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what does /cgl/ say about masked cosplays?
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They are hot and make whoever's wearing them extremely fuckable.
just as long there's a mask over their head right?
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They should be reserved for big guys.

This mainly started because I was watching a tutorial that used this stuff. Badly translating the Portuguese it looks like just super glue, but the girl was putting her hands right in it without getting stuck. Is it like E600?

Similar strange international crafting materials thread. Plastimake was everywhere in Australia, but if you tried to find freezer paper to make transfers it was a fool's errand.
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There's this Japanese cosplayer who seals all his props with this odd yellow glue that he waters down with solvent...
Does anyone know if Frog Juice from that tumblr post really works?
It just says 'rubber, plastics, cork, ceramics and metals'. I assume that because it doesn't say 'skin, fingernails' that the girl thought it was safe to shove hands into.
On their website it says that this specific glue is a cyanoacrylate and that it's recommended for flexible surfaces. It also says that starts to cure as soon as a thin layer is applied, and that it glues skin and eyes in seconds.
Tl;dr that girl is either a fucking idiot or she really, really doesn't like her hands.

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Greetings from the Templars

May the father of understanding guide you
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deha vu, was this a meme before?
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Not this time
i dont get this meme

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Old one disappeared. Post your mail horror stories here, from missing parcels. props/accessories not arriving on time, bad packaging, damaged items in transit etc.

I'll start it off with this:

>ordered from WW a few times
>recent order, AATP Clock Rabbit Salopette in black
>package arrives and opens
>this is blue, not black
>flips the item over and sees a row of buttons
>Moi Meme Moite cardigan

Waiting a reply from WW about this.
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>order dream skirt from Australia
>arrives in US, clears customs, gets to distribution center
>no updates for two weeks
>guess I'll go… ask at the post office
>run into my mail carrier a couple blocks over
>"Hey do you have anything from Austra-- HOLY SHIT THAT'S MINE!"
>address was written on a customs dispatch which has been TORN IN HALF

Someone at the local post office could read the first three letters of my street, and sent it out for delivery even though my last name and the rest of my address were missing. If I hadn't caught the guy out in the street it would have been destroyed as undeliverable, the return address was gone.
TL;DR use plastic envelopes to attach forms to the outside of your parcels.
Wow, that was lucky! Was the skirt ok, anon?
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I literally just got this email. Let me take you on a journey.
>December 5th, arts bovine has a "buy now and have it in time for christmas!" sale
>buy daki print
>after christmas husband says he got a tracking alert that something he ordered from japan was returned to sender.
>we just moved and the post office thought the house we moved into was uninhabited and bounced back all the mail we were supposed to get before christmas
>daki untracked
>wait until Jan 10 to email arts bovine asking if they got it back yet
>Jan 17 they say it finally showed up RTS
>I pay extra for tracked shipping this time
>dead air from arts bovine
>today get this

I just want to hug my video game husbando.

No online comm thread?

What the fuck am i looking at gulls
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what community does this relate to?
Posted in LSE
wow. hope mods get on that.

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new thread since last one met bump limit
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is there a tasteful way to wear casual lolita with a band shirt? It always looks so lame when I see pics pop up.

Competition seems pretty fierce this time around
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The others can't hold up at all compared to this one.

Have you ever felt unsafe at a convention?
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yes, it is why i will not go to NYCC again.

the crowds are insane and the line control makes me think of the inevitable stampedes when a fire alarm goes off. there is not enough space for the number of people they allow in the building.
Yes, but not for the reason that you would imagine

>be in a "not official" relationship with a huge manipulative and mental abuser
>finally end contact but he always is trying to contact me still
>go to convention with friends
>in one of the AA rooms that is busy and confined
>wtf he's here
>he spots me instantly and makes a full on b line to me
>confronts me right here right now holy shit
>"why aren't you answering my texts anon blah blah blah" has a huge scowl on his face
>thankfully my friends are here and know him as an acquaintance
>my friends bump in and start chatting him up lel
>I peace out of there as fast as I can

Nothing like being stalked at a con and paranoid of your crazy ex.
>b line
*bee line (fyi)

i have stalker relatives (one abusive, diagnosed schizophrenic and some enablers who believe all she needs is Jesus, not treatment). i have no contact with them but they are out of touch with reality and sometimes do shit like hire PIs to track me down.

every time i go to a convention, i am worried they will find me there. this is why i used to only cosplay using masks and why i would duck away from photos. i cannot vlog or post my face to social media until i get over my fear of these whack jobs.

fuck stalkers. get a restraining order if you can. i can't prove i believe myself to be at risk for harm, but i think you might have a chance at one.

i need to kek, post some you fagets
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i can't stop laughing at these two
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Learn to spell before posting, lurk moar faggot

Last one in auto-sage and sinking faster than the bags under Jessica Nigri's eyes.

Most hated cosplay photographers
Coffee maker macaroni and ironing grilled cheese
How many fur coats required to keep warm outside the hotel

Previously >>8799519
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Should I bother with pre-reg or am I better off just buying there?
wondering the same question. I got flight and room already paid for but I'm debating on badge pre reg or not.
Pre reg line takes less than half as long as reg line.

Reg line can take like 4 hours.

Pre-Reg for the love of all sanity.

I saw this type of thread a while ago. Post some of your past cosplays and some of your planned cosplays and anons will see if they can find a pattern in the type of characters you like to cosplay (personality, appearance, etc.)
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This looked like fun last time, so sure why not?

Daiya Higashikata - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Honoka - Love Live
Erica - Gangsta
Neferpitou - HunterxHunter
Kiyoko Shimizu - Haikyuu!!
Flame Princess - Adventure Time

Zelda - Skyward Sword
Ion - Trinity Blood
Shirahoshi - One Piece
I-No - Guilty Gear
P. Shitt - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Tewaku - D.Grey Man
I've actually thought about this topic before, I definitely think there's a connection to be honest.

Skyward Sword Zelda(LoZ)
North Italy(hetalia)
Honey Senpai (ouran)
Grell Sutcliff (black butler)
Junko Enoshima (danganronpa)
Juuzou (Tokyo ghoul)
Mikaela (owari no seraph)
Eli (love live)

Nico Yazawa (love live)
Jinx (league of legends)
DJ Sona (league of legends)

I also put that in chronological order btw
Visual Kei OC (My Fevered Teenage Brain)
Vampire OC (See Above)
Backstory!Voldo (Soul Caliber)
Crona (Soul Eater, in group)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Changeling Gijinka (MLP, in group)
Simon (Misfits)
Polite Leader (The Purge)
Zampano (House of Leaves)
Nightmare Stag Gijinka (Hannibal Series)

Wendigo (Hannibal Series)
Gabriel (Constantine Movie)
Dream (Sandman)

Charles Foster Ofdensen (Metalocalypse)
Leoben or Baltar (Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series)
Hannibal (Hannibal Series)

Roose Bolton (A Song of Ice and Fire)
Colonal Tigh (Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series)
Zampano (House of Leaves But Better This Time)
Old, Decrepit Mana-Sama in EGL (Fight Me)

not familiar with most of those, but "strong female leader" seems a theme.

seeing some intensity; not exactly a leader but rather self-sufficient.

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I live in NOVA and have been going to Katsucon almost every year a while, but it kind of dawned on me recently that I don't even watch anime and know jack shit about the things being presented there.

I've been hesitant to try MAGFest for personal reasons, but I want to give it a shot. What is the cosplay scene like? Is it big like Katsucon? I've heard it's a better con in general, is that true?

Also general MAGFest thread since it's in 2 months?
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Well given the fact that all cons tend to have their own threads, this shouldn't be surprising.
Hi anon! I used to live in NoVA too before leaving for college (but im home for winter break now)
Magfest has an older crowd, is smaller, and focuses more in music and western media.
Cosplay scene is pretty quiet, though it's been picking up in the past few years. A lot of cosplayers have been coming out to take advantage of the Gaylord without the crowds of Katsucon. It's definitely a different feeling all around. Katsucon is very much a Cosplay Showcase convention.MAG is more relaxed and focused on party aspects of the convention, as well as music and video games. They are completely different experiences and I personally prefer MAG. There is just a lot more to see and do all around. I usually don't even cosplay past the morning for any photoshoots.

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Let's discuss things in cosplay that really grind your gears,etc

I'll start with one of mine, shoes that are wrong, this cosplay isn't great otherwise but it would look significantly better if it wasn't sneakers
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i disliked it when ppl mistake my cosplay for something/someone else, but i cant really blame em if they dont know

>Time is Pre- R.A.M.
>As Tom from Daft Punk
>ppl thought i was robocop

>was Magicka wizard
>thought i was the guy from Journey
uncut wig bangs.
Wrinkled, unironed cosplays. No excuse for that. There's an iron in every hotel room.

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Old thread is dying

Old thread >>8799641
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first
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3MB, 2560x1440px


Metamorphose's Lovely Alphabet JSK has feeling of wear, has damage on back with eyelets, the current given sizes is what I believe they are but they can be smaller

Bust: up to 92 cm *max stretch
Waist: up to 75 cm
Length: ~92 cm
Price: $50usd willing to go lower

Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Blouse: Never worn, tried on once, never taken outside, brand new basically

Bust: 92 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Length: 55 cm *more info on lolibrary
Price: $40 usd willing to go a little lower

Bodyline's Red RHS SIZE 22.5 $25 usd

Bodyline's Love Jewerly JSK in Pink Size M does has feeling of being worn, has been washed well, small popped seam on waist
Price:$35 willing to go lower

Bodyline's Ice Cream print JSK in Black size M only worn twice, has been washed, good condition, no damage, no missing pieces
Price:$40usd willing to go lower

I am willing to sell everything more cheaper than listed here. I can ship internationally but I am more willing to ship to people in the U.S.
File: Selling.jpg (736KB, 1921x1737px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1. Cherir La Famme dress, purchased for mori but I've stopped loving this style, not worn, tried on once. Bought for about 14000 yen, trying to get back at least some of these money. Made a discount since top button is missing, I clumsily ripped it off when I was putting it on a hanger and it got lost. It is easily replaceble though. extremely good quality, nice lace and details (50$)
2. Angelic Pretty Sugar dream OP in black. Not worn. (Make me an offer)
IW eine jsk in milk tea. New without tags. Measurments are:
Bust: 75~125cm
Length: 88cm (Skirt: 50cm) including 1.5cm of lace (70$)
Funeral Procession Of Rose OP - NWOT, 250$
nanchatte set, everything purchased from Korea, mostly from Sechuna. Never worn. Sets include everything that's on the photo and I will throw in free dark blue knee-highs (not worn, not tried on ofc)
Plaid skirt and bow, cute oversized long cardigan (folded on photo) with two pockets. 30% wool coat with pockets. Coat is black, cardigan is charocal. Coat is labeled as size M, skirt aswell (will fit S too), cardigan is big, cozy and free-sized. 100$ + shipping
Can put in black pleated skirt with in-built shorts for additional 20$ if you want, photos on demand
Shipping is ~20$ to nearly everywhere (regular with tracking), EMS (to USA and predictably for almost any pother country) is 26$ for 1kg
Free trackable shipping if you buy 3+ items
Forgot email
And long-shot WTB: old meta velvet pieces (might be not picrelated, any colourway), meta long a-line dress with square yoke (I dont have photo ATM, but if you have it I hope you'll understand) and Dear Celine nightgown

No ebay/amazon store buys.

Post your good, bad, and ugly...
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Comissioner- HK Armor

$100 + $75 SH
Came with all armor/weapon seen (no cape, etc)
He's from mexico and has won awards. Communication wasn't too great, but he always responded.

Required 20 different measurements to get GMP. Once paid, it took 4 months. Fits PERFECT.
I have a question as a comissioner.
I actually plan to make 3D models of stuff relative to sci-fi, Anime and Comics on demand for cosplayer.
i need to know how much i can ask for it. i i purpose a finish 3d models in multi format ready to be print in any service. i have to make sketches and plan for the construction so it takes a bit of time without counting the modelisation itself.
so how much can i charge for this type of work ?

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