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How you guys like this ad? i made for my freelance services.
Hour spend:7-8
Process: I strictly spend 2 hours for writeup. random quotes or speech or maybe something original.
Selection of right image and FRAMING is the most important, i spend lot of time on searching right image which can go with writeup. Then comes the hard part font selection time. and finally little mixing.
Let me know how you like it?
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Fly high.png
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All I know is that you are a nigger.
The tacky ribbon on the upper right is as distracting as the colour logos on the bottom.

Otherwise, it's pretty?

File: fetttttttttttttttttttttttt.png (62KB, 581x578px)Image search: [Google]
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how do I prepare a book for offset printing? i'm using InDesign CS6
>jpg off
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Talk about it to the guy in charge of the print.
Doing it for myself.
Like you got your own offset printer?

i really like this kind of illustration where the drawing is imprecise and there are no curves in it
what is it called or where can i find more? i wanna get into it and learn it
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heres one more
File: Born to feel.jpg (8KB, 259x194px)Image search: [Google]
Born to feel.jpg
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Sorry mate,i dont know that type of draw

-But is gee golly good
File: Saul_Bass-LP3.jpg (1011KB, 1250x1082px)Image search: [Google]
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you can find more searching for minimalism posters or american modernism posters

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Who can make the funniest image by photoshopping this face onto stuff?
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wat's in 4 me
A lifetime supply of potatoes
Congratulations OP, you win, as your post was the only entry.

Hi /gd/ I was thinking of getting a tattoo like this and I was hoping someone more talented than I could draw this fly on 2d on a blank background so I could show it to the tattoo artist.
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use /wsr/ next time.
Why would anyone bother going to /wsr/ when you just give them what they want here, well done idiot.

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Hello /gd/, Is there any source of inspiration/examples of designs for documentary intros/credits/popup elements, except watching the documentaries themselves? I'm drawing a blank trying to figure out how to search for them.
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What I do when I'm out of ideas for motion graphics is to browse through Videohive's templates.
File: 27_Movie_Titles.jpg (521KB, 1126x1888px)Image search: [Google]
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it's called "title sequences" but you could find more using terms like intro/opening titles or just motion graphics.

some links


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I'm more or less /summer/ and just found this board. Wondering what /gd/ thinks of Rudnick's work and if his typefaces are available somewhere cos I cant find them
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here a link
bump cause interested
love it. he's a got a wonderfully bold design sense and I can definitely see his style catching on.

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/gd/, what do you think is the most attractively designed website/style? My favourite is pic related, raf simons.
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I cringe at the copy, and I don't think a few more rules would go amiss, but bettermotherfuckingwebsite is up there.


With regards to OP's, it doesn't tell me who this guy is, or what he does, so it's straight in the bin.
Raf's website is gorgeous, I gotta admit.
I like the simple beauty of Landscape's portfolio http://thisislandscape.com/

>not knowing who Raf Simons is and what he does
kek I think the problem here is you
I didn't say I didn't know who Raf Simons was. It's a poor website.

People get too hung up on form these days. Being an effective designer of any type, and by implication good design, is balancing form and function in a way that achieves both - something his website does not do.

Dutch demo team F16 paint job looks pretty badass.

Always wondered what it would look like on a Gulfstream G650 or on a Boeing 747.

I have decent photoshop skills but i have no idea how to create something that doesn't look bad.

Any hints on how i can do this myself or just a simple quick & dirty edit are more than appreciated.
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Bump, almost made something myself, it doesn't look that bad actually;
Bump, starting to look pretty good. Compressing the image.
File: Gulfstream_650_Exterior_3.jpg (50KB, 774x396px)Image search: [Google]
50KB, 774x396px
download the photos > color range or magic wand tool for selecting the painting > paste it on top of the other image > right click make clipping mask > adjust or distort the perspective till fits (easier if the two photos are similar)

File: ZPB7.jpg (12KB, 324x252px)Image search: [Google]
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I know this is a taboo request, but will you guys remove the watermarking from my image? I just graduated University and they took these pictures of us that are watermarked for the yearbook. My mom actually ordered this exact image as a print in a frame and it cost over $100. I want to use this image as my LinkedIn profile picture, but when I called them to ask for the file they quoted me $250 which I simply can't afford. I don't really have any other pictures I could use for this.

If you could do this for me, it would honestly help me out so much. Again, I know this is a taboo request. I have helped the photographer though through my mom ordering a picture/frame of this exact image.
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Don't you have something with a bit higher resolution? How are we supposed to work with this
Why would you even want that picture, it's terrible.
Shoot your own. Hell, you can book a photographer for less than 250
It's as high as they give me :| there is a thumbnail version that's half the size of this but it isn't watermarked.

File: 1464453584967.jpg (2MB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3840x2160px
What would be the fastest approach in photoshop to recreate this? It's fucking cool
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In Photoshop? None.

You want Blender, Maya or some other 3D program m8.
well in ps you can make 3 different trees with the pen tool add some layer mask to them (plus fading gradient) and duplicate them + group + duplicate the group. it could be just as fast as any 3d software if you are fast with the ps workflow.
My thoughts exactly

File: IMG-20160529-WA0013.jpg (167KB, 1600x1131px)Image search: [Google]
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Please im making a logo for a kids clothes dept store.
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dafaque is the middle one dawg?
looks like clip art for some shitty telephone start-up

you need to do a mood board.

nothing about it says 'kids clothes'.
none of it is engaging.
terrible colors and choice of type
graphics are boring/bland
File: MUSEUmLONDON.jpg (76KB, 667x516px)Image search: [Google]
76KB, 667x516px
i liked it but make it a little more fun like pic related and the kids face look a little awkward.

logo project, criticism, suggestions etc pls
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Cool, but offensive in my personal opinion
Why does his head turn into the back tire?
is this a cab for people in wheelchairs on a cab driven by someone in a wheelchair ?

Hey guys,

how would a noob go about and get this effect? Just need the text, not the image of the sunset.
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pls respond
>create a huge picture and put text in that pattern
>open a pic of a sunset in photoshop
>open the huge picture with text you made earlier
>copy the text pic and paste into sunset pic
>right click the huge text and select "skew" or "perspective" or something like that
>drag the pic around, very hard to explain how to do it

Good luck OP. I can do it for you if you tell me what to do.
would you mind making a gif? You'd get 1000 internets for this help and I'll pray you'll get your dick sucked by a pretty girl.
I don't have photoshop sadly. Only Illustrator and Pages/Pixelmator

File: OMG.jpg (69KB, 898x660px)Image search: [Google]
69KB, 898x660px
how does this shit get fixed?

I was asked to use this for a design in a KIDS website, but it's so hideous and scary that it dont really want to use it

Anyone here willing to see the beauty inside this monstrosity?
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You can't make it pretty. It's as hideous as your client's money.
Make the border of the eyes thinner, change the smile to one closer to a ) so it looks less cringy, Also dont make the faces bicolored, do an eye and just copypaste it, try to make the eyes less opened.
well you gotta add a chromosome to each of them and then kill them because we would then no longer need them in an advancing society

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