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Please help me find this fucking coat guys
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w2c coat and shirt
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w2c sweater
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Please help

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The $9 Polizei jacket back in stock


I know a few others have been looking for this for a while. It's been out of stock for like 7 months.
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Would this look okay oversized? I'm M but there are only Ls
this a meme in the making dont cop

shia boot 2.0

What vetements do you 4chan fucks have for sale?
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Hopefully no one has any Vetements for sale, because Vetements is for niggers. And that would mean there are niggers on my board, in which case they'd have to leave.

shut up already
2meta3me cutesy garbage

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>mfw my waist size is smaller than the length
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>tfw size 30 in the waist is too big for me by a lot

Fuck me
so get a smaller size
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I'm in the same boat. I lost weight and thought I went from a 32 to 30 but I think 29 or 28 might be me

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what do ya'll wear when you sleep? specific brands and models, not just "a tee".

me, I'm a bachelor who went from an S to an M in the past five years, so I just wear white size M HM crap from that era that doesn't fit me. they are getting worn out and I need something new.
that's right! this thread has an agenda.
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a tee
shirtless and boxers mane
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I sleep naked.

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What do you guys think is an ideal lifestyle? What time do you wake up, what time do you sleep, what do you spend your money on, what are your hobbies and creative pursuits? Looking to create a more clean and focused schedule/lifestyle.
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You start. How about telling us what you're aspiring towards and where you're at now.
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i just want to be christophe lemaire lads
off topic but can someone link me to ana rchive of japanese catalogs of clothing? pic in op reminded me of an advertisement one would see in a magazine. also i used to read these japanese mecha magazines that had a bunch of mecha toy pictures in it and i thought it was cool

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any Elias inspo? Thanks
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seeing marching church next month and there is a strong chance that i'll meet him, anyone know what he's like?
you should watch the nardwuar iceage interview to get an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZcevOq67ZQ
jesus christ the interviewer is insufferable

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I feel like the contemporary fascist style should be techwear.
Please spoonfeed me what he's wearing
I've gotta know what these pants are, lads

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People in my town are rednecks who dress like shit. I look ridiculously out of place when I dress using /fa/ approved techniques.

How do you small town effays do it? When the standard dress for night out on the town for the average person consists of sneakers, carpenter jeans, and faded XL hoodie, wtf are we supposed to do?
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why would you care about what other people think of your style?
be comfortable with your own fashion
my comfort comes from a generally positive reception of my style. i'm not some autist who just wants stay home and look good in the mirror like so many on here.
Not OP but I've been harassed by rednecks and shitty black immigrants often in my small town. They'll follow you around and try to talk to you. My fits were always plain and when I started dressing even more plainly to avoid attention, I started getting yelled at for being skinny. Started shouting back at people that I don't think will stab me.

Filthy 19 year old NEET checking in. What careers do you guys have that let you buy all your expensive stuff?
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Registered Nurse
stock at night. but i mostly thrift
I have scholarships for school and my parents pay for all my other expenses. I'm getting a job as a research assistant next semester, though so I can buy better stuff for myself.

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top banter.jpg
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What is about white men that makes them so exceptionally good at designing clothes?
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Lol epic thread OP
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Japanese fashion designers are clearly superior
even japanese designers design to a western standard. Its really hard to create modern clothing without accidently being influenced by european fashion. our fashion spread the world over

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Hey guys, i'm on vacation in Kiel in germany for a couple days and i'm just wondering if there are any nice shops worth visiting, i've already been to support shop looking for palace but they only had a few pieces left and none of them were my size.

Im looking for hoodies, pullovers, and sweaters (brands like Stone Island)

So tl;dr do any of you guys know of nice clothing shops in Kiel?
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photo (1).jpg
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>high end
>looking for palace
File: 1473707263595.jpg (8KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
8KB, 225x225px
>wants to have nice things in kiel

File: :fa:g meetup.jpg (407KB, 1377x1167px)Image search: [Google]
:fa:g meetup.jpg
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What does the typical /fa/ggot wear?
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mallcore jacket or sweater
black graphic tee
black levis
vans or converse
Where was this vampire guild meeting?
Brisbane, 2014

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Opinions on tucking your shirt in? Do you do it?
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I'll occasionally do it, but only with a really clean white tee and denim or chinos. imo most people just look like a tool or have to much belly fat to pull it off.
I have a weird body shape so yes.
Also since I use a backpack at Uni, no-tuck distorts my look.
Growing up I never did it for anything other than formal events, but now I do. I still feel weird, but I'm the only one who thinks it's strange, girls seem to like it, looks good too

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I'm searching for a simple, black bomber jacket.
I'd rather not spend over 200 bucks, I'm looking for something I can fit a sweater under while still being rather slim-fitting (not baggy like those Alpha Industries MA-1s)
Material should preferably be nylon or cotton, not leather/suede

Got any ideas?
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Alpha industries ma-1 slim
Will I be able to fit a sweater under it?
Does it allow for some degree of mobility? Right now I have a shitty Zara bomber and I can't fucking move my arms in it even though it's the right size, it just has a terrible cut.
bls resbond

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