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Let's get this going.
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try and be ~creative~ witit
not just slap some text in the corner of that bitch
Did >>268305 reached image limit ?
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I imagine some sort of soul punk

File: acad-research.png (84KB, 1663x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Need to come up with a logo for "academic and research cell" this is what i came up with. Any ideas from experienced designers? New to this
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The A needs to be away from the magnifying
glass, or in front.

Since the acronym is ARC, you could create
some symbolism by incorporating some form
of arc that could represent some form of
learning curve or something.

I definitely think there should be a literal arc
in the logo and no sloppy fonts.
the arc symbolism is very much overused i think and i would like to avoid it if possible, thanks for the learning curve idea.
Good point, using an arc to represent an arc is a bit simple lol

File: Dawn of the Dead poster_00000.png (1MB, 650x1000px)Image search: [Google]
Dawn of the Dead poster_00000.png
1MB, 650x1000px
What do you think? Commencing dump
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DOTD... makes me think of Polish poster art.
The other one
Fuck that plain font makes it look like a school assignment

File: Photoshop_CC_icon.png (43KB, 256x256px)Image search: [Google]
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Why does Photoshop leak memory so fucking fast when I use my pen tablet?

After like half an hour of drawing the memory usage climbs up to 2 GB usage and then the application goes all haywire, giving an error whenever I try to click File->Save and other actions. It's not like I'm doing something retarded like creating dozens of layers and tons of effects and plugins, I'm just using the brush and eraser tools.

I don't have this issue with other programs like Krita and SAI.

Should I just settle for GIMP and figure out its weird interface?

>Using CC 2014.2.4 (2/8/2016)
>Tried CC 2015 last year and it was even worse, gets really laggy
>Have CS6 as well, but I think I was having problems with that too
>Latest GPU and tablet drivers
>Win7 x64; i7-3770s; 16GB RAM; GTX 960
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Did you check the preferences for gpu acceleration and cpu and ram usage?
Check your performance settings, you might just be saving 500 history states
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The memory seems to only climb up if I'm drawing with the pen. It's as if each pen stroke is worth 100MB or some shit. Regular image ediiting with just the mouse doesn't seem to be an issue.

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Hey guys! I need your help, i want to do a shirt with this design but I don't know how to enlarge the image without being pixelate, can you help me with the design? please.
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I don't get it
File: photo.jpg (88KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
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You need to vetorize it in order to enlarge it without pixelating it.
Bad news OP. That image is full of tiny details and you won't be able to auto-trace it with vector magic or whatever software, it needs to be done manually and that's a painfuly slow and boring task. No sane person will do that for free.
I searched the image and found stores selling hoodies with the design, just buy one, it will be easier.
Also, here you have a better resolution version of it.
Haha i want the design for my girlfriend, can you pass the link of the store please?

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Friends, which version is better? 1 or 2?
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Neither tbqphwyf
Depends if it's more of a crusty vibe go for the glitches, if it's more of a flakey vibe go for the left
Right looks better, even it being also terrible

File: examplex.jpg (212KB, 1363x577px)Image search: [Google]
212KB, 1363x577px
In need of some Illustrator assistance

The top is text and the bottom is that same
text converted to curves. I need the text
converted to curves but without the overlaps
that can been in the bottom text.

I have a feeling rasterizing the text may be the
answer but doing that reduces the quality to
an unusable state.
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be seen**
expand it to shapes
then use pathfinder to merge the shapes

File: it hurts.png (7KB, 244x694px)Image search: [Google]
it hurts.png
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did this already, but i think it might be wrong. help any fluent japanese speakers/reader?
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Pretty sure you got that wrong OP, and fuck that terrible quality.
苦しい - kurushi'i
It's painful/strenuous

Definition varies on phrasing
息が苦しい - (I) can't breathe well
胸が苦しい - (My) heart aches

File: Screenshot_2016-05-17-23-19-57.png (875KB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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I need a new laptop for college, I'll be using programs like solid works and auto CAD. Any advice on things I should consider.
>pic related?
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fuck off
File: Screenshot_2016-05-24-09-21-35.png (191KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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File: interface.gif (20KB, 644x271px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone have html template for 4chan? I'm not making a chan clones just newfag learning web design
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or F12
JEEBUS CHRIST. do you really want to copy this garbage?


File: indesign_plugin.png (86KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
86KB, 500x500px
any one have those plugins? just wanna try them
or any other one.
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You can get this one from cgpeers
Bump need to see the résultats Of the font plugin
>Plugin share thread
>doesn't share anything

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Anyone got a PDF of The Stroke by Gerrit Noordzij?
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File: thestroke.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
This is now design book share general.

Anyone got "Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things" by Don Norman?
File: Screenshot-1459774619.png (83KB, 1260x877px)Image search: [Google]
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In return I can share any of pic related.

File: image.jpg (45KB, 323x350px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone remove the white background and just have the patch on this please? It's my old fire department and I'm making a project, thanks
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Firstly, this goes under /wsr/
Secondly I'm bored so you're in luck
File: 1466199824819.png (190KB, 323x350px)Image search: [Google]
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Apologies,but thank you sir

File: thisfuckingletter.png (101KB, 867x922px)Image search: [Google]
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Okay, so I was trying something in Ai before just to learn how to do it and to get familiar with the program. I didn't think the task I chose was hard and that it is a good idea for learning the basics. However, I cannot find anything useful on the Adobe page since I have no idea what to look for. When I try, their names for tools and workflows are confusing to me and, ironically, it is not really well illustrated. I have failed so often now that I am fucking mad. I really need someone to explain the best practice how to accomplish this:

I used the letter W that you see in pic related. I chose it because it has intersections. As you can see, as of now it is still just flat. What I wanted to do is add a kind of 3D effect to it by giving it a gradient and some depth (will recolor, it's a standard gradient I just used for the exercise).
To achieve this, I want the paths to go above each other, so that the "W" kind of looks like a spring, if you know what I mean.

For example, in the middle where the strokes meet and just merge, I want the path coming from the left to be above the part that comes back down. (That one should go below said line.) At the end to the right, where it is merging again, I want the path to go above itself once more, creating a round tip instead of the flat merge.

I hope someone understands what I mean by that and can help me out here. I just don't get how the tools work and how I can cut the letter into shapes. Hell, I don't even know how to make the closed paths that are already there longer without fucking everything up.

(I realize sometimes you can copy/paste but with drop shadows, gradients or opacity involved, I would rather not copy it multiple times to create the "illusion". Also, it's about getting to know the program, so a workaround is fine as long as it's generally applicable.)
I can't believe I don't even understand how to extend/cut an existing, closed path. Sorry that I am apparently THIS dumb.

Thank you all, guys!
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damn blog. tldr? did you tried with a 3d software? you can do it with c4d in seconds (spline + extrude nurbs or sweep nurbs) however illustrator 3d extrude & bevel could give more control.

Not my first language so I kind of scrambled. Anyway, I found the solution how to do it. Line tool to "connect" the paths (although they are still both seperate entities then).
Then Pathfinder, divide the shapes and you're pretty much done alread except for the color. Found multiple ways but none of the others worked consistently for each part of the letter. Don't know if this is the best practice, though.

Also thanks for your suggestion but this is mostly about learning to work with paths, not so much about the final result. Looks rad though!
scrambled?! I meant rambled

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File: Untitled-1.jpg (283KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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What part of this did you think had to do with Graphic Design?

Not worksafe pal. Wouldnt want this fine gentleman getting banned since he's such a pillar of the community.
Ah I stand corrected, you are right, just so used to sending everyone that posts here over to /wsr/

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