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what the fuck sort of jacket is this/where can I get this exact jacket? I've been searching for 24 hours straight.
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pls /fa/ you're my last hope
>suicide silence shirt


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UK hates EU edition.

Some anons agreed with me that it's a good idea so here it is.
Feel free to talk with people from your favorite european countries, share opinions, ask questions.
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Hello I am from the European country Scotland
Inshallah my brothers

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winter fit.jpg
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please dump any casual inspo you have that would be appropriate for winter. bonus points if you post pics with birkenstocks styled for the cold weather.
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questionably wintery but inspo nonetheless
File: 20161023174557187_500.jpg (46KB, 500x667px)Image search: [Google]
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I come to you in my time of need. I'm a grooms(wo)man in a wedding, but once the bride noticed my measurements for a tiny tuxedo, she nixed that. I feel like this is my punishment.

Is this as terrible on me as I think it is? See below for commentary.

"The shirt is something Elvis would bury his daughter in."
"I don't understand. Is the wedding in Eastern Europe at a brothel?"
"It looks like the weird girl who doesn't socialize. Her prom dress. For prom. Alone. In a bad Johnny Depp rom com from the 90s."
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its terrible
the top is godawful, the skirt is cute.
what kind of fucking people make those kinds of comments

the top looks a little boxy / i'm not sure all that glitter is suitable for a wedding

maybe ask the bride what kind of dress she wants you to wear?

So is this stuff worth it? Everyone is talking about it but I haven't seen any fit pics or reviews.
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pure meme shit. only looks good on models
wool pleats, sweater textures, cotton shirt are the only good stuff desu
Regular Uniqlo good quality for a low price.

Don't bother listening to half the people on this board, they will act like their plain black t-shirt costing $700 is so immeasurably better than Uniqlo's that you would look a fool to be wearing the cheaper alternative.

People here flex. The uniqlo stuff is fine.

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what is this style called?

and is it effay?
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Shameless self-expression

It's probably the least effay thing in the world, since effay fashion is mostly about following trends/antitrends or dressing for a "look".
Shameless hippynazicore
what is she thinking about?

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post your literal 10/10 flawless fit
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i think this would look good w/o the jacket. can't see what you see in it.
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Buy my stuff edition.
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Screenshot (26).png
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My patches:

Got hit by the DDoS yesterday, all back in order now

First 50 people to use the code NOTASELLOUT get 20% off btw

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is this a good look for chunky buns McGibbons's?
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>Rollback? Can I eat that?
>I wanted cinnamon rolls!
fuking kek
I really dislike fat people

What are the ultimate minimalist black shoes? I need something with a slim silhoutte and neither dressy nor too casual. I kinda like doc monos but looks like they're a bit too chunky.
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Why fucking black?
Doesn't clash with any outfits.
are you a retard?

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what style is this and what do i google to find it? where can i find stuff similar to this online? i think it looks good, can i wear it or am i being cringe? (obviously not as rough as the left pic but just the jacket without the doodads)
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>dude assassin's creed lmao

Trust me kiddo, just don't do it. No matter how cool you think you'll look you'll just look cringe
fuck, okay. what constitutes to assassins creed tier? is it the hood or the coat tail? is there any way to wear this or similar without looking like a sperg? because i reallllllly like it
File: SRUq7.jpg (241KB, 1280x877px)Image search: [Google]
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3d model mode

File: strom low jams cap.jpg (188KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
strom low jams cap.jpg
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post effay caps, i already own cap in pic and im looking to get more cos its summer in Aus rn.
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reminder to not support shills
File: image1_(1).jpg (98KB, 1000x750px)Image search: [Google]
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I recently picked this one up! Not me in the pic though

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What is the most effay country?
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Um what? Finland is a literal shithole

Why do you think so? Where are you from?
File: Kikujiro-1.jpg (85KB, 640x422px)Image search: [Google]
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any of those nordic countries/germany
im not even one of those >muh fuck immgrants and muslims reeee
kinda people but they are undoubtedly going to fuck the place up a lil bit
if not then japan

File: hillary clinton.jpg (150KB, 2048x1363px)Image search: [Google]
hillary clinton.jpg
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maybe her politics are shit but at least she is effay as fukk
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Honestly all that matters to me

Also not having Trump's SCOTUS, that's pretty much it

If Trump was pro-abortion and drug legalization I'd actually put up with his idiocy and vote for him
lel only niggers get abortions and only degenerate losers do drugs, not suprised you like crooked shillary
who even talks like this.

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How do you pass your time outside of work/school? What interests you?
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I make music, bike, experiment with drugs, paint, landscape, hike, read, other creative things to spend time. I gave up video games in high school
File: IMG_1064.jpg (521KB, 2006x1552px)Image search: [Google]
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Watch movies, work out, do some running outdoors (5-10k on average along beaches, national parks, etc), and cook which is a pretty neat lifeskill (pic related)
What are those. They look good.

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