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The anal only thread strikes again, talk about your anall needs or post your contact info along with asl. I'm 18/M/US
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And kik is animekeepsmegoing
A freshly spreaded boy in need of being penetrated 23 male Europe
Kik: smoothboredeer
That's not quite what this thread is for.

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>Rate Me.jpg
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stop trying so hard and stop watching anime
you're chubby anon

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RATE ?/10
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Got kik ?
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8/10 would suck
7/10 Op

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my shit country.png
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any South African anons here?

please be my friend! i'll be as cute as possible!
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How does your new weed law work?
you can grow, possess, and use weed in your own home. using it in public is still illegal though
Sup I'm in PE. Where you at?

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Anyone ever found a body while /out/?
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Have you lost one?
Back track and try to remember where you were the last time you used it.
Why? What did you hear?

What do you consider the absolute essentials when going innawoods?
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Nothing other than clothing.
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-basic tool (blade, perhaps hatchet)
-appropriate clothes (boots, layers, waterproof options, anything that dries quick particularly socks but also outerlayers)
-spending the night? don't skimp on sleeping stuff. don't skimp on sleeping stuff. period. tent, bivvy, hammock, lean-to, a-frame, tarp. you gotta be warm, safe, and get a good night's sleep.
-food: you need 75% essentials and 25% comfies
-water? lug it? filter it? boil it? lifestraw it? idgaf you need water somehow
This, jesus christ you dont need a daypack to go on a walk

Name your favorite /out/ scary movie. Movies based on the outdoors, caves, oceans, forests etc.

>I think this one is an easy contender
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I can probably name some bad ones, if you want to hear about them too by any chance.

Indigenous- kinda an /x/ /out/ movie about a Chupacabra. The girls are pretty. It's pretty shit jerky cam pics of monster(s)... kinda like your movie.

A Perfect Getaway- Not horror so much, but pretty good outdoor movie about some couples hiking around with a murdering couple in the midst.

Most of the shitty Wrong Turn movies. Hillbilly murder junk. Really bad.

Bringing us to the Gem- Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil- Awesome humor horror movie about camping college kids and two rednecks fixing up their cabin in the woods who clash with each other.
The Erotic Witch Project (2000)
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This was fun.

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Rate thread
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You look 14
OP - 7/10, cute.
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ITT Chat/Discussions general
"At each others throats" Edition

Witnessing the next god's ascension

Go honor our heritage of letting potato farmers have an excuse to be drunk....oh and happy sun-earth day too...

Post pics in current state(not neccesary if you don't want to)
post content
>What are you doing currently
>Recent music(post jewtube links if you have them)
>Why are you a NEET
>Recent stories(funny or shitty)

>>General Discussion
>You don't have to follow these guidelines, although they make it easier to introduce yourself.

Just post it

Old Thread: >>24979435
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I'd post a pic of myself when my fone's camera wants to work again

What are you doing currently
my eyes are buring from the weed I smoke, and I'm thinking of smoking more
>Recent music(post jewtube links if you have them)
for now thats all I got my head is a blank
>Why are you a NEET
I'm gonna have it made
I never did end up watching Hacksaw Ridge guess thats another one on the backlog
>Recent stories(funny or shitty)
Not sure why I put this but I don't have shit
Got a plethra of (you)s coming in and thread seems dead so I'll spam them ans scatter

I think thats the same thing that happened with morrowind when I bought oh so many years ago. But kek didn't know those peruvians loved SA that much. At least you don't have to dl some sketchy russ version

from all the shit I've heard about teachers at my high school and later in life. I figured no one cares about age, well until later. It could happen

>seman watts
Well shit I'd probably make that mistake if I had to read his name outloud, his middle name should be "inside"

>/g/ man
Hey how was I suppose to know, I've never really journeyed onto that board

Its mostly just a long side walk that stretches along the beach, I know the buildings and shops on the sidewalk have lights, but the probably don't stay on all night. And theres some light posts on the opposite side but not alot to feel safe
I've talked to some who just had bad luck, but the same can be part of a venice beach bum gang so I don't fuck with them

>secret back story
Well if hes choosing not to be open about then I guess it better not to prey about it

but why does a bebsgrille openly want attention from this thread?
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whoa dud fuck?

guess I wasn't quick enough to smash the abort button

Climber here.
I like having an aesthetically uniform rack and outfit. It also helps me recognise my gear when out with others.

It started out with my first harness, which was coincidentally green/gray and things moved on from there. Soon my tuber, quicksdraws, jacket etc. followed.
The toque was the last addition.

Do you do match your gear in terms of colour?
Why do you do it?
How did it start?

My next pack is probably going to be a green Osprey Aether AG 60. I have been waiting for the AG to make it to the Aether line. Any experiences?
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I'm usually as colourful as a parrot, I get my gear from all over the place and I really don't care how it looks, so nothing really matches.

My biners are different colours because I use them for differnt things, so I know which one is for what with one glance.
the only things that i have that are intentionally coordinated are my cam/biner pairs (i.e. red cam has red biner, yellow cam has yellow biner, etc), so i can grab the right size off my harness more easily.
I don't particularly color match because I'm not a /fa/ggot but I do stick to earth tones like dark green, brown, tan, grey and black as much as possible. Really dislike these bright oranges, reds and yellows that seem to dominate outdoor gear. I do, however, have a bright orange beanie in my pack just in case the unfortunate happens and I need to be seen from a distance.

As for the Aether AG, I used to own the Atmos and Manta AG and they both squeaked like a motherfucker because of the AG system. You might have better luck but I think it's down to the design and material used.

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