank you and enjoy your visit! This thread brought to you by visitflorida.org,
The Official Tourism Marketing Corporation for the State of Florida.
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shamefully had a chuckle at the picture.

biological female
prefer not to drop contact info, if you're interested @ me and drop yours. i tend to get flooded otherwise, sorry.

what's to say. i'm about to be a student at ucf. i'm awkward as fuck, i'm 5'5" and i have a larger than normal chest, that's generally the first thing people notice about me.

i'm not sending you nudes. don't be a faggot.

into anime, vidya, and art (stupid art major)
find musicians and shitty hipsterfags drool worthy.

down for friends mostly. hmu ig lel.
hello there
also 18
from cleveland hope you're ok with that
and you share some intrests with me and i'm a musician (trumpet main, but i work with most brass, percussion, and some string) if you would like a friend then please hmu

22/M senior at UCF, hmu kik ingolfr

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young idiot here, I'm a guy who tried having sex with his girlfriend but my dick can only go an inch at that moment. I did it raw. is it because my dick is slanted downwards, as seen in pic related? or was her butt too big?

what do I do? me and her (I'm 18, she's 19) are very new to sex. any tips?
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forgot to mention I kinda bent it from humping the floor to masturbate in my early teens, I'm not kidding
bump, how do I fuck with a down slanted dick
It's probably not your dick - vaginas and dicks move move around quite a lot - they're not solid.

It's probably because she's really new to sex. This will get better with practise. Also, buy some lube

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post your tumblr, get asked anons. let's gooooo
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30yr old chick runs it

Ask me anything honestly

Drunk Degenerates Thread
I mean you know what's up does this need a description or rules
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Tfw you're the oldest fag on soc if not 4chan and no one would even know
Has anyone been here longer then 11years
Also it's op gonna be signing my posts since Id will be changing allot .
Ugh i got way too drunk tonight for no reason. Ate way over my calorie limit and will have to make it up hard the next 3 days or so. On top of that I got way too weird with this girl im talking to just when I felt her falling for me, thats either a set back or a complete lost cause at this point. And this other girl I'm talking to is such a shitter because she has a boyfriend and is sending me all these signals but I dont want to be that guy whos a shithead trying to fuck with another dude's girl but we have a history and its fucking me up blah blah blah. Typical lame loser shit but only posting about it because I'm drunk. I wish I was just 50 pound lighter right now and all my workouts immediately showed results instead of a slow burn toward my goal. And then I cant even know if that will fix my fucking problems because I've been so damn fat for so long that my body is probably fucked up forever anyway and even if I start getting some female attention I wont even know what to do with it because no one expects you to be an inexperienced fuck at 26. That shit is cute in highschool and college but completely unattractive, like "what the fuck is wrong with you mentally" unattractive that I'll just be lonely forever. Only thing I got going for me is I got friends.
Soc WTF you're known for drunk degenarets whers everybody at do I need to throw dick or rate in my title

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/amt/ Asian Men Thread

Post yourself, and contacts if willing.
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bumpin this shite
this thread looks like a failure. koreanfag here.
If the dick rate threads are any indication, there are not many Asian men here.

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Left or right thread

Also rate
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How about just my left?

Also left

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I know you all have some. Male/Female doesn't matter, just be creative! Any photo before, in, or after a bath/shower welcome!
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when you can't be bothered to take off makeup
Hehe. Nice pic
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Britfag thread

Britania rule the waves edition
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i want qt pom girl
dont we all buddy

Just moved here, need links for mandy bud and Charlie
People to sesh with would be appreciated too
Skype: callyjurr

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cock rate?
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Got a pic with the foreskin pulled back? between a 7 and 9 out of 10 depending on quality of pull back.l
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not a good pic :/ oh well
Gorgeous! 9/10. I'm getting all wet just thinking about you inside me

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new clean kik thread because all the current ones are about dicks!!

>what you're looking for
>what you aren't looking for
>your interests
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>26 male Philly
>what you're looking for
>awkward girls that I could be awkward with
>what you aren't looking for
>normal happy people
>your interests
>library sciences, birds
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23/m usa

>what you're looking for
some conversation

video games, music, sports, technology, imageboard culture
22-year old guy here looking for girls who love being tickled

Austhread: Fuck off Debbie Edition

It's that time again:
>IDs Skype, Discord, Kik. What are you looking for in the thread?
>Bonus Question: Thoughts on Ghost in the Shell movie, yeah or nah?

Join the discord or not, I'm a shitposter not a cop
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Lurkin around and hopefully killing myself after watching Ghost in the Shell at some point this week.


pourquoi pas?
29 M 4740

looks like flooding is gonna be pretty bad around town tonight, very high tides. got cooked as fuck on acid and ket last night and lost power. tripping balls in the dark with a storm on is not fun when you're sweating your ass off.

i dunno about the GitS movie, pretty keen to see how it goes desu.

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