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I'm 6'4 189lbs and where a size 14, what would I look best in? (like just everyday wear) I'm pretty self conscious about my feet because all my shoes look like fucking clown shoes so I just opt for tighter 13's
I mostly were hoodies, joggers, whatever sneakers
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black pull on roper boots
No need to worry about the size of your feet.
You're above average height, with above average size feet. Proportional.

It would only look strange if you were shorter, or had even bigger feet.

It would be pretty stupid to let your shoe size limit you in this way.
I'm 6'4 with size 17 shoes.
Getting good shoes is impossible.

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Are pom pom beanies effay?
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pls respond
pls respond
Absolutely. Can this be an inspo thread now?

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Can you be THICC and /effay/?
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Yes, but only to some people.

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ausfag in melbourne headed to Denmark during January.
what should i cop?

currently repping
>doc marten tobias'/vans sk8 his
>levis 510 skinnys/slim navy dejour jeans
>black & white uniqlo crew and v necks

I know it is gonna be fuck off cold.thinking pic related
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also tips on how to net QTpi danish/euro grill
teeth ruin this pic
Disgusting teeth

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Did all of the Rick Owens generals move to Discord? Where can I get an invite??
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Nibba i posted that inspo in the fa discord u numale

Found that pic on /fa/

Anyway do you have a discord link?
The Rick Owens generals finally moved to the trash, where they belonged all along

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Is nike cool again?
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air max x chelsea boats = cancer
Gotta be photoshop
Theres no way
o noo they are real

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Are beards out of style? if i grew one now then would i just look like a try hard cuck?
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beards have been out for over a year. they are now associated with numales and betas
you can still pull it off if you look like a savage and not a nu-male

Are there any good watches for women?
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Trying to build inspo for an attempt im doing for Shire-core. Share Ideas Friends
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It's just British style on manlets desu senpai
I just want to finally achieve true comfy core
>dfw I'm halfway there
>it's just menswear, with more focus on the materials
>linen, corduroy, wool

The vest sucks, but dat cravat tho

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What are some /fa/ recommended movies/documentaries about the fasion industry?

I prefer stories surrounding people making their own clothing lines/fashion brands.

Watched a Television series called How to Make it in America and really enjoyed it, wondering if they're any others.
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bump. I was also wondering if that Yves Saint Laurent movie is any good
Watched a doco on Olivier Rousteing in his early days with Balmain. I don't even like Balmain nor the vibe they do but was impressed with the amount of last minute work they had to do.

Watched a doco on Abloh ages ago and was kinda boring desu.

For non designer/house specific the true cost is very very good.
Dior and I is good and it's on Netflix.

Which one are you talking about?

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Anyone had a leather jacket from superdry? I'm wary of them as i had a windcheater type jacket from them a few years ago that fell apart after a couple of months.Their shirts tend to fray quite quickly around the buttons and shrink as well.

I find most of their stuff a bit douchey but like the leather jacket in the pic.
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I have a black denim jacket from SuperDry and it's really nice so far. I've only had it for a few weeks but I've worn it a few times and it's good quality from what I've seen and felt.
I've bought sweaters and joggers from them just to wear around the house, they've held up well and overall I'm pretty happy about them. Looking at the jacket itself it would seem decent, leather is usually a bit dangerous quality wise unless they list it.
I would take a look through grailed before buying it for sure but if you don't find anything this would seem decent
Read a review about it, he liked it but the dude wanted a 4XL, I hope for your sake that isn't your case

Is it possible for a guy to pull having both ears pierced off, giving:

1. He's not gay
2. He's not black
3. He's not a celebrity
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Honestly looks better than one piercing which generally makes you look like a pirate
if youre this insecure the answer is no

better luck next time champ
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do septum piercings look good on guys or will i look retarded

second life """fashion"""
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did you feel the need to clarify this time?

here i'll give you a reply this time

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cop or nah
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34 year old shirt-- should be vintage bro. Vintage stuff are always popular in fashion. I'd say cop.
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I loved that movie so much. Can't believe it was written & directed by that random fag Matt Ross.

Yep, age & distress with a little bleach, unpicker
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Halloween is next week. What are /fa/ Halloween costumes?
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Zodiac killer would be legitimately spooky.
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Me and my friends are going as Slavs. We're basically gonna drink shit beer, blast hard bass, and yell "Cyka Blyat" at small children.
You're gonna regret it everybody else will be a meme
Just go as the old standard, Eric Draven

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