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File: painting.jpg (166KB, 1422x800px)Image search: [Google]
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best programs for video editing and basic animations(pictures).
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newbie friendly please
Adobe Premere
Adobe after effects
sony vegas
final cut pro (mac)
photoshop is also pretty good for making gifs and some animations.

File: Free-Minimal-Logo-11.jpg (14KB, 720x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone got any minimal logos they've done lately?
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File: shirudowip2.jpg (640KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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finished this a few weeks ago
File: Mac.png (2KB, 90x94px)Image search: [Google]
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>shitton of lines everywhere, drawings, etc.

pls, commit sudoku.

File: 564546468487989.png (538KB, 1200x861px)Image search: [Google]
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So how do you apply the golden ration to a design to make it look more harmonic?
Seems easier to spot than to actually apply it yourself.
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my personal approach is to 'apply' it afterwards, when the design is basically done and the AU ratio and fibonacci's spiral help in positioning key elements in relation to each other.

more importantly, i believe that most logos and illustration *do not* need to strictly adhere to the AU ratio.

if you are banging your head against the wall trying to push your birthing idea into 1.618 fractals of itself, simply clear your mind of it. Period.

After you are satisfied with the core of your design, use the spiral to apply adjustments, but again don't fixate on it...


hope it helps,
Definitely, thanks
no problems man, best of luck on your work and feel free to post it here so other anons and I can give your feedback (and roast you as well!)

File: Jovan Personal logo2.png (13KB, 670x811px)Image search: [Google]
Jovan Personal logo2.png
13KB, 670x811px
Critique thread. Made a personal logo for a friend, his initials are JQ
what do you think?
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use the critique general thread... it reads likee JT the white line doesn't serve a purpose.
Any changes you thing would make it look good?
quite a few but then it would be my design not yours.

File: whatdoyousee.png (80KB, 4000x4000px)Image search: [Google]
80KB, 4000x4000px
Im trying to get into minimalism.
I just made this thing, what do you see, what do you think?
Is something like this considered art?
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Is this bait?
why, to edgy maybe?
It doesn't mean anything.
Graphic design is communication, its an answer to a problem. This is nothing, it solves nothing.
Maybe take it to >>>/ic/ ?

File: pls help.png (529KB, 1676x796px)Image search: [Google]
pls help.png
529KB, 1676x796px
How do I make the eyes like in the original picture? I've done this so far but I have trouble with the eyes. Any good tutorials that can help me with the eyes? Should I just draw them in photoshop after finishing the vector? Sorry, I'm new to this.
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use a radial gradient fool
File: pls help.png (528KB, 1676x796px)Image search: [Google]
pls help.png
528KB, 1676x796px
It kinda worked, the eyes still don't look good enough but it it acceptable.
So add a second one in the centre. I'd also thicken those lines up.

File: Slack for iOS Upload.jpg (32KB, 741x314px)Image search: [Google]
Slack for iOS Upload.jpg
32KB, 741x314px
need a combination of the colorful charts colors and smoothness onto the second charts layout.
seeking graphic designers for app project. thanks.
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File: graph design1.png (33KB, 399x214px)Image search: [Google]
graph design1.png
33KB, 399x214px
here is the colored chart.
File: graf.jpg (27KB, 741x314px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 741x314px
hahahahaha actually looks kinda cool

File: 92c.jpg (333KB, 1268x983px)Image search: [Google]
333KB, 1268x983px
I am looking for a montage or a real picture of a EVGA 980 Ti totally burned and destroyed that looks real that one exactly EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N ACX 2.0+

Really looking hard for it, I want it to looks like totally burned or partially burned that you can't see/do anything with it

Thanks you guys
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>Have a MSI 980ti
>Works fine
Go back to /v/ shill.
File: 1464785513857.png (2MB, 1268x983px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1268x983px
there you go

File: fuck-dreamweaver.jpg (75KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm so fed up with dreamweaver, which are some good alternatives to dreamweaver to have a nice, easy to update web portfolio online?
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Have you guys used Wix or Carbonmade... stuff like that? What about Muse?
Writing for web does not require an IDE. Just use sublime text or brackets

File: myfonts_logo_detail.gif (12KB, 470x233px)Image search: [Google]
12KB, 470x233px
Does anyone know a method to rip fonts from myfonts.com? I've seen a tutorial somewhere here some time ago, and I wonder if it still works...

Thanks in advance
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I'm interested as well.
Someone post it again please
Bump for interest because I'd love to expand my font collection.

File: logos wip.png (221KB, 1984x692px)Image search: [Google]
logos wip.png
221KB, 1984x692px
Sup /gd/?
I'm working on a /3/d character, and I want a logo that says "we explore asteroids and inhospitable planets to mine chemicals/resources"

The character is in a space suit, and is basically 2 parts scientist, 1 part explorer, 1 part miner.
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Forgot to add, which of those logos should I go with? Just roughs for now. Will refine later.
I think 1 and 2 are your strongest logos, but they both emphasise either the science aspect or the adventure aspect. If the space suit already has a sience feel, go with 2. If it has a more adventurelike aesthetic, go with 1.
File: wip.jpg (539KB, 1400x1426px)Image search: [Google]
539KB, 1400x1426px
>If the space suit already has a sience feel, go with 2. If it has a more adventurelike aesthetic, go with 1.

What do you think?
I think it's kinda down the middle....
The large thing on his arm looks like a gun, but it's supposed to be a mining tool/drill.

File: Billy the Pig.jpg (211KB, 600x2481px)Image search: [Google]
Billy the Pig.jpg
211KB, 600x2481px
accidentally posted this in /ic/...

It's sinking in that I need to get my shit together asap so I'm going to start making work for fictional companies for my portfolio...

Could /ic/ help me out on what I should include/would be the most economical use of my time? I'm not really sure what I want to go into. Just NOT app design/coding

I'm thinking
> Coffee shop branding
> Website mockup for restaurant
> A poster series for something to demonstrate illustrative ability (but what?)

But... That's it? Do I just make a random concept up for a shop and go for it, or should I approach some local places and ask if I can parody them/design their stuff for free?
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>Your (if yours) BTP in the circle is weighted to the left, you should center that a bit better
I would go with the coffee shop branding and restaurant mock-up (on inVison or something working that can be shared). While I love posters, they just aren't important to most people after college.
File: Facebook-11.jpg (291KB, 1600x1139px)Image search: [Google]
291KB, 1600x1139px
>> Coffee shop branding
>> Website mockup for restaurant
Idk mang these are pretty generic and easy. It's hard to screw these up.

Why not try a rebranding instead?
Pick an existing brand or app/website and build upon it. Impress employers by building upon brands they are already familiar with.
http://briefbox.me you're welcome

File: 0b02a29252131.560cb2b33254e.jpg (176KB, 527x766px)Image search: [Google]
176KB, 527x766px
Just how effective is it to use "made up work" in your portfolio. By that I mean work you've created for fun. Logos and brand identities not made for real clients?

Been working as an in-house corporate designer for a few years and would like to switch over to do more "fun" design. Figured a design or marketing agency is what I should aim for. My work is a bit more corporate looking and I feel this might detract from agencies.
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Have you heard of Aaron Draplin of DDC? There's a video interview of him somewhere on the web and he's said that personal work/for fun projects are what he wants to see most from people in order to know what they love to do most.
Depending on the place you wanna get to, it could be very important, in my case it earned me a couple calls for freelance and agency work.
To be perfectly honest, I'd rather see way more of your own, personal, "fun" projects than shit done for real clients. Mostly for reasons >>271878 said.

File: UmqhEYt.jpg (27KB, 564x560px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 564x560px
Need help to draw this in black and white. I want that as an tattoo. so need it in black and white. Somebody that can help me?
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>>271860 (OP)
What are you even asking its already in b/w. Plus stealing someone else's tattoo design is kind of a dick move
File: Untitled-1.jpg (54KB, 270x560px)Image search: [Google]
54KB, 270x560px
He means like picture related, and agreed on the whole dick move thing.
Actually, copyright infringement on top of being a dick move.

File: badinblackgrfx-01.png (25KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
25KB, 480x360px
So I haven't done anything with graphic design in ~8 years.

I've been pondering rebuilding my portfolio to see if there are any worthwhile opportunities in the field for one so disconnected as myself.

What do you think /gd/, still worth trying?

>Pic related, my entry for freelancer's new logo contest
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File: Ron-Swanson.jpg (341KB, 2249x1370px)Image search: [Google]
341KB, 2249x1370px
Depends on your motivations, other skills/employment/age, opportunity costs, etc...

>Get hustling, do some gigs that inspire you, and you'll see for yourself.

If you wanna start posting things for your portfolio other anon's can critique, but doing the above will help you much more because you'll refresh your skills, you'll create new things that are actually needed today, and you'll probably learn something new.

Best of luck,
> weird part that sticks out and doesnt seem to make any recognisable sense
Do you not know what a lance is ?

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