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I'm outdoors, and hungry.
What should I do?
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order bizza
eat ants or grasshoppers
Eat dirt.

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Not shilling. Gimme one reason why you don't own at least 1 arc'teryx piece of equipment for your outdoor needs. We all know they make far superior products then all the other outdoor brands.
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No, their products are shit and I already have all my outdoor gear
I already have near full Patagonia. Which I'm more than happy with.
Ima purfag

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I heard you guys don't like cairns. This is my present to you. That is all.
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your kind is not welcome here
Dude... have a closer look.
ha! i was using my phone, good job then.

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Largest volume training to date last thursday, 10 routes (ranging from 5.6-5.10)for 10 laps each +1 bonus route when some sexy chick wanted to learn how to climb for a total vertical gain of approximately 4k feet, hoping to be in good enough shape to rope solo 39 full length pitches(ranging from 5.9-5.12), not sure I will be ready this year, but good progress is being made!

>half way up route
>sexy chick swimming in creek with her doggos
>back strokes while looking up at me
>perfect tits
>asks if she can try
best day ever.
put her on a route with a decently stout top out to a ledge, her little boot shorts quickly stretched and gave way to her 80's style black underwear. exchanged numbers, she wants to go again, pretty sure she is a stripper, also latina, but whatever
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had on a beige sports bra/booty shorts
tits were a tad bigger, almost too perfect
had a single tattoo that was a half sleeve, side chest, and thigh, Japanese style. Arms were pretty thin and vascular, had some french nails with jewelry glued on, perfect white teeth.
Whats your point?

-friend invited me to camp with 2 guys i dont know
-buy pack of beer
-arrived at the camp location about 4pm
-other guys start to smoke weed (i dont)
-we start to drink
-i finish the pack almost by miself
-we decide to pratice knife trowing at tree
-guys drop acid (again, i dont)
-we decide to to light a bonfire
-after about 1h trying we finnaly sucsed
-i decided to make ramen
-went looking for more wood while the ramen cooks
-when i go back guys tell me that they acidentaly droped the pan i was using and spilled a lot of water
-they were lazy to go get more water on the river so they used the mineral water we brought
-eat the ramen
-some time later we got thirsty and needed water
-boil water
-boiled water tasted like shit because of dirty pan
-boiled water was too hot to drink (that night was about 32C)
-guys start to alucinate
-my friend tells me that he is going to die of thirsty
-he says we should go to a 711 get water (30mins walking)
- it was pitch black
- i wanted to get more beer, so i agreed
-2 other guys said no because they tought we were beeing "watched"
- my friend is very afreid of dehydration
-i wanted more beer
-me and friend went out to 711
-friend said he knew the way
-believed friend (mistake)
-we got out of the forest preety quick
-we were in a field (probably farm)
-we walked for about 40 mins before he admited we where lost
-i took the lead
-found the way back in about 10 mins
-we got back
-friend was still afraid of dehydration
- i still wanted beer
-after a long discusion the guys decided to smoke more weed and sleep
-they where scared of us beeing "watched" so some one had to stay up
- i wasent tired so i took the watch
-mental note: dont camp with druggies again
-stayed up all night watching the stars
-waked them up as sun as the sun started to come out
-came back home and slept until nightfall
-next time bring more water
-next time bring my dog to make me company at night
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It sounds like you got it pretty well figured out but I wouldn't have turned down free acid. For whatever reason that shit is really hard to come by for me.
Yeah being sober around people who are high is pretty shitty man, camping or not. Don't be a trip sitter unless that was your job. It's annoying.
You were being watched.

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How well would /out/ do in a zombie apocalypse? Do you think you'd survive with your current gear and level of skill? What items would you bring with you (whether they're useful or have sentimental value to you). What sort of places you'd consider safe? Where would you go? What sort of items you'd like to have ideally or items you think would make your survival easier? And lastly, what would be your weapon of choice (That is NOT guns because sooner or later you'll run out of ammo)?
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even if those zombies are exothermic, pretty sure any place with a decent winter would render them immobile husks. a few freeze/thaw cycles would strip any ambulatory flesh off them in quick order.
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I will do well.
Basically, I arm my 22-28 y/o Philipina Rifle Squad and do nothing but "drills" until the habbiniigg.


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#141-"Dogfish aka Bowfin" Edition

Previous Thread:

Still looking for good stuff for the Pastebin and Imgur. Maybe we can get a list of Youtube vids and put them in the Pastebin or keep a couple important ones in the OP.

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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>spinnerbaits are 7 dollars

fuck this shit
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Anyone go treasure hunting or interested in treasure hunting? Thinking about going after pic related.
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that's nothing. I've spent years diving Lake Superior looking for out of place artifacts and rocks
Pic related is a 12th century bronze chest containing over 2 million in gold. there are only a few clues to go off of contained in a very vague poem. the only other clues are that it's north of santa fe NM and within the US rocky mountains.
It's located exactly opposite of where it should be. It always is.

I want to start a commune.

I want people to join, pool resources, and buy up the surrounding land.

I want it to expand, and have so many people, that we become a sizable voting block.

I want it to expand until we ARE the country.

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Become a religious leader and then eventual mass suicide.
My only beef with that kind of lifestyle is that people are usually huge leftards muh peace and love. Other than that why not.

Are Wetterlings axes as good as they are made out to be? Are they really top-tier?
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I don't know, but I'm wondering the same. In alot of Amazon buyer reviews, people say they got a wonky/off-centered one.
Are the Cold Steel trail axes any good? They seem to get pretty good reviews on Amazon
Im looking for a new axe and they seem to fall into a very attractive price range considering how hyped they are

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