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As above
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Time to move on to Paint.net
Time to CC like a real man with a hole in their wallet.
torrent photoshop

I'm working on a concept for a contest. It is a logo + visual identity for a museum which houses a bronze sculpture of Apoxyomenos, one of the most preserved sculptures of that type.

It was made in Ancient Greece, mostly bronze and copper, it presents a greek athlete scrubbing the dirt and oil from himself with a tool.

I am having trouble coming up with a concept because of how boring the sculpure actually is. It is the main exhibit, and the only thing that is actually interesting is that the Croatian islands on which the museum is located at have some connection to Greece through the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

FML, stuck with a logo concept, how to get unstuck.
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>Look at the Whitney Museum of America website
>Looks like it was spawned from the ashes of Vignelli
>Look at the Louvre Museum Website
>Looks like an intern made it 8 years ago and it hasn't been updated since then
>Apoxyomenos is an athlete
>OP's logo looks nothing like a Vignelli piece, doesn't bring any french design to the table, or look athletic
Learn to research better OP.
Google: massimo vignelli logos and athletic logos.
That should get your off the ground.
Yeah forgot to ntion that the whitney museum is horibble,also tate and louvre. It was not my intentiontoimply thatthe whitney logois good. but it was late in the evening and I can't post my own design because of NDA.

thatnks for the tip, will look into it.

Hey does anyone have any college briefs or real world brief/ideas for a small stop motion project, have some affter effect skills and would like to add to the portfolio but I have no idea whats best

Maybe a subject or topic I could visually explain?


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famous paintings/photographs in motion

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Well /gd/, though I practically live in Illustrator I'm currently forced to play with Indesign for making magazine, something I have zero experience with.
Could you guys please hook me up with some top tier theory on the subject? I'd even settle for just a template..
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just b yourself :D
Indesign is kinda like a castrated Illustrator + downgraded microsoft word. Since you know Illustrator you should know how to use the interface and toold. You will probably feel very limited and most of the times you will search for functions and options and it is not there(and it really is not there, so stop looking and start up Illustrator and import your illustrator files into Indesign) But if you want to do professional print it is pretty much necessary and there is no way around it however shitty the program is. (Really they should just put all the Indesign functions into Illustrator and get rid of Indesign)

You should learn how to handle big texts and articles, color swatches are usefull so you should use them.

Most importantly make sure your file is alright for printing, Make sure the output of all your pictures is 300dpi. Make sure your PDF output setting are high/for printing. Make sure there are no tiny gaps between element so you dont have a white hair-thin line in your print where it should not be. Make sure your file has enough bleed around your page so its alright when the printer cuts the sheets.

There are a couple of things you could potentially fuck up here. You should get someone(in person) who has experience in print to look over your file throughoutly because if it is your first time doing print you will probably fuck something up your first time if there is noone to correct you.
>Indesign is kinda like a castrated Illustrator + downgraded microsoft word.

Actually, InDesign is a completely different kind of application than Illustrator and in capable hands, affords you far more freedom than that abomination Word.

It is disgusting that people call themselves Designers and even compare the two in the way you just did.

>Really they should just put all the Indesign functions into Illustrator and get rid of Indesign)

This sentence shows a fundamental ignorance for what InDesign and Illustrator do. One is a program for professional layout, the other for illustrations. I´ll let you figure out yourself, which is which.

I´ve had to deal with years worth of editorial layouts made in Illustrator by incompetent "designers" and have no patience for such steaming bullshit.

Hello overyone, can I get some tips my logo design? It's blurry because I had to zoom in a bit on my phone. Thank you!
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Hire a designer to do it
This as a logo? Everything about it no.
No idea what that phrase is above 'pancake'

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This is used to be, sorta still is my personal logo, but then people started using it without my permission. I had always intended it to be used as album/cover art. What do you think?
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It's a bit bland and generic. Why don't you fill with the joy of your music/art? Maybe put it in a context?
what do you mean? like showcase the

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working on a mobile puzzle game i've got a lot of bad feedback on the visuals what's wrong how do i fix it?
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Oh god it's hideous, it looks like something from the back of a cereal box from the 90s.

>Get rid of EVERY drop shadow, it looks so tacky.

>Get rid of all the "hand drawn" style shapes & random geometric BS, it looks like you don't know how illustrator works.

>Pick a style and stick to it, your character icons are wildly different styles and it looks wrong;
> 1. Keep the line thickness on both the same.
> 2. Keep the scale of the characters the same, is he a fucking giant? Is that why we can only fit his head in the frame?
> 3. If you pick a fill colour for one, do it for the other.
> 4. Don't do a blank background for one and not the other.
> 5. If you do use a patterned background, put a frame on it.

Change it all.

Hey everyone,

I got in touch with a painter asking him if he could draw something for me (it's for a present to my boyfriend). Since my budget is low, he said he couldn't offer me an actual painting but instead he could lower the price of a RISO print.

I have no clue what that is and even after I looked it up I didn't quite understand it. My question is, would this be worth my money? And would it be a good alternative to a painting?

Tldr; Artist offers me RISO print instead of actual painting. Is it worth it? Should I buy it for a gift?
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>Is it worth it?
that's completely up to you.
its like asking whether or not you should buy those pair of shoes, or that car, or that dinner entree...

i don't know what it cost but, i personally wont spend $50+ a print unless it's hand signed and numbered, and preferably part of a limited print run of 100 or less.
also, if you do end up purchasing it, i'd throw it in frame. no need to splurge on gallery quality matting/framing... just something inexpensive so that its protected and ready to hang.
Thanks a lot for the reply and the frame advice ! I don't like those 'is it worth it' questions but I'm a bit out of my element here and I am trying to not get cheated on with what I'm getting and paying for.

I took a look on his website again and was able to find some RISO prints on there (which are all sold out). They all state that they are 'limited hand signed and numbered' and range from 40 - 55 € each. He told me I would be getting one for 30 € since that was my budget as a student.

I guess I will go for it, it seems like a good deal...

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Hey guys, suggestions for a genealogical tree? I'm studying my family, and I'd like to make a proper tree.
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Take a look at Ward Shelley's infographics for ideas on how to display it in a non boring way.
Interesting, especially the dates, and historical events timeline.

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hey gd,
i need to make a logo with a scaffold, preferably with the one in this picture.
im not that good at making logo's, so i want some tips.
if i trace the picture in Illustrator it get kinda ugly and the pipes get bend.
whats the best way to make a logo with this picture?
also the name Hollemans needs to be added in the logo.
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they also want no wall or house in the logo
>i need to make a logo
You're at the right place,senpai.

>so i want some tips.
You have all my interest!

>whats the best way to make a logo with this picture?
Not using live trace. You are struggling to draw some lines???

>also the name Hollemans needs to be added in the logo.
This is an easy part that you... hey? is that a request?

>they also want no wall or house in the logo
So don't put them. May I suggest that a scaffold is often associated with those?

However, if you're new at something, asking "HOW can I X?" rather than "CAN YOU make X?" will give you better results.
>i need to make a logo
>im not that good at making logo
how the fuck did you get assigned to do this?

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Hey guys! I drew "Safe-deposit Box Lad" for the game Radioactive Waste.

Can i get some ratings?
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Amazing! He looks ready to go out and fight Swamp Crabs and Necrotalons!
/gd/ is bottom tier humor

just please get out
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Hey guys I need some serious help and I don't know if this is the right board but I simply can't get this done in photoshop.

I need to get everything green out of this circuit, only need to have the green wiring and the holes so it looks like a circuit plan. Please somebody help me.
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Well you literally could do that in Photoshop, though it is tedious and time-consuming. You could reacreate it in AI (if you have it) and it wouldn't be immensely hard that way, just a bunch of circles and lines.
Yeah I tried color selecting and selecting manually, neither did work and I was hoping if someone knows a better solution.
polygonal lasso tool

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DANGER BOT copy.jpg
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Something Iv been working on.
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I'm sorry, but I don't personally like it that much, though I guess the concept is surmountable to something remotely good.

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Could someone give me rough instructions on how a Graphics Designer called Justin Maller made his EMPYREAN piece of work ? That shit is fucking dope , I have many hours in PS and other editing programs , but would like some directions on where to head first.
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my guess is cinema 4d for some of the models then the composite and photo-manipulation on ps. watch ali's timelapses:
or it could be all done in ps desu.
watch this one too for a better understanding of render passes at 58:00 mins.

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Efeito rgb split
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