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Hey /gd/ just working on some logo designs for personal projects and out of personal interest this is what ive come up with, just playing with my initials h and b looking for something simple. Critique is appreciated.
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1. looks like H8
2. Big potential
3. Looks like "OOH" or "∞H" or something
4. I get it but it doesn't work, especially with the unbalanced B

maybe something like pic related i dunno but i'd definitely work with 2
Work on #2.

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Anyone else really like Dropbox's design?
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Some of their internal projects are cool but as far as product goes It's the same stuff 90% of all north american tech startups are shitting out.
Dropbox has the worst UI and the most inefficient UX of all cloud hosting services out there, and it's ridiculous, considering the fact that they are in this business for such a long time. It is so unintuitive, so many crutial features that are missing; I could go on and make a list with everything that's wrong, but I'm just too lazy to do it. If you want to see good design practice that is first and foremost usable (since… you know, that's the mission of good design—not some cute and lovely illustrations) than check out Microsoft's OneDrive. That's how a cloud solution should be implemented. I can't understand why Dropbox is so popular in the first place. 2GB is laughable.
I'm curious and kinda new to UX , could you point some of its major flaws? I think I'm too used to it to notice

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For those of you who are currently in Graphic Design for a profession, what are the pros and cons? I'm in the place now where I have to decide if I will pursue it or not. I have an interest in typography and making logos and creating ideas, but is it worth going after as a career?
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Why did Ashley leave us?
No. Go learn to do something that someone will actually pay you to do.
GD is full of faggots who dont want to get their hands dirty.
Its like becoming an actor, sure you can do it. But good luck making enough money to support yourself.
If you have that itch to scratch you can always make making typeface your hobby.
But learn something that will put money in your bank account so you can move out.

clearly graphic design is your passion

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Hey /gd/,

looking to complete my portfolio for product design. As inspiration I've taken these presentation sheets from fellow applicants who got accepted.
I've got some renders renders in Rhino 3d ready but now I'm clueless as how to get them ready for annotation and presentation.
I need arrows/icons etc.
My thought was exporting the raytraced renders/wireframes in PNG and using an Adobe Illustrator/Gimp/PS app with Pages for the final layout.

I have no fucking clue about what's easiest to use. Bottom line should look like pic related 1/2

Any advice is helpful. Thanks!
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What programs did they use?
I'm hackintosh master race and got Pixelmator for free, if that helps. I'm guessing I'll need to download the trial of Adobe Illustrator? Are there any non-cancerous alternatives out there?
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One more example:
Those are not from the same portfolio and look/function vastly different.

First, the most important thing, decide who you're making a portfolio for. Are you applying for jobs leaning more towards engineering, or 'design'? Are you interested in graphic design as a job or do you want to highlight your CAD skills? It's important that your portfolio shows what your portential employer is looking for, although it's never bad to have a gtaphically strong one.

Start by choosing your page width/height, single page or facing, print or digital etc.
After that you have boundaries, which will have an effect on your layout and style. Two facing pages have more room for text when you need it, but can look empty when you lack content.
Now you design your layout. Pick a colour scheme, define a grid, margins, font, headings, text placement, and then design a consistent set of icons and annotations.

Read up on product presentation as well. Those three pages have shit tier compositions with beginner mistakes.

Post your favourite, most revolutionary/influential band artwork. I'm a designer, and am most passionate about band artwork.

This piece by Andy Warhol is an obvious and extremely iconic piece of artwork. In my opinion, this has influenced so much!

Show me what you got, /gd/
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File: ーズの第1弾 作.jpg (18KB, 700x467px)Image search: [Google]
ーズの第1弾 作.jpg
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I'm going to be that guy and say Warhol was an overrated hack.
andy warhol is to /gd/ as the beatles are to /mu/.

revolutionary, but not the best by todays standards

need .png templates for photoshop my folder got deleted....hook it up if u got em
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Don't bump posts on a board as slow as this for a post less than half an hour old. It doesn't help people want to help you.

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How do I recreate the same background in Photoshop?
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For an easy way of it find any dark photograph with similar colours of your choice and then just add a Gaussian Blur to it, over the top add a tiny bit of grain too it, that is if you don't want to do it from scratch. Use google search tools too find the right colour image
File: examplething.png (263KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Play around with gradients (or use the paintbrush tool on a very low opacity with a feathered brush if you're lazy like me desu), then apply a dusty/chalkboardy texture over it and either overlay it or set it to soft light, then lower the opacity so it's not super bright. Erase it a little bit (very low opacity on a feathered brush) in other areas so it looks like the light is coming from one central point and isn't all over the board, and boom. Another way to achieve the smoke effect would be to fuck around with the Photoshop-generated clouds thing.

I made something similar here.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (364KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>I made something similar here.
>looks nothing like the OP

OP's picture looks like clouds/smoke
Yours looks like a dirty screen with cum smeared all over it.

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Friends thinking about making small hyper-concentrated candles to bring to our local market. Asked me to make a logo for their chosen name, "Atomic Candles". How does it look?
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like the stye but dont cut the E under the S and the A under the C...choose different glyphs or change the proportions
the C having a bit of space between the A doesnt bother me much, but it does look awkward that the E is buried under both the L and the S. i would definitely consider at least layering the E above the S, but using different glyphs entirely is probably a good idea as well.
The concept is clever, but you need to work on the forms. Right now, it's a bit like a large brain-like shape hovering over a tree stump wearing an innertube.

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I'm doing an undergraduate thesis on web user interfaces and I would like to know if there are some more in-depth books about this field? I'd like to find some of the graphic design books like that too.

On the one part I am mentioning Gestalt principles, but it all seems like an article (desu it is because I can't find a better source and everything is the same anyway) because of the simplicity. Like, I have 5 sentences for each principle and don't know what to write about it anymore.

But I really want something more than just a collection of guidelines.
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You'll have more to say if you look into UX and works of the ff people:
Jakub Nielsen
Don Norman
Xerox UI lady
Yeah, I actually write about UX too, well, it is kinda connected anyway. UX has more depth but in this chapter I am writing about a visual aspect of the interface and talking a lot about common gd theory. It just seems so basic, I'm not sure what to do.

I'm currently using these books:

About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design
Designing interfaces (O'Reilly)
Simple and Usable - Gilles Colborne
Universal Principles of Design - W. Lidwell, K. Holden, J Butler
Don’t Make Me Think - Krug
The Best Interface Is No Interface
Evil by Design
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

... And all the other articles and excerpts from some other works.

I realized that even all of those are in the end kind of basic. Well, maybe I should not concentrate so much on the previously mentioned part, I guess there just isn't much to say about it.
I feel like all of this is a one big, big meme.

Why is everything so shallow? I mean, all of these books have hundreds and hundreds of pages and when I look back after reading that shit, it all seems like pseudoscience with shallow guidelines.

I'm making a frontend for a news portal and I basically need to write about my process of designing user interface and making a good UX.

Are there really so few people with web design experience here?

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Is there enough interest here for me to make & share a pdf?
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I'd give it a read.
pls OP

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Hey /gd/ im making a band and we are working on album art cover i allready started on it so i wondered if some of you could finish it, or maybe just remake it completely. anyways just try to work around this template. thanks
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its a metal band
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This looks tacky. If you photographed the same image it might look good, if do it right.

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The thread for /flag/gots
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>tfw when the cities in my area all have absolutely terrible flag designs
>one was voted one of the top places to live in America for multiple years, still can't get past a generic clipart flag with words everywhere

>know that none of them will ever change because they see absolutely nothing wrong with it
File: Capture.png (10KB, 607x148px)Image search: [Google]
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HELL YEAH, i got a whole folder dedicated to it

File: IMG_20160211_142241-1.jpg (189KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone make a better cover? This one is fucking awful
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Did he make that in MS Paint?
what's it sound like

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ok its time for some serius talk

how much /gd/ usually charge for their work?

how much a design should be charge for?

how much a video or a commercial should be charged for?

how do /gd/ make a budget for a client?

and most important

how you should give the client the budget?
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How do you not know about the Graphic Artists Guild's Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines? It's basically a book that has pages upon pages of price ranges for hordes of different job types, client company size, etc. They even release a new edition every few years to keep up with inflation and design market trends.

Granted, the prices are based on New York City, so you might have to do some calculations based on your area's standard of living (and possibly exchange rates, if you're not in the US.)

Unfortunately, I leave my copy at work, and I’m afraid that I don't have a digital copy. Someone else might be willing to give you a pdf.
As high as people are willing to buy your work. Too much people will walk away, too little they will question your skills.
$500 consultation fee
$500/ logo work( illustrations, process approval)
$500 full renders finalized HQ pdfs for print and implementation
$1000 licensing or buying fees (copyrights, full ownership)
50% kill fee or work completed up to that point.

I always come out with atleast $1000 because of the consultation fee and process work(my time is covered)

I give no fucks but im professional and i let them know this simple pricing structure right off the bat so they dont waste my time so if they need different work or something i cant help them with its atleast $500 for the consultation and sometimes i add a $200-500 finders fee to get them the right person for the job so i can make a little tax on getting that person work and missing out.

This obviously works mostly for independents looking for small projects you tailor it to the nature of the work you will be doing.

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