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Medical Supplies

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What medical supplies do you take /out/ with you? I see a lot of anons dragging 'first aid kits' with them, but I rarely get descriptions of the contents.

Personally, if I were to take a kit, it would include only essentials like adrenaline, arterial tourniquets and OPAs: omitting non-essentials like plasters and creams.

That said, perhaps preparing for the common and trivial scenarios rather than the rare and critical would do more benefit when the numbers are considered.

How do you feel?
I basically just bring some bandages, gauze and some antiseptic wipes personally
Where do you buy adrenaline?
>not king tube
do you even secure airway, faggot?

moving past the blatant troll op, i bring
>1" fabric tape
That's definitely sane. Decent chance of getting cut, and and local antisepsis is always a good idea.

No idea. I was just talking about what I would be able to take.

>do you not even secure airway
King Tube is an SGA. Your airway is, by definition, not secure without an ETT.

And much as I hate SGA brand wars... iGel all day erryday, my friend.
contrary to most what prepperfags and always-ready individuals say, you need much less than many. Unless your in a big group where one person could carry a large first aide kit for everyone, most items are just for piece of mind for most people. If your allergic to bees or have diabeetus i guess its a lil different though.

My kit for hiking the PCT and AT:
-Equate brand antibacterial creme. good for everything, "greasin the crease", rashes, burns, cuts scrapes
-Duct tape
-small scissors
-small ziplock of pills, maybe 4 or 5 of each: anti-shit pills, some ibuprofen, antihistamine
-tweezers (fit into my mini swiss arm knife)
-Tooth Brush cut in half and travel sized Toothpaste (i guess this counts as med kit)

You can survive most shit with a little ORM and basic medical knowledge. If that fails u you then your time was probably up anyways
Epi pens
Microbiologist here, 95% everclear, iodine, and some gauze is all I take
I got bandaids, rubbing alcohol, gauze n triple antibiotic.
*antibotic ointment
Im an EMS Supervisor and part of our wilderness medical team. I go extremely basic.

>Duct tape
>Celox or Israeli dressing
>Triple A cream
>A small amount of bandaids and antiseptic wipes
>A couple of vaseline dressings
>Benadryl, pain shit, ASA, stomach meds, zyrtec because fuck my allergies, throat losenges...because fuck my post nasal drip if I dont stay up on the zyrtec
Basically just worry about life threatening stuff. Splints can be improvised but I've also contemplated packing a SAM splint since theyre next to weightless and a nice, quick to use solution. Either way with a fracture you are either able to walk out or you aren't. If you have two trekking poles and a couple of bandanas you can improvise a couple of different types of splint.

Airways just take up space. Pack an OPA if you want I guess but what are you really going to do with it? If someone needs airway management they probably also need to be ventilated, which means you need a BVM, which means you are going to not only have to pack one but also have someone operate it while you are packing this fucker out of the trail. And at that point they probably also need oxygen. None of our back country team carries anything for intubation or oxygen delivery because its pointless. What is the underlying cause of their airway compromise? You can treat or prevent some of the underlying causes and not worry about airway if you dont let it get that far:

>anaphylaxis with benadryl and epi if they have an autoinjector
>diabetic problems with either sugar or insulin
>If theyre OD'd on opiates you had a problem the second you went hiking with them to begin with
>Dehydration with antidiarheals and antiemetics, electrolytes
>Sepsis with proper wound care and GTFO

If its the result of trauma theyre probably fucked anyway, hopefully you have a good LZ some place, a way to signal, and can determine your location with reasonable accuracy.
Also, think about how and where you carry stuff. Your bleeding control stuff should be extremely quick to get to, and everything else should be in an outer pocket or top of your pack. And practice actually using the tourniquet, including cranking it down hard enough to stop your distal pulse.

I wont talk about packaging because Im an awful example, I just have shit shoved in a thick ziploc type bag. Really should fix that.
>no aed
would not trust life with while out/10
>no one ever carries sugar

anyways my kit is :
1 razor blade
1 meter or so of bandages
10 bandaids
5 grams of sugar
2 cottons balls (for cleaning wounds) inna ziploc bag
>5 g sugar
>5 g salt
>15 g Heinz ketchup
>15 g Thousand Islands dressing
>25 g mustard
>25 g ranch
>25 g cool ranch

That's about it. Never needed anything besides sugar though. Weird more of you don't carry it.
>all this sugary snack shit in my food
>decent carb load besides

Yeah not really hurting for carbs here...when I was new I carried a tube of oral glucose but thats long since been removed from my kit. Do you not realize youre getting hungry or? Im snacking on at least a little something basically every time I stop, whether its a bite off a protein puck or a handful of m&ms.
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Take medicine. People walk around inna woods with twenty cases of quick clot expecting world war three to erupt on a hiking trail. Anti- Diarrhea medicine, pepto-bismol, Ibuprofen, asprin, neosporin, allergy medication, cold medication, bennadryl etc. You're far more likely to have the shits from not cooking your food right or drinking bad water then you are getting shot or stabbed. But of course a trauma kit is good to have, just plan for getting sick more.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 4

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