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When camping in god knows where, how do you prevent from being raped, murdered, eaten (not necassarily in that order).

Camping just seems like you're asking for it.
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Walk softly, and carry a big stick.
Simple. Go where there's fuck all else.
There's no one middle nowhere. Sometimes you get the chills tho

Planning on checking out this old textile mill in my town. What am I going to need to bring /out?
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Get a clipboard and a reflection vest.

If you get caught
Say you're doing a survey for an Independent contractor.

Also excuses having a camera. But it won't excuse tools to break in, like crow bars or bolt cutters.

Old buildings often have security trigger alarms, but usually not motion detection.

Find a side hole that homeless people made. Also be prepared to encounter homeless (looking like a construction worker helps here too)
Should I be worried about hazardous material?

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Axe thread vol. 2
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>Axe thread vol. 2
>vol. 2
god you must be a newfag. like, really new. a mere hours old at most.

also, nice axe. is it Europ├Žn?
yes it's swiss
thanks for the nice words
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First time posting. So I'm wanting to live the life of a hermit, a life in the wilderness far away from people/forestrangers. Just tired of the "rat race" and wanting to enjoy a carefree lifestyle where my only concerns are food and water. I'm 19, I'm from Texas and I've spent my whole life out doors. I want to try and find somewhere not too cold/hot and preferably near Texas and with a body of water. Any help or suggestions on a place to live or just tips on this lifestyle would be much appreciated!
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Nice blog post. I love hearing mentally disabled people's delusional ramblings.
Hey now, I've only got a little bit of autism anon. :)
I don't care, grow up first and tell me you're tired of the rat race again

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Where the hell do I find a waterproof pack with good waist and shoulder straps?

I'd even go for a dry bag if it had good straps.

Looking for something 80L or larger, 100% waterproof, and preferably light weight. Must have epic straps.

What would you guys consider a viable candidate? Looking for extended backpacking in rain forest conditions.

>And tents. God dammit.

I can't seem to find a small enough tent. I need a VERY waterproof 2 person tent, that can pack down to a very small size. What do you think is the smallest option I could find?
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You don't.

Dryvags for your kit not a dry rucksack, it's just not practical in actuality.

Sqr m comparison pu coated.fabrics are heavier, more vulnerable to abrasion and puncture.

Just buy dry bags for your gear and use a regular backpack.

But seriously when no one is doinh something (using 90l dry bag sacks) there's usually a good reason....
Almost nobody also traverses the world solo

I need gear that REI's dick isn't big enough for.

Considering making my own rucksack.

Doesn't solve my tent problem. I know I won't be able to use a hammock.
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May be onto something here for anyone else interested

This pack, nice straps, 90L, and if I sprayed a can of clear flex seal on it the damn thing would be a raft. A can of flex seal is only like 16 oz so it wouldn't add too much weight.

I for one think using flex seal on just about anything would be fantastic.


>the tent

For this I could also likely find the smallest possible 2 person tent, and yet again, use clear flex seal to make it 100% waterproof.



Is flex seal the ultimate way to get into extended backpacking?!

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Does anyone here scuba? I am getting my certification now, and had a few questions. To start, has anyone heard of SDI? I was told to either get my certification through NAUI or PADI, with NAUI being better- but the course I'm in is SDI and I can't find much info on them.
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I uses ti scuba. Just do padi if you want to look at coral. Padi is international and teqches you everyrhing you need t o know.
Im not, Im on my way up through technical cave diving. This means either NAUI or SDI. With SDI, you earn your tech certs through TDI, and NAUI is the same org the whole way through.
Well your insane but i don't know which one teaches insanity better.

You do know there's alot of pretty fishes at about 20m deep?

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Thoughts on eating shellfish in the wild? I personally do it all the time. Mussels, oyster, you name it.
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i don't live near the coast but i trek out there every spring to get my years supply of clams
>2 more weeks!
I cook up crawfish all the time, they're easy to find around camp streams and such.
I do it a lot. you can touch a piece of the meat to your lip and wait for 10 minutes if your wondering if its safe.

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apart from /ourguy/ ted, what are some other based /out/ heroes?
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Lenny Pepperbottom
Ted is probably more /pol/ than out. But the older i get the more agree with his manifesto. Not the bombing people part, but the technology stealing our humanity part.
Sorry i know im a noob but who is ted

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I know for hunting you have to find clothing that doesn't make a bunch of noise and a camo pattern similar to the environment, but is there anything else I should know about?
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Depends on the hunting, how much you need to move around. I wear swiss alpenflage in the winter because of all the pockets, its warmth, and the camo does a great job blending in everywhere, even snow
Alot of fags thinqk the camo has to match exactly, but the more you roll around in dirt and leaves, the more stains you get and the more it looks right. Well worn acu blends in to whatever because of all the white squares that stain.

In my opinion it is better to do your stalking before hunting season and set uwp a stand or blind where you predict the game will go. If you do that you can wear blue jeans and a tshirt if you want.
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Wool camo clothing is the best of the best of the best in comfort, noise reduction, and warmth.

What medical supplies do you take /out/ with you? I see a lot of anons dragging 'first aid kits' with them, but I rarely get descriptions of the contents.

Personally, if I were to take a kit, it would include only essentials like adrenaline, arterial tourniquets and OPAs: omitting non-essentials like plasters and creams.

That said, perhaps preparing for the common and trivial scenarios rather than the rare and critical would do more benefit when the numbers are considered.

How do you feel?
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I basically just bring some bandages, gauze and some antiseptic wipes personally
Where do you buy adrenaline?
>not king tube
do you even secure airway, faggot?

moving past the blatant troll op, i bring
>1" fabric tape

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