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New UK thread, since the old one is in autosage.

Who will be the bigger disaster, Kitacon or Pottercon?
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Potter con, assuming it even runs.

Even if kita is shit people will enjoy it since all they do is to go there and get drunk.
I wish Kita did day tickets for a tenner, i live in the area, i don't really care about the con goodies, i just want to check it out and meet up with some weebros

But nope, just a 3 day ticket for 40 quid
>I'm gonna talk to my lawyer friends about this :)

She sounds like an insufferable cunt.

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What? No PAX thread?

Badges just got mailed out! Whos hype? Who's cosplaying what!
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Got my badge yesterday, ive got a week of classes then ill be up there as Shay Cormac from AC: Rogue. Shits gonna be fun.
Finally have full weekend tickets this year, get hype.
I wish they'd release the Exhibitor list. I have a hard time getting hyped when I have no idea what is going to be there.

The panel list is lackluster.

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What do you say when your friends are bad at cosplay or lolita? Do you try to help them? Do you lie and say they look nice so you don't hurt their feelings?

>know a girl
>she's very sweet always friendly
>recently started cosplaying regularly
>she looks horrible
>everything she sews herself looks like it's falling apart
>sometimes just draws things on in sharpie
>cosplays characters dramatically outside of her body type
>has "gothic" makeup she wears on daily basis does not change her makeup for the characters she's doing
>I'm talking thick black messy eyeliner and foundation way too fair
>does not take out facial piercings does not cover tattoos
>constantly posts cosplays on fb
>at least 20 guys comment on how big her breasts are ignoring her cosplay completely
>she still takes it as a complement

I don't know her well enough to step in and offer to help and I'm pretty sure it would offend her anyway. People who are much closer to her don't say anything about it so I don't think it's my place. But she obviously has the passion and she's got a cute face. If she just put a little more work into her weak spots it wouldn't be so bad.

What about you gulls? Anything similar happen to you?
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Friends don't post friends on cgl, newfag.
If she's as sweet as you say, she'd probably be up for helpful advice from a more experienced cosplayer. I would ask if she's willing to listen to concrit before just blurting out all the things wrong with her costumes though.

>have this girl in friend group, but dont really like her personally
>she never wears make-up
>never styles her wigs, same out-of-bag style always
>usually cosplays popular stuff so her costumes look obviously worse compared other cosplayers of the same series
>secretly happy I'm cuter than her
>friends with a girl who is a member of an ~uguu~ cosplay group
>I don't cosplay but I chill with them sometimes
>one of the other girls approaches me about wearing lolita
>I try and give her the basics
>bitches and moans about everything
>but anon, I can buy this petti on on ebay for $3!
>but anon, I found this cupcake fabric!
>but anon, I can wear these shitty flats!
>this goes on and off for weeks

fine fucking whatever go for it I tried

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Posting because I'm a fatty who is working hard on losing weight and getting in shape. I'm about 180 pounds and I want to try to get back down to 130. Post good workouts, good diet tip, what music you listen to during workouts, etc.
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I'll start by dumping some of those character/series inspired workouts
This thread was moved to >>>/fit/35882774

i wanted to buy myself a stormtrooper costume but they are so expensive
can someone explain why, i mean its just a few pieces of plastic
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Not sure if bait, but there's an awful lot of money and work that goes into making a full suit of armor. Unless you want some cheap Spirit Halloween tier costume, expect to pay a lot.
You must be 18+ to be here, OP. Go ask your parents for a raise in your allowance.
if it's just a few pieces of plastic then why don't you do it yourself? sounds simple enough

10/10 mad eme reply

So LED swords, whats the best way tackling this?

The lightsaber I'm trying to make (Inquisitor's) is unique so I can't just buy it premade
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do they not have catalogs and help threads where you come from
Could get a strip of LED's and put them into a perspex tube, then sand and paint the surface white to better diffuse the light.
Ask the 501st.

Out of curiosity, does anyone go to these things?
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this one just happened
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>Dragonball vs. One Punch Man
I'm having a hard time comprehending why that would be a good matchup
what are "these things"?

Let's see everyone's cosplay's. This was my first cosplay captain Spaulding from house of 1000 corpses and the devils rejects
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Isn't this the guy from Children's Hospital?
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I also cosplayed as kingpin

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I want to sew together Hanekawa's pajamas for the Kizu premier on the the 27th. What is the best way to print the cat pattern on orange fabric?
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Maybe ?http://cosplayhelpwithdecember.tumblr.com/post/138143674645/paint-on-fabric-walk-through
What type of paint is she using?
Seems like its just fabric paint

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Is your cosplay great, but it's missing that "wow" factor?

Are your coords all frill and no thrill?

Let's have a thread dedicated to upping our respective games with suggestions on how to enhance our looks or outfits with a crash course and advice from your fellow peers.
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I'll start first:

How I want to up my game: I want to learn how to use makeup for guys, and fully comprehend the practices of color matching, blending, and concealing. I want Makeup - 098 - An intro to makeup. I want to make babby's first armor piece either out of worbla or eva foam. I also want to l learn how to make (or have made for me) a prosthetic chin to use at cons in combo with my makeup to hide my goatee.

I'm asking a lot I know, but I plan on stretching these goals out over the next year or two .
This is what the help and dumb questions threads are for. And then there's also threads for specific things like make up. People can spoonfed you if you pull back a little but you should be posting in the generals that already exist if you need that help. All the information about colour matching and concealing is available online so you should spend the time yourself reading about it and then ask questions in those threads if you don't understand certain things.
I could spend a lot of time trying to defend my own thread, but when you're right you're right. I will utilize the generals in the future. Thank you and I apologize.

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Old one is auto-saging.

For discussing local comms. Online comms go to the online thread.

>How long have you been in your comm?
>Do you have friends in the comm or do you only see people at meets?
>What's the standard of the fashion in your community?
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Been in the ATL comm for 6 years. Will continue unless they catch me being a pervert.
I met some friends through my comm that I hang out with all the time now.
I'm just glad not everyone is an Ita.
>actual active comm thread there
Any info on the AL comm? I might be transferring down there for a job, and I'm kind of worried that they're going to be a bunch of itas. I don't have a very good impression of most of the Southern comms.

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X-Con Myrtle Beach, May 20-22nd.
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Thought this said xcom cosplay contest and got really excited
Same, been thinking of putting together a Grenadier outfit.

Might be a stupid question for anyone, but do people often show up at anime cons dressed in non-anime cosplay? Closest con place to me is a less hick part of a hick state, and I've never been to one.
>Myrtle Beach

Hard pass.

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Ok, for a while now Ive been trying to figure out how to make Nero's devil arm, to make it fit onto my arm and be relatively flexible, at least able to move the hand. Ive watched some vids and read some tutorials but a lot seem quite vague. Also since this would be my first time ever making a prop, I would be interested to know on how to add the LED's, or at least where to hold the battery pack, maybe in the sleeve of the devil arm?
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do they not have catalogs or help threads where you come from, OP?
Really my first time ever using this board, I came on here a few times, sorry anon.
serious question for a newfag, did we get linked somewhere recently? I mean we always get these threads and it's nbd but the sheer quantity of aggressive noobs recently has been killing my vibe

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Thoughts on the start of my new redhood cosplay? The bronze will be painted black.
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fuck me sideways
ayy lmao
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Are you wearing black sweatpants?
Other than that sign me the fuck up

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TLDR: Post your spare fabric and what nots and tell people what they can make out of theirs!

Ever have a pile of fabric and don't know what to do with it? Our local joanns closed which is sad, but meant I got $600 worth of supplies for $50 and I couldn't pass that up, but looking at what I managed to get (It was all that was left when I got there.), I'm not positive what I can do with it. I don't want to go the Jessica Nigri scrap fabric gijinka approach, so I'm game for suggestions
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My first thought with the white and pink was Guila from Nanatsu no Taizai. The anime seems to make a tiny tone differentiation between her shrug and her bodysuit (I never noticed until now, it doesn't show in a lot of pics,) but the manga doesn't so you could get away with all white.
Cosplay isn't as versatile as making quilts or table runners, unfortunately, since you'd have to take into account the hand and drape of the fabric on top of matching colors. It's very hard make suggestions since a lot of outfits are very specific in color, details, and appearance, unless you managed to get something as basic as white/black bottomweights/suitings.
I refrained from buying more than 3 bolts of fabric when my local JoAnn store liquidated (and moved into a newer, bigger location), and those bolts are still sitting around 7 years later.
Make Lottie's ballgown from Princess and the Frog. I have no idea what you could do with the rest of the fabric except maybe underskirts or something.

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