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File: flags.png (137KB, 2350x655px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anyone have any ideas for combining these flags into 1 design/1 flag for a tattoo?
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Yeah, don't get a tattoo of a flag you daft cunt
Piss off wog

File: hdes40-main1.jpg (35KB, 460x331px)Image search: [Google]
35KB, 460x331px
Anyone ever used this software before?
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>this software

provide a name you fucking idiot
Harvard Designer appears to be the name and i personally have not used it

I know we have font download threads, but has there ever been a package design template thread? I'd love something like that. In particular I'm looking for a 6 pack beer/soda/wine package.

If anyone has that or a rar/zip of a whole bunch I'd really appreciate it if it were shared.
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File: Ih3oNco.jpg (32KB, 535x268px)Image search: [Google]
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I'll take business card templates.
That's built into Illustrator's template section.

How do you make blue fire on text in GIMP. What is the color needed on the text and what should the settings in color balance be at?
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File: kjdfbkjbf.jpg (26KB, 551x549px)Image search: [Google]
26KB, 551x549px
Step 1: Uninstall gimp
Step 2: get photoshop
Step 3:colour settings and mask or dupe cut and colour settings
Step 4: profit
top kek

File: YoutubeBannerParadox.png (200KB, 1056x228px)Image search: [Google]
200KB, 1056x228px
Hey /gd/ was wondering what people thought of my new YouTube channel banner I made please ignore the donate button.
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Logo doesn't match any themes.
Play with the font, I'm sure you could get something more fitting.
Looks good compared to most banners.

Don't make gaming videos, you'll fail
Trust me I'm not in it for the money, I just enjoy making gaming videos but thanks!
Didn't you come here before for something like this?

I personally think the logo is fine, since it's supposed to stand out. The name clashes horribly though. Try different fonts, colors, and also try putting it somewhere else. I'm pretty convinced that you would be very hard pressed to make it clash as hard as it is now, even if you tried.

Good enough if your a Minecraft channel

hey /gd/, i was wondering how people create designs like this. in particular, the sort of dotted/pixelated effect on the picture. is that a filter of some kind?
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I'd guess this is done dot by dot, line by line using 1x1 brush. Also some dotted patterns to create gradient effect. Check out pixel art tutorials.
no it's pixel art

it's done by hand

made for video games by a bunch of Japanese computer artists in the mid 90s, then just rehashed and color-shifted for dumb hipsters to post on tumblr 20 years later

>i'm looking at you, noirlac

File: no_intersect.png (45KB, 1552x1360px)Image search: [Google]
45KB, 1552x1360px
How can I make a circle that will intersect with two anchor points?

Pic related. As you can see, zoomed out it looks like this circle is a pretty close match; when you zoom in on the anchor points it should intersect, however, you can tell it isn't quite there. How do I line this up just right? The exact size isn't important, what is important is that it intersect both points.
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File: no_intersect.png (45KB, 1552x1360px)Image search: [Google]
45KB, 1552x1360px
Oops, messed up my own picture. Here's the leftmost point it should actually intersect.
enable smart guides and use the direct selection tool on the point to move it around. or try with the snap to grid/snap to point feature.
File: pt_34~2.jpg (4KB, 149x92px)Image search: [Google]
4KB, 149x92px
Try playing with the Align Stroke settings.

File: logo duden.png (62KB, 789x775px)Image search: [Google]
logo duden.png
62KB, 789x775px
Hello, /gd/. I could need your creativity. I draw comics (I suck at drawing) as a hobby and I need some ideas for a new logo for my blog.

At the moment I use just a shitty text and Im not happy with it. Pic kinda related - but its my G+ logo but its too large to use it on my blog.

The word "Schneckedertzchen" actually doesnt exist. Its like slang for "stupid idea, bullshit, useless things" and so on. Schnecke is german for snail. So...you guys have any ideas how to "combine" snail, bullshit and maybe comics?

Thanks in advance.
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Ah, I don't think that will make a good logo. Since German words are so long they tend to just use the first leters of each worm.

And sadly, the Nazi's ruined SS for the rest of us.
anyone? There must be anything that could work. ;_;
File: Schneckedertzchen - Copy.png (51KB, 634x461px)Image search: [Google]
Schneckedertzchen - Copy.png
51KB, 634x461px
This is just off the top of my head mind, but what about the coiled shell -> coil of poo imagery? If you're looking for a silly logo.

File: path5533-4.png (578KB, 5126x2712px)Image search: [Google]
578KB, 5126x2712px
Is anyone in need of a Graphics Designer. My best type of design is flat design however I am good at other things. Pic semi relatef
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File: disgusting.jpg (49KB, 1282x678px)Image search: [Google]
49KB, 1282x678px
File: dog puking chocolate.jpg (111KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
dog puking chocolate.jpg
111KB, 720x960px
That's your best? 2 minutes on paint not even getting the angles right. Lazy designer's get nowhere

Can anything be done in order to salvage unprofessionally taken photographs? I don't expect to turn them into professional ones, but something that's at least bearable in context of graphic design. I need to use a photo of the guy I'm doing a design for, but the photo quality is less than stellar and shadows and lighting are all over the place. He refuses to take another one or let me stylize or draw him because his personality is "important".
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Thanks mate
Is there any camera app that automatically does that for you?

Hello /gd/ i wanna buy a tablet but i'm kinda new with these things. what's a good tablet to use? please give me advice. price is not an issue
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if price is no issue, just get the biggest Cintiq. if it is a little bit of an issue, just get a huion
Not the largest, but large enough to act like a paper

Op what do you do with it? Painting? Sketching? 3d modeling?
mostly painting. i might use it to play osu too

what laptop should I buy for $1000, I need high processing ability, a big screen, and something that lasts long and looks professional.

I'm going in two hours, post here!
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Lenovo Thinkpads. Lenovo makes great laptops and they last forever. Durable too.

>inb4 Made in China
Lenovo is one of the few Chinese companies that actually makes products that don't seem like they're made in China.

Plus you can chat with a sales rep live while you shop, if you tell them what you're looking for they'll help you out. I used Lenovo all throughout college, then had a Dell laptop until recently. I'm back on Lenovo again.

File: sweet bite.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
sweet bite.pdf
1B, 486x500px
im stuck with this project for uni. Its supposed to be a logo for a chocholate shop and i cant change the name . the letters also have to be round and geometrical.
if anyone has any ideas that would help a lot
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Thicken the text a bit more>>247013
get off the computer.
grab a pen/pencil and a few pieces of paper.
write Sweet Bite over and over again... start sketching. You'll eventually see something interesting and then push that further.

The computer sometimes becomes a crutch which can limit your ability to think/create without restrictions.

File: taosp.jpg (43KB, 391x219px)Image search: [Google]
43KB, 391x219px
I'm a typeface designer and I have barely any online presence... I make some extra income each month from my fonts without any self promotion, but I'm looking to make a big jump in marketing myself better. Trying to think of some decent promotion ideas but I don't know my audience too well. So who here buys fonts? Where do you do it? What's your spending habits w/ fonts?
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Freelance student no unless requested by client. Include font cost in bill.
Gotta convince the boss it's worth the money and worth part of the client's budget. The more expensive or restrictive the less likely we are to license it. Licenses involving max number of page views are often an instant 'nope'. Typography RSVP gotta get paid, too though! Lost Type does a great job as far as getting notoriety out there for your work. Consider partnering up with a site like that or better yet build your own site and give away one or two weights of one of your more robust type sets. I will say we are more likely to get a license if the client is already using/attached to their type. If they have the free version of font-bold.tff and have to have it, we'll usually license the whole family (gotta have itallics, regular, etc.)
Typographers gotta get paid too*


File: zoom_in.png (15KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
15KB, 512x512px
Does anyone know of a program that makes html5 zoomable images, I mean I have a really large image and want to show people it but have them be able to zoom into it like google maps where it loads in the next layer.

Something like Pano2vr does
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probably ajax/jquery otherwise the file will take forever to load.

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