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How are these "comets" created in photoshop or illustrator? I have seen those things around in hipster logos alot.
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just a brush in illustrator. google it
its a simple path.
Any keywords to search for?

here's a link to how I constructed the basic shape. You need mostly the Direct Select tool (White Mouse Cursor) to make it and to fiddle with the anchor points. Hold Shift to keep everything straight as you move the anchor points.

Brush isn't a bad idea but I avoid them when I can because they are technically a stroke and unless you expand the stroke you have to keep track of the stroke width.

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Because I really don't know
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who cares ?
I dont.
Ask /wsr/.
here ya go
The 'close enough' award goes to you anon.

My YouTube channel logo. Made it myself. Thoughts?
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>Drink it

Holy shit, just wow. You paying royalties for that music, got permission for it did ya? Oh and that Mountain Dew Sponsor, how's that going? They paying you a lot for your 9 subs to watch you play some shitty phone game for 40 seconds?
Pretty garbage. It looks like the title screen for an obscure snes game like knights of the round or something

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better than some vaporwave designs
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you failed m8
Not ironic enough.

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1MB, 1920x1080px

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Im prototyping a logo for a non profit organization in costa rica, they mostly do environmental work, (saving turtles, trees, teaching kids values, cooking, camping, etc...) their original logo is a mess made in word, so im trying to make one that they can actually use as a logo trying to respect their original as much as i can.

The organization its called "Carta de la tierra" (letter of the earth) and yes i already noticed there are no letters in any of the logos

so what does gd think, how can i improve it further??
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What are some of your other ideas you've sketched out?
i actually liked that one alot so i was planning on improving it instead of making several iterations
2nd one: the people figures are far too separated from the Americas...

: kinda chunky and shallow. no infographics.

1st one is real messy, but simplifying into basics...work on it. don't let #2 hold you back...

I got a little challenge for you.
You got 3 shapes: A square, a circle and a triangle.
The challenge is to shoop something including the slogan 'the human in the digital age' using these 3 shapes.
The shapes have to be recognizable, you can use any colors, fonts and one picture.
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>How do I make it seem like I don't want a free logo?
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Alright guys. I'm making an online trading card game called Forgotten Lore. It'll be releasing as Early Access on Steam in a few days and so I've been doing my best to make the main menu not absolute trash.

What are your opinions, how can I make it better?

This is the options screen. I'm using a custom shader I wrote to get one of the card portrait's to look the way it does, and can apply it to other pictures.
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Hi email me at [email protected] I've got lost of ideas
Just post here? I'm looking for feedback and tips, not to hire an artist.
1. Tell me youre actually not releasing that "thing" on steam.
2. You do need an artist.
3. I wonder when programers will learn that they have no clue about design...

What does /gd/ think of Encide and their interface designs?
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Hey fellas. /ic/ here.

You guys wanna help me out here? I have very little experience with freelancing in graphic design and wanted to see if you guys could help me fill out this infographic im making.
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I would just leave it as is, I think you nailed it.

but it's just question marks anon :O
decent entry pay and high pay ceiling
stable demand

highly competitive
very location dependant
often un-rewarding

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How can i make pic related logo look more "professional"? Any ideas?
What should I change on it, it doesnt look dynamic enough.
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Font seems kind of standard, bland.
Also, you might fade the symbol on the left, as it comes down to the points,
holy shit, DENTAL in red, white, and a black background? fucking seriously, a god damn sharp red clamp is gonna reel in all those new and existing customers.

troll shit, don't let your teef pull bleeding bad experience put this influence on ANYONE, even in all black logo parameters.
Sans serif all caps font family. Combine semi-bold with thin.

You're welcome.

Hey guys can you make me a new logo?
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File: image.png (34KB, 600x446px)Image search: [Google]
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Here you go OP. Royalty free.

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So I've been working on a web comic and couldn't find any fonts that I liked so for a few pages I would handwrite all the words, which took a lot longer. So I tried myscriptfont to make a font using the image attached. The font came out all pixelated and well not good. Could anybody recommend me any easy (and free) custom font makers.
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Use font making software.
man no shit...
Although I'll eventually get to font forge.

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unoriginal copy-paste meme garbage, get the fuck off of gd
In my 5 years of working as a professional designer not one client (people with budgets north of $10K) would ever pay money for vaporwave shit.
composition - vaporwave elements make this image trite and visually unappealing

None of the visual elements are of original design

File: Untitled-7.jpg (883KB, 2794x1368px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm looking for an overall critique of my design concept or even just smaller parts. I'm just using it as part of my behance portfolio.

The introduction is pretty long, about 700 words. Not sure if I should shorten it or if it's a good idea to have that much writing in a portfolio. Also my writing needs work, so I'd like some critique on that as well if possible.

I also have two images that didn't make it to the final design and I'd like to know if they'd be a better option than the two bust stop signage pieces.

On the one hand they showcase my Photoshop skills for my portfolio but I'm not really sure if they fit the brand.

There's a few things I'm aware I need to fix
-the guy missing his elbow
-replacing the cigarettes with e-ciggarets
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I like it, pretty solid. Not sure why you'd go with arial, though.

also, the type on the posters is really fucking overpowering and ruins any sense of balance you may have had

and what's with all the random taglines? very few of them have anything to do with vaping

also lol vaping
I don't have Helvetica on windows so I had to go with arial.

The tag lines aren't directly related, I tried to make them give you an idea of the brand overall. Kinda like Nike does with their as campaigns. Are they too cheesy?

Thanks for the feedback
File: mspaint.jpg (476KB, 2794x1368px)Image search: [Google]
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no need for helvetica. i kinda liked the style just try to be more subtle.

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