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Why don't you fuckinglosers wear any fucking designer answers me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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no homo we smokin big fat cocks
No homosexual however we are fellating large penises.
>not even artisanal margiela
>margiela h&m

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can you identify these glasses for me?
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Ray Ban GetAways
fuck beat me to it

>tfw short and ugly
>tfw will never be /fa/ like Bobby
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>my face when tall, handsome, white, and great hair like bobby and have been dressing like him since 1999

I have a great life mst suck to be you lol
you sound insecure
U type insecure bitch I'm getting head rn what are you doing

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So until recently I've never really cared to appear attractive to women, had more important things going on in my own life than trying to impress a walking, talking vagina.

Now I have my shit figured out and would like to look a little less autistic. Right now I wear basic pretty much featureless cotton t shirts, and 98% of the time track pants, occasionally jeans. I'm a 20 year old dood who needs to look a bit better without spending a lot of money.

What kinda shit should I be looking for?
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idk are you interested in clothes or are you interested in girls? there isnt really a correlation honestly
You don't have to go all fancy. Polo Shirts, some raw denim jeans that fit well and khakis should be good.

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Just posting some stuff I like, please feel free to do the same.
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i've seen a lot of newfags here in the last year so i figured i would post some old infographs
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Whats your opinion about the German Army Trainer sneaker?
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very good

by the way is this a good place to cop them? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GERMAN-ARMY-TRAINING-SHOES-/152448718190?var=&hash=item237ea6d56e:m:mh8DXb6abv5VPQ4XQerc0sQ
unbranded adidas samba
Copped a pair a couple months back, somewhat regretting it. They're very narrow and almost uncomfortably snug, not sure they were worth the huge shipping fee (I live in the States).

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Why do men insist on still wearing leather jackets, when it's evident that it looks like complete shit and un-flattering on all body types.
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I don't think he looks bad
The type of leather jacket the guy in that pic is wearing is ugly anyway. Wouldn't look good on anyone.

Some guys can pull leather off, it just depends on the guy and whether or not the garment is nice.

Leather jackets to me are all ugly especially biker ones. Idk why but they all look like shit.

Leather blazers however are the only type of leather jacket that looks good on certain men. I think it's due to the fact that there isn't a whole lot going on with leather blazers that makes them a little more appealing. They don't have any buttons, no ugly shoulder pads, no zips etc. You pretty much wear it like a regular blazer. It's so simple yet so stylish. But like I said, they only suit some guys...
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I'll admit that this isn't the best pic to back up my point about leather blazers but compare my pic to the guy in your pic. Leather blazers look good on the right person.

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Is there anyway to make your hair more voluminous (or even simply look more voluminous) other than just growing it out? Or is it a largely genetic trait dictated by by how many hair follicles you have and how thick your hair strands are?
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Depends on how you part it and what, if any, products you use.
Elaborate please.
There's a pretty simple trick: when the hair is wet sweep it to one side, once it's dry sweep it to the opposite side. Depending on your hair texture and length it should provide some fake volume (atleast it does for me)

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Don't wear polos please, tee-shirts are way better.
id rings

I'm tempted to purchase this duster. Think I can make it work without a cowboy hat?
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I don't think you can make it work with a cowboy hat, pardner
I think it'd be possible to shoehorn it into the goth mall ninja/techwear look somehow.

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i'm looking for a pair of sneakers or "skateboarding" shoes for under 70 usd, what are the most /fa/ sneakers right now?
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Adidas busenitz weeb
those are nice, i will try to buy those
everyone has those nowadays

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what unicorngender can i choose from?
Please post pussy, Misters Traps

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How can I salvage this?
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shave the sides completely you retard itll grow back to decent length in like a week
Wear a hat for a 4-6 weeks.
How the fuck did you pull that off?

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Anything cool like the Honda CB250G? I'm looking to buy a motorcycle under $5000.
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triumph bonneville
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