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How well would /out/ do in a zombie apocalypse? Do you think you'd survive with your current gear and level of skill? What items would you bring with you (whether they're useful or have sentimental value to you). What sort of places you'd consider safe? Where would you go? What sort of items you'd like to have ideally or items you think would make your survival easier? And lastly, what would be your weapon of choice (That is NOT guns because sooner or later you'll run out of ammo)?
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even if those zombies are exothermic, pretty sure any place with a decent winter would render them immobile husks. a few freeze/thaw cycles would strip any ambulatory flesh off them in quick order.
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I will do well.
Basically, I arm my 22-28 y/o Philipina Rifle Squad and do nothing but "drills" until the habbiniigg.


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#141-"Dogfish aka Bowfin" Edition

Previous Thread:

Still looking for good stuff for the Pastebin and Imgur. Maybe we can get a list of Youtube vids and put them in the Pastebin or keep a couple important ones in the OP.

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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>spinnerbaits are 7 dollars

fuck this shit
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Anyone go treasure hunting or interested in treasure hunting? Thinking about going after pic related.
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that's nothing. I've spent years diving Lake Superior looking for out of place artifacts and rocks
Pic related is a 12th century bronze chest containing over 2 million in gold. there are only a few clues to go off of contained in a very vague poem. the only other clues are that it's north of santa fe NM and within the US rocky mountains.
It's located exactly opposite of where it should be. It always is.

I want to start a commune.

I want people to join, pool resources, and buy up the surrounding land.

I want it to expand, and have so many people, that we become a sizable voting block.

I want it to expand until we ARE the country.

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Become a religious leader and then eventual mass suicide.
My only beef with that kind of lifestyle is that people are usually huge leftards muh peace and love. Other than that why not.

Are Wetterlings axes as good as they are made out to be? Are they really top-tier?
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I don't know, but I'm wondering the same. In alot of Amazon buyer reviews, people say they got a wonky/off-centered one.
Are the Cold Steel trail axes any good? They seem to get pretty good reviews on Amazon
Im looking for a new axe and they seem to fall into a very attractive price range considering how hyped they are

The most frequently asked when I tell people: "Where in the UK?"

South West, Dorset/ Bournemouth area.
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Do you think the type of person who shoots has changed over the last 15 years I shot pigeions and went wild fouling occasionally shot pheasants with my dad when I was a kid and most people seemed quite normal country types but was talking to a mate who said these days it's a lot more London banker types also what do you think of the guns on your shoot
Most certainly.

Nowadays I'd say at least 80% of our clients are more often than not city folk and mostly work in some sort of financial background.

It's a shame but I feel that especially on our Pheasant, Duck and Partridge shoot you'll rarely see farmer Brown from down the lane. I've heard this from many other keepers throughout the UK and it's general consensus that due in part to how much some of us charge per bird (£30-£50) it seems out of reach for the ordinary person. Although our shoot holds 'invite days' where keepers invite friends and family to shoot, most people don't really get the exposure to game shooting the same way I did when I was much younger (3-4ish, im 20 now)

Pigeons and wildfowling still remain some of the best sport, pigeons especially. They're such an unpredictable quarry that although you know when and where they're going to come in from, you have no clue how they'll do it.

Most keepers, excluding most I know but perhaps that's our mentality, treat the father and son shooting pheasants for fun as poaching, which it's certainly not. But as long as you shoot them after the season ends, you'll be doing us keepers minimal harm as long as you stick to shooting cocks. (we need those precious hens for laying)

Thanks for the question!
Fellow UK fag, own 100 acres in Scotland. Surrounded by lots of forests.

I mostly shoot deer and fox, shot a few ducks + pigeons. I like the idea of going on a shoot but it seems awfully expensive.

What do you shoot with? How far are you comfortable with taking down a deer? I personally wouldnt go beyond about 250yds

Am I to understand that there is not a single foraging general on the frontpage? Going outdoors is incredible, but understanding how to survive as our ancestors did is one of the most gratifying feelings imaginable.

What's growing in your neck of the woods? The blackberries are fruiting and the citrus is blooming!
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It's winter in the USA bro. Wait a month.
Hericium mushrooms grow from fall to spring in the south, my friend!
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Foraging is pretty much outta season here in NorCal. I suppose if you're knowledgable and look hard enough you can find something at any time of year, but this is kind of a lean season for foraging.

>What's growing in your neck of the woods?

Fiddleheads just finished, bigleaf maples are done flowering, black trumpets are winding down, and morels aren't quite popping yet. Soon though. Can't wait for spring.

Any recommendations for plants to forage in NorCal / PNW? I know mushrooms really well, but somehow managed to never learn plants :/

Does anyone on /out/ sail? Pic related
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I do. Both small and large boat. Super red pilled hobby
Jup, will be sailing around Denmark late in may... Also building a small boat for sailing on lakes here in the region
I sail, a lot grew up on it actually, mainly raced 420's and Lasers, however I have sailed larger boats as well as raced knock-abouts catamarans.

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i want to get into smoking but i don't really have a place to do it at home and would like to try it maybe car camping on the cheap rather than buy a $250 smoker i might use twice a year

i can only find sporadic information about it online
anyone have any experiences or setups they want to share?
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Stop eating cancer-covered meat.
Jump off the nearest bridge nigger.
Get a fire going with oak wood, then hang your fish or whatever above it.

Next you get a fireproof blanket thing and cover up the fish and the fire

The fire will go out and start to smoke. Make sure you close up the blanket very well on all sides

You can simply do this in your backyard if you want

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ITT we post our camp sites and rate other sc/out/s sites.

Here is mine
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2/2. Just did a quick overnight in Cascadia. Now that the snow is finally retreating to higher elevations.
must really suck in the rain op
Rained on and off all night. Didn't feel a drop.

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where does /fa/ and /out/ intersect?
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Trick question, /out/ and /fa/ are 2 parallel lines and do not intersect.
Diverging lines will intersect eventually.
Hipster fags/lumberjacks. Bushcrafters probably. All that old school canvas and leather, steel packs mixed with outback hats and redwing iron rangers with no traction.

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I'm planning to make a hiking trip to the pacific northwest in January 2018. I plan to stay there for 2 or 3 weeks.

How harsh is the winter there?
How expensive is accommodation?
What's the best towns to stay at for the purpose of being close to hiking trails?
Will I be in danger from the wildlife considering I come from a no gun country?

Tell me other things what should I take into account while planning this trip
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How harsh is the winter there?
>plan for 0-30 degrees with rain 23.5/24 hours of the day
How expensive is accommodation?
>You what nigger? Dont you have a tent pussy, a cheap hotel anywhere is always $50-$100, what are you 17?
What's the best towns to stay at for the purpose of being close to hiking trails?
>Your purple circle takes 12 hours to drive from end to end you should be more specific
Will I be in danger from the wildlife considering I come from a no gun country?
>Yes there is always danger. Bears and cougars and elk and moose and rattlesnakes. Get bear spray and a knife. If bear doesnt react to spray, hold knife from your chest pointed at bear, impale bear with your last dying breathes
>Don't you have a tent pussy
I don't have the experience to camp in snow, let alone for 3 weeks.
Yeah so you shouldn't do it. Fucking dumb

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what does /out think of Patagonia? pullovers, rain jackets, whatever. I don't climb but I've heard their stuff is good.
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Good gear that's being overtaken by frat faggots

May need to abandon brand soon
ugh true. They seem to be attempting to quell that tho. I like how they're dedicated to conservation.
>this brand conscious
>calls faggot

You do see the hypocrisy, right?

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Wtf "/out/ists"?

What scorcery is this?

When did the new fags change it, sc/out/s?
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I agree. Top notch thread OP.
yep, /out/ist is utter faggotry. but newfags are gonna newfag
>Nothing can ever change

Pure /out/ism

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Does anyone wear a leather jacket when they go out camping? is there any real downsides to using an expensive leather jacket as one of your base layers?
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i wear a cheezy old leather bomber a lot

it's great, warm and fairly breathable
but heavy
dumb frogposter
nice. i have a bomber with a nice fur lining that would be /comfy/ as fuck to wear, but I'm worried about moisture ruining it and also the weight. still, it feels like you're wearing protective armor and in the event of a cougar or bear attack, that layer of leather might save your life

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