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New dream cosplay thread. Post characters you would love to cosplay someday.
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> Tfw you're not nearly masculine enough to not look like a girl in something like this.
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Anon please cosplay Johnny/Karyl! There aren't enough Destiny cosplayers is the world. If you're worried about not being masculine enough you could go for Conway from Innocence (pic related) if you really want to be someone from Tales.

Accessories and jewelry from indie brands. Favorite places to shop? Stuff you wish you saw more?
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>waiting for mossbadger to update like
Western indie:
Honestly I buy more vintage accessories than indie, but I love vintage-inspired indie stuff.
I think DarkWhisper is gone now, though, which is a real shame. They had nice gothic/classic jewelry.

I'd like to see more mix metal/glass bead/faceted stuff, stuff like Schwartz Schmetterling. Not necessarily quite as OTT, but just that type of nice costume jewelry.
Favorites include Peppermint Fox, LOTV, and tournewsoul.

Tournewsoul is doing lucky packs this year and I kinda want to go for it but I'm saving for my dream dress too so yeah...it's so hard to save money during Christmas time. Wish more brands would do lucky packs though, they're pretty fun.

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Tell us a tale so frightful we'll be clutching our frills in fear and throwing out our favorite cosplay because we can't even look at it any longer without thinking of something that happened to the last person who dressed up as them.
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I've got a few older ones from the days of homestuck.

>Had a lot of life stuff going on, didnt have time to finish any cosplays for a con
>friend lets me borrow her chii cosplay, one of her white dresses
>really grateful
>having fun at con later
>from behind me hear "OMG CHIIIIII"
>dont have time to turn around before I am hugged randomly
>See gray arms
They were mostly sealed but I still scrubbed for a day to get the gray out of it.

not as bad but,
>At con
>have a minor malfunction with a prop
>Go to cosplay repair to make use of a hot glue gun
>Fix prop as a group of homestucks walks in
>One is holding one of their fake nails in their hand
>All asking if any one has any nail glue
>Surprisingly no one has any
>Troll in question grabs the glue gun I just finished using and applies directly to nail before slapping the nail on
>burned the finger he stuck it on as well as some of the fingers he pressed the nail down with
>The rest of us just stare in horror
This may be a bit long but I've been wanting to share this one.

>be classic lolita in a small town in the middle of nowhere
>when I go into town people tend to think I'm some kind of spinster or witch from AHS because I have a parasol because of my skin
>pretty much accept that I'm an outcast because of how I dress in a redneck farming community
>one day I spot another lolita in town walking her dog
>she's probably sixteen or so, wearing some cheap dress that might've been Bodyline
>I try to say hello because I'm just glad to have another lolita in the area
>she looks at me funny and doesn't even act like she recognizes that I'm a lolita
>her yappy little dog even tries to bite my new Mary Magdalene skirt
>ends up biting my leg instead and out of instinct I whack the dog with my parasol
>the dog whines and acts like I've hurt it
>of course she doesn't apologize for her dog or anything
>my tights are ruined but his teeth didn't break the skin
>I'm super angry and threatening to report her to animal control
>she's getting upset and telling me it was my fault and how dare I hit her dog
>decide to just walk away before I get into a fight with a kid
>find out later that she's been talking shit to her family and friends about me over the incident with her dog
>my reputation in town is now worse because I "attacked" her dog for no reason
>at least I have an upcoming convention in a nearby city to go to
>look forward to it because the state lolita comm goes every year and they're big name at the con, especially the comm co-leader, G

>fastforward a few weeks before the convention
>find out that the other co-leader of the state comm, E, has died suddenly
>she was well known for her massive wardrobe full of rare prints and her matching collection of accessories
>her family decide to let G have E's wardrobe since they were close
>G announces she's going to select members of the comm to receive pieces of E's wardrobe

Wow this whole post makes me feel uncomfortable. Cripes anon!

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New help thread? Old one is beginning to autosage >>8766423 .

Please help out your fellow gulls.
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Get some sock glue and attach some black ribbon or fabric to your legs in the right spot.

A petticoat will solve a multitude of problems.

They make silver square labels that you could cut into smaller shapes and glue on. Just sticking them probably won't last long. Or you could get some metallic silver fabric, add heat n' bond paper to it, and cut it into tiny squares.
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Which would be the best way to do the seams/darts on this dress? Options I've thought of are (seam lines in red):
>A) Seam down the middle front of bodice
>B) Princess seams
>C) Shoulder princess seams
>D) Bust darts + lower dress darts
The dress will be made out of bottomweight poly/spandex, if that helps. It needs to be extremely form-fitting around the torso.
B or C are your best bets since they'll match the leg cuts

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Can't wait to get these, oh boy
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Jesus, that's one creepy lookin dude..
>Hello ladies, I'm also for sale
>the jizz under the star

New Skincare Thread, old one is in autosage >>8744153

What are some of your favorite sheet masks?
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My sister got me the 12 (?) pack of the tonymoly sheet masks for Christmas and oh god they leave my skin so soft
PS collagen applied topically or ingested doesn't do shit, the molecules are too long to be absorbed and will just sit on the surface of your skin or be broken down by your stomach, the only way to get collagen is through injection. Save your money
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Asked in the last thread as it was already in auto-sage, but has anyone used Shiseido's Future Solution lx line? If so, any thoughts on it? I have fairly sensitive, combination skin and usually use a combination of Missha and the Face Shop products, but I received pic related as a gift.
I've tried a lot of sheet masks. Innisfree It's Real and My Beauty Diary masks are my favourites. The worst are The Face Shop and Benton snail bee masks.

Now that there are amazing plus size dresses, where can we get a good plus size coat? Bodyline is too thin, and FanPlusFriend wants too much for their also thin coat. MAXICIMAM has very cute ones, large sizes but it looks like it will only be good for fall.

Dumping gorgeous plus size lolitas to contribute.
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>inb4 "there are no good plus size lolitas lolololol"

pls, we've had some very good threads until they get derailed by shitheads. if you want to complain about fat people please feel free to make your very own thread.
This girl's coord is just my absolute favorite. I hope I can coord it as well as her if/when I get this dress.

Here's some cute things on my wishlist!:


Heart Nails

Korilakkuma Phone Case

Bra&Panties Set
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Everything you listed is tacky as fuck, except the backpack, which like anon said, is for small children. You are not a small child.
Personal taste. I just thought the things were cute, tacky or not. I'm not going to use the backpack daily or anything it's just something on my list that I think would look cute around my room, calm down. I'm aware that I'm not a child.
Not OP, but I like the form of the backpack, it's not like you're wearing it in Japan, who cares?

Old thread autosaging >>8786134

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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Can I get sizing review for AScos/AScosing?
Slightly in between sizes, so just wondering if it's be better to get a better fitted S or to get an M and alter myself. If they run large though then I can just get a S.
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Re-edited the image because I realized I skipped some items. But yeah. Waiting on this one.
Sauce on the Jiji dress?

I bought my first kimono last year for black friday. With the holidays coming up, I was wondering if anyone has made any great purchases or are looking forward to any sales.

Feel free to post pictures, discuss & ask questions
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File: 1441795940326.jpg (1MB, 956x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 956x1280px

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Why do I feel too guilty and ashamed to cosplay as a girl character?

Girls cosplay guys all the time
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homophobia/patriarchy etc.

men are given a lot of shit for even seeming interested in feminime things. just grow confidence and know it is not at all unusual to crossplay at a con.
true. guys showing an interest in anything remotely feminine= gay, in most people's mind. I have a straight male friend who crossdresses for anime girl (actually passes pretty well) and everyone pretty much laughs when he says hes straight. they either assume hes trans or gay and just in the closet about it. similarly, a lot of people think a guy dressing up as a girl has some sort of perverted connotations
I'd love to crossplay as sailor moon one day.

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Last one 'bout three hunnit.

Come discuss souvenir badges and desperate blowjobs. Or other things.

Previous bread
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This con sucks ass
I keep needing to fart so this whole convention I've been crop dusting

Literally everything they do has been putting them deeper and deeper in the hole. Its like a weird performance art.

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Vacation time is coming up soon, so let's get a thread going for kawaii stores in vacation cities!

Post cities on your upcoming list, and hopefully gulls living there can give good recommendations.
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I'm going to Miami in March, already plan on going to Larudee, and the ichimaru gardens don't look promising... anything else worth checking out? I have two full days to kill
Thanks for posting this anon!

I'm heading to Seoul in the summer, it seems like there should be some cute attractions. Suggestions? And is going to the theme park there worth it for a first time visitor?

I'm happy to help any gulls going to NYC!
Dallas, San Antonio, and Omaha! There's a Daiso in Dallas right? and probably the museums in both Dallas and Omaha would be fun for a lolita date. I'll probably check out the riverwalk mall in SA but I wanted more lolita-safe/oriented date spots too!

>Time for a new hair thread?

I've been dying my hair black for the past ~6 months.
Now I want to put some very small, sparsely scattered white streaks in it (and maybe a chunk in my bangs. Damn it, Rinrindoll.)

The most that any part of my hair has been dyed black is 3 times. I'm wondering if I should try to do "colour stripper foils" in the areas that I want to lighten first, to lessen the damage? Is it even worth the effort?

>I'd really appreciate recommendations for colour strippers.
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Idk, anon. I have reddish/brown hair and last time I tried to add white streaks I had a really hard time getting the brassy yellow out to make it white, so I don't know how well it will take to your black hair without it being really damaged at the end. If you could get it to work, awesome.

>Damn it, Rinrindoll.
I always think about adding a streak in my bangs like her. I probably won't do it.
Ah, I should have mentioned that my natural colour is basically grey with zero red tones. I've gotten it from virgin to white in two sessions before, it's just that I've never bleached over dye..
Anon from the last thread who asked about black dye.

I fucked up.
I got the brown dye (as recommended by a seagull) and it came out fake-looking and jet black. It clashes with my skin so much and there are massive patches of red at the back of my head since my hair was too thick for just one box. I tried rinsing it with clarifying shampoo but it did nothing. I've lectures in less than a week, and my hair is dry, gummy and when I let it down I look like Tommy Wiseau.

What do I do?

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Is this true?

>Cosplayers spend upwards of $200-$600 on a single costume's material, sometimes even double that!
>There are 5 major facets of cosplayers. They are ranked below by popularity.
>Comics > Steampunk > Gaming >Lolita > Anime
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This is so ridiculous. Lolita isn't cosplay wtf
>can't even spell the store name correctly

this is unprofessional, what the fuck kind of lazy ass threw this presentation together?
You do realize though that normies do see it as cosplay. Sorry, anon, but that's basically how it is. No need to be so upset. Just educate.

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