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So...this will premier on the first day of Katsucon, and only a couple months before con season.

Are you guys prepared for the increased influx of meme-spouting idiots clogging up the halls, as they try acting in-character and simply being retarded the entire weekend? How long do you think it will last?
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Also post Deadpool horror stories and pics of Deadpools being idiots if you have any.
How bad can it be?
Really bad.

One year I had a Deadpool cosplay come and grope my friend. She was pretty upset about it and I ended having to get him to leave even though he wanted a picture with her. He kept saying it was for the pose. Probably should have asked first before touching.

Is this con worth going to? I haven't been in a few years so I haven't experienced the new location. Anyone here planning on attending?
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There's already an a-kon thread.

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idk what you were going for. She doesn't look like Gothel at all.
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lol nice selfpost morgana

Hey there seagulls. I'm not to well versed with how smaller cons tend to operate, but I'm concerned about touhoucon 2016. There's no listed dates or anything indicating that it's in the works. Hell, all their official outlets haven't been active since around September. Is this par for the course for small cons, or is it likely that we won't be seeing touhoucon again?
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After the hotel thing, Bryan's been ignoring everyone.
There's probably not enough funds for next year, they didn't even make it in the clear this year apparently.
Hotel thing? Mind elaborating?
From what I remember, they overestimated attendance and other things and I think couldn't pay the hotel back in full, hotel started charging people randomly, and a big mess happened.

I've also heard rumors that there's a lawsuit involved now, against the hotel if I remember right, and that's why they got so quiet. So it's hard to tell what's really going on here now. Personally I was wouldn't call Touhoucon totally dead yet but 2016 isn't gonna happen. Maybe back for 2017. I'm still sad about it though, it had issues but was probably the best time I think I'll ever have at a con. Was so nice to have fun with a hotel full of other Touhous and people like ARM.

Why don't they ever work in the USA, gulls? Even in a place like Detroit where you can pay rent with Monopoly dollars they can't bang out enough to keep the doors open.

What would you do differently?
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Location, being weeb bait and unattractive and non similar girls.
As in bad foot traffic or costly rent?

>weeb bait
Fair enough, but you would think that gimmick would get people in the door.

>unattractive and non similar girls
probably the biggest offender. its surprising to think that there arent plenty of cute girls who would love to work part-time at one.

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How was your scorching hot Christmas anons?
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fuck off op we had a good break without you
The fuck is wrong with that solar dude in QLD?
He's freaked out a few girls with his obsessive behaviour and stalking.
Yeah, saw a post about it pop up on my feed. The number of people he's supposedly harassed is pretty staggering.

All of the horrible things you can find on etsy.
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>not using the catalog
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This whole store is a goldmine.

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"Do Gothic Lolitas Just Wanna Have Fun? An Examination of the Goth-Loli Style Tribes in Hong Kong and Tokyo" by Anne Peirson-Smith
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ITT: Solid color dresses/skirts with beautiful details. All Jfashions are welcome
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So ihr Seemöven.

Who'll be there? What are your plans?
Anyone heard of the artist alley drama?
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>still mad that I can't go this year

The artist alley drama? You mean like those who where selected are either close to the conheads or friends of friends? Not that it would be new...
At least this time they supposedly chose 50/50. Like 50% were chosen by the organizers based on skill, FB likes and connections probably and the other half was drawn.

Still I would have loved to see the draw like they did for the FBM (minus weird cosplay chick thx), otherwise it's quite hard to see if they really did have any drawing at all.

I'm not too mad I didn't make it in, I kinda felt it, but I'm going to be there.

Any gull up for the Putumayo TeaParty? Any infos on that? I can't get myself to buy a ticket...
I will be at the party. I bought the tickets blindly hoping they don't fuck up (I somehow trust the Dokomi-Staff).
I hope they'll release more info soon but no matter of the program itself the location will be nice and I'm looking forward to meet so many old friends again.

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new larp thread, previous in autosage, etc, etc.

previous thread
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and I'm still waiting for the answer from this guy >>8808242 on which group and camp he will be in
Postan my Finished LARP NERF blasters. Here is the "Lever-alone"
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Posting makeup tutorials, from gal to larme.
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I'd like to see some photos that people consider good Photoshop edits. Images you would consider advanced post-processing.

I want to get better at editing so let's see some inspiring photos!
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Is this an example of your editing that you want to improve, or what you consider a quality photo?

This is an example of what I'd consider a really good edit.
Wtf is even happening in the photo? It's just a bunch of sparks and motion blur covering the actual subject

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Old thread

Let's be weebs and dance together, /cgl/! Post odottemita/dance group related videos, cringe, and performances!

What is odorite/odottemita?
Odorite (踊り手) are dancers who upload their dance videos on Nico Nico Douga and post them under the category Odottemita (踊ってみた, lit. tried to dance) which is a sub-category of Yattemita (やってみた). Odorite performs in solo or in groups depending on their liking. y Uploaders append the tag 踊ってみた in the videos to easily categorize them for searching.

Uploading their videos is considered by most as a 'bold' move because they are to present themselves physically just like a real performer unlike utaite, who only need their voices. Some odorite tend to cover their faces with a mask during their debut so that they wouldn't be recognized and would only remove it once they are confident enough to reveal their identity.

>How did you learn about odottemita?
>Did you know what odottemita was before or after you started covering dances?
>Which odorite dancers inspired you to start covering?
>What songs were popular when you first started covering?
>Do you still upload covers?
>Who is your favorite odorite (japanese or gaijin)?
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>How did you learn about odottemita?
Youtube is where I found it originally. But I found out what it was actually called through /cgl/ and studying japanese.

>Did you know what odottemita was before or after you started covering dances?
I knew what it was but didn't know it had a name.

>Which odorite dancers inspired you to start covering?
りりあ, かや,愛川こずえ and some others

>What songs were popular when you first started covering?
Definitely Pon Pon Pon. I'm not a fan of that desu it looks kinda silly. Lots of weebs do it.

>Do you still upload covers?
I don't upload mine because I'm not that confident and don't have proper camera equipment but I will be in the future.

>Who is your favorite odorite?
かや because she has the same body type as me (tall and skinny) and still looks cute when dancing. My favorite one of hers:

idk how I ended up putting "desu" but I meant tbqh***
Ok so I'm one of the coordinating members of my college's kpop/jpop/cpop dance club (weird I know). The ratio of kpop to everything else has gotten better this year but I'm still tired of Perfume every time we get an opportunity to go a girls jpop performance. Does anyone know any decently well-known groups with good "kpop level difficulty" dances I can look into?

Male dances also super appreciated. The tricky thing is how there's a lack of dance vids that aren't vocaloid or aidoru in the first place.

Jpop from the past two years:
C-ute, Perfume, Girls Generation, vocaloid, 2PM, Tempura Kidz, Fairies
Things I always suggest but don't make it lol:
1 2 3 (Morning musume)
Paranoia Cellphone Girl / Pomp and Circumstance (Vocaloid)
E-girls shite
Shake Shake by lol - this one got so close but got replaced by Perfume

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The thread before last was a pretty good containment thread and even had a decent discussion going. Let's see if we can do it again and keep sissy derailment to a minimum.
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>keep sissy derailment to a minimum
Yeah good luck anon. At least you started with a better image I guess.
I'll start off with a question I asked in the last one to the anon in the mouse au chocolat(?) coord.

I find it quite hard to get a feel of size proportion in terms of lolita fashion just by lurking in shops or finished coords since males have different body proportions in most cases.

My question:
What are your meassured sizes: bust-waist-hips, height, shoulder width and maybe your weight?

How do you deal with your individual proportions to pass as a lolita as good as possible?

Where do you buy for your size? Did you encounter any specific problems?

Feedback on finished coords?

Reference pics appreciated!
Musee du chocolat

99-78-95 5'10 175lbs. I'm kinda a fatty-chan

Buy stuff that fits. Honestly the shape of lolita is pretty flattering to guys bodies because it offsets our large shoulders.

I fit a lot of brands. I've got a lot of AP, a couple btssb, lief, krad lanrete, and elegy stuff. Blouses and boleros are taobao or innocent world. Shoes are taobao. Unless you're huge lolita is pretty forgiving with sizes. Except for OPs anyway.


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