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>Not using an axe to chop wood
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Hola Dumbo
Maybe it's because I was born in the 60s but I never did understand this meme. Do people really try to chop wood with knives? I guess if you can believe Bruce Jenner is a woman then nothing is too dumb
Tästä on jo lanka vitun pelle :D

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I found this on another board. Does /out/ have any opinions about the use of the plottage mapped on here?

Some of this makes a fair amount of sense to me. Vegetables are nice to have fresh, relatively low maintenance, easy to harvest and easy to sell when you have too many. Dairy cows are useful and I assume they don't take that much work. Chickens are useful and low maintenance and the fruit trees in the chicken area is logical, in the summer anyway.

However, I don't really understand why someone decided to plant a small wheat field in the SW corner of the property, since wheat is relatively labor intensive to harvest and then mill down into flour without specialized machinery, and the machinery is so expensive that with the meager harvest you'll get from that size plot, you couldn't hope to pay it off if you sold the flour. And it's not like the average family can even use that much flour in a year. I think the person who made this image was probably using the USDA Food Pyramid to map out how much of each thing to plant, and didn't really think this through.

Then there's the pigs. I've never lived on a farm before, but it just seems like there aren't enough if you are harvesting them for meat. And if you are breeding them and harvesting them for meat fairly regularly, then you're going to be doing a lot of work that takes away from tending the rest of the homestead, when your time might be better spent at a craft or trade to earn money to simply buy meat from other people who specialize in it.

Finally, I don't understand why these people are keeping a brown bear in their shed. That seems like an accident waiting to happen. I assume it's a pet and it's trained to behave around people, but what happens when one of the pigs sees it and its chase instinct kicks in?
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People have been farming wheat since forever without machinery. It really isn't that hard. I have a flour mill for instance though I mostly use it for corn and non-wheat things.

In that image, it is a square 1-acre plot of farm. That's 208.7 by 208.7 feet (43,560 square feet). The wheat field is about half the length (104.35 feet) by 1/5th of the other length (41.74 feet).

That's a wheat field 104.35 x 41.74 feet = 4355.569 square feet. That's 1/10th of an acre.

That's 468 to 492 pounds of wheat or 1872 to 1968 cups of flour. 4 cups per loaf of bread = 468 to 492 loaves of bread. 1.28 to 1.34 loaves of bread for every day in a year.

So yeah, that's a fuck ton of bread. I guess it depends on how many people you have in a family and how much bread you eat. Or, how much flour you need to use for whatever.
Wild flowers are good to plant it brings bees to your land. Rasberries are good to plant as well, You get a good yield and can preserve them.
>People have been farming wheat since forever without machinery. It really isn't that hard.

Good info. Keep in mind, though, that in this situation, if you're living there, you also have to tend to the rest of your menagerie, and depending on your family size, you may not have enough help to get that 500 pounds of wheat harvested in any decent amount of time. In countries where small scale grain farming is still common, for example Japan with rice, they will typically recruit a dozen or so friends or neighbors to help with the harvest. It's very labor intensive.

Then there's the processing. You may have a flour mill that fits in your kitchen, but we're talking about 500 pounds of grain. Yes, "people have been doing it since forever," but milling wheat is such a specialized, labor-intensive activity that it used to be its own occupation. On this homestead, we're assuming that the head of the household, and maybe his sons when they get old enough, are basically doing everything.

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How do I overcome this fear? With friends I feel safe but if I can't dare to go alone. If I start a fire it feels like
>"hey all dangerous people here I am"
and I also feel vulnerable in the light of a fire and I would feel extremely vulnerable sleeping alone in a tent, everyone can see my but I can't see anything

The only way I would feel safe would be if I created no artificial light after sundown and slept in a bush where no one could see me
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haha that would be some slick shit, set up tent fire everything sleep in bush 50ft away.
>first world
Pic one
>having a firearm
Choose only one.

Of all places, this actually surprises me.

What are the best gloves for being /out/?

I'm a college student in our schools ROTC program and we're out in the woods for a few hours a week doing stuff, occasionally on some weekends we are out for 2-3 days at a time.

I've found that gloves fall into either,
>wow these are too fucking big and bulky and I can't use my rifle, pouches, compass, or map


>Wow, these are tacti-cool and I can use my fingers but it's just as cold, wet, and miserable as if my hands were completely bare

I've had this problem with everything from shitty army issue to cool-guy oakley type stuff.

Is there any type of glove that will give me proper hand mobility while also making me want to kill myself less when it's cold and wet?
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Cold-weather dirt bike or warm-weather snowmobile gloves work well for me.
Thin enough to maintain dexterity for most tasks, insulated enough to keep hands warm.
Usually have a pair of mechanix gloves with me, those are nice in the spring.

One pair of gloves isn't enough. Bring 3-4 pairs. Some days i'll soak two pairs in a day of riding.

Also recommend carrying a heavier set of insulated gloves, if it's cold enough to need gloves due to temps. Weatherman doesn't always get things right.
I Think U.S. Army repelling gloves are pretty badass. I have two pair. One fits fairly tight for tactility. The other pair are big enough to wear two wool liners underneath on each hand.

For cold water kayaking, I use a pair of Seirus Xtremes. They will fit under the big leather pair when high abrasion is an issue.
Work gloves from hardware store. Stop wasting your money.

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download (4).jpg
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Basically a free-for-all SHTF thread. Post whatever, but here's a general theme:

Hey, outists. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I haven't seen a thread on it specifically. I want to know how you'd rate scenarios, both in equipment, environments, and varying levels of bad things.

Zones include (but are not limited to):

Environments include (but are not limited to):

Disasters include (but are not limited to):
Economic collapse
Enemy invasion
Zombies (for posterity)

Equipment is total FFA (but let's keep it realistic in terms of the average individual's budget & accessibility)

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Lots to consider

Worst case seems pretty obvious.

Big City

Survivable, but solely dependent on whatever equipment you have. Water and food would be totally scarce, save for whatever cacti are at your disposal. Basically Mad Max
Is that a series?

What do you people do in mountains? I don't see the appeal here, especially when they're covered in pine forests

I live innadesert. I can take the atv/sandrail out for the weekend and recreate madmax to my hearts content. That wouldn't fly in the woods or mountains between muh delicate ecosystem trails consisting of pine and what few things can coexist with the needle rain, and mountains being a series of pointy rocks with nothing of note happening.

Maybe i got the wrong impression. I admit my first experience was with books and vidyas making them seem way more engaging than real life.

After actually taking the road trip to one (Yellowstone, im subtracting all the unique geyser and sulphur pits since as far as I'm aware they're only found here) i just can't see the point of these places
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>What do you people do in mountains?

Well, climb the fuckers, what else?
That is what they are there for, isn't it?
we avoid self centered faggots who think that annoying the shit out of everyone within a 3 mile radius is acceptable because they think
is the only thing to do while /out/
>Hike into mountains
>Set up camp
>bag a nearby peak
>take a chilly dip in an alpine lake
>relax in the sun
>Hang by the campfire with your buds or by yourself reading a book

Also climbing, and in some mountains you can ski well in to the summer.

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Hey, everyone. So I am a geologist as well as a previous member of search and rescue. Finally able to live a more /out/ lifestyle after reading about it most of my life.

Just figured I'd share my setup to give some people inspiration. Feel free to pitch in.
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Inside the blanket I keep a yoga mat for sleeping on and have an extra pair of pants and wool socks in the center.
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Live in the southwest. So it's just about starting to heat up. Probably won't carry all the sleeping gear.

Overall, pretty cheap setup.
>Camo bag filled with ziploc and trashbags
>Camo poncho
>muh WW1 puttees
>welding goggles
>hedge saw from Tractor Supply
>cordage minus my 50 ft of hollow webbing
>various stakes
>some kind of waterproof bottle with paper in it
>duck tape
>ruler compass
>telescopic flashlight
> USB rechargeable headlamp
>tinder box filled with charcloth, toiletpaper roll, and petroleum cotton
>flint and steel
>charcloth tin with various firestarters
>toiletries kit
>8x10 tarp
>sewing kit
>mess kit
>first aid kit
>sleeping bag
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Contents of the mess kit.
I saw someone use test tubes for spices and loved the idea. Worked out really great so far.

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>go camping in California
>have to consider that there's bears around
>not allowed to have a gun

fuck you cali
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>what is bear spray?
Most of the bears in California are in San Francisco.

>inb4 b-b-but muh freedum

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Just got hired as a treeplanter in Northern Ontario this summer, im going to be living in a tent for 40+ days and work all day in the forest. Really looking forward to it. Has anyone else here worked as a treeplanter before? what can I expect?
treeplanting general thread I guess
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Best advice is to just get balls deep into it.

If you try to stay dry/comfortable/clean you will waste all your time and not make any money. Buy cheap LIGHT boots, I was an idiot and got big heavy indestructible boots, when guys with 30$ Wal-Mart boots were much more comfortable, and if they wore out they were still cheaper to buy another.

Get wet, go hard, and make up for it in booze day.

Things to bring for your first week, weed, gatorade, and comfort food snacks. The junkiest shit you can think of. You will want it.

Also, you WILL get bitten thousands of times a day by bugs. There is literally nothing you can do about it.

I wore a single oversized white dress shirt every day for 4 months, and washed it twice, it's the best thing you can wear for bugs and sun.
Definitely bring plenty of extra socks, you'll need em.

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How do you make coffee out in the vast expanses of /out?
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I don't.

Nature is stimulating enough.
Starbucks Via, Swiss Miss cocoa.

OK, fair enough. Well, if you've never tried to make old skool (like grandma's mom used to make) coffee with triple-boil when it's chilly and the Sun is rising, you're missing out. IMO.

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Ice Age Trail

North Country Trail

There's 12 of us?

>is into hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing and backpacking.
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Devil's Lake
File: Brule Tributary.jpg (405KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Brule Tributary.jpg
405KB, 768x1024px

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I'm looking at getting my first backpacking pack. Currently looking at the Osprey Stratos 50 (pic related) or the Osprey Aether 60. I've never really gone backpacking before but I've heard 50-60L would be good for weekend or multi-day backpacking. I'm leaning more towards the Stratos because I would rather pack lighter. Any recommendation? Also, is AG just a meme or should I be looking into AG models?

Also general backpack questions and whatnot
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Wouldn't more straps and stuff be good? In case you suddenly want to bring a sleeping bag and a tent etc.

I like my Bergans Viking 90L+. It's so adjustable
I mean for a zombie apocalypse backpack I would be getting pic related but I'm just talking about a hiking and camping pack where I'm not looking tacticool af.

90L would be way too much for what I'm thinking of.
go buy the cheapest 50l you can find. starting with a 50 will help keep you from overpacking too much as a beginner, starting good habits early, and using a cheap pack will help you learn what features you want in a pack (what the pack has that you like, has that you don't like, and wish you had but doesn't) without feeling bad about having spent a lot off the bat and wanting to buy a better suited pack in a season or two. then, when you actually know what size and features you want and have in mind a couple packs that fit your desires, find a store that keeps them in stock, load them up with some weight, and wander around the store in each of them for half an hour or so and see how they really feel on you.

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/out/ meet up / Area code thread
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There used to be a site for this. I think a zeemaps thing.
Anyway I'm in South Australia looking for land to hunt on.
406 Western Montana here
put a zeemap instead anon

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ITT we post songs that you can whistle outside and rate others

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Green sleeves

>good, bad, ugly


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A good anon got me a tin whistle for secret santa so I can play my happy flute song while /out/


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>weather in Virginia breaks, spend Presidents Day weekend on the Appalachian Trail
>spend the night in a hut, everyone's getting ready to leave the next day
>guy is changing his shirt
>"dude dude dude, hold on"
>right behind his armpit he has two fully engorged ticks, each with the full bullseye around it
>fully disinfect each one, try to tell him he should head down the trail and go to the nearest hospital
>"haha no man, the bullseye doesn't always mean it's lyme"

I spent the next two days completely paranoid, checking every single itch for ticks. Ruined the whole weekend.

How do I stop being so terrified of the little bloodsuckers? The thought that any shrub you touch could give you a debilitating, decade-long disease is horrifying to me.
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I always have a honeybee sting me right on the spot the tick bit. It fucking hurts and swells, but obliterates the ring and everything else. This is probably only good within x amount of time, like same day.

Go to a doctor now and get the meds that prevents this shit from happening to you. If you don't, the meds will not work as well the longer you wait.

>How do I stop being so terrified of the little bloodsuckers?

Don't, the diseases they carry will destroy your quality of life.
Do all ticks carry lyme bacteria? Or only those related to deers?
Only deer ticks. Along the trail I only ever see deer ticks anyway, though.

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